Lin Heng storms through the Club and opens the unlocked door of room #3. Lin Qing’s naked body is tied to the bed with black leather straps, her slender legs spread open and her eyes shut. When the yellow haired man hears the door open he turns around with a big grin on his flat face. “Gonna watch the fun?”  Surprised when he sees the intruder isn’t Suli or the bartender, he grabs for the gun on the nightstand. Lin Heng smirks as he decisively shoots the man in the head, killing him instantly.

    The dead man falls onto the bed with blood spilling out of the head wound onto the sheets. Lin Qing opens her eyes, witnessing the terrifying sight she screams. “Ahhh..Ahhh..”  She frantically tries to wiggle out of the restraints while staring at the naked corpse. Suddenly a large hand pushes the motionless body off the blood stained bed onto the floor. She faintly sees a man standing at the end of the bed who resembles her husband, “Heng..Heng is that you? She bursts out crying, “They drugged me.”

   Pretending to be shocked he hugs her flushed body that is on fire. Lin Heng’s thin lips curl up into a sinister smile. “I know…I know… let Daddy take care of you.” He strips off his clothes then ruthlessly presses his body on top of Lin Qing ready to vent the rage pulsing through his body because of her betrayal. Lin Heng’s eyes are red, consumed by anger and lust.

   After an incident last year Lin Heng has his wife followed when he travels on business trips. He barely returned an hour ago when the man shadowing Linn Qing called him, after his wife visited Lin Morgan she didn’t seem right. She drove to this Club. that is notorious for providing services.

   He uses the sex toys provided by the Club to abuse her body that is still tied to the bed. A few times during the heated session he is tempted to strangle the woman under him to death. He ravages her body as she begs and moans for him to stop. Lin Heng’s voice is filled with ridicule as he fiercely rams into her body.  “Slut..isn’t this what you like? What you came to this dirty Club to get…sexual abuse. I have been too gentle I guess.”

    He is out of his mind thinking she obviously went to Lin Entertainment to drug his younger brother and the dead man on the floor fucked his wife before he arrived. Whore, I will make you pay for your betrayal. Lin Heng mercilessly tortures his wife until she is bruised and half dead. 

    After he is satiated Lin Heng looks at the woman passed out on the bed. Fucking whore..I will never forgive you. I gave you everything and still the only man in your eyes is my own brother…fucking Morgan. He gets dressed then walks out of the room back to the bar, his handsome face devoid of emotion as he instructs a female bodyguard. “  Untie her hands and feet. Put the dead man on the bed, wrap his arms around my wife.” Qing your life is about to become a living hell.

   Everyone stares at the surprisingly emotionless expression on Lin Heng’s face. He is calmly speaking as though the woman in Room #3 isn’t his wife. Lin Heng has a cold and piercing glint in his narrowed eyes as he nods to the bodyguard on the right.

  Lin Heng’s other two bodyguards follow as he leaves the Club. He looks at his watch then makes a call. “Meet me at your apartment.”

    After he leaves the cold blooded bodyguard kills Suli and the handsome bartender without blinking. He walks over to the cash register and takes the money leaving the drawer open. The female bodyguard watches him, “What about the office?”

   “In this neighborhood the robbery would be a quick grab and go. Did the woman wake up?”

   “No. I noticed a light in the wall. The next room was recording the activity in Room #3. I destroyed the video camera and the footage.What about security cameras out here?”

   “None. Too cheap I guess. They most likely used the hidden cameras in the private rooms  for blackmail. Let’s go.”

   Across town Morgan is waiting patiently for the doctor to finish applying the burn medicine to LingLing’s hand. I don’t think she is the woman on the phone. If she wanted to ingratiate herself to me for a role she wouldn’t have been so impudent in the car.

   LingLing comes out of the doctor’s office. She puffs out her cheeks and purses her cherry red lips.“You are still here?”


  “I can have my agent pick me up.” She ignores him as he stands up and walks over to the billing window.

  He glances at LingLing, he feels a sense of responsibility since she was injured because of Lin Qing. “I paid. Let’s go.”

  LingLing stubbornly bites her bottom lip looking unblinkingly at Morgan who towers over her petite body. She waves her hand wrapped in white gauze, “No need…no need. I’m sure a busy man like you…” She is momentarily distracted looking at the serious expression on his handsome face. “Is busy.”

