Sara In Morning

 Li Tian stares at Sara sleeping next to him and he smiles. So beautiful..  He kisses her tempting half parted lips, little thing I sleep so good when you are next to me…no nightmares. He lightly touches the tip of her nose and she makes a face.When he does it again he has an amused expression, Sara scratches her nose then snuggles further into his warm embrace.

When Sara touches his lower abdomen Li Tian is tempted to rip out his IV and indulge himself in her alluring body. He controls himself...when I get out of the hospital I am going to make you mine. Song Sara you deny that you have feelings for me but your body doesn’t lie. Holding onto my body your heart is racing. Inhaling her sweet fragrance he touches her hair loosely hanging down tickling his chest. I want you..I want you to be mine. Only look at me…only be with me.

    Last night after drinking the calming tea Sara could barely keep her eyes open. She massaged his legs then fell asleep on the couch waiting for Kang Mingshun. He listened to Li Tian’s order and placed Sara on the bed next to him.

   Although Li Tian doesn’t want to part with Sara he calls Kang Mingshun. If she wakes up in my hospital bed for a second time it will be difficult for the little thing to accept.

   Kang Mingshun carries Sara to the couch. She curls up in a ball and he covers her with a quilt. Afterwards, Li Tian motions for him to walk over to talk. He keeps his voice low, “Let Song Sara wake up naturally then take her home.”

  “Boss, I didn’t have a chance to tell you last night…” because you were molesting Miss Song as soon as she fell asleep. “When we arrived at the hospital last night Long Jinxi approached Miss Song as she got out of the car. I don’t know what her plan is. She was very friendly and invited Miss Song to lunch. Miss Song tried to decline but Miss Long wasn’t taking no for an answer. They exchanged contact information.”

  Li Tian’s face darkens, “Find out why Long Jinxi isn’t on location filming. I have a bad feeling that old bitch Zhao Lanfen is going to try and pull something. Fuck! I wanted to see if a killer would make an attempt on my life but I can’t let those conniving women manipulate my grandfather.” He chuckles, “Looks like I am going to have to regain consciousness later today.”

  “Yeah. The driver of the car that hit you insists it was an accident, his old car’s brakes are bad and he lost control on the icy road. We are still investigating.”

   Sara hears voices and mumbles, “Bi, is that Fu Chian?”

  “…” Li Tian has black lines on his forehead, “Tell Song Sara you will be her driver today.”

   “Okay.”  Kang Mingshun can’t refuse but really doesn’t want to spend any more time than necessary with Song Sara. He is afraid he might slip up and say something wrong. The lies are beginning to pile up.

   Sara stretches her arms and opens her drowsy eyes then sits up. She looks around, I fell asleep here again?!? Well… I was really tired when I gave CEO Li the massage last night. She stands up, “Kang Mingshun, why didn’t you wake me up last night?”

   “Well I had an emergency and had to leave. You were sleeping soundly when i came back so i didn’t want to wake you.”

  “Oh. Can you take me home now? I am going to the new restaurant this morning.” She walks over to Li Tian’s bedside. Now that I think about it the other voice sounded like Li Tian. She stares at Li Tian with his eyes shut, “Kang Mingshun did the CEO wake up?”

  Sara had a strange dream she was kissing Li Tian and he was taking liberties. She unexpectedly touches his hand and he reflexively moves his fingers.

Li Tian inwardly curses for reacting to her soft touch. Dammit I wasn’t expecting her to grab my hand! I hope she doesn’t get suspicious, with her hot temper she will be angry if she finds out that I’m faking!

Sara has a strange feeling, the dream was too realistic. There is a crease between her delicate eyebrows, could the CEO possibly be pretending? No..that is ridiculous! He wouldn’t deliberately worry his family. “Kang Mingshun, you should call the doctor. CEO Li moved his fingers.”

  Deciding to check she touches his hand again but there is no movement. “Hmm..this time he didn’t move. Did you say after the first massage Li Tian he also had a slight movement?”

   “Yes. I will get the doctor.” He rushes out of the room..what the hell!

   Sara stands by the bed, she has a sincere tone as she gently squeezes his hand. “CEO Li, I hope you wake up soon, it is hard to see you laying here motionless.”

   The doctor and Kang Mingshun come into the room.  The older woman is the same doctor who saw Sara on Li Tian’s bed the first night he was admitted.The old woman gives Sara a disgusted look then curtly says, “You will need to leave while I examine the patient.”

    If Li Tian could move he would throw the doctor out the door and keep Sara. What a bitch! How dare the old hag kick my woman out! Unfortunately, he needs to pretend to be in a coma a little while longer. 

