Accident On Hwy 90

   After LiMei has eaten her fill of the delicious dishes she leans back on Rui’s chest. “Ahh…I am so full.”

   Rui hugs LiMei. He lightly kisses her lips then teases, “So you don’t want any of the cake Sheng Siyue brought?”

   LiMei looks up at him and pouts, “You are so evil! A devil! Mentioning the delicious cake now when I couldn’t eat one more bite!”

  He laughs, “Do you want to walk to the green house for some exercise? We could have dessert afterwards.”

  LiMei’s eyes light up and she puts her arms around his neck. “I take it aren’t are the sweetest… handsomest..smartest man I have ever met!”

   Rui touches her cheek affectionately, “Baby, didn’t you forget sexiest?” He kisses LiMei until she is breathless and she is limp in his arms. “Maybe we could forgo the walk and do some different exercises.”

   LiMei blushes, “I want to see the orchids. Let’s go.” She wiggles off his lap and runs to get their coats and scarfs. She has a mischievous gleam in her beautiful green eyes, “Afterwards, we can …her voice trails off and he can hear LiMei giggling.

   He watches her scurry away like a little rabbit. My Baby is so fucking cute. When he stands up his phone rings he frowns as he answers. “Dr. Chen. Speak.”

  “Dr. Qiao you need to come to the hospital immediately. There was a multi car accident on Highway 90 due to the snowstorm. One of the victims is your friend Lau An. She is in critical condition and needs immediate heart surgery. She was pierced by a piece on metal dangerously close to her heart. We haven’t attempted to remove it waiting for you. I believe and you are the only one who can perform the delicate operation.”

  “ Stabilize Miss Lau and I will be right there.”

  LiMei has a big grin on her face as she rushes back with the coats then sees his worried expression. Rui’s face is pale and the hand holding the phone is trembling.

   “Rui..” He doesn’t immediately answer and she drops the coats onto a chair and holds his trembling hand. She looks up at his face that is drained of color. “Rui..who was that on the phone?”

  “I need to go to the hospital. There was a pile up on the highway. Some of the more seriously injured accident victims were transported to my hospital because it was the closest.” 

LiMei sqieezes his hand and her soft voice is tinged with concern because Rui appears stunned. “Do you want me to come with you?”

   He hugs LiMei tightly and kisses the top of her head, “No. I will be in surgery all night.” He takes his coat from the chair. LiMei stands on her tiptoes and wraps a beige cashmere scarf around his neck then tenderly kisses him. “Rui, drive carefully, the roads are still icy.”

LiMei wraps her arms around his waist. “I could stay in your resting room and wait for you.”

   He considers her suggestion for a moment then brushes LiMei’s hair back behind her ear. Gazing at her beautiful and innocent looking face he replies. “No.I will be back in the morning. You go to bed early. We are going to Catang City tomorrow.” There will be too many people there and he doesn’t want LiMei subjected to their scrutiny. The atmosphere will be chaotic and he needs to be focused.

   “I will listen to you. I don’t want you to worry about me.”

   He embraces her petite body and kisses her passionately. He takes her hand and walks towards the garage.“That is my good girl.”

    LiMei walks with him to a black Range Rover. When he is in the driver’s seat he rolls down the window. LiMei leans in and affectionately kisses his thin lips. LiMei’s eyebrows are scrunched together and she looks extremely worried. “Rui, I love you so much.Please..please be extra careful on the road, it is snowing again. Call me when you get to the hospital.”

   Rui’s heart skips a beat when she says she loves him. He rubs the crease between her delicate eyebrows with his slender finger. “Baby, you sound like a worried wife.”

    LiMei‘s face turns red, “Go. Call me.”

    As Rui drives out onto the road he calls one of the bodyguards, Hak Byung-soo. “I have to go to the hospital. Don’t let Feng LiMei leave.” Rui doesn’t want to take any chances. He is apprehensive leaving her alone at the villa worrying one of her personalitites might reappear.

    After he leaves LiMei walks back into the kitchen and takes a bottle of water from the refrigerator then goes to the living room. She sits on the couch and turns on the television to watch her favorite idol drama. A breaking news bulletin is displayed at the bottom of the screen about the accident then the news report interrupts the program. LiMei sits forward watching the horrific scene. She puts her hand over her mouth and gasps.

