Back To The Hospital

  Sara and Bi are laughing as they walk up the stairs to their small apartment. Leo had his driver Peng Han send them home. Bi comments, “Sara, did you notice all of Leo Cadieux’s employees are really handsome? The driver just now, for example, Peng Han, he could be a model.”

   Sara opens the door, “Well, you should see his secretary Wong Duan. The man looks like an Immortal! The extraordinarily handsome man has better skin than any female celebrity, poreless. I met him briefly at the guesthouse. When he was standing in the doorway with the moonlight behind him, I thought I had died and gone to heaven..hahaha…the only word to describe the man is beautiful.”

   She walks to the kitchen to boil water for the medicinal tea she drinks before bed. “Bi, do you want some tea?”

   “No thanks.” She sits on the couch and crosses her legs. “I was surprised at Mr. Cadieux’s sense of humor. He always appears stiff and cold, in the car on the way to the villa he didn’t say more than two words.

  “I think he wanted to make you feel comfortable.”

 “Well, I do think that living at his villa would save us the stress of rushing to find a place.” She frowns, “How can a company give only two weeks notice that they are going to demolish a building? It doesn’t make sense.”

  “The person who bought the properties must be powerful to make the Commission move swiftly. Usually this type of project gets tied up in red tape for at least two months.” The water is boiling, “Sure you don’t want any tea?”

  “Well, okay.”

   Sara pours the tea then walks over to the couch. After she hands a cup to Bi she sighs, “I will miss this apartment.”

  Bi blows on the tea then takes a sip. “Yeah, we have had some fun times here.”

  Sara has a smile on her face, “Bi, I have been meaning to ask you. Did you start playing video games again?”

  Bi has a guilty look on her pretty face. During University she was addicted to gaming and her classes suffered so she hesitated to tell Sara when she began playing again. “Well, yeah. I was stressed out at work and I found that playing helped me relax. Why?”

  “You looked like a kid in a candy store when we entered the Game Room at the villa.”

  Bi hits her with a pillow from the couch, “I did not!”

  Sara holds the pillow and starts laughing, “You did. Is that why you are considering us living there?”

  “I think you have a point. You are busy with the new restaurant and I am trying to adjust to my new position at Fang Group. The only problem is the district where the villa is located  a bit far from the city center.”

  Sara drinks her calming tea, “I thought about that too, no busses run by the community, a taxi would be expensive. I don’t want to impose on Fu Chian to take us everyday. I think I am going to buy a car.”

  “I thought you don’t like to drive.”

  “Well, I need to change my way of thinking. I might have to go to the restaurant at odd hours and run errands. I can’t expect to always depend on other people and even in the city taking busses all the time is inconvenient.”

  Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Bi and Sara stare at each other, Bi says, “ Who would come by this late at night?”

   Sara has a bad feeling. “I will see.”

   Bi grabs her arm, “Don’t just open the door! Look through the cat’s eye.”

  Sara wrinkles her forehead, “Bi, I am not a child! I am not going to impulsively open the door!”

   When she looks out the peephole she rolls her eyes, “Yup. Kang Mingshun.”

   She opens the door and the tall muscular man steps into the apartment. “Kang Mingshun, why didn’t you call? It’s late, you scared Han Bi.”

  Han Bi awkwardly smiles at the tall muscular man standing by the door. Sara, weren’t you scared also!

  “Miss Song,I have been trying to call you all day but your phone has been turned off “

 “Oh, I turned my phone off when I went to the new restaurant. I guess I forgot to turn it back on again. What did you need me for anyway? “

” Well, it is about CEO Li..The doctor said the massage helped immensely. Today the CEO responded to tactile stimuli by moving his fingers. I need you to come to the hospital and give him another massage. I understand it is late. I am authorized by his father to pay you handsomely. They’re very encouraged by the fact he was able to show some sort of blank. “

  Sara hesitates but then thinks about purchasing a car.

  Bi sees her reluctance, “Mr. Kang, can’t Sara go in the morning? It is late, she is still recuperating from being sick.”

  “It’s okay Bi, I could use the money since I decided to buy a car.”

  Kang Mingshun has an idea,I don’t think the Boss would mind. Anything to get the little chick to the hospital. What’s a car? “Miss Song, if you will commit to helping the CEO recover, giving you a car is not a problem I’m sure.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous. I will come with you and accept payment. If the CEO does need me to give him a daily massage to help him recover you can pay me accordingly. But, I do have a responsibility to my new partner. I need to be at the restaurant early in the morning so we can’t keep doing late late night massages.”

  “Understood. “

“You will have to wait though I need to take a shower and change my clothes. this time you need to bring me home directly after I give him a massage, it has stopped snowing. ” 

Sara walks into her bedroom leaving Kang Minshun and Bi in the living room.

 Bi feels uncomfortable with him just standing there. “Mr. Kang, please sit down.”

“I will stand .”

” Well, I would rather you sit down and wait. You hovering over me is unnerving.”

   He walks over and sits in a chair next to the couch. Kang Mingshun can feel Bi’s eyes drilling a hole in him. Miss Song’s friend has a worried expression on her face. Should I try to explain? No. I will just wait quietly…how can I possibly explain the Boss is obsessed with Miss Song. He is using unscrupulous means to have her at his side.If she knew he was faking she would be furious. 

  Bi finally breaks  the silence, “Mr. Kang. Why doesn’t the Li family hire a professional masseuse?”

 I was afraid she would ask me that question. “I can’t speak for them. I only relay the message.”

 Bi continues, “Do you have an opinion on it?”

 “I work for CEO Li. I have no opinion on any of their matters.”

Sara comes out of her bedroom, and is beginning to feel drowsy from the medicinal tea “Ready.”

When they arrive at the hospital Kang Mingshun looks in the rear view mirror, Sara is fast asleep in the backseat.  He gets out to open the door, damn Miss Song must be exhausted. 

 Zhao Lanfen and Long Jinxi are leaving the hospital and recognize Kang Mingshun as Li Tian’s bodyguard. They watch as he helps Sara out of the backseat. Long Jinxi has an uneasy feeling and turns to her mother, “ Is that vixen who has confused Li Tian?”

  “That is the conniving slut!” She starts to rush towards the white Range Rover and Long Jinxi pulls her back. “Don’t cause a scene.”

   Zhao Lanfen stares angrily at her daughter, “Let me go. I am going to teach that little hoof a lesson.”

   Long Jinxi sneers, “Mother, are you stupid? Kang Mingshun will report to Li Tian when he wakes up and he will be furious. There are more subtle and better ways to deal with the woman.” She has been in the Entertainment business long enough to know it is best to cause trouble behind the scenes. 

  Zhao Lanfen admires her daughter’s ability to be a White Lotus. “You are right.” Zhao Lanfen’s eyes bulge out of her head and her face is red. “It is just when I see that insufferable woman I want to strangle her.” She recalls having to kneel in the bathroom at the Jewelry Competition by Feng LiMei and being humiliated by Li Tian.

  Long Jinxi’s lips curl up into a malicious smile and she hugs her mother’s arm. “Mother, will return the insult ten times over to the slut after I grab Li Tian away from her clutches.”

  “You go wait for me in the car. I am going over to say hello.”


  “I need you to let me handle the situation. If they see you his mistress will be on guard. She doesn’t know me. I want to establish a friendly connection so she won’t be suspicious of me.”

  “Very well.”

  Zhao Lanfen walks to the parking lot and Long Jinxi approaches Kang Mingshun and Sara. 

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