CEO Lin’s Office

  LingLing leaves her brother’s office with has a worried expression on her pretty face. She bites her fingernail on the way to the elevator. I hope I am not in trouble for anything. I did mess up at dance training but my legs were cramping. 

  Lin Qing is in Morgan’s office to deliver the package of herbal supplements and tea. “Brother, can I brew you a cup of tea?”

   He is getting impatient waiting for LingLing. When Lin Qing came into his office he turned around expecting to see the scheming woman who called him last night. “Fine.”

   Lin Qing’s lips curl up into a smile as she touches the packet of aphrodisiac in her pocket. Lin Morgan you will finally be mine.

  She comes back from the small kitchen and sees Morgan staring fixedly at a young girl.

He forgot about Lin Qing, when he sees her he is dismissive and his voice is cold, “ Put the tea down and leave.”

  Lin Qing has already put the aphrodisiac into the tea and panics. She stands there holding the tray with the two cups of tea. “But..but Morgan, I need to discuss the cooperation…” He marrows his Phoenix eyes glaring at Lin Qing, through gritted teeth he growls, “Do you not speak Chinese?”

  Shocked, she decides all she can do is knock over the tea. She pretends to trip but LingLIng notices Lin Qing losing her balance and grabs the tray so the tea doesn’t spill onto Lin Qing. She realized if she tried to catch the woman they would both be burnt from the hot tea.

  Lin Qing tumbles to the carpeted floor and LingLing holds the tray unsteadily. The teacup closest to her tips splashing the steaming liquid onto her hand. LingLing winces in pain and mutters a soft painful moan “Owww..” as she sets the tray on the table.

   Morgan doesn’t extend a hand to Lin Qing sprawled on the floor. Embarrassed she holds onto the edge of the couch as she struggles to stand up in her 10cm red heels. LingLing helps Lin Qing to steady herself and gives Morgan a confused look. Why didn’t he try to help the woman? Well, none of my business.

  Lin Qing knows if Morgan drinks the tea the beautiful little girl will be the one to have sex with him. The drug is potent and acts quickly. She makes a decision, sitting on the couch rubbing her ankle she casually drinks the cup of drugged tea. Lin Qing stands up and has a haughty smile without speaking she leaves the office. 

  LingLing’s hand stings and blisters are forming on her delicate skin. She doesn’t want to get involved in the CEO’s drama with the woman. “CEO Lin, I will be leaving. Call my agent.”

   Morgan grabs LingLing’s thin arm as she walks towards the door. “Wait!” He wants to ask about the phone call last night. The girl’s petite body is similar to the woman in my dreams but the face… I don’t know.

“Hssss…” LingLing’s body tenses from the pain. Morgan realizes she is injured. “I will take you to the hospital.”

    LingLing wants to get far away from Morgan. She recognizes him as the iceberg she ran into in the lobby last week. He doesn’t seem to be the compassionate type. “No need. I will take care of the burn myself.”

  Morgan effortlessly lifts her petite body into his arms. He has a domineering tone, “I said I will take you to the hospital.”

  LingLing blushes, “Put me down!”

   Morgan doesn’t listen and rushes out the door of his office. When he passes by his secretary’s desk she stops writing and watches with her mouth open. Where is the CEO going with Director Zhou’s sister?

   LingLing can tell Morgan is going to do what he wants. She hides her face in his chest so no one can recognize her. How will I work here? Rumors will fly that I have a relationship with the CEO. This is like a scene from a domineering CEO novel!

   He carries LingLing into his private elevator to the Underground garage. He hurries across the parking lot and opens the door of a white Range Rover. Morgan gently places LingLing on the passenger seat. She tries to buckle the seat belt but her hand hurts too badly.

   When he gets into the driver seat he notices her struggling with the buckle. He leans over and buckles the seatbelt. Distressed gazing at her snow white hands covered in blisters and bright red he admonishes LingLing. “Stupid girl. Why didn’t you let the tea tray fall?”

   LingLing has been stubbornlyholding back her tears, she is a spoiled girl after all. The three brothers at home and her parents dote on her and she has never been ridiculed. LingLing eyes get misty and her lips are trembling. She angrily blurts out “You! You! Why didn’t you catch your woman! I couldn’t not do anything. If the hot tea splashed onto her face as she fell her beautiful face would have been ruined!”

   “Lin Qing is not my woman she is my sister-in-law.”


   Morgan drives to the hospital while LingLing quietly looks out the window. Sister in law?

  Lin Qing sits in her Red Lamborghini desperately calling a man she sleeps with occasionally, “I need you! I need you right now!”

   “Sweetie, I am in Shanghai.”

    Lin Qing’s body is on fire, “What!”

  “I left yesterday. If you checked your messages you would have known.”

   She is clawing at her dress, what am I going to do. I couldn’t knock the drink over twice. Damn that little bitch for interrupting us. Ten more minutes we would have been rolling on his bed!

   “Qing..Qing what is wrong with you?”

   Lin Qing hangs up and slams her hand on the steering wheel, Heng is in Hirachi City… Dong Wei is in Shanghai, what am I going to do!” She recklessly drives her red Lamborghini to a Club on Harbor Street. When she arrives she staggers up to the bar. The handsome bartender leans over the bar, “What do you want to drink?”Not too many women come to drink and play during the daytime.

  She pulls on his tie, “No drink..I need…I need.” She spits out, “I need a man.”

   He raises an eyebrow, “Drugged?”

   Lin Qing is extremely uncomfortable rubbing her legs together. She bites her lip and nods her head. Unable to resist the man exuding male hormones in front of her she suddenly kisses his lips, “You..I want you.”

   He wipes off the bar and laughs, “Sorry, I am a bartender not a ..”

  She can’t stand it, it feels like a thousand ants are crawling on her skin. Lin Qing licks her lips, “I will a lot. More than you can make in a year.”

   A pretty tall woman wearing a black silk Cheongsam walks over to the bar. “He is not for sale. But I have someone who can help you.”

  Lin Qing’s eyes are hazy but the woman looks familiar. She doesn’t care, “Let me see him.”

  The pretty woman raises the corner of her lips into a sneer and in a sarcastic tone says, “Can you be picky? If you don’t solve the medicine soon. Well, you will regret it.”

  The woman motions to a short muscular man to come over, “He will satisfy you.”

  Lin Qing is consumed with desire as she tears the top of her dress, she grabs the man’s large hand, “Let’s go.”

  The pretty woman tells the man, “Room 3.”

  The man has a sadistic gleam in his eyes as he bends down kissing Lin Qing’s red lips. He grabs her between the legs. “Honey, I will make you scream. He chuckles to himself, “In pain.”

   After they leave the bartender walks around the bar to a circular leather booth. The pretty woman sits on his lap and puts her hand in his shirt rubbing his chest. He raises his eyebrow, “Suli, are you sure you want to let that crazy bastard fuck Lin Heng’s wife?”

   She runs her fingers through his hair, “She dared kiss my man. I don’t care who she is.” She rubs his crotch and pouts,“Why? Did you want to fuck that arrogant bitch?”

   He kisses her passionately and puts her hand down his pants. She calls out, “ Little Lou cover the bar.”

    Suli rubs the handsome bartenders huge erection. She smirks, “Do you want to watch the fun in Room 3?”

   The handsome bartender wonders what he sees in this woman. “No.” He is about to pick her up and take her upstairs when the door bursts open. Five muscular men dressed in black enter the Club. The handsome bartender pulls out a gun from under his jacket. The head bodyguard kicks the gun out of his hand and presses him down on the booth with his arm on his neck. The man next to him grabs Suli by the hair. “Where is she!”

   Suli stutters, “Who? We aren’t open yet. No one else is here.”

  He slaps her across the face, “Bitch! Lie again you are dead.” He takes out a knife and holds it to her face. “The woman who walked in here ten minutes ago.” Suddenly an elegant slender man steps out from behind the muscular bodyguard and she recognizes him. Suli’s face is bloodless as she nervously stammers, “Lin…Lin Heng.”

   Suli gulps down her saliva and breaks out into a cold sweat knowing she made a big mistake. “Room #3..Room #3.”





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