Morgan wakes up in the morning to the same scene that has been happening on more than one occasion lately. The silk sheets are stained and he has a vague recollection of his spring dream. The thoughts in his mind are muddled but the feelings in his heart distress him the most. Who is this woman that keeps popping up in my dreams? Is it this LingLing person. Well today I will find out.

   He gets up and angrily strips the messy sheets from the bed and throws them in a hamper in the spacious bathroom. Morgan takes off his pajamas and also tosses them.  He steps into the hot shower and gazes down at his erection. Dammit! I need to find the woman or find a woman. This.. Fuck! He closes his eyes and lets the hot water spray on his handsome face contorted in pleasure as he takes care of the unnerving situation. Once he groans and releases he washes his muscular body, I have never been a lustful man..why is this woman haunting my dreams? I am filled with desire and yearning but for whom? I never can clearly see the damn succubus’ face.

  Morgan puts on a dark blue silk shirt and a D&G custom made dark blue pinstripe suit. The suit highlights his long muscular legs and slim waist. He brushes his short cropped then puts on an eye catching black diamond watch. He is impeccably dressed and fits the image of a CEO of a major Entertainment Company. No one would suspect not long ago he was a bodyguard for Qiao Rui.

   The cook has prepared his usual breakfast of two soft boiled eggs on top of a bowl of chicken congee and a piece of whole wheat toast. He drinks the fresh squeezed orange juice and looks at the financial news, very good. The cooperation between Lin Entertainment and Night Sky Entertainment is trending. The Board of Directors will be satisfied.He chuckles, for the moment anyway.

  Before he finishes breakfast his phone rings and he sets down his chopsticks. He knits his eyebrows together, Mother? “ Why are you up so early?”

   “ I am going shopping with Qing this morning.  I have a blind date set up for you at two o’clock this afternoon. Your secretary said that would be a convenient time, you don’t have any scheduled meetings.”

  “Not convenient. I have a business lunch at two o’clock.”

  “Don’t make up excuses, he clearly said you were free this afternoon.”

 “I didn’t inform Secretary Mu I made the appointment after the business dinner last night. Who is the woman? Send me her information. You can set it up for another time if I determine she is suitable.”

   Morgan’s mother is happy he didn’t directly refuse.“You don’t know her, Zhang Victoria. She recently came back from the United States. I think you would be well matched, I will send her information to you. Miss Zhang is beautiful and smart. She graduated with honors from Stanford.”

  “I need to leave for the office.Send me the information. Next time ask me first.” He hangs up and finishes his breakfast. Zhang Victoria that name sounds familiar.

   Lin Qing walks into the dining room and sits down next to her mother in law. “Who were you talking to so early?”

  She frowns, “Morgan. I set him up with Zhang Victoria for a blind date but he is busy this afternoon.”

  Lin Qing digs her fingernails into he palms under the dining room table, “Mom, didn’t Morgan say he didn’t want to go on blind dates for the time being? If you pressure him he will be angry.”

  Morgan’s mother picks up a piece of melon with her chopsticks, “Actually he said to send Zhang Victoria’s information. Morgan told me the other day he would cooperate. with blind dates I arrange.”

  “Zhang Victoria? She is back from abroad?” A sense of urgency overwhelms Lin Qing and her heart palpitates. No. this could mean trouble. She is gorgeous and smart. I need to find a way to seduce Morgan before he falls in love with that woman Even I have to admit she is perfect.Dammit!  

  Lin Rong sees she is in a daze, “QingQing?”

  “Sorry Mom. I was thinking about where we should go shopping today.” 

   “I want to go to the new Chanel store on 53rd. Street.”

  Lin Qing has an idea, “I need to stop by Lin Entertainment first, can we meet at the Chanel store at eleven o’clock?”

  “ Since Heng is out of town on business, I thought you took the day off from work.”

  “Well, I got a call that Li Shaoting will be there for publicity shots and I want to touch base with the Marketing Department.”

  “When you go could you stop by Morgan’s office? A package of herbal supplements arrived yesterday. He likes the medicinal tea.”

  Lin Qing’s eyes light up, “Of course.” This is great! A perfect excuse to go see him!  I can brew him the tea then add the aphrodisiac! I didn’t get a chance to drug him in Bashu City.

  Lin Deming Morgan’s father comes into the dining room. “Did I hear you say the herbal supplements were delivered? I want to talk to Morgan about the upcoming Board meeting. No reason to bother Qing’er. I can take the package with me.”

