Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue Part 2

    Fu Chian has been worried about the little girls lately. They are only five years old and innocent. At first Mo Agnes at least put on a show of motherly love but lately when he has come over he has noticed the girls are hungry and their clothes are dirty. He hasn’t heard from his brother Fu Chen and Mo Agnes is getting sloppy. She is gambling more and taking jobs from unreliable gangsters. He is afraid that one day he might come over to find the girls sold. 

   He waits outside for the girls and makes a call, “Brother have you heard from Chen?”

  “No. He went deep undercover this time. He said with the money he will make he can finally get a house and a nanny for Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue. So it must be extremely dangerous.”

  “Dammit! Mo Agnes is losing her shit! I’m worried about the little girls. I have been visiting them more but fuck I am afraid I will come by one day and they will be nowhere to be found.”

  “Fuck!” Fu Rong kicks the couch by where he is standing. “You know how Chen feels about those twins. When Little Pei stopped a bullet for him and the last thing he said was ‘take care of my daughters’. I never saw Chen cry in all the time I knew him from the orphanage til now. He sobbed like a fucking baby wishing it was him that was fucking dead. You and I both know he didn’t want to leave them with that bitch, but he had no choice. He thought by sending her the money she would do her duty to take care of them.”

  “I have an idea. I’m not sure if it will work but it is worth a try.”


  “Well, I will tell you if it works out.”

  The two girls come out bundled up in matching pink jackets Fu Rong’s girlfriend bought them. They are wearing white boots and on their heads are knit caps with bunny ears. “Little Uncle I am glad you are taking us, sometimes Grandma..I mean Agnes’ driving is very scary.” Mo Agnes doesn’t like them calling her Grandma.”

   He picks them up and puts them in the black Maybach then buckles their seatbelts. “Sit still I don’t have time to put the child seats in this car.”

   Fu Chian instead of driving to the Kindergarten, he drives directly to Li’s Private Hospital. He calls Sara, “Miss Song, I am parked right outside. I can’t come in.”

  “I will be right out.”

  He opens the passenger door and Sara gives him a strange look but gets into the car. She is shivering without a coat. “Miss Song, you must be freezing.”  He takes off his jacket, “Put on my coat.” Sara can’t refuse; she is chilled to her bone and is afraid of getting sick again. “Thank you Mr. Fu.” She didn’t notice the two girls in the back.

   Suddenly Xiaoxiao says, “Beautiful Sister, are you Little Uncle’s girlfriend?”

   Sara is startled and turns around to see two beautiful little girls, “Oh my God you are so cute!”

  Xiaoyue is the more serious of the two girls, “You didn’t answer. Are you..”

  Fu Chian abruptly interrupts, “Miss Song is my Boss’ good friend.”

  “Miss Song, these are my brother’s girls, Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue.”

  Sara turns around, “I love your bunny hats.”

   Xiaoxiao smiles brightly, “Sister Yanyan gave them to us. She is pretty but not as pretty as you are. I think you are the prettiest woman I have ever seen except for mommy and well she is in heaven.”

  Sara feels her heart tighten and Fu Chian glances over at her pained expression. I don’t think I was wrong…she will help them if she can.

   “Miss Song, I hope you don’t mind I need to drop them off at Kindergarten. I also need to speak to the woman in the office because they are late.”

   “Not a problem at all. I am in no rush like I said my appointment isn’t until eleven.”

  They stop at a small building and Fu Chian parks the car. Sara notices they haven’t shoveled the walkway very well. She mumbles, “They should salt the walkway, it looks slippery. I will help you take the girls. You carry Xiaoxiao and I will carry Xiaoyue.”

   Fu Chian smiles, “Thank you Miss Song.”

   He opens the back door and picks up Xiaoxiao. Sara opens the other door and the little girl looks at her shyly, “I want Little Uncle to carry me.”

   Sara leans down and says, “He might slip carrying both of you. How about this.” She takes out a toffee she likes to eat after she drinks her medicine. “You can have this special toffee if you let me carry you.”

  She reaches out then retracts her hand, “I can’t have a treat when sister doesn’t.”

  “I have two. You can give one to your sister too.”

  Xiaoyue’s amber eyes light up, “Okay then.”

  Sara chuckles and picks her up. She touches her cute little nose, “You are so cute.”

 Xiaoyue blushes, “My sister is prettier and livelier. Everyone loves Xiaoxiao.”

 “They love you too. You are adorable.”

  “Umm..no..Grandma says I am like a block of ice like my daddy. Not likable at all.”

  ????? Sara hugs her tightly, she has no idea what to say. “I like you alot.”

   The little girl rests her head on her shoulder and doesn’t say anything. Sara thinks the little girl is probably introverted and her sister who was asking the questions in the car is an extrovert. She was a quiet child also and can relate a little.

   When they step into the office Sara brushes the little bit of snow that landed on Xiaoyue. She stands beside Fu Chian. 

  The round faced woman behind the desk has beady eyes and an unpleasant smirk on her face. Sara realizes she is wearing Fu Chian’s coat and the woman has dirty thoughts.

  “Mr. Fu, how is it going?”

  The woman was saying they would need to return home. When Fu Chian sees the haughty expression on Sara’s face he  smiles. “Mrs. Liu wanted to know why the girls were late.”

