New Restaurant

   Leo is sitting in his car talking to Wong Duan. He brought him from Shanghai to assist with some difficult people. “First, I have a small job for you. Fu Chen has two children. I want to know the identity of their mother and the situation surrounding them. Secondly, find out why he hasn’t contacted anyone in the two weeks. According to my sources Gunnar Hedwig has no idea that Fu Chen works for me. Also,find out why Hedwig is flying to Pushong City.

  Wong Duan is applying lotion to his hands, tsk..this cold air really dries my skin..“That big block of ice Fu Chen has children?”

  “I don’t think they are his children. I want to know their background. I am going to allow Fu Chian to live in the guesthouse with them. I don’t want any surprises.”

  Wong Duan has an incredulous expression on his beautiful jadelike face, “You are letting children live on your estate?”

  “Well, in the guesthouse. Which reminds me I don’t want a woman named Mo Agnes to interfere. Go to her house and inform the woman that  the children will be living with Fu Chian until Fu Chen returns.Don’t say where. The cheap woman can continue receiving his monthly checks unless she causes a problem.”

   “Got it.”

   “Contact Alain Guerren and get all the information on Wang Xiaoming.”

   Wong Duan pats his face with a special moisturizer he got the last time he was in South Korea. He holds up a small mirror and a look of horror flashes in his Peach Blossom eyes..Fuck me! Is that a wrinkle?

He absentmindly answers,”The celebrity  chef?”

  “Yes.” Leo’s eyes narrow, “ Also Mia Milano is in Catang City. Be sure and give her a warm welcome.”

   Wong Duan laughs, “I thought coming to this city would be boring. It appears not.”

   Leo raises an eyebrow and gives him a look, “I want to establish an Underground casino similar to the one on Qianlu Blvd in Shanghai. This trivial bullshit I just mentioned should be taken care of in the next couple days.”

  Leo calls his housekeeper, “Prepare the guesthouse. Have the larger bedroom on the second floor decorated in the style two five year old girls would like. I think they would like to share the room, two beds. Have your younger sister come from the countryside, she will be taking care of Fu Chen’s children. I want the guesthouse arrangements completed by six o’clock. Not one second later.”

???? That was Mr. Cadieux’s voice but his request was…did he take the wrong medicine today? Children? Pink? A nanny?

  Wong Duan starts clapping, “Lord, when you make a decision you don’t waste time.”

  Leo grabs the mirror from Wong Duan’s soft hand. “Want to go to Tanzania? Or stay by my side and enjoy your pampered lifestyle?”

  Wong Duan makes a face and takes back the mirror. “Stay.”

  “Then do as I say.”

   Sara enters the Waterfront Towers and is impressed. The lobby is luxurious, it mixes modern architecture with traditional Chinese elements. There are several white leather couches and the decor’s color scheme is white, black and red. The beautiful plants inside make me forget it is snowing outside haha..

   Sara looks at her watch and when she sees she is a little early she decides to check out the shops on the first floor. She walks up to a children’s boutique and looks in the window and her eyes light up. The winter dresses caught her eye. Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue would look so pretty wearing those lavender velvet dresses. She walks into the brightly decorated store and takes a closer look, that would be a good outfit to meet Leo. Sweet and delicate. While I am here I can buy a  baby gift for Han Tifeng’s baby.

     A saleswoman approaches Sara, “Miss, these dresses are from Daphne Drake Children’s Collection.”

  “Very pretty!” She is holding a couple baby sleepers and a cute plushie, a puppy with big eyes and long ears. Sara looks at a rack of dresses, “I’m not sure what size the girls wear. Maybe you could help me. They are five years old and have a small build.” She sees a little girl walk into the shop with her mother, “About that little girl’s size.”

   Sara walks over to the stylishly dressed woman and smiles, “Your daughter is so beautiful. Do you mind if I ask what size she wears?” I want to buy dresses for a friend’s twin girls but I don’t know the children’s sizes.”

   The woman has a strange expression on her face staring at Sara.. She grips her daughter’s hand tightly and rushes out of the shop.


  The saleswoman can’t help but ask, “Miss, do you know Mrs. Tan?”

 “No. She didn’t look familiar.”  Sara shakes her head and laughs, “Am I that scary?”

  The saleswoman has a slight smile, “Mrs. Tan is a frequent customer and always smiling. Maybe she mistook you for someone else.”

  “Could be…anyway, the girls are about her daughter’s size. Please help me pick out a few outfits.”

  “Of course. “

   Tan Shan rushes to a small cafe and after she puts her daughter into a high chair makes a call. Sweat is forming on her forehead. She is mumbling, “Answer..answer…” 

   After what seems to be an eternity her mother answers, “Sweetie, I thought you took Qingling shopping.”

  “…”, her voice is shaking, “I saw a woman whose eyes were just like that little girl.”

 “What little girl? Calm down.”

  “The girl at the mansion twelve years ago…the one that is supposed to be dead! If Mrs. Cadieux finds out she is still alive..what are we going to do?”

  “You must be mistaken. She is dead. Definitely dead.”

