Rui is Worried

    He closes his laptop, that bastard Sun Woo better complete the task. I can’t have that bitch Wang Rebecca resurface and disturb LiMei. Rui looks at his watch, I wonder if LiMei is awake? 

    When he enters the bedroom LiMei is sitting up on the bed holding the ripped lingerie and frowning. He walks over and laughs at her expression, “Sorry Baby but you looked so damn sexy and adorable. I liked your surprise too much…I couldn’t help myself.”

    He bends down and puts the bunny ears on her messy hair. Rui has an amused expression as kisses her lips. “At least the bunny ears survived.”

    LiMei puffs out her cheeks and pouts, “Rui! You are so bad! I bought this in Paris!”

  He hugs her tighter and presses her onto the bed, “My little bunny is just too cute.” He kisses her lips and pries her mouth open, entangling their tongues. When she can’t breathe he lets her go. “I am going to start the bath for you.”

  LiMei lays on the bed watching him walk into the bathroom. She mutters, “I love him how can I give him up?” I have to though… I am too dirty. If he knew the real me he would be disgusted. I don’t think I could bear the look on his beautiful face when he finds out I am not Feng LiMei but Qin Daiyu. He loves an illusion I created. She has a pounding headache and is holding her head when he returns to the bedroom.

   Rui rushes over when he sees her pained expression and holds LiMei in his arms, “LiMei…LiMei are you okay?” He kisses her forehