Waterfront Towers

   When Fu Chian arrives at Sara’ apartment he texts her to come down. Sara is excited to tell him the good news and rushes towards the car. When he opens the back door Sara sees Jiang Wenli. She is speechless.

   Jiang Wenli looks surprised, “Song Sara?”

   Sara frowns, “Jiang Wenli” Sara turns to Fu Chian, “I have something to tell you I will sit in the front.”


    When they get into the car he pushes a button and the privacy partition separates the front and back.

  Jiang Wenli clutches the black fur coat tightening her fingers until her knuckles turn white as the partition blocks the front seat. She is the woman he needed to pick up! Damn bitch! I barely had time to flirt with him at all! 

   Sara is curious, “Mr. Fu is Jiang Wenli..ah.. Mr. Cadieux’s friend?”

   “No. I own an automotive repair shop and her car is not finished. I am giving her a ride home.”


  He saw Sara’s face pale when she saw the woman in the back seat. “I can get Miss Jiang a taxi if you are bothered by having the woman in the car.”

  “No…no it’s fine. I have some great news. Mr. Cadieux said you and the girls can move into a guesthouse on his property. He will provide a nanny too.”

   Fu Chian almost loses control of the car, “WHAT!”

  Sara laughs, “I was surprised too. He is such a kind person when he heard of the girls’ situation he immediately offered his help. He said that your brother is an excellent employee and he feels guilty that his family is in this situation. He said he would speak to your adoptive mother also.”

    “…” Fu Chian’s face is bloodless and his mind is reeling. Kind? Excellent employee?Feels guilty? Live on his property? Talk to Agnes?

   “Mr. Fu?..Mr. Fu?”

  “I don’t think we can impose on Mr. Cadieux. I will think of something.”

  “He has it arranged. He even gave me a card to buy the girls clothes. I thought after we picked them up at school we could go shopping.”

   Fu Chian has a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, “Well, let me think about it.” This isn’t like the Boss at all…why would he care about Fu Chen? He didn’t hesitate to throw him into the lion’s den..and..and he hates kids! I actually saw him throw his cousin’s little kid off his leg with a wave of his arm once. The fat little boy rolled like a soccer ball across the room

Sara gazes at his complicated expression, “I know Brother Leo appears cold but he has a very warm heart. When he heard Han Bi and I would be displaced because they are demolishing the apartment building where we live, he generously offered to let us live in his villa. I’m being selfish but I thought it would be great to see your little nieces everyday.“

   Suddenly Fu Chian nods his head, hahaha..that scheming motherf****r. No wonder he suddenly came up with the idea of us living in his guesthouse. The Boss wants to dangle a carrot so Song Sara will move into his villa. He really has the girl fooled…but I don’t sense he has bad intentions towards Song Sara. It is like a brother and sister relationship. I noticed they have similar features, the Boss’ blue eye and Sara’s eyes are the same color. Both Song Sara and the Boss have fox eyes and their lips are the same.Could they be?

   Seeing Fu Chian’s complexion is normal again and he is smiling Sara says, “Mr. Fu, it might be a little uncomfortable for you to live in the guesthouse but you should think of the girls. They will be safe and well taken care of until your brother returns. Mr. Cadieux is doing it for your brother in recognition of his hard work.”

   “You are right. It is the perfect solution. I am very grateful to Mr. Cadieux.”  Well for whatever reason it does save me worring about Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue. He pulls up to the Waterfront Towers and parks then gets out and opens the door for Sara, “Call me when you are finished.”

   “Plan on picking me up at two o’clock. We can go to the kindergarten then get some hot chocolate. See if the girls want to go shopping, what do you think?”

   Fu Chian stares at Song Sara’s beautiful face full of expectation and he feels his heart flutter for a moment. She is like an angel, so pure and glowing. “Listen to you.”

   She smiles and her beautiful blue eyes bend in a crescent shape, “ See you.”

  Fu Chian is in a daze as he watches Sara’s slender back as she walks into the impressive skyscraper.. The little girl is like a delicate fairy that fell to earth. Brother, I think because of Miss Song your girls will be fine. I need to find a way to repay her kindness. Fu Chian’s face darkens, how will Leo Cadieux deal with Agnes. I hope she has the brains not to try and milk the situation. Although she is fucked up she did take us out of the orphanage.

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