  “Not busy.”

  ??? Can the tacturn man say more than two words?!?

 LingLing takes out her phone to call her agent. “Could you..”

  Morgan quickly snatches the iPhone from her hand then hangs up. He lifts his swordlike eyebrow, “I said I’m not busy.”

  LingLing grabs the phone back muttering, “Umm..CEO Lin.I don’t hold you responsible for my injury. It was an accident.You brought me to the hospital. You paid. That is enough.”

   Morgan gazes at LingLing’s clear and bright eyes that don’t contain a speck of impurities. He feels slightly guilty. I misjudged the girl, assuming that she wanted to go in the back door. Maybe having the same name as the woman who called is a mere coincidence. No..I don’t believe in coincidences. She is an actress… Maybe she is a very good actress.

  “CEO Li?”

   “I want to discuss your upcoming audition for the part of Concubine Li. We can talk while I drive you home.”

   LingLing has a look of surprise, why would the CEO care about the actress for the third female supporting character?  Maybe since I got hurt he wants to give me the role. “Well okay. But I am not going home, I have a lunch appointment. Can you take me to The Golden Pear Restaurant?” 

    “Can.” He has a strange expression. Is the little actress playing with me? Hmm..she almost fooled me. 

       At the Golden Pear Restaurant Rui and LiMei are seated by the window facing the garden. Rui gave Leo Cadieux the information he promised then picked Feng LiMei from the Mall. Song Sara was too busy at her new restaurant to meet so LiMei went shopping.

    “Rui, this restaurant Mr. Cadieux recommended is very pretty.” She points out the window, “The plum blossom trees are full of blossoms.”

   “My patient I was expecting at the hospital today won’t arrive until tomorrow afternoon due to the blizzard in the East.” Gunnar Hedwig left a message about the change of plans while Rui was in the operating room. ” I booked a Suite at the Golden Phoenix Hotel. ”

   LiMei’s green eyes sparkle surprised they can stay overnight in Catang City. “Oh great! I thought we would have to rush home so you could go to the hospital.” LiMei has a complicated expression as she takes a sip of water. “But, how is the patient you performed surgery on after the accident, Lau An?” Delun told LiMei the story of Rui and Lau An. She wants to see what Rui will say about their relationship. When she first arrived in Pushong City she met Lau An at her Morning Glory Cafe. Chen Jianyu briefly mentioned Lau An and Rui being a couple but at the time she wasn’t very familiar with Rui.

   The server walks over to the table and Rui orders a bottle of wine. Afterwards he addresses her question. “Lau An was in stable condition this morning so was moved out of ICU into a VIP room. Dr. Chou took over as her primary physician. I was only called in to perform the intricate surgery.”

  I had to deal with her father, Lau Zemin which was fucking annoying. I hadn’t seen the old bastard in months. What an asshole. One day I will repay him for fucking up my life. Since I have been with LiMei I had forgotten how much I hated him and the idea of revenge. He successfully rekindled that fire with his obnoxious attitude towards me.

  LiMei notices Rui’s face darkening and his ink black eyes have a murderous gleam. “Rui what are you thinking about?”

  “Nothing important. What did you buy when you were shopping?”

  She decides to tease him, “I got cool matching cashmere scarves for Delun and Sheng Siyue since we are going to the Ski Resort.”

   The server pours the wine, “Would you like to order?”

   Rui answers, “We will wait a short while.”

     LiMei sips her red wine and continues, “I haven’t seen Mr. and Mrs. Du in a while so I got them a beautiful jade Buddha. Mrs. Du collects jade statues. Chang, I couldn’t think what a high school boy would like so I got him a baseball cap. I am going back to work so I got Fan Nuying a Chanel silk scarf.” She can tell he is getting jealous and her lips curl up in a mischievous smile, “I got CEO Chen a..”  Black lines form on Rui’s face and LiMei giggles while grabbing his tensed hand, “Haha..I was kidding I didn’t get that stinky man anything.”


  LiMei takes a sip of wine then leans over to Rui. Pressing her lips on Rui’s so the wine enters his mouth her green eyes are sparkling. Watching Rui’s lustful expression she smiles then she seductively licks the wine on his sexy lips.

LiMei has a wicked grin and she puts her arms around his neck, “Your present… is a surprise.”

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