Hot Chocolate

    Wong Duan drives Sara and Starfire to meet Fu Chian at the lake. When they arrive he leans over and unbuckles Starfire’s seatbelt. She hasn’t spoken to him the entire way, still angry at him for blocking the handsome boy’s attempt to get her contact information. Starfire grumbles under her breath, if I knew how to unfasten the troublesome seatbelt, I would push the annoying man away!

She hurriedly gets out of the car then turns around and glares at Wong Duan. He raises his lips in an arc when she puffs out her cheeks and wrinkles her cute little nose. He waves his slender hand infuriating Starfire with his smug expression. She stomps her feet in anger and kicks the snow, Stupid man!

    Sara chuckles, “Mr. Wong, I think you did the right thing. The boy didn’t have good intentions.” She could see his aura and it was dark brown symbolizing greed and a selfabsorbed personality.

   Wong Duan stretches his long legs out of the car then opens the door for Sara, “Miss Song, You should call Mr. Cadieux.”

   “I will.”

   Wong Duan watches Starfire as she runs through the snow then picks up one of the girls. She has a carefree and playful smile on her delicate face as she spins the little girl around. She and the little girl are giggling. Yes, someone needs to protect the foolish little rabbit. She is too innocent and naive, the little girl has no idea how beastlike men can be.

   He is driving down the highway when his phone rings. He listens to the old man then laughs, “He really is a scheming bastard.”

   The old man continues, “Boy, don’t involve me next time. I did this as a favor to you, not that arrogant lunatic you insist on following.”

   “I know Old Man.To clarify the Lord wanted you to save Li Tian. He has his reasons. Who would have thought the bastard was pretending to be in a coma. That must have been fucking boring. Haha.”

  “ I have business to take care of in Shanghai so I don’t have time to see you. Come to the Temple when you return for your sister’s death anniversary. I want to check your meridians to see if the medicine is working.”

    Wong Duan’s beautiful face is covered with a layer of gloom thinking about his younger sister.  “I will.”

    He calls Leo, “Lord, the Old Man took Li Tian’s pulse he is not in a coma.He is in overall good health.”

     Leo sneers, “Shit! So when he was discovered, what did he do?”

   “The Old Man said he sat up in bed and calmly said, ‘Leo Cadieux sent you?’

   “How did he respond?”

  “You know the Old Man’s personality, he waved his sleeve and left without answering.” He is pissed off at me but he will get over it. “What about Miss Song? Are you going to tell her that Li Tian has been playing her for a fool?”

  “No. I want her to find out for herself what a scheming prick he is. I think with Song Sara’s personality she would be embarrassed that I knew she was deceived. But, I want you to prevent my sister from going to the hospital to see him.”

   Wong Duan lifts an eyebrow, what about when she finds out about your deception? 

  Leo’s driver turns down an unpaved road and a cluster of small houses can be seen. “I am almost at the old hag’s house in the countryside. I will contact you after I finish.” He gazes out the window with a sinister gleam in his strange eyes. “What is Song Sara doing now?”

   “ I drove Song Sara and Starfire to the lake. They are meeting Fu Chian to go ice skating with the two Fu girls. I reminded Song Sara to call you.”

   “Very good, that should keep her occupied.”

    After ice skating Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue are exhausted. Sara laughs when Xiaoxiao leans into her embrace while she unties the little girl’s ice skates. Out of breath Xiaoxiao exclaims in an exagerrated tone.“Sister Sara…Ahhh I am soooo tired!” Gazing at Xiaoxiao’s small chubby face flushed red from the cold and her sparkling brown eyes, Sara can’t resist the urge and hugs her tightly. When she feels the girl’s frosty breath she taps her on the tip of her nose, “Xiaoxiao,we need to warm you up. Do you want Hot Chocolate?

   Xiaoyue hears Sara and wiggles out of Fu Chian’s hand to run over to them. She moves her short legs as fast as she can through the snow then trips, landing right in front of Sara’s feet. Quickly standing up she nods her head, “Hot Chocolate! Yes! I love Hot Chocolate. Will it have whipped cream and a cherry on top?”

   Sara grins at the little girl as she brushes off the snow from her face. She puts on Xiaoyue’s red and white mitton that fell into the snow. Sara’s voice sounds soft and full of pampering. “ Xiaoyue, you need to watch where you are going or you will get hurt.” 

     Sara holds the little girls’ hands and walks over to Fu Chian. He is pacing back and forth while talking to a mechanic at his garage on the phone. Sara holds the little girls’ hands, leaning down to their eye level she smiles, they are so excited they are chattering non stop haha.. “Shh..your Uncle is on the phone.” The girls immediately quiet down afraid she will change her mind about the Hot Chocolate. Sara waits until he hangs up then tells him,“Mr. Fu, I sent Starfire to get us a table in the Inn’s restaurant.”

   He puts the phone into his jacket pocket then lifts Xiaoxiao into his arms, “Sounds good.”

   Sara walks next to him carrying Xiaoyue, they look like a beautiful family of four as they leisurely stroll towards the Inn. Sara is laughing at something Xiaoxiao said.

   Kang Mingshun is standing on the snow covered patio of the Inn taking a video on his phone. Li Tian told him to follow Sara and report back. Kang Mingshun decided that telling him didn’t describe the situation as well as a video. When they enter the Inn’s small restaurant, he stops recording then sends it to Li Tian’s phone.

