Fu Chian’s Garage

   “Leo, that would be really awesome.”

  “I don’t like to think of an employee of mine who is in the field having difficulties, particularly if children are involved.”Well Fu Chian you were close to being punished severely but now..you get a guesthouse for you and the two brats. I need to check… there is now way Fu Chen has five year old twins. Five years ago he was in Tanzania with me. There were no women around him at that time.

  Sara looks at her watch, “Leo do mind giving me a ride to my apartment? I need to change and go to the new restaurant.”

  “Not at all. I will come with you to meet Wang Xiaoming. I have no plans today.”


   Sara takes out her wallet to pay and Leo says, “I took care of the bill.”

   “Thanks Leo, tonight I will make you a delicious meal.”

   When they arrive at Sara’s apartment she sees the man who delivered the Demolition Notice yesterday. He is walking into the building next door. She is reminded of the upcoming demolition and sighs.

   Leo notices her subtle change, “Sara, do you know that man?”

  “No. well..he delivered a Demolition Notice to me yesterday. They are going to tear down the building and actually… two blocks to build a Mall.”

  Leo’s eyes light up; this is the perfect opportunity to bring up living at the villa. He opens the door to the apartment building, “Sara have you thought of where to live?”

  They walk up the stairs to Sara’s apartment and she replies, “I have been busy. I haven’t even told Bi about the situation yet. I think her brother Chang can find us a place.”

   When they are in her apartment Leo sits on the couch and crosses his long legs, “Sara, I might have a solution that suits everyone.”

  Sara is in the kitchen making tea, “What?”

  He walks over to the kitchen, “I think of you as my little sister, my villa is spacious and I am seldom there. You and your friend Bi can live on the unoccupied second floor. Since you like Fu Chen’s little girls and I feel a certain obligation to keep them safe until he returns they can live in the guesthouse. My housekeeper’s sister needs a job so she can be their nanny. What do you think?”

  “Ah Leo that is too generous of you. You have done too much for me already. As far as the children go that is a really good solution.” She pours the tea and sets it on the counter in front of Leo.  “But as I said their grandmother is probably not willing to give up her monthly check.”

  “Haha..Sara do I seem to lack money to you? The woman can keep the check. I will discuss this with Fu Chian. I want your opinion first.”

  “Leo, as a temporary solution for Bi and my living situation, if you were willing to let me pay rent I would accept your offer. We only have two weeks to find a place which makes it difficult. I would need to talk to Bi and see what she thinks.”

  “If you want to make dinner at my villa tonight Han Bi is also welcome. You can check out the villa and see if it will work for you.”

   Sara puts her elbows on the counter and stares at Leo with an affectionate gaze. “I sometimes think I am a bit unlucky but since I met you I feel as though you are my lucky star.”

  Leo’s eyes sparkle and his heart melts gazing at Sara’s sincere expression. She is the only person who makes him feel warm. Sara you bring light into my dark world with your pure innocence.Beautiful girl, I am very lucky you are in my life. “I told you I think of you as my little sister, so being able to help you makes me happy.”

   Sara sips her tea, “I really was heartbroken when I heard about Fu Chian’s situation. I racked my brain to find a way to help them but it was useless. Now with you offering your guesthouse to them, I can rest assured the little girls will be safe and sound until their father returns”

   “Well, it is what I should do. Fu Chen works for me in a foreign country and won’t be home for at least six months. I wouldn’t have been aware of his family’s situation if you hadn’t brought it to my attention.”

   Leo’s phone rings and he walks into the living room. After he hangs up he reaches into his wallet and hands Sara a black card. “I have some business to take care of so I can’t go with you. Use this card to buy the groceries for dinner and clothes for Fu Chen’s children. Anything you need or want.”

  Sara looks at the black card in her hand and tries to hand it back to him. “Leo, no. I am going to treat you to dinner. I can’t have you pay. The children well… give the card to Fu Chain to buy clothes.”

