Zhou LingLing

    Morgan sits at his desk looking over the audition list cast for a new ancient fantasy drama. He sees the name LingLing up for a supporting role as one of the Emperor’s unfavored concubines. He leans back and scoffs, she must be angling for the role and knows Feng LiMei. The corner of Morgan’s mouth twitches, Fuck me..hahaha.. Do you think if you seduce me I will give you the role? 

   He picks up the phone, “I want an actress named LingLing sent to my office immediately.”

  “Will do.”

    Morgan opens his desk drawer takes a cigarette out of a pack. How many women have tried to crawl into my bed..female spies.. stupid socialites …shitty actresses.. He languidly walks to the window and looks out across the greenbelt. Snow is lightly falling dusting the plum blossom trees, it is a beautiful pure sight and calms him down. The lake is frozen and appears like glass reflecting the blue sky. He puffs on his cigarette and a thin stream of smoke rises in the air. Troublesome woman.

  Zhou LingLing is still in bed sleeping, hugging a large gray elephant plushie, she ignores the ringing phone.. Last night she went out with her friends and doesn’t have any classes this morning at the University.After fifteen minutes the phone rings again, through her sleepy daze she recognizes her brother’s ringtone, she mutters, “Brother, wuuhuu… I am sleeping..”

  Zhou Hao stares at the CEO’s secretary standing impatiently in front of his desk. He came to find Zhou LingLing’s brother when she didn’t answer. “Sorry, the little girl isn’t answering.” He saw her with her friend’s at the KTV and knows right now his lazy little sister is hugging a stuffed animal fast asleep.

  “ Director Zhou, the CEO wants her to come to his office immediately. Shouldn’t she answer her phone when she is up for a role?”

  “Secretary Chen…My sister..well.. I will try again.” It is best I don’t tell him about my little sister.

 LingLing is the spoiled daughter of our Zhou family. The little girl has no sense of responsibility and it was only because of me she could enter the company. She became an actress on a whim to get closer to her male idol, Li Shaoting. I didn’t think she would draw the attention of  CEO Lin.

  Ling Ling wipes the drool from her mouth with her hand and answers the phone when it keeps ringing. “Brother, I am sleeping. Call me later.”

  Zhou Hao has a helpless expression, as expected of the little girl. “LingLing, I am at the company. You need to come to my office immediately.”

  “Huh?” She yawns and scratches her head “Later. I will come later.”

  He glances at Secretary Chen who looks flustered. Zhou Hao has a harsh tone, “LingLing. Now.”

  “Brotthhhhher!!! I will tell Mommy you are bullying me.”

  “Well, I guess you don’t want to work at Lin Entertainment any longer. Fine. Don’t come.”

   LingLing bolts up in bed. “I will be right there.”

   Zhou Hao has a smile on his face as he hangs up. “My sister will be here soon. I told her to come to my office first. She might be nervous because CEO Lin wants her to come to his office. I will explain the situation.” He raises an eyebrow, “By the way, Secretary Chen what is the situation?” He isn’t very familiar with Lin Morgan because he only recently took over as CEO.

  “I don’t know. He was looking over the names of the people auditioning for the new drama.”

  ‘I will send her up after she arrives.”

 Zhou LingLing jumps out of bed mumbling “Brother sounded serious.” I wonder why I need to go to the company? The audition for Concubine Jing isn’t until tomorrow. She turns on the bath and looks in her large walk in closet. She decides on a simple black short suspender skirt with a little lace at the hem. Hmm..what blouse.. She picks a pink silk blouse with ruffles down the front. Shoes? The little black boots will be good.

  After her bath she dries her shoulder length black hair and curls the ends. She uses two butterfly clips to hold back her hair and puts diamond studs into her ears.

  She hurries down to the kitchen and the cook sees her grab a Yakult and an apple. The cook frowns, “Miss LingLing, the Old Madam said for you to eat a good breakfast.”

  “ I don’t have time, I will be late.”

  “Well, at least take a bun, I just made them.”

  LingLing smiles prettily, “Thanks!”

  She drives a white BMW to the Lin Entertainment building and parks across the street. She forgot to bring her badge to park in the Underground lot.

   LingLing shivers, this leather jacket looks good but isn’t very warm. She tightens the pink and black cashmere scarf around her neck. She crosses the street to the tall building with the name Lin Entertainment across the top.

   When she enters the building she walks to the reception desk, “Hi Miss Walker, I am here to see my brother. I forgot my badge.”

   The woman grins as she opens a drawer then hands her a temporary badge. ” Zhou LingLing, this is the third time this week! Haha..”

” I should keep it in my car… I change purses and forget..sorry!”

Miss Walker shakes her head as she watches LingLing walk to the elevator.Director Zhou’s sister is so sweet it is hard to get angry.

Waiting by the elevator, LingLing sees Li Shaoting and his agent getting out of the elevator next to where she is standing. As they walk by she smiles at him. Li Shaoting ignores LingLing and brushes past her as though she is invisible. LingLing sighs, he will notice me when we work together on the drama. I have to get that role! I will have at least ten scenes with him.

   Once inside the elevator she presses the. button for the 32nd floor. When she steps out she lazily walks down the hallway to Zhou Hao’s office. His secretary greets her and says to go into the office, “Director Zhou is waiting for you.”

  “Thank you.”

  When LingLing enters the office her brother is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed looking over a script.

   She walks over and sits down next to him and hugs his arm, “Brother, what was so important that you dragged me out of my beautiful dream?”

   He takes off his gold rimmed glasses and rubs his eyes, “LingLing first tell me do you know CEO Lin?”

   LingLing’s fox-like eyes widen, “The CEO? No.” She shakes her head and takes the apple out of her purse. “Do you have a fruit knife? Never met him.”

  He takes the apple from her and walks to a short counter in the next room.. He uses a small knife to slice the apple onto a plate “Why would he call you to his office?”

  “He wants to see me?” She sits cross legged on the couch and takes the plate of apples from his hand. “I don’t want to go to his office.”

  He starts laughing, “You work for Lin Entertainment. He is the CEO, you can’t say no. Don’t you want to be in the new drama?”

   “Well, I do but..” he interrupts and takes a piece of apple, “No buts.. Anyway from my interactions with Lin Morgan he is easy to get along with. Just go.”

   LingLing takes a deep breath, “Come with me.”

  He feeds her a piece of apple, “You are not a child anymore. If you want to work in society you need to be able to deal with different people.” He rubs her head, “I saw Li Shaoting earlier.”

   LingLing’s face turns red.  I saw him too and he completely ignored me. Yes… I need to get that part. “I will go.”

   “Come back to my office afterwards and I will take you to lunch.”

  “Okay, can we go to The Golden Pear? I want to eat spicy crawfish.”

  “I will get a reservation.”

  LingLing stands up and hugs him, “Brother is the best!”

  She walks to the door then turns around. “Ah..where is the CEO’s office?”

  “The 40th floor.”

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