The two girls who Tzu Yibo tossed aside are at the bar staring at the lively scene at the table. Fucking bitch! They think it was Sara who called Yibo over to the table causing him to insult them. “Who the fuck is the slut in the black dress is she really Tzu Yibo’s fiance.”

   “I think so, my family is friendly with the Song’s and that is the old man’s unfavored daughter Sara.”

   “Who the hell does she think she is stalking him here, calling him over so crudely.”

   “She is a stuck up bitch usually she must be drunk to call him like that.”

   Jiang Wenli looks at the stack of money in her hand and has an evil thought. “ Yan why don’t we drug her and send that bitch to some random private room. Maybe one with a few old men in it who can destroy her reputation. ”

   “Wenli you watch too many dramas. Where would we even get an aphrodisiac and if we did what if Yibo found out.”

   “You don’t think people are drugged in this Club all the time, look around this place has a lot of shit going on in here.”

   “Let’s order another drink and go dance. I came here to have fun. Just because you are obsessed with Tzu Yibo don’t do something stupid.”

   Jiang Wenli grabs her hand, “Just wait a minute I will go with you but I want to ask the bartender something.”

   She can see her friend is scheming, “Let go of my hand I’m telling you if you do something to Tzu Yibo’s fiance he won’t let you off if he finds out.”

   “And I’m telling you there would be no way to trace it back to us.”

   When the bartender walks over she motions for him to lean down, “I want a powerful aphrodisiac, I will pay you well.” He sees the stack of money in her hand thinking she looks stupid. “Ok but it will cost you.”

   “I said I don’t care about money. But I want you to put it in a drink and have it served to the loathesome girl in the black dress at the table over there.” She discreetly points towards Sara. I’m not an idiot so I will pay you half now and half when I know it works. Send over three drinks and don’t say who sent them.”

   “..” He sizes her up well she isn’t completely stupid. He tells her the amount and tells her to leave it as though it is a tip.

   Tang Yan whispers to her friend “I hope you don’t regret this Wenli.”

   Jiang Wenli has a smug look on her face, “If it works the engagement will be broken and I will ask my father to talk to Yibo’s grandfather. So it is worth the little risk involved.”

   They watch as the bartender tells the cocktail server to serve the drinks to table 31. When she sets the drinks down on the table she is sure to give Sara the drugged MaiTai, the bartender always gives her some money to deliver spiked drinks. “Enjoy! A customer sent them over.” Sara and Bi assume it is someone that Yibo knows. Sara is getting drunk and teases Yibo, “Wow Yibo I’m glad we ran into you I can’t afford the prices here!”

   “…” He looks around for someone he knows and see quite a few people it could be anyone. “Sara are you really that poor?” He takes out some money from his wallet, “Here take this.”

   Sara’s face turns red pushing the stack of money back to him “Yibo take your money back! I was joking!”

   Bi says, “Sara you should take your fiance’s money. You can save it for your bakery.” She counts it, “Yibo one thing I will say is you aren’t cheap!” She picks it up putting the stack of money into her purse.

   Sara tries to grab it back, “Bi! Give him his money back! What are you doing?”

   Tzu Yibo knows it has been hard on Sara since her mother passed away, her stepmother is a real bitch. “Keep it Sara, I feel guilty every time I see you.”

   “I told you Yibo it isn’t your fault our parents are complete assholes not caring for what their children want in life!”

   “You still want a bakery? I can help.”

   “Yibo stop already! Let’s finish these drinks and go check out your friend’s party. Is there Karaoki?”

   “I don’t know I just got here when Bi called me over with her loud mouth!”

   Bi kicks him under the table Yibo exclaims, “Ouch Bi! What the fuck!”

   Sara and Bi start laughing at him, Bi’s face is red she is flustered by him pointing out her rude behavior, “Who is loud? Your whole family is loud!”

   Li Tian is fascinated as he watches the scene from the third floor landing. Is the woman in red that girl’s pimp? It looks like they are fighting over the fee. He saw them pushing a stack of money back and forth the man got out of his wallet.

     So the little beauty is a professional…good…very good. I wonder how many tricks she knows to please a man. He has a demonic smile picturing her slender body naked underneath him.

   The three friends finish their drinks and are going to go to Fang Yunxian’s private room. Sara needs to go to the restroom first, “Little Yibo which room is it I will meet you guys there I need to use the restroom.”

   “It is the third private room down.”

   She pulls Bi overwarning her, “Don’t act too forward remember you need that job.” Sara worries about her impulsive friend.

   Bi laughs, “Don’t worry”, she puts her arm through Yibo’s ,“Let’s go.”

  Tzu Yibo says in a serious tone, “Don’t embarrass me Bi, I have a big deal coming up with CEO Fang’s company.” Bi’s entire family spoils her so she can be unruly knowing there won’t be any consequences.

  Since Bi as been organizing the upcoming meeting between the two companies she is well aware of the fact. “Tzu Yibo! Don’t you embarrass me!”

   Sara laughs at the two of them and walks to the hallway where the ladies room is located. She is starting to feel hot and wants to splash some cold water on her face.

   Li Tian watches the woman in red and the man go to the second floor. The alluring girl in black must have gone to the bathroom. Good when she comes up the stairs I will intercept her and offer her more money. She is exactly the type of woman I had in mind to capture tonight… this should be fun.

   Bi is starting to get nervous thinking about seeing Fang Yunxian. When they enter the private room a drunken  woman and a man are singing. There are several couples on the couches drinking and playing around. Yibo regrets bringing Bi here. “Maybe we should go.” He is used to this scene but thinks Bi might be shocked. 

     Bi immediately says, “I have been to parties before,”as she looks around the spacious room for Fang Yunxian.

   Sara comes out of the ladies room pulling on the top of her silk dress as she fans herself with her hands. Her delicate skin is flushed and a thin layer of sweat is forming on her body. Sara mutters to herself,  “My God did they turn up the heat in here? I’m so damn hot!”

      I will get a bottle of water when I get upstairs. Her mouth feels parched and she keeps licking her lips. Li Tian hasn’t taken his greedy eyes off her as she climbs the steps.

      He gulps as she gets closer to the second floor he is captivated by Sara, at this angle I can see her snow white thighs and a glimpse of her black lace panties. The seductive way she keeps licking her lips is really making me want to taste those luscious pink lips. The clinging black silk dress enhances her snow white skin. 

      He can feel himself getting hotter just looking at her body. His Adam’s apple moves up and down anticipating rolling around with her in bed.

    Li Tian moves like a cheetah down the steps and scoops Sara into his arms right before she gets to the second floor. Sara is startled but her vision is becoming blurry. “What the hell! Put me down!”

      She pounds her tiny fists on his chest which brings a faint smile to his handsome face. She feels like a kitten baring its claws, so cute. I will ignore you calling me a ‘psycho’ for now. Any other woman I would toss down the stairs for that comment. 

     Instead of taking her to his office he carries her to his apartment on the fourth floor he wants to have this young beauty in his bed all night.

   Looking at the soft beautiful girl in his arms in a low voice says, “Babe, I will pay twice what he gave your handler.”

   Sara has no idea what he is saying, “I need to go with Yibo and Bi. Put me down you psycho!”

   She is looking up at him with deep blue eyes that seem to swallow him whole as he stares into them. He is extremely drunk and wants this woman badly he can already feel himself getting hard as she squirms around in his arms. The beautiful women earlier did nothing for him but this little kitten is stirring his dark desires. The light floral fragrance coming from her body and the silky black hair tickling his cheek is filling him with the urge to crush her under his body. 

   His tone is seductive and low, “Be a good little girl. You will enjoy me more than that weak looking man.”

   Sara feels like her body is on fire and being in his arms somehow feels good. She shakes her head trying to regain her senses, conflicted she is trying to hold onto her rationality.“ put me down or I will scream!”

     Li Tian has a devilish grin on his face,“Go ahead, no one will hear you and I might enjoy hearing you scream.” They reach the fourth floor which only has his luxurious apartment on it. Pushing the password he carries her into the living room. It is designed with the same colors as his office building, gray, black and white. The furnishings are very modern imported from Italy designed exclusively for him by Giovanni of Milan. There are floor to ceiling windows and a spiral staircase going to a loft where his bed is located. The apartment has the same vibe as Li Tian cold and elegant.

   He throws her down on the couch. His tone is domineering,“Undress I want to see you.”

   Wanting to escape Sara can barely stand up her face is flushed and her legs feel weak. Did I drink that much? Those Mai Tais must have been super strong. She tries to compose herself to reason with this strange man. She is unsteady on her feet. “Listen buddy, I will call the police if you don’t let me go.” She tries to reach for her purse on the couch and falls over.  Then fumbling in her purse as Li Tian watches, he grins playfully responding, “Wouldn’t they arrest you?”

    “…”What is he talking about, “You’re crazy I need to go Bi.. Yibo.”{It sounds like she says be with Yibo}

    Li Tian’s aura is darkening everytime she says another man’s name. He wants to punish her right now. 

   She tries to stand up again and one of her high heels comes off before she falls Li Tian catches her in his arms breathing in her light fragrance is intoxicating. His hot breath is on her cheek as he whispers in her ear,“ You can make more money being with me tonight if you please me. Now are you going to take your dress off or am I?”

   The heat from his body on hers is driving her crazy, so itchy… she pushes him, “Yibo gave me money I don’t want yours.” She tries to get away from him he holds her tighter getting angry she keeps mentioning this Yibo. He lifts her chin staring into her eyes with an intense gaze his voice is threatening, “Say his name again and I will fuck you all night… for free.”

   Scared when she hears this Sara looks into his dark eyes that have flames rising in them. She opens her full pink lips trying to talk, “Fu..fuck..Wha….what..” She feels dizzy listening to him.  Before she can say anything else Li Tian kisses her running his hot tongue over her lips then prying them open invading her mouth. 