   Li Tian is in a very bad mood after dealing with the Old Doctor. He had heard of ‘The Genius Doctor’ and his extraordinary skills but never thought the old fart could tell by taking a pulse a patient’s condition. Now he needs to move up his timetable of ‘recovery’. Sizing up the old man he didn’t believe he would expose him. But, if Leo Cadieux sent him; he certainly wouldn’t waste any time telling Sara.

    The phone on the nightstand vibrates and he opens a video message. Li Tian’s face turns black watching Song Sara’s happy expression talking to a handsome man. The little girl’s beautiful blue eyes are sparkling and she is smiling brightly exposing her cute dimples.  He remembers Kang Mingshun saying the man is her driver and the two little girls are his nieces. He clenches his fist, Song Sara! I leave you alone for a day and you are flirting with your fucking driver! 

   He calls Kang Mingshun, “You need to bring Song Sara to me.”

   Kang Mingshun now regrets his rash decision to take a video. “Boss, how can I do that?”

   “Are you an idiot! Didn’t you hire Song Sara to give me therapeutic massages? Tell her I opened my eyes, moved my legs then became unconscious again. No.. tell her I woke up and the doctor said my legs are weak and I need a massage.” I need to punish her properly for being so attentive to another man.

   “That sounds good. I will call her now.” That is ridiculous! But I need to follow orders.

   Kang Mingshun dials Song Sara’s number and she doesn’t answer. He can see her through the window as she sips a chocolate drink . 

    Sara greedily drinks the delicious Hot Chocolate. She comments to Starfire, “This Hot Chocolate you ordered is really good, it has a peppermint flavor.”

    Starfire points across the room to a pregnant woman wearing an apron. “The server recommended this drink, she said it is the specialty of the restaurant. She called it a Peppermint Patty, and she commented that people love it after they have been ice skating. The girls said they don’t like peppermint so I ordered them regular Hot chocolate. Mr. Fu what do you think?’

    He was on the phone with the mechanic again, the woman with the Lambhorgini was in the office throwing a fit and wanted him to come to the garage. He hangs up, “Huh?”

    Starfire sweetly smiles, “I asked what you thought of the Peppermint Patty.”

   He glances at the glass cup with the whip cream on top. He doesn’t like whip cream or sweet drinks. But, Fu Chian can see the expectant look in Starfire’s eyes so he takes a sip. “Not bad. But I am driving. I can’t drink this.”

   Starfire and Sara look at him with puzzlement, they say in unison,“Why not?”

    “Well the drink contains alcohol.”

    Sara’s eyes widen as she stares at her empty cup, “Th..this has alcohol in it? I didn’t taste any.”

   Fu Chian laughs, “That is why these kinds of sweet drinks are deceptive. I could taste peppermint liqueur and brandy.”

   Sara asks Starfire, “Did the server mention the alcohol content.”

   Starfire shakes her head, “She asked how old I am.”

   Sara’s face pales and her hands are clasped together on her lap trembling. What am I going to do..this will trigger the aphrodisiac! I need to get out of here. What can I say?”

   Starfire notices Sara’s pained expression, “Miss Song are you alright?”

   “I’m not feeling well. I need to go to the restroom.”

   Starfire has a worried expression, “I will go with you.”

   “No…no you stay. I will be right back.” I need to go to the hospital. Li Tian was able to help me to relieve the effects before but now..what am I going to do?”

    She hurries into the restroom and takes out her phone, there are three missed calls from Kang Mingshun. She wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together. What does he want? I can’t give CEO Li a massage, soon I will be burning up with lust! WuuuuuHuuu..this is terrible! The phone in her hand rings, on edge and startled she almost drops the phone into the sink. Sara answers, “He..hello.”

   “Miss Song, this is Kang Mingshun. Can you come to the hospital? CEO LI is awake and needs a massage.”

   “CEO Li woke up?”

    “Yes. The doctor suggested you come and massage his legs.”

    Sara feels her body heating up. “I can. Would you be able to pick me up. I am at the Snow Lotus Inn.”

   “Yes. I will be right there.” He hangs up and paces around the patio wondering how long he should wait. Fuck it. I will say I was in the area.

    Sara splashes her face with cold water. After she dries her face she walks out of the rest room her body quivering. Sara digs her fingernails into her palms to take her focus away from the waves of heat surging through her body. Starfire is walking down the hallway, she is concerned because Sara didn’t return to.the table. “Miss Song, how are you feeling?”

   “Better but I am going to leave. Please tell Fu Chian and the girls.”

 “I will come with you.”

   “No! I mean… stay with Mr. Fu and the girls. I am going back to my apartment and lay down I won’t need you anymore tonight.”

   “But Mr. Cadieux said that I need to stay by your side.”

   Sara’s voice has a hint of annoyance, “Starfire, I need my space. Okay? I will explain to Mr. Cadieux.” Sara rushes out the side door to wait for Kang Mingshun. She fans herself with her hands and lets the cold air chill the fire starting in her body.

Stunned by Sara’s harsh tone Starfire is frozen in place watching her leave. She notices Sara doesn’t even have her coat and scarf so she rushes back to the table.

After she grabs them she hurries down the hallway. When she gets to the door she sees Sara get into the backseat of a luxurious looking car.


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