   Leo smirks, “Do you think Fu Chian can pick out suitable clothes? I told you Fu Chen holds an important position in my company. Making sure his family is clothed and safe is merely compensation for him being unable to see his children. It will relieve my guilt. Please feel free to buy whatever they need. I will speak to Mrs. Mo and arrange the rest. I have a meeting, I need to leave. Would dinner at eight be convenient?”

  “Yes.” She hurries over and hugs Leo, “Brother, you are so amazing! Thank you so much!”

  Leo is caught off guard and his heart is pounding. He pats Sara on the head, “Well..like I said it is what I should do. Call Fu Chian for a ride and you can tell him about the guesthouse.” He lets go of Sara and walks to the door, “I will contact Mrs. Mo this afternoon.”

    After he leaves Sara calls Fu Chian. She was going to take a shower first but she is too excited. “Mr. Fu, are you still at the hospital with your wife?”

   “…” He is sitting on a wooden stool in a garage he owns talking to his good buddy about racing. “Miss Song, did you need a ride?”

  “Yes. I need to change so could you meet me at my apartment in forty five minutes?”

   “Of Course.”

   “How is your wife?”


   “That is good you went to the hospital. Are you sure I can’t send a fruit basket or flowers?”


  “Okay see you in forty five. Text when you are downstairs.”

   When Fu Chian hangs up his friend and the garage’s top mechanic Gong Lou hands him a wrench, “Why so gloomy? Girl problems?” He could hear a woman’s voice on the phone.

   Fu Chian leans over the motor and complains, “Man..I hate lying.” He tightens the bolt and walks over to get a different size wrench. “This girl..she is so fucking sweet and kind. Every other word I say to her is a lie. I want to tell her the truth but I can’t for various reasons.”

   The yellow haired man adjusts his cap and has a sarcastic smile. He snickers and winks at Fu Chian, “Who doesn’t lie a little to their girlfriend to get what they want.”

  Fu Chian tosses the wrench back into the tool box and walks over to a small refrigerator. The bell to the office next to the garage rings and Gong Lou tells Fu Chian, ”Boss, I know you don’t like to deal with customers but go see who that is. I’m too greasy to talk to a customer right now.” Fu Chian grabs a bottle of orange soda and unscrews the top as he takes several long strides through the door leading to the office.

 A wealthy looking young woman wearing a black fur coat and hat is wiping off  a chair with a handkerchief. She looks up when she hears the door open. Jiang Wenli ‘s eyes sparkle. She was angry when her father told her she had to personally go and pick up her car from the mechanic but now.. “Umm..hello..I am Jiang Wenli, I came to pick up my car.” Is this handsome man the owner? 

    Fu Chian barely gives her a glance as he walks to the desk that has several scattered invoices on it. “What is the car?”

  She proudly replies, “A red Lamborghini.”

   He sorts through the invoices and finds the right one, “Won’t be finished until tomorrow Gong Lou had to order a part.”

  Jiang Wenli has an idea, “I’m sure I got a call saying the car was ready.” She pouts, “I got dropped off to pick up the car. I will need a courtesy ride home.”

   Fu Chian doesn’t like pretentious women and can see Jiang Wenli is acting coquettishly to get a ride from him. He maintains an emotionless expression, “We don’t offer courtesy rides. You will need to call a taxi or someone to pick you up.”

  He turns to leave and she grabs onto his suit coat She blinks her eyes a few times and bites her lower lip. “Couldn’t you give me a ride? My father is a frequent customer, he sends all his company vehicles here when they need repairs.”

  Now he recalls why the annoying woman’s name is familiar. He signed a contract with Jiang Textiles a couple months ago. He looks at his watch, “I can give you a ride but I need to pick someone up first.”

  She smiles brightly at him, “Not a problem.”

  “Wait here.”

  He walks into the garage, “ Lou, I am leaving. The customer is the woman who owns the red Lamborghini.” Fu Chian walks back into the office, “Let’s go.”

   Jiang Wenli happily follows behind him.

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    1. She is a girl who Sara has known since she was young. Her sister is engaged to Fang Yunxian. Jiang Wenli likes Tzu Yibo and is jealous of Sara. She drugged Sara at the Club the first night she slept with Li Tian Chapter 9


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