     The aphrodisiac is beginning to render Sara helpless. Feeling his tongue in her mouth she wants to pull away but her mind is blank. Unable to resist she allows him to suck and tease her tongue.

   She has never been kissed before and her reaction is clumsy. Li Tian thinks Sara is resisting him because she is being stubborn wanting to go to the other man. This infuriates him and his kisses become more fierce and tyrannical.

      He releases her for a moment unbuttoning his shirt tossing it on the floor by her feet then demands, “Strip.”

     Sara steps  backs away from him and he comes forward until her back is against the wall. He places his hands on the wall making her unable to escape. Pressing his hard body against her he then takes one hand to undo her hair letting it cascade over her delicate collarbone. Nibbling on her ear he commands Sara, “Take your dress off.”

 Fluttering her long black eyelashes as she tries to focus on the man leaning onto her she pushes on his bare muscular chest her hand absorbing his heat  “N..n…no.”

    Looking at her watery blue eyes full of seductive sweetnesss his actions become wilder, he tears the dress off of her revealing her black lace underwear and her perfect body.

      Sara puts her hands covering herself as best as she can, but something inside of her is making her want this domineering man to touch her. He picks her up and carries her up the spiral  staircase to his large bed, after he lays her down her body is on fire.

    He begins kissing her again and this time her body arches towards him craving his touch. She mutters, “Sooo hot…” Li Tian seeing her sexy black underwear can barely hold himself back he wants to fuck her right now. 

     He kisses her neck biting and sucking her tender skin leaving his marks on her jade like skin. Sara getting caught up in the feeling puts her slender arms around his neck pressing her body into his, her skin is tingling everywhere his hot hand touches. Her soft moans are making Li Tian’s breathing uneven as his heart is pounding in his chest. 

   His dark eyes are glazed over with lust as he removes her bra, revealing her perky breasts. Li Tian’s voice is hoarse as he whispers,“You are quite the little seductress, aren’t you little kitten.” He is excited to the point of madness wanting to devour every inch of her delicious soft body.

   His lips move down to her perfect breasts and he begins teasing her with his tongue. Sara can barely take the pleasurable feeling engulfing her as his hands roam over her body. Listening to her sweet moans and feeling her lithe body responding to him ignites his passion further. His hand slides her lace panties off and his fingers play with her as his lips move down her tight stomach. After he tastes every inch of her snow white body lingering between her thighs kissing and licking her sweetness he feels she is ready for him.

   Breathing heavily he unbuckles his belt and takes off his pants lowering himself on top of her flushed writhing body. Sara is unable to talk she can only let the waves of pleasure roll over her succumbing to the feeling this man is giving her with his experienced foreplay. Touching her soft slender thighs Li Tian thinks he has never been this excited by a woman before wanting to see all the expressions on her delicate face as he enjoys her body. He presses her down relentlessly tormenting her unable to control his strength from his surging desire. 

   Sara lets out a scream as the pain overwhelms her….

   After tossing Sara for the entire night Li Tian finally falls asleep more satisfied than he has ever felt after sex. This woman’s unique sweet taste is worth every bit of her price and more. No wonder that man was willing to hand a stack of money to the woman in red.

   In the early morning Sara wakes up her head pounding feeling a weight on her chest and her whole body is aching. She opens her blurry eyes, Oh my God! Ahh… she looks under the covers, both of them are naked.

   She carefully lifts the arm off of her and rolls out of bed as quietly as she can. Grabbing her underwear on the floor, where the hell is my dress? Without even taking a glance at the man in the bed she tiptoes down the staircase she sees a black ball on the white carpet by the wall… that looks like it must be my dress. When she picks the ruined designer dress up she gasps it is torn…Bi’s expensive dress is torn up!

   How am I going to leave? There is a closet by the door. It must be a coat closet. She slowly opens it careful not to make any noise. Sara breathes a sigh of relief there are several coats inside, picking a short black cashmere coat…that will work.. on me it will be long. Putting it on she grabs her shoes and purse glancing upstairs it appears  the crazy man hasn’t moved. Whew…

   Leaving the apartment she wonders if there is an express elevator, rich people usually have a direct access especially since this apartment is above the Club. She remembers being carried up the stairs by the pervert. Yes!  She sees down the hallway the elevator, Sara’s hand is trembling as she nervously pushes the button glancing back to make sure no one sees her.

   Once in the elevator the reality of the situation hits her, how could this have happened to me! She feels a chill that goes to her bones, she hugs the huge warm coat around her noticing it smells like the man last night. She shudders… I will throw it away after I get home. Only able to remember bits and pieces she just wants to get away from this horrible place as quickly as possible. 

   When she reaches the ground floor holding her high heels in her hand she endures the pain as she runs down the street in bare feet to call a taxi.

      I need to get home and take a long hot shower. If I could only wash this memory away! Or go back and rewind stay at home last night!

   Li Tian wakes up with a satisfied smile on his face when he rolls over ready to repeat last night’s activities his handsome face darkens, “You dare run away from me little kitten!”

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