Sara yawns and makes herself comfortable on the couch as she discusses the restaurant with Wang Xiaoming. “I really like the color scheme and the design of the restaurant’s circular bar. I think people will be amazed at the panoramic view of the harbor from the floor to ceiling windows.”

  Li Tian is curious. What are they discussing? Wang Xiaoming is opening a restaurant? Where? Why is the bastard discussing it with Song Sara?

  A nurse steps into the room, “Miss, I am going to change CEO Li’s IV now.” She is also going to give him a sedative so he doesn’t suddenly make a sudden move if he awakens.  The nurse raises her thin delicately painted eyebrow. Who the young girl is on the couch. We were given implicit instructions that no one was allowed on the floor.


  “I’m sorry Wang Xiaoming, I didn’t hear you, the nurse came into the room. What were you saying?”

  Li Tian is trying to listen when he suddenly loses consciousness.

   Wang Xiaoming tells Sara, “When you meet Mia Milano you will see she has very innovative ideas. She is well known in her field as an expert in fusing cultural aspects within her designs.”

  “Awesome. Since the restaurant will serve both Chinese and Western dishes that is perfect! You are so smart!”

  Wang Xiaoming looks at his laptop and laughs, “Well, surrounding myself with competent people gives that illusion I guess.”

  “ Don’t be humble…you are amazing.”

   Wang Xiaoming has heard many compliments but the way Sara’s words seem heartfelt he is somewhat touched. He is looking at her food blog, “I think you are also talented, you not only make beautiful cakes but cater to the people’s preferences.” He noticed several comments mentioning Sara’s attention to detail and compassionate nature. She always asks about the person for whom she is making the cake.

 Sara giggles, “It is my passion so I want people to feel that when they taste my cake.” Sara can barely keep her eyes open. “Seriously, I am so excited to be able to partner with you. I’m getting sleepy, what time are we to meet at the new restaurant?”

 “Eleven if that is convenient for you.”

  “Well that sounds good. The snowstorm should let up by the morning. I will need to go home and change so… yeah.. eleven o’clock.”

  “Rest well. I will see you then.”

  “You also. Goodnight.”

  When Wang Xiaoming hangs up he walks to the floor to ceiling window in his penthouse. He looks out at the snow falling, then puts on a jacket to go out and smoke a cigarette. Once outside he shivers as he cups his hands to light his cigarette.

Buttoning the top button of the camel colored cashmere coat he is wearing he is lost in thought. What does a sweet warm girl find attractive about a cold bastard like Li Tian? Song Sara rushed to the hospital and is spending the night there with that prick.

   Sara gets up and looks in the cupboard for a blanket and an extra pillow. She stares at Li Tian on the bed, he looks so peaceful. “Nurse, when a patient is in a coma are they uncomfortable?”

  “I think not…but I can’t say for sure.” She notices the worried expression on Sara’s face. “Are you a relative of the patient?”

  “No.” She decides to go with the deception that Kang Mingshun concocted. “I am a massage therapist. I wanted to go home after I gave the CEO a massage but it was storming too badly.”

   The pretty young nurse wrinkles her forehead whil scrutinizing Sara’s casual attire and asks, “You work for the hospital?”

 “No. Kang Mingshun brought me.”

  The pretty young nurse’s face displays a  displeased expression but she politely says.“If you need anything you can ring the call button.”

 “Thank you.”

 The nurse leaves and passes Kang Mingshun, her eyes light up. He is so manly and handsome. I want to talk to him but what about that girl? Could she be his girlfriend? She blushes, “Mr. Kang.”

   He is holding a tray with food and a thermos so she opens the door for him. She leaves it cracked so she can hear their conversation.

  Sara is half asleep under the cover, she thought he wasn’t able to get food. She smells the aroma and her eyes open, “Kang Mingshun, I thought you forgot. Haha.”

  “Miss Song, I’m sorry the kitchen was closed. I had to get someone to make it.” He doesn’t want to say he made it and that is why it took so long. Being unfamiliar with the kitchen he had trouble finding what he needed.

  “Well thank you I am starving. How about you? Did you eat? There is too much here for just me.”

Kang Mingshun hasn’t eaten since lunch; he has been too busy. “If you are sure.”

Sara smiles, “Hurry. Sit and let’s eat while it is hot.”

They sit next to each other on the couch. The pretty nurse outside the door clenches her small hands into fists. They are so close together, does the handsome bodyguard like that thin little twig?

  The other bodyguard wonders why the nurse is standing peeping in the door. “Nurse, close the door.”

  The nurse’s small oval face turns bright red and she closes the door. She has an idea, “I was checking to see if they needed anything. I didn’t want to disturb Mr. Kang and his girlfriend.”

   Big Gu was sent over from the office to relieve Kang Mingshun, he doesn’t know Sara. That girl is Kang Mingshun’s girlfriend? Fuck! She is  beautiful like a little fairy. Lucky bastard!

  When the wooden man doesn’t answer the pretty nurse mutters, “Useless.” as she walks back to the nurses’ station.

   Sara savors the congee, “Thank you.”, I am so hungry! 

  “Well, sorry to take so long.”

  “Kang Mingshun, could you get a couple cups, we can share the tea.”

  “I’m good. The tea is for you.”

  “The tea will just get cold. I can only drink a cup. I have an appointment in the morning and I need to get some sleep. Do you think it will stop snowing?”

  He walks over to a counter to get the cups, “Hard to say. The weather report said this is the worst blizzard in the last two years.”

  “But they will clear the streets won’t they?”

  He takes the cup of tea she poured, “Thank you.” He watches her chopsticks moving quickly, the little girl obviously was very hungry. She didn’t even complain when she had to wait for the food. She willingly came to help him even though he treats  her poorly.This girl is too nice. I shouldn’t think this but the Boss doesn’t deserve Song Sara. 

   Sara finishes the meal and has a sip of tea, “Ahh..” She pats her stomach, “That really hit the spot. Really delicious.”

   Kang Mingshun has a satisfied smile, “Good you liked it.”

  “It had the taste of the East. The chef must be from Guangdong.”

  Kang Mingshun is from Shunde. He looks surprised, “How could you tell?”

  “Well, it is sweet and light. The fish is sliced thin and has a ginger sauce, the vegetable stirfry..oh. so good. I really enjoyed the food. Please tell the chef for me.”

  He has a big grin and inwardly chuckles, “I will.” 

  When they finish Sara can barely keep her eyes open. She remembers she needs to take her medicine. Sara takes three pills from a bottle and sets it on the table in front of the couch. Kang Mingshun sees the medicine, “Are you still sick?” 

  “No. I’m much better.”

  He has a strange look on his face thinking about overhearing the Boss and Sara’s conversation. Could she be pregnant and not want the Boss to know? No..what woman wouldn’t want to tell the world they are having Li Tian’s baby. The kid would be the heir to a multi billion dollar empire. The woman would be set for life. But Song Sara doesn’t seem like the greedy type so she might keep her pregnancy hidden. He shakes his head, I am thinking too much.

 Kang Mingshun picks up the dirty dishes, “If you need anything I will be outside the door.”

  She covers herself with the warm blanket and curls up on the comfortable couch. One of the pills has a relaxing effect. Sara’s eyelashes flutter, getting drowsy she hugs the pillow and her voice is soft, “Thank you, Kang Mingshun. CEO Li is very fortunate to have a good guy like you working for him.”

  Kang Mingshun lowers his head as he leaves and guiltily thinks, little girl you might not think I am a good guy if you knew I knocked you out and delivered you to the Boss’ bed. But Li Tian is my savior, he needs to be my first priority.


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