   “This woman is Eurasian, black hair and crystal blue eyes. It’s the eyes, I can’t forget those eyes. She looks about twenty-one. What are we going to do?”

  “She isn’t the girl.” Chu Nancy has a shrill laugh as she pets a fat white Persian cat, “Even if she is the girl ,this is China… a long way from France. We changed our names and you are married into the powerful Tan family. The money the scheming bitch gave me was well used to change our identities. No one would connect our Chu family to that lowly housekeeper and her daughter. You need to calm down.”

  Tan Shan sighs, “Mommy, you are right, that was a long time ago and in a foreign country. I was just in shock. I will stop by after lunch, Qingling misses you.”

  Chu Nancy winks at a half naked man with short burgundy colored hair.“Not today, I have an appointment this afternoon. Call me tomorrow.”

  “Okay.” Tan Shan looks at her daughter and shivers, if Husband found out he would divorce me. He hasn’t come to the mansion in a week as it is. All he needs is an excuse to leave me for that woman!

Yang James happens to be passing by the Little Peach Boutique as Sara exits the store. He narrows his eyes and goes into the store. The manager rushes over, “Mr. Yang! Can I help you?”

  “ The woman who just left in the dark blue coat, what did she buy?” He saw a baby rattle on the top of the bag as she brushed by him.

  “…” Maybe he is checking to see what sells. I should emphasize the baby items, I want to order more from my cousin’s company.

  “She loved the baby clothes and toys from the Baby Bunny Collection. She bought quite a few.”

  Yang James turns around and leaves. He recalls Sara had a pregnancy test when she was in the hospital in Paris. Is the little fox hiding the fact she is having Li Tian’s baby? He doesn’t like Sara, Li Tian has been distracted since he met her and has encountered several problems because of Sara.

As long as he has known Li Tian he has never been close to a woman. All his attention has been focused on business. Now the Mega Mall Project has encountered problems because of Song Sara’s entanglement with Leo Cadieux. Why else would he plan on building a competing Mall.Also Kang Mingshun said Li Tian argued with Sara before he got into the accident.

 Yang James doesn’t like unknown variables that might effect the Li Group. He is an expert at maximizing profit and taking care of any risks that might upset the balance he carefully maintains.  I need to find out if the woman is pregnant.. He has a cold and ruthless expression on his delicately handsome face, If you are..there is no way you can keep the baby! Dream on!

   Sara happily takes the elevator to the rooftop. She waves at Wang Xiaoming who is standing on the patio outside the new restaurant talking to Mia Milano.  Sara’s cheeks are flushed and she has a bright smile gazing at the amazing restaurant. So beautiful!

   Mia Milano turns her attention to Sara as she approaches them, this woman is his partner? She didn’t expect Sara to be so young and beautiful.

  “Hello. You must be Miss Milano. I am very excited to meet you. I think you are extremely talented.” She is prettier in person, her hair color is like spun honey..and so tall… I’m a bit jealous

  Mia Milano reaches out her slender hand and Sara quickly shuffles the bags to one hand. Mia Milano notices the bag’s logo, “You have children Miss Song?”

  “ was early so I went to Little Peach Boutique to pick out some clothes for a friend’s children.”

  Wang Xiaoming takes the bags from Sara. He has a pampering tone, “Let’s go inside, it is too cold out here.”

  “…”  Hmmph..We have been out here fifteen minutes and he didn’t show any concern for me. Miss Song you must be very capable!

  Once inside they walk to the kitchen. Sara gasps and her eyes light up . She spins around sweeping her eyes over the entire kitchen.“Wang Xiaoming, the kitchen is so beautiful and spacious! You even thought to have a wide white marble countertop for the baking station. ! I love it!”

  Mia Milano inwardly sneers, this girl is quite a flatterer. But I can’t tell if she is a great actress or sincere.

  Wang Xiaoming has a genuine smile that goes to his eyes listening to Sara. “Well, I wanted a comfortable environment. A cramped kitchen is one of my pet peeves. I like to be able to move about freely.”

   He walks over to the stove, “You and Miss Milano go sit in the restaurant. I will bring tea.”

   Sara steps over to the stove, “No. I will make the tea, I brought some pastries too.” She pushes him, “You go sit. I can tell you have been working here for a while.”

  Wang Xiaoming chuckles, “Miss Song, you sound like my mother. “

  “Haha… well isn’t she grooming me to be her daughter-in-law?”

   “Are you willing?” Wang Xiaoming’s ears turn red. I can’t believe I just said that.

   “Sorry… although you are a prince among men I don’t want to break the hearts of all your fangirls. Go. Sit.”

    ???? Mia Milano’s beautiful face contorts, staring at their familiar behavior; she is very unnerved. First, he never mentioned his partner is a woman. Secondly, they seem quite close. Since when does that ice cold man  have a sense of humor? I have never seen Wang Xiaoming in such a relaxed mood.

   After they go into the dining area Sara takes out the small cakes she brought and some lemon scones. She arranges them on a platter then puts the teapot and cups on a wooden tray with three small plates. When she walks into the dining room she sees they are sitting at a table by the window.

