Coffee Shop

Fu Chian now believes more than ever Sara could be the key to solving the probem. He nervously gazes at Sara.“If you have time.”

Sara looks at her watch. “I do. There is a coffee shop not far from my apartment, lets go there.”


 When they enter the coffee shop a young girl comes over to the table and she blushes when she sees Sara wearing Fu Chian’s coat.  “Good morning, my name is Wen Cici what would you like to drink?”

  Sara is surprised that she is hungry again, “I will have a cup of green tea and the breakfast special #5.”

  Wen Cici looks up from her pad and taps the pen,“Umm… Miss that is a big plate, usually men order it.”

Sara’s stomach is rumbling, “I am hungry. Add a ham steak.”

 Fu Chian smiles looking at the waitress’ stunned expression. Song Sara is thin but she can eat. Haha… ”I will have the same. No ham steak. Coffee black.”

  Sara chuckles watching the waitress walk over to the counter. “Is it me or does everyone think we are having an affair? I hope no one knows your wife. Haha.”

  Fu Chian’s ears turn red and he clenches his big hands, Dammit! If I clear that up she will think I am a big liar. Maybe also misunderstand I am lying about the twins too.

  Sara sees his reaction. “I’m sorry, that is just my sense of humor, don’t take it to heart.”

  The server brings the tea and coffee, “Your breakfast will be ready in about ten minutes.”

  Sara blows on the hot tea, “Thanks.” After she takes a few sips she says, “Okay. Can you tell me a little about the girl’s situation? Whatever you are comfortable discussing.”

  Fu Chian takes a gulp of coffee, “OH SHIT! HOT!” 

  Sara hands him the ice water, “Here drink! Quick!”

  He sucks on the ice cubes, “Uh..thanks.”

  “Didn’t you see the steam coming from the cup?”

  “I guess I wasn’t paying attention. Well, I told you about my brother. It is just that he doesn’t know my adoptive mother isn’t doing well.” How can I put it? More lies..lies..She is getting older and doesn’t have the energy or mental capability to care for the girls. I’m stuck as to what to do. I check on them every few days but what if something happens when I am not around? It is very worrisome. First their mother is gone now my brother is working abroad to earn the money to support them.”

  “Hmm..” Sara sips her tea, “What about any other relatives? I can see with your wife’s condition you can’t take the twins in but what about another family member?”

  ‘My brother and I were orphaned at a young age then adopted. We don’t have any other relatives.”

  “The brother that works for Leo Cadieux as a bodyguard?”

  “He is my well, he came from the orphanage too. So I consider him my brother but we don’t share blood ties. The clothes the girls were wearing today his girlfriend brought but she just likes to shop for them and dress them up. Basically like dolls.”

  Sara laughs, “The clothes were so cute, she has good taste. They aren’t cheap either; they are from a designer collection.”

 “Really? Well, I guess she is rich. I have only met her a couple times.” I don’t want to say  but my brother likes the skinship, not really the woman. She is beautiful but wears a lot of makeup, heavy perfume, flashy revealing clothes.

 “So what are you thinking? Find a family to take them in until your brother returns? To be frank that could be psychologically damaging if they have other children they might resent them. If the couple is childless they are so adorable the people might not want to give them up.”

  “I never thought of that.” Fu Chian has a gloomy expression and sounds dejected. “I guess I will have to make sure to check on the twins everyday.”

 The waitress sets down their breakfast and refills the water glasses. “Anything else?”

” Smells delicious. I’m good. What about you Mr. Fu?”

“Could you bring me some hot sauce?”

“Sure.” The young waitress has an infatuated look in her eyes while staring at his ruggedly handsome face. I should ask him to exchange Wechat info, from the girl’s tone they aren’t dating. Also, what girl would order all that food in front of her boyfriend?

Sara picks up her chopsticks and takes a bite of eggs. “Don’t look so down. We will think of something. Eat while the food is hot.”

  Halfway through her breakfast Sara looks up. “What about hiring a full time caretaker to live at you adoptive mother’s home. Then all three would be taken care of well.”

  Fu Chian almost spits out his rice. “She is stubborn and thinks she is fine. She won’t agree.” She would kill the woman and sell her bones!

  Sara pictures the cute little girls and is determined to find a solution. “Do you have any idea how long your brother will be away?”

  “The job he is doing is very sensitive; he hasn’t been in communication for almost two weeks.”

  Sara swallows a piece of ham, “Fu Chian I can see your dilemma.

  If someone were to come forward and say they would take care of the girls until your brother returns would your adoptive mother agree?”

  “If she can keep the money that Chen sends. I doubt she would object.”


  “Well she is on a fixed income and has grown accustomed to receiving a check every month.”

  “Oh. I don’t want to judge an older person’s life. She must have her difficulties.”

    “You are a kind person, Miss Song.” ..gambling…drinking… paying for little white faces…

   “Fu Chian, I will do my best to help you find a solution. Did you say you are picking up Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue after school? Why don’t we take them to meet a friend of mine. She knows a lot of people and possibly she could help.”

   “That would be great. “

   Sara sips her tea, “Okay I am going to the Waterfront Towers at eleven to meet my partner in a new restaurant. What time do the girls get out of school?”