   A flash of anger flits across Lin Qing’s face and she is speechless. Luckily, her head is lowered and her expression can’t be seen by them. I can’t say anything in front of that sly fox. He was against her marriage to his son Heng because he found out about her involvement with Morgan in University.  She smiles as she puts her napkin down. “Very well then, I will be going.”

  Lin Rong says “ QingQing wait. Honey, did you forget you are going golfing this morning? QingQing you take the package it is on the table in the foyer.”

 They can’t see the look of happiness on her face as she leaves the dining room.

 Meanwhile in Pushong City LiMei has had a restless night of sleep. Rui comes into the bedroom. He is exhausted, Lau An’s surgery took half the night then he helped with the other accident victims. As soon as he finished he took a shower in his resting room and changed his clothes. Instead of sleeping as he normally would he rushed out of the hospital to come home.

  When he sees LiMei tossing and turning he lays on the bed and embraces her quivering body. She calms down in his arms and he kisses he forehead. Not wanting to wake her up he holds onto her and smoothes her hair. He tenderlywhispers, “Baby, I”m here.” She must be having a nightmare. After holding LiMei for a few minutes inhaling her sweet and light fragrance Rui can’t keep his eyes open and falls asleep.

   LiMei wakes up and she is entangled with Rui. She slowly takes her leg off of him and the arm that is wrapped around his waist. She can see the dark circles under his eyes, he must be so tired. She gently covers him with the quilt and gets out of bed.

   After she takes a bath she slips on a pair of high waisted dark blue wide leg pants and a white blouse. She tucks the crisp white blouse halfway into the pants. After looking in the drawer. she takes out a soft gray sweater.

   She looks at her watch, he said we were going to Catang City but he has time to sleep. LiMei leaves the bedroom and goes down the stairs. Delun is making breakfast when she enters the kitchen. She walks over to the stove, “What are you making?” She smiles brightly and her eyes bend, “Smells so good.”

  Delun looks up and studies LiMei’s expression. Last night LiMei was acting oddly when he got home but today she appears normal. “I am making vegetable and cheese omelettes, also your favorite Belgium waffles with whip cream and strawberries.”

  “Oh yummy! Can I help you? Rui is sleeping.”

  “Could you whip the cream and wash the strawberries?”

  “Sure.” She puts on her pink bunny apron  LiMei rinses the strawberries then bites into one and the juice runs down her lips. “Where did you get these strawberries?  

“ Rui grows them in the greenhouse. I went out this morning and picked them.”

   She licks her lips, “So sweet and juicy.” She leans on the counter as she eats another big bright red strawberry. “Did Rui tell you we are going to Catang City today?”

  “No he didn’t mention it but he doesn’t usually share his plans with me.”

  LiMei takes a bowl from the cupboard then gets the cream from the refrigerator. “He is meeting Leo Cadieux.”

  Delun drops the spatula in his hand. He hides his apprehension “Why is he meeting him?” Delun lived in Paris for two years and is familiar with the Cadieux family. Leo Cadieux is a dangerous man.

  “I don’t know.” She plugs in the electric mixer, “Delun, where is the vanilla? I just hope the roads are cleared.” She shivers thinking about the news report on the multi car pileup.

   He walks over and opens a cupboard. “Here is the sugar too. They should be. It stopped snowing.”

   “Delun, do you have chocolate? I am going to meet my friend Song Sara while Rui is in his meeting. I want to make some chocolate covered strawberries. These strawberries are delicious. Better than the ones you can get at the supermarket.”

  “ Sheng Siyue left some chocolate when she made a cake here.”

  ”These strawberries are so sweet and delicious.”

   Rui comes into the kitchen and hugs LiMei from behind and then flips her thin body around. He has a lustful gleam in his eyes, LiMei’s lips are glistening with the strawberry juice.Rui licks and sucks on her lips. His voice is low and seductive, “My little bunny is very sweet and delicious.”

    He laughs and all the stress from dealing with the surgeries is washed away as he gazes at her cute face. LiMei’s cheeks puffed out and have a tinge of red. She is fluttering her eyelashes making her look shy and innocent. When he sees this adorable expression it always arouses him. He wants to bully LiMei more. He nibbles on her ear and whispers,”Baby,I want you for breakfast.”

LiMei blushes, “Rui!”

Rui kisses her deeply swirling his tongue around in her mouth savoring the sweet taste of strawberries and her saliva. He has his hand on her round bottom as he pulls her tightly into his embrace with his other hand around her tiny waist.

Delun: “…” Hello! I’m right here…


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