Morning at Leo’s Villa

    Wong Duan watches the dancers and chuckles, women will do anything for money. The only one that had any self esteem was the squeamish little dancer who left the room in the beginning. 

  Lishi Tao comes into the room, “I’m glad you didn’t decide to commit murder on the opening night of the Club. It would have been a bad omen. What did you think of the performance?”

   “I doubt the useless woman will survive until the morning. As for the dancers…you can build the stage.”

   “Who sent the woman?”

  “Sung Ren. He must be short on capital to send such an incompetent assassin. I am going to the villa. Call me tomorrow when the truck arrives.”

   Starfire wakes up in the morning at five o’clock to train. She is sitting on a bench wiping the sweat from her face when Wong Duan walks into the training room. He furrows his eyebrows when he notices Starfire. Taking the towel from her small hand he gently wipes the beads of sweat from her flushed face.

 Wong Duan opens the bottle of water in his hand and hands it to Starfire.“Stupid girl! I told you not to train if you are on your period. Do you have cramps?”  He rubs her stomach sending his internal heat to her body.

   Starfire chokes on the water. She wants to say she isn’t having her menstrual period but is afraid he will be angry she lied. Plus, the warmth from his hand feels really good as he rubs her stomach.

  He pats her back, “Drink slowly after exercising, are you a child?”

    Starfire looks at the workout clothes he is wearing and is surprised, she has only seen him wearing designer suits. This morning he is wearing a  tight gray t-shirt and a pair of black pants with the Henri Couture Sportswear logo on the side. “Mr. Wong, what are you doing in the training room?”

  “Can’t I?”

  She has a bewildered expression as she “You practice martial arts?”

 “A little.” He is a highly skilled martial artist and proficient assassin.

   She touches his bicep, “I wondered how you kept your physique so toned. If you sat at a desk all day you would get flabby.” She gulps down the water. “You are trim with a perfect BMI.”

   Wong Duan chuckles to himself, ???? This silly girl has absolutely no filter at all.

    Leo walks into the training room and Starfire jumps up from the bench. “Good morning Mr. Cadiuex!” He is also dressed in workout gear, are they going to train together? I wish I could stay and watch. Then she remembers the scene in the hallway and shivers, how can they fight each other…they are lovers.

     Wong Duan notices the confused look on her face. What is she thinking?

   Leo doesn’t like to be stared at by anyone he snaps. “Go get ready. Fu Chian will be leaving in an hour.”

   Wong Duan stops her before she leaves the training room, “Go eat. I told the cook to make  congee and a light breakfast. Don’t snack during the day and no cold drinks. Tell the cook to make Brown Sugar Ginger Tea to take with you.”

   “Thank you Mr. Wong.” She hurries out of the training room excited she will go with Song Sara today.

   Leo has a strange expression as he watches Starfire skipping out the door.Wong Duan a self proclaimed misogynist had a smile on his face and spoke with a pampering tone to the little girl.

    Wong Duan turns to Leo, “What time is Qiao Rui arriving?”

   Leo is distracted, “What?”

  “I asked when Qiao Rui would arrive.”

  “Around noon. Duan don’t make the little girl fall in love with you. I need her to focus on protecting Song Sara. Do you recall what happened with. Natalia. She called earlier crying saying you ignored her last night.”

  Wong Duan can’t help but laugh. “Starfire is a fucking little girl! I’m not into lolis. Hahaha..”

   Leo walks over to a rack on a wall and takes down two swords.“Well, why were you being so attentive?”

  Wong Duan takes the sword from him. “Shit..I guess because she reminds me a little of Lan’er. The girl’s bright eyes are clean and free of impurities. Also, she is slightly pitiful, like a stray kitten out in the rain you want to bring into the house. Take care of it.”

   Leo smiles, “ Well, just don’t let the little kitten get too attached. You and I both know women can’t resist your beautiful face and evil charm. Let alone a naive sheltered little girl.”

   Wong Duan puts his arm around Leo’s shoulder, “She has the brain circuit of a child. Don’t worry.”