   “Mr. Fu I am sorry that I delayed you bringing the children. If CEO Li didn’t need those papers immediately, I wouldn’t have bothered you when my car broke down. It was so chivalrous of you to lend me your coat or I would have frozen to death mine was so wet. CEO Li was very impressed with you.”  She looks around at the small office. “I’m sure he will show his appreciation. Mrs. Liu is it? I will make sure to mention you didn’t make things difficult for Mr. Fu.”

  The unpleasant woman behind the desks eyes light up, “Mr. Fu.. Mr. Fu of course the children can go to class now. They won’t be disturbing the class at all!”

   Sara winks at Fu Chian, “I would like to take the children and meet their teacher. You don’t mind, do you Mrs. Liu?”

  “No. You can see how our school strives to give our students the best learning atmosphere.”

   They walk down a hallway and stop at a classroom. Sara and Fu Chian set the girls down and unzip their jackets before they walk into class. The teacher stops and stares at them, she is about to scold Fu Chain when Mrs Liu quickly says, “Fu Xiaoxiao and Fu Xiaoyue were late due to unforeseen circumstances which I will discuss with you later.” She hurries away rubbing her pudgy hands together, CEO Li! CEO Li..this is my lucky day! I must be nice to those two brats in the future.

  “Children put your jackets on the hooks and say goodbye to Mr. Fu and Miss Song.”

  Sara didn’t like the condescendingexpression on. the teacher’s face. She bends down and whispers in Fu Xiaoxiao’s ear. Protect your sister and tell your Little Uncle if the teacher is mean to you.”

  She sees the apprehensive look on Fu Xiaoyue’s cute little face and brushes her hair behind her ear, “Remember you are awesome! I really like you, it is okay to be  a little shy. I was when I was little. Look at me now.”

   Xiaoyue’s eyes sparkle and she hugs Sara, “Will you come with Little Uncle to see me again?’

  Sara pinches her chubby cheek, “Of course! I will bake you bunny cupcakes you can bring to class.”

  Sara stands up and meets the teacher’s eyes with a warning look. “Thank you Teacher I remember people’s kindness. Teach them well.”

  Fu Chian pats Fu Xiaoxiao on the head and then Fu Xiaoyue “Little Uncle will pick you up after school and we can have hot chocolate and watch the ice skaters on the lake.”

  A fat girl next to them suddenly pulls on Sara’s coat with her chubby hand, “Are you those girls’ mommy? Why haven’t I ever seen you before? You will really make cupcakes? Chocolate? I love chocolate.”

  Sara smiles, “I will make chocolate, vanilla and strawberry if you are nice to my little nieces.”

   The fat girl has a wide grin. Of course I will! What day will you bring them?”


  The teacher knows the woman isn’t to be messed with and says, “Alright that is enough. Girls sit and I need to continue with today’s lesson.”

  Sara and Fu Chian wave goodbye and leave. He looks down at Sara with an adoring look as they walk towards the exit, “Miss Song I really don’t know how to thank you!” Now he feels a little guilty for his selfish motives for letting her meet the twins.

 “ Mr. Fu, unfortunately sometimes bullying can only be stopped by using powerful people as a threat or a promise of reward.  I really have no clout with CEO Li at all but because the woman is inherently greedy she didn’t analyse the situation well. I am wearing jeans and your coat, haha..I look a mess.

I just acted arrogant to deflect her attention from that fact. Obviously when I walked into the office she had some bad thoughts about us. I wanted to dispel them for the children’s sake. Your brother’s children are too precious to let be bullied. I am always appalled that it starts at such a young age. If I didn’t mention the cupcakes the little girl was going to embarrass the twins. But she was greedy for sweets..haha.”

  “Wow. You are really smart.”

 “ Honestly, Mr. Fu it isn’t that I am smart but I am the unfavored daughter of the Song family. I learned at an early age how to deal with bullying.”

  “I heard what you said to the girls. I appreciate your kindness. I haven’t seen Xiaoyue smile like that since my brother left. She really hides in a little cocoon most of the time.”

  “I don’t want to sound corny but I will. One day a beautiful butterfly will emerge if she is encouraged to accept her personality and see that she is special too.”

  Fu Chian impulsively hugs Song Sara and she is startled. When he realizes how inappropriate it is he let’s go. Sara laughs. “You are too strong Mr. Fu!”

  He turns bright red, “I am so sorry Miss Song please forgive me.”

 “Why should I forgive you.” Fu Chian’s face turns ashen but Sara continues, “ There is nothing to forgive! We are now friends. You shared your adorable little nieces with me. I am so happy! I can’t remember the last time I hugged an adorable little dumpling.”

  “Miss Song I owe you a big debt.  The twins don’t have a good life. My brother is working far away to try to get a house and a nanny for them. He doesn’t know the situation has deteriorated.I am not in the position to take them in and my adoptive mother well..she can be unreliable.”

  Sara furrows her eyebrows, “What?”

  They walk to the car and Sara says, “Mr. Fu if you want to stop and have a cup of coffee I would like to hear more. If you think I am prying into your personal affairs you can drive me to my apartment.”

  Fu Chian now feels conflicted. Dammit! I feel like a scam artist reeling in a mark. But, it is for the children. Miss Song might be able to help. 

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