   There are at least ten crumpled cars on the snowy stretch of road and police cars are blocking off the area. One of the vehicles is on fire and firemen are attempting to extinguish the blazing flames leaping into the air. Five ambulances are shown and several men are wheeling stretchers to the back of the emergency vehicles. People are crying and there are victims covered in blood. The time on the screen displays a half hour ago.

LiMei picks up her phone her hand is shaking when she sees a car that looks like the one Delun borrowed from Rui. Panicking she dials his number. He answers, “LiMei, what’s up?’

  She breathes a deep sigh of relief.  “Nothing. I wondered when you would be back. Rui had to go to the hospital. There was a big accident on Highway 90.”

  “I am on my way home now. Highway 90? Then I will take a detour.”

   LiMei nervously warns him, “Drive slow. Be careful. Don’t talk on the phone while you are driving.”

   “You sound like a nagging mother.”

  “Well, the roads are slippery and dangerous. Be extra careful. Okay I’m hanging up now.”


   LiMei curls up on the couch and puts her head between her legs. She thinks about the accident that killed her mother and grandmother.  When the policeman came to notify her he said their car exploded and they couldn’t be saved from the burning vehicle. She closes her eyes and tears are streaming down her face, “Mommy..Grandma… I miss you so much.”

   Suddenly LingLing”s voice inside of her head starts ridiculing, “You are so weak. You are still crying about them. They went on the road to reincarnation years ago. Stop being a crybaby. Be strong. Take revenge you will feel much better.”

   Xinghi allowed LingLing’s personality to come out during the therapy session and told her about his revenge plan. He said at a weak moment she could take over Feng LiMei again. Because LingLing was fueled by revenge when she entered the assassin cult, she savors was one of the motivating factors for her to rise to the top and become the leader.

   LingLing sits up and turns the channel to a variety show featuring Kpop stars. This is much better..look at all that fresh meat. This is more like it. Who wants to watch such a depressing scene as that god awful accident scene.  She has an idea and takes out the phone from LiMei’s pocket. She scrolls through the contacts until she sees Big Iceberg. She has an impish grin as she dials the number. 

   Morgan is finishing up a business dinner when his phone rings. He looks at the caller, why would Feng LiMei call me.

   He moves away from the men still discussing the new cooperation with Night Sky Entertainment. “Miss Feng?”

   “Umm..Morgan it’s me LingLing. Where are you?”

   “Who is this?” Does Miss Feng have a sister? She sounds nine points the same.


   “Why do you have Feng LiMei’s phone.”

  LingLing bites her lower lip. “Dummy. Don’t you remember?” Did that little bitch Qin Daiyu erase his memory?

  ????? He has had several glasses of wine and his mind is a little slow.

  LingLing’s voice sounds coquettish, “I want to see you.”

  Morgan walks down the hallway. He doesn’t know why but his heart is beating fast and he feels a strange sensation running through his body. “Are you Miss Feng’s sister? Have we met?” I don’t recall Feng LiMei having a sister or a woman named LingLing. But I feel like after I left Pushong City I have some gaps in my memory I am not sure why. She sounds like we are familiar. Maybe I will have some answers if I meet this woman.

 LingLing hugs a decorative couch pillow.  “Hello? Are you there?”

  “Yes. I am in Catang City. I can meet you at one o’clock at The Golden Pear Restaurant if that is convenient for you.

   Ling Ling sees Delun coming into the living room. “I will see you then.” She quickly hangs up the phone.

   Morgan stares at the phone, maybe I will get some answers. He has been having strange spring dreams in which an unknown beautiful woman seduces him. He never could see her face clearly but he would wake up in a sweat and with the sheets messy. Could the woman in my dreams be this woman? 

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      1. Lol well I’m excited to see how Xinghi’s revenge scheme totally blows up in his face since LingLing isn’t entirely a team player.


      2. She definitely is not a team player. I am anxious to see Morgan meet LingLing again. SpoilerThere is a twist coming up with a girl also named LingLing.😰


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