   Starfire takes a bath then gets dressed in the clothes the maid set out for her to wear. Loose black pants and a green Cheongsam blouse embroidered with small white flowers on the collar. She ties her hair into a ponytail and inserts a gold hairpin from on the dresser. She slips on the black flats and walks out of the room. 

   She goes to the kitchen and the cook politely greets Starfire thinking the scary beautiful man seems to care about the little girl. He instructed me to make the Brown Sugar Tea last night and a special breakfast for the girl today.

   Starfire glances around, “Mrs. Zhang where is everyone else?” There is only one place setting at the table.

   “The men eat in the back dining room.”

   “I should go eat with them so I get to know everyone.” She fixes a plate then picks up the bowl of congee.

   Mrs. Zhang’s eyes widen, “No! Miss Starfire,Mr. Wong said for you to eat here.”

  “Well, how will I get to know my coworkers?”

   The cook has no idea what to say. “At dinner.”

   Starfire sits down and begins to eat. “Mrs. Zhang, the congee is delicious.”

   “Thank you Miss. I have a thermos of Ginger Tea on the counter don’t forget it.” She takes off her apron. “I am going to the store. Do you need any feminine products?”

   Starfire puts down her spoon. Damn that man! “No thanks. I am good.”

   After she finishes breakfast she goes back to her room to brush her teeth. After she applies lipgloss she returns to the kitchen and grabs the thermos. Starfire takes her coat from the closet by the door then walks to the French doors that lead to the garden. 

   Leo and Wong Duan finish practicing, Wong Duan wipes the sweat from Leo’s face. “Once you have the files are you going to see the old hag?”

  “Yes. I want the proof in my hand so the scheming old woman can’t deny the fact that Song Sara is my sister. Afterwards I will have the old woman tell Sara I am her brother. I want her to tell Song Sara, I am afraid if I do, Song Sara will be too shocked.

   Starfire hides behind a large embroidered screen. She forgot her phone and was coming back to get it from her bedroom. Song Sara is Mr. Cadieux’s sister! She doesn’t know! It is some sort of dark secret! I don’t want to know this! I really don’t. Why did I forget my phone! Why am I finding out their secrets!

    She waits until they leave to run to her room and retrieve the phone. Once she has it in her hand she closes her bedroom door and hurries to leave the villa.

   Leo looks at Wong Duan. “Well your little kitten overheard our conversation. I guess this is a good chance to see if she is loyal.”

   Wong Duan has no doubts she will remain quiet. He could sense her anxiety and trepidation. It was a coincidence, he is sure. The little girl hid out of fear. “ I will bet my Porsche she won’t say anything.”

   “Your Porsche? Didn’t you wait for six months for them to customize it to your specifications?”


  “I hope your little pet doesn’t disappoint.”

 “I am going to send a message to Sung Ren. He sent an assassin last night to Ecstasy. I want to use a show of force to deter any future threats to the Club.”

  “Where is the assassin now?”


 “ You killed him?”

 “No. Sung Ren. After she failed and betrayed him I knew she wouldn’t last long. I heard the woman’s scream from the balcony. Hit by a speeding truck. She was lying in the street in a pool of blood.”

 “A woman?”

 “It was interesting. “ He takes the tube of lipstick from his pocket. I haven’t seen the poison before. The woman coated her lips with an unknown substance and then applied the poisonous lipstick. One kiss on the lips and I would have been dead.”

  Leo starts laughing, “Hahaha..I guess the stupid bitch didn’t do her homework. You never kiss a woman.”

  He caresses Leo’s cheek and looks deeply into Leo’s strange eyes, “Yours are the only lips that have tempted me.”

  Leo jas an amused expression. “If I didn’t know better I would believe you. Is it fun to tease X?”

  Wong Duan has a devilish grin and whispers in Leo’s ear. “Very.”

  “One day he might take you seriously and kill you.”

  Wong Duan glances behind Leo and he has a faint smile. “If he has the ability.”

   X can only move if Leo gives the order so he stands in the shadows glaring at Wong Duan. Pretty bastard! Shameless! Always touching the Master!

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