    Sara is embarrassed and her face turns red. “I’m leaving, Kang Mingshun I can call for a driver…” She doesn’t get a chance to say more. Kang Mingshun picks up her jacket and says, “I can take you home.”

   When they leave the room Sara puts on her coat and scarf. “Kang Mingshun, do you think the CEO will regain consciousness soon?”

  “Well, I overheard the doctor say his CAT scan was normal, he doesn’t have any brain trauma. He has a severe concussion, so they are optimistic.”

  He pushes the button for the elevator. “Miss Song the CEO well..I wish you could see he cares about you. I told you he wanted to personally buy..”

  Sara puts her hand up to stop him, “Kang Mingshun! Don’t say any more please.” I don’t need the complication. He has a fiancee and I am not stupid Long Jinxi has her eyes on him too. Why else would she try to get close to me. Kang Lanfen probably told her I am Li Tian’s mistress. 

  They silently walk out to the Rang Rover and Kang Mingshun opens the door for Sara.

   When they arrive at Sara’s apartment building he says he can wait and take her to the Waterfront Towers. Sara refuses, “No. My assistant is coming and I will go with her to the new restaurant.”

  “I can take you both, I need to speak with Director Yang about business. He will be in his office located in the building.”

   “Thank you but no.” She walks to the entrance and turns around, “Kang Mingshun it is impossible between the CEO and I.”


  Sara enters her apartment and sighs, Kang Mingshun certainly is devoted to Li Tian. She laughs, bodyguard… driver..matchmaker..hahaha. 

  Fu Chian has the girls ready for school in their new outfits. He is putting on their coats when Starfire rings the doorbell.

  He opens the door, “Miss Starfire, we are almost ready.”

  She walks in and takes Xiaoyue’s coat from him, “I love the coats, they are not the same but compliment each other. Miss Song has good taste.”

   Xiaoxiao smiles showing her little tiger teeth and opens her coat. “My dress is light blue and Sister’s is dark blue. I really like it.” She lets out a big sigh, “Little Uncle, how did Miss Sara know we were tired of wearing the same clothes?”


  Starfire laughs, “I always thought twins like to dress in identical outfits.”

  Xiaoxiao shakes her head, “No..well not us..we both love pink of course, but I like blue and Xiaoyue likes green.”

   Starfire puts the scarf around Xiaoyue’s neck then walks to the kitchen, “Mr. Fu may I have one of these buns?” Being a foodie she can’t resist the lure of delicious smelling food.

“Sure.” This girl is tiny but really loves to eat.. When I called the main house to find out when she was coming the Auntie in the kitchen said she was eating breakfast.

   Starfire takes a bite, “Umm..good. Mr. Fu, where did you learn to cook?”

  “Well, when I was young and lived in the orphanage my brothers and I were always hungry. I made friends with the Grandma in the kitchen so she would give us extra food. I would help wash and cut the vegetables. Eventually, she taught me how to cook so I could help prepare the meals. I don’t know any special dishes but a few she would cook for her family to take home.”

 “The pork filling in this bun is really tasty, is that cilantro in it?”

  “Yeah, cilantro grew like weeds behind the orphanage. One day I smelled it and brought a bunch back. She had never used cilantro in cooking and was hesitant thinking it might not be edible. He laughs, “So I put some in a pork bun and ate it.”

  Starfire swallows the last bite of the steamed bun, “Can I come to breakfast tomorrow?” The Auntie in the main house’s food is good but this is really different. The pork is tender and a little spicy.. the cucumbers are cut in tiny pieces and crunchy the cilantro gives it a pop..

  “Sure.” Don’t they feed you enough at the main house?

  Starfire takes Xiaoyue’s hand and Fu Chian takes Xiaoxiao’s hand and they walk to the black Bentley. “Miss Starfire you will need to sit in the front passenger seat because the child seats are in the back.”

  He opens the back door and puts the girls into their seats. Starfire opens the passenger door and gets into the car. She isn’t sure how to buckle the seat belt and Fu Chian points to the metal buckle, “Press there and it will open slip in the buckle and it will latch.”

  Once she is buckled he drives out to the gate. They are leaving as Kang Minshun returns to the community. He recognizes Fu Chian and glances at the girl in the front seat. The woman must be Miss Song’s assistant that bastard Cadieux hired. He clenches his hand on the steering wheel.The Boss better do something quick when he gets out of the hospital. That motherf****r is surrounding Miss Song with his people!

  Fu Chian takes the girls to school first. “Wait in the car. I won’t be long.” if I go into the school with a different woman it will raise questions.

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