Starfire’s Admirer

    Wong Duan lazily strides into the restaurant and sees Starfire with an infatuated gaze  staring at Wang Xiaoming. What is the little fool thinking with that silly expression on her face?

    Starfire’s eyes light up when he walks up to the table. “Mr. Wong! Why are you here?”

    “Mr. Cadieux sent me to see if Miss Song needed any help.”

  He intentionally ignores Wang Xiaoming and glances around the restaurant, “Where is Miss Song?”

  Starfire answers, “She is in the kitchen brewing tea.” 

   Sara walks out carrying a tray with three tea cups and a pot of Jasmine tea. “Mr. Wong, would you like a cup of tea?”

   Before he answers, Wang Xiaoming  looks at his watch then stands up. “Song Sara, I have to leave for my appointment. Please think about what we discussed.” He doesn’t acknowledge Wang ‘s presence either, the two men have a deep enmity from an incident at a restaurant in Shanghai two years ago.

    Sara pours the tea, “Okay. But, I won’t change my mind.”

  “I will call you later. The kitchen should be completed tomorrow. I will email you the menu I prepared and you can send a list of the desserts you plan on including. Once we finalize it I will send it to the printers.”

  “Okay. Sounds good.”

   Sara sits down, “Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Wong, I forgot my manners and didn’t introduce you to my partner, Wang Xiaoming.”

    “We are acquainted.”

    She puts a cup of tea in front of him, “Try this tea, I grew the Jasmine and it has a light floral taste.”

     Starfire noticed the silent tension and sparks between the two men. “Why don’t you like Mr. Wang?”

    Wong Duan inhales the light aroma of the tea and smiles with an insincere expression betraying his really feelings, “I don’t dislike Wang Xiaoming.” I hate his pretentious ass!

   Starfire bluntly continues, “You do. Your eyes narrowed and your aura became dark. Well, Mr. Wang is a gentleman, he hid his emotions better than you did. But, I could sense he doesn’t like you very much either.”

    Wong Duan pats her head, “ Little girl, don’t worry about grown ups’ business.” Wang fucking Xiaoming is no gentleman! Little girl, you are too simple minded!

    Starfire’s face turns red and she puffs out her cheeks. “I’m 19…an adult! Don’t treat me like a child!”

    He flicks her on the forehead and teases, “Really? Only a child impulsively blurts out their observations without a filter.”

   “You! You..”

   Sara laughs, “Starfire, could you go get our coats. The workers are finishing in the kitchen and Fu Chian will be picking us up soon.”

  She sips her tea, “Mr. Wong, did Mr. Cadieux send you?”

   He has an amused expression watching Starfire muttering under her breath as she storms towards the office. ‘Well, yes… he wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly. He will be out of town for a couple days, his assistant Alain Guerren will arrange for movers  to take your furniture to a storage unit. Also, Miss Han and your personal belongings to the villa.”

  “He is so thoughtful! I should call him and thank him.”

   “I think he would like that.”

  Starfire comes out carrying the coats and scarves. She rolls her eyes when she meets Wong Duan’s gaze then sweetly lifts her lips into an arc. “Are we going ice skating now?”

  “Yeah, but I just thought of something, with the girl’s car seats I’m not sure there will be enough room in the car. Maybe we should take a taxi to meet Fun Chian and the girls at the lake.”

  Wong Duan hesitates then says, “I can take you. I’m free until dinner.”

  “Really? That would be great. There is quite a bit of construction and a taxi could take a while.”

    Wong Duan takes out his phone. “I will call Fu Chian to let him know.” 

   He notices Starfire pulling on Sara’s sleeve while quietly coaxing her, “Miss Song, let’s wait for a taxi.”  He can’t help but chuckle, the stubborn little girl is still angry at me.

   The workers come out from the kitchen into the dining room. The man in charge walks over to Sara, “Miss Song, we will be back in the morning. Everything is in place. We are only waiting for the plumber to install the lines for the dishwasher and sinks.”

  Sara finishes her tea, “Thank you for your hard work. I will see you then.”

   One of the young workers stares admiringly at Starfire as she puts on her coat. Qi Chunyu is very happy he came to work with his Uncle today or he wouldn’t have seen Starfire. He takes off his cap and clutches it tightly pretending to be nervous. I don’t want to frighten the little rabbit.

Qi Chunyu is popular with the girls at the University he attends, but it is rare to meet such an innocent and beautiful girl. The Cheongsam she is wearing makes her look like she should be in a period drama on television. After talking to Starfire he realized she was naive and sheltered which further piqued his interest.

Thinking this might be his only opportunity to get the beautiful girl’s contact information he approaches Starfire. ” Could you add me on WeChat?’

  Starfire is fixing her scarf, “Huh?”

   “Umm..add me on WeChat.”

  Wong Duan is on the phone with Fu Chian and when he hears the young man he hangs up. “She can’t.”

   Starfire and the handsome boy turn at the same time. The boy looks at Wong Duan then Starfire, “Is he your Dad?”

  “…” Do I look old enough to be her father????

  Starfire has a murderous glint in her eyes aimed at Wong Duan then replies, “No, he is not…  I don’t want to sound like a country bumpkin but I don’t have WeChat. She really had no friends except the other disciples and wasn’t allowed to have a phone at the compound. She disregards Wong Duan’s disapproving expression and skillfully lies, “I forgot my phone. You can give me your phone number. I can call you.”

   Unexpectedly Wong Duan grabs Starfire’s hand and drags her towards the door. She tries to wiggle out of his hand but his grip is too strong. She grits her teeth, “ WONG DUAN!”


  Sara smiles at the men and avoids addressing the awkward situation, “I will see you in the morning then.”

   They leave and Sara locks the door. Wong Duan really is protective towards Starfire. He appears to be a very cold man but when he looks at Starfire his aura becomes light purple tinged with gold. 

   Wong Duan and Starfire are by the elevator. He pushes her against the wall then leans down, “You really are a foolish child!” I saw the way the boy was staring at your body. He definitely had bad intentions… an innocent girl like you would be easy prey.

   “Wong Duan, you…you should mind your own business! Qi Chunyu is very handsome and smart.. and sweet!  When we were in the kitchen earlier he was telling me about the University. “

   “Listen up little fool. You can’t trust every handsome boy you meet.” I should know…under my devastatingly handsome appearance lies a cold hearted beast.

   Wong Duan backs away from Starfire when he hears a click as Sara locks the restaurant. He keeps his voice low and sounds intimidating. “Girl, The Lord brought you to Catang City to protect Song Sara. Don’t forget your duty.”

   Starfire feels her cheeks get hot, she knows he is right.  She bites her lower lips then timidly responds. “I won’t forget.”

    “Very Good.”

   He turns and pleasantly smiles at Sara, “Fu Chian said they will meet you at the lake.”

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