   Sara sets down the tray and places the platter of pastries on the table. After she gracefully pours the tea she sits down, “My Goodness the view is spectacular.”

   Mia Milano agrees, “CEO Li has a good eye for real estate. Previously this was a strip of warehouses, he had the vision to see how that was a waste of prime real estate. The condos were sold out before construction began and the retail space had a waiting list.”

   Sara didn’t realize the Waterfront Towers is owned by Li Group and she gulps down her saliva. CEO Li won’t come to make trouble for Wang Xiaoming will he?

  Wang Xiaoming notices Sara’s concerned expression, “Although Li Group owns the building Han Chang had the foresight to purchase the restaurant on our behalf. This way we won’t have any problems of having to sign a lease,etc.”

  Sara’s complexion improves, “That’s a relief.”

  She sips her tea, “ Miss Milano, try the Walnut Cream Cake. I read you are a diabetic so I used a sugar substitute and the cakes are also gluten free. Wang Xiaoming I know you don’t like sweet pastries and the Lemon Scones should suit your taste.”

  Mia Milano is surprised that Song Sara would be so attentive.”Thank you, they are exquisitely decorated. ”

   “I hope you enjoy it!”

  Wang Xiaoming hesitates because he really doesn’t like sweets. Well, since Song Sara put in the effort I will taste it.

   Mia Milano has to admit Sara has skill. The cake is creamy and light, it doesn’t have an artificial flavor at all. No wonder a perfectionist like Wang Xiaoming allowed her to partner with him. “Miss Song, this cake is delicious.”

   “Thank you Miss Milano!” Sara eats a Lemon Scone then takes a sip of tea. “Wang Xiaoming, this tea is really fragrant. I don’t recognize the flavor.”

  “My friend sent it to me from India.”

  “Do you think I could buy some from you? I am making dinner for a friend tonight and he enjoys tea.”

 “You don’t have to pay me. I will give you a tin.”

 “Well, thank you. The next time I have something good I will share with you. Leo Cadieux will really like this tea!”

  Mia Milano’s face loses its color and she drops her fork. “ are friends with Leo Cadieux? He…he is in Catang City?”


   Mia Milano picks up her blue Limited Edition Hermes bag, “I’m sorry I just remembered I need to get back to Paris. If you have any questions feel free to call..we can have a video conference.” 

   Leo Cadieux walks into the restaurant, “Sara, I was able to finish my business early. I came to see the new restaurant.”

   Mia Milano feels the room spin when he enters, I’m dead..dead..

  Leo casually strides over with one hand in his trouser’s pocket. “Chef Wang, I am impressed.”

   Sara stands up and shocks both Mia Milano and Wang Xiaoming when she hugs Leo. “I’m glad you came. Give me your coat. I will make a fresh pot of tea.”

   Leo sits at the table and the aura around him brings the temperature down several degrees. Wang Xiaoming is not affected but Mia Milano is shivering.

  “Wang Xiaoming, I want to say I am very happy you and Song Sara are partners. You have an outstanding reputation as a gentleman. She is very special to me and is looking forward to working with you.”

  “Mr. Cadieux, I think Song Sara is special also and am very pleased to have her as a partner. I am aware of your importance to Sara so I will ignore your veiled threat..

  Mia Milano is about to suffocate from the terrifying pressure exuding from the two men.

  Leo laughs, “I like you Chef Wang.”

  Wang Xiaoming’s lips curl up in a sarcastic half smile. He calmly replies, “I somehow don’t believe you.”

  Sara comes back with the tea, “Brother, you will enjoy this tea. Wang Xiaoming’s friend sent it from India.” She sits next to him and blows on the tea, “Taste.”

  Leo sips the tea and his eyes narrow behind the lens of his glasses. He shoots Wang Xiaoming a dangerous look, “Unique flavor.”

   Sara smiles, “I know right! I have never tasted this tea before.

   Leo has a complicated expression, because this tea is grown by a monksbehind their temple in the mountains located in western region of India. It is an honor to drink the tea with them…to be given the nameless tea.. to serve it casually… Who is Wang Xiaoming?

   Mia Milano feels her knees are weak. Now is the best time to leave while the little flatterer is distracting Leo Cadieux. “Well as I said I need to catch a flight back to Paris so I will be leaving.”

   Leo looks deeply into her eyes and lis lips curl up in a smile that is not a smile. “Have a good trip.”

   Mia Milano has a chill go down her spine as she rushes out of the restaurant.

Leo finishes his tea, “I have an appointment I will be leaving also.”

Sara helps Leo with his coat and buttons it for him. She has a worried expression and asks with a doting tone, “Why don’t you have a scarf? You will catch a cold.”

 He kisses the top of her head, “It is in the car. I was hot.”

 Sara stands on her tiptoes then touches his forehead with the back of her hand, “No fever that’s good. Well, wear the scarf okay.”

  Leo smiles, his eyes filled with warmth and gentleness shocking Wang Xiaoming. “Listen to you.”

   Sara walks with him over to the door, “See you at dinner. Oh, I bought some clothes for the girls.”

 “The guesthouse will be ready by five.” 

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