Confused and Distressed

   After a sleepless night Rui gets out of bed and dejectedly runs his fingers through his ink black hair. Distressed over LiMei’s estranged behavior he stayed awake worrying that if he wasn’t vigilant LiMei would slip away.. disappear from his life. He was terrified he might lose LiMei after her frosty and alienated attitude last night.

She locked the bathroom door and when he knocked said “Go away.” shocking him with her tone that hinted of annoyance.After a lengthy amount of time when she finally emerged from the bathroom she was cold and distant complaining she wasn’t feeling well.

Unlike her usual self LiMei ignored Rui, going so far as to turn her head when he attempted to kiss her or be the least bit affectionate. Once in bed she laid as far way from him as possible wrapped tightly in the quilt. It was extremely difficult to restrain his urge to bully LiMei and force her to submit to him.

    Xinghi told him while they were discussing her condition, not to attempt to manipulate LiMei’s mind. Rui needed to placate whichever personality was dominant at the time. Under no circumstances use his silver needles to imprint Feng LiMei’s memories should she exhibit signs of another personality emerging. Frustrated by his inability to control the situation he worried all night that he might lose LiMei to her more dominant and original personality, Qin Daiyu. He had no idea she was being controlled by ‘LingLing’.

Fearing if she wasn’t by his side she, ‘Qin Daiyu’, might instigate her to abandon him. Rui makes up his mind, he will insist LiMei accompany him back to Pushong City and meet with ‘Dr. Huang’ for a therapy session.

   Rui glances at LiMei on the bed, she is sleeping peacefully. He leans over and kisses her forehead. Baby, when you wake up please be my LiMei. I don’t think I could bear it if you treated me like a stranger again. I might lose my mind and do something unconscionable to you.

  LiMei feels Rui’s soft kiss and his warm breath on her face. She slowly opens her eyes and wraps her thin arms around his neck. She flutters her long black eyelashes and tries to focus. “Rui…what time is it?” She doesn’t remember going to bed and the sun is shining through the sheer curtains.


   She smiles and pretends to pout, “Who else would be in your bed?”

   He hugs her tightly then frantically kisses her forehead, her eyelashes and down to her pink lips. When she is breathless he lets her go. He cups her face in his hands and gazes deeply into her dark green eyes still covered in a slight haze from sleep.” was so worried.”

   Confused by Rui’s serious expression LiMei wrinkles her forehead, “Rui..what is wrong?” She could feel the desperation in the domineering kisses.  She frowns looking at the dark circles under his eyes and his pale complexion. She gently puts her small hand on his handsome face. She sweetly asks with a warm and caring tone, “Didn’t you sleep? Is it because of what happened at the hospital?”

   When he hears her soft milky voice filled with concern his heart skips a beat. He can tell she is LiMei and doesn’t want to bring up last night thinking it might trigger an alternate personality to reappear. “Yes. It is a complicated situation. I reconsidered, I want you to come back to the city with me. You can meet Song Sara another day or she can come to Pushong City.”

  “Rui, I thought we decided that you will return here after you solve the problem at the hospital. I don’t want to cancel my lunch with Song Sara.” For some reason she feels determined to remain in Catang City. 

   He presses LiMei’s petite body under him and cages her with his arms, “I want you to come with me.”

  She instinctively arches her body towards him. LiMei knows when he acts this way he is feeling insecure. She wants to reassure Rui that she loves him, so she takes the initiative and kisses his lips, prying them open, she inserts her small tongue then playfully teases him.  “I want you to miss me then tonight I will have a surprise for you.”

   Rui’s heart is pounding as LiMei moves her hand down onto his huge erection. When LiMei acts coquettish gazing at him, her beautiful green eyes tinged with lust he becomes extremely aroused. 

   He rips her thin white nightgown and begins kissing her breasts, hungrily licking and sucking as she softly moans. Rui can’t control himself as he devours her body leaving glaring red marks on her snow white skin. Venting his pent up frustration from last night and wanting to declare his sovereignty he mercilessly teases LiMei’s body. LiMei writhes uncontrollably on the bed as Rui uses his mouth and hands making her sensitive body quiver in ecstasy.

Rui’s hand spreads her slender legs then he rubs his thumb across her nub. He eagerly inserts a finger into her tight flower hole and smiles when he feels LiMei’s sweet honey flowing down.

Rui has a dangerously dark and possessive aura as he  whispers in a throaty voice, “You are  my woman… your wet little pussy is mine… only mine.” Rui can’t wait to feel himself inside of LiMei and plunges his throbbing c*ck deep inside her tunnel. 

   After Rui tosses LiMei on the bed until she passes out from the unending waves of intense pleasure, he feels satisfied. Leaning on his propped arm he lovingly stares at her flushed face. Last night reminded Rui he could lose LiMei if she isn’t the dominant personality so he made a decision, I’m sorry but I can’t leave you alone in Catang City. He brushes the damp strands of black hair stuck to her cheek behind her ear then kisses the tip of her nose. You are so beautiful LiMei. I can’t lose you…if I have to lock you up …use drastic means to get rid of your alternate personalities.. I will do it without a moment’s hesitation if that bastard Xinghi’s therapy doesn’t work.

   Rui goes into the bathroom and runs the water in the bathtub. He notices LiMei’s phone on the counter by the sink. He picks it up without the slightest bit of trepidation puts in her password. A dark cloud forms over his head and a strong killing intent bursts out from his taut body when he sees LiMei’s call log. must have been Qin Daiyu.. made six calls to FUCKING LIN MORGAN! I WILL KILL THAT MOTHER****R! I WARNED HIM TO STAY AWAY FROM LIMEI! I sensed there was something between them at the restaurant! Is it Qin Daiyu? Something must have happened between them at the warehouse when LiMei was kidnapped! 