  “Two thirty.”

  “Okay. Pick them up then meet me at the Waterfront Towers then we can go to her cafe. I will let her fall in love with the girls then tell her their situation afterwards. I wouldn’t want the girls to hear.”

   “Miss Song, you are a very compassionate person.” Fu Chian’s phone rings and he sees the caller and gets up from the table and walks to the back hallway. “Boss, are you back?”

  “I am standing outside the quaint little cafe where you are having breakfast with Song Sara. Is that your jacket she is wearing?”

  The ice cold voice is sending chills down Fu Chian’s spine. He uses his training to supress his anxiety, he quickly spits out,“Miss Song left Li’s Hospital without her jacket and I gave her mine. She said she wanted to eat breakfast and didn’t want to eat alone.” He feels his legs shaking, I am lying now to Leo Cadieux I am fucking dead.

   Leo lazily strides into the small coffee shop and several young girls start squealing. They begin chattering.”Is he a model? Oh my God he is unbelievably good looking.” One brave girl takes her phone and snaps a picture. Leo’s bodyguard quickly grabs the phone and deletes the photo. The flustered girl looks up, “HEY!” but chokes back her protest, frightened by his intimidating aura.

  Leo walks over to the table and Sara is devouring her breakfast. She looks up thinking it is Fu Chian. Sara impulsively jumps up and hugs him, dispelling the gloom surrounding him.

  “Mr.Cadieux! You are back!”

  He pats her head, “I was only gone a couple days. You miss me that much!”

  “I did. I tried to call you and your assistant said you were unavailable. I was kind of worried. You usually call me back right away.”

  Fu Chian decides to go to the restroom to give them time. He glanced over and the aura surrounding Leo wasn’t as dark as when he first entered. Song Sara work your magic..I beg of you. I don’t want to die. 

   Sara frowns as she brushes snow from his hair, “You look tired, sit down.” Sara looks around,  “I don’t know where Fu Chian went but we are having breakfast. What do you want? I will order.”

   He picks up a piece of Sara’s egg and eats it, “I’m not hungry. Take off Fu Chian’s jacket. Mine is warmer.”

   Sara can detect a twinge of possessiveness in his voice, “Okay. I left mine in the hospital.”

  Leo sees Fu Chian returning. He points to the coat on the chair. “Fu Chian, your brother said your wife was calling you. When you didn’t answer she called Fu Rong. You should go visit her at the hospital.”

    Sara sees him momentarily hesitate, “Go. I will take a taxi.”

   Leo has a devilish grin, “Why do you need to call a taxi when you have me?”

  “Do you have time? I am going to the Waterfront Tower to check out the new restaurant. Wang Xiaoming is meeting me at eleven.”

  “I can accompany you. I am curious to see what it looks like.”

 “We are meeting an Interior Designer, Mia Milano. Have you heard of her design firm?”

  “Have.” He eats another bite of Sara’s tomato and eggs. shouldn’t have come to China.

  “Mr. Cadieux..” Leo interrupts, “ I have only been gone two days and I”m Mr. Cadieux again?”

   “Haha ..sorry, Leo. So how was your trip?”

  “I accomplished what I wanted to do.” I am leaving the day after tomorrow on another business trip. Do you have time to make me dinner tonight? I want to discuss something with you.”

  “Leo do you know Fu Chian’s brother Fu Chen?”

   Leo’s green eye turns dark, “Why?”

  “Does he work for you? If you don’t mind me asking.”

  “Well tell me why you want to know.”

  “Did you know he has two little girls that are in a bit of a bad situation.”

  “Fu Chen has children?”

  “Uh huh. I met them this morning. They are adorable. So cute.” She finishes her cup of tea. 

  He rubs the crease between his eyebrows, Fu Chen does not have any children. What is going on?

  “I don’t want to be nosy, I just wondered when he would be back.”

  “Six months.”

   Sara sighs and looks distressed. Leo doesn’t like her looking unhappy. “Did Fu Chian tell you they are Fu Chen’s children.”

  “Yeah. Well, I shouldn’t discuss his family issues. I don’t know very much. Forget I asked. I just instantly fell in love with the girls, they are adorable.”

   “You like them?”

   “Very much.” She puts a bite of spicy sausage in his mouth, “Try good.” She takes a bite after she swallows then gets back on topic, “If I had the room I would take the cuties in until he returns if it is only six months, but our apartment is too small.

Bi likes kids too; she would absolutely think Fu Xiaoxiao and Fu Xiaoyue are the cutest. They go to Kindergarten until 2:30 and if I hired a nanny to watch them until I got home in the evening..but that is just a dream.”

 “I could make that dream happen.”

  Sara’s eyes widen, “Really?” She scrunches up her nose and frowns, “Fu Chian said his adoptive mother doesn’t want to let them go. She receives a monthly check from Fu Chen.”

   “Let me talk to Fu Chian”, his brother..well even I can’t communicate with Fu at the moment.He is deep undercover.

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      1. Yeah. Spoiler the community’s park can be seen from Li Tian’s balcony. He will also get to see Sara playing with the girls in a few chapters haha..


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