  Furious, Rui dials Morgan’s number but there is no answer. He slams his hand on the wall. BASTARD! ANSWER THE GODDAMN PHONE!

   Morgan is sleeping soundly and doesn’t hear the phone on the nightstand but the ringing awakens Zhou LingLing. She stifles a scream when she sees the ambiguous situation on the bed.OH MY GOD! CEO LIN! What the…  She is wearing a red plaid flannel nightgown and her arms and legs are wrapped around him. She slowly lifts her leg from his thigh but when she  removes her arm from around his waist he unconsciously pulls her closer to him. He mumbles, “Be good. Sleep.”

   Zhou LingLing’s face that is buried in his strong chest turns crimson red because she is unable to remember what happened last night. The last thing she can recall is drinking a couple cups of Peppermint Hot Chocolate. She inhales his masculine scent mixed with a woodsy fragrance…I wouldn’t…he wouldn’t.. My body doesn’t feel like I was tortured, SuSu said the first time you have sex your body feels like it was run over by a truck. Maybe he couldn’t get it up…She stares at his strong physique… no he looks quite capable.

   There is a knock at the door and Zhou LingLing almost jumps out of her skin when Morgan suddenly opens his eyes. They stare at each other for a moment then he abruptly pushes her away and hurriedly gets out of bed. Relieved that he is wearing his shirt and pants he furrows his eyebrow. Last night I carried Zhou LingLing to the room but then went to sleep on the couch. How did I end up in the bed? Confused he looks at Zhou LingLing but doesn’t know what to say.

    The knocking on the door continues, Zhou LingLing is sitting on the edge of the bed and looks at Morgan, she silently points at her foot wrapped in a bandage. He lazily walks over and opens the door, Mu Yan is standing there with a tray of food. “Good Morning. Miss Zhou I thought you might have a hangover so I brought you some chicken porridge and a light vegetable stir fry with rice. Lin Morgan I brought you some of those breakfast buns you like and coffee. ”

  ???? Zhou LingLing bites her lower lip. Hangover? Didn’t I just drink hot chocolate?

  Mu Yan sets the tray on a small table by the window. She sees the confused look on Zhou LingLing’s face and has a guilty smile, “Well, the hot chocolate had brandy in it. Since the doctor wouldn’t be able to arrive until after he delivered the baby, I thought it would ease your pain.”

  “Oh.” I must have had three cups! No wonder I was drunk! I can barely drink a beer without getting tipsy! But she had good intentions. I don’t want to make her feel bad. Zhou LingLing holds her head, “Haha..that explains my head throbbing.” And being unable to recollect what I did last night!

  Mu Yan ignores the awkward atmosphere and says, “The road is cleared. Miss Zhou I washed your clothes,  I will bring them up.”

  “You didn’t have to do that. Thank you.”

  “Well, you vomited all over them.”

   Zhou LingLing wants to find a hole to crawl into, Ahhh.. I did what? Ewww…can this get any worse! Zhou LingLing’s face turns bright red and she covers her mouth with her hand as she gasps.

  Mu Yan further teases, “Miss Zhou, you should thank Lin Morgan. He cleaned you up. I was going to help you but there was an emergency in the kitchen.”

  Morgan gives Mu Yan a stern look when he notices Zhou LingLing’s embarrassed expression, he clarifies, “Mu Yan is playing with you. I didn’t change your clothes. I  wiped you off and helped you to the bathroom. After I filled the bathtub I left. “

  “Hmmm..thank you CEO Lin.” How can I work at the company now! I have thoroughly humiliated myself in front of CEO Lin! Well I can’t let this affect me. I want to audition for the part of Concubine Li! I will apologize and stay out of his sight when we return to the city. How often would I see him at the company ? Probably never ..okay..calm down. She stands up and endures the pain from her ankle as bows deeply, “I am very sorry to have troubled you!”


  Mu Yan grins watching her exxagerrated bow. Wearing the oversized plaid flannel nightgown of mine and bowing Zhou LingLing looks silly. Like a child who got into trouble. Shaking from laughter Mu Yan holds her stomach.“Haha..Your expression is too adorable. Haha..sorry Miss Zhou I couldn’t resist teasing you.” She wipes the tears from her eyes with her finger. “Eat while the food is hot.”

  Zhou LingLing feels today has to be the most humiliating day ever as Mu Yan’s unrestrained laughter rings in her ears. She timidly says, “Thank you.” 

Starving, after Mu Yan leaves she limps to the table and sits down. 

   Morgan walks into the bathroom. After he washes and brushes his teeth, he tucks in his black silk shirt. Thinking about his peaceful sleep he has a crease between his swordlike eyebrows. I didn’t dream about ‘LingLing’ and slept very soundly. Strange.

    When he comes out of the bathroom he leisurely strides to the table but doesn’t sit down. He grabs a bun and takes a sip of the black coffee, with an indifferent expression he says, “I need to make a call  while you eat, then we will leave.” After he picks up his phone he leaves the room.

    Zhou LingLing watches Morgan as he leaves, for some reason she is disappointed that he isn’t showing some sort of reaction…any reaction… to having slept in the same bed. She taps her chopsticks on the edge of the bowl of rice. Why does the CEO act so calm! Last night we shared a bed and this morning he doesn’t show any reaction whatsoever!  He wasn’t tempted at all? Is he a monk? Am I not desirable?


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  1. Oh, no! Rui need to work on themselves, I really love this couple and worry about them. Although I wouldn’t be able to date such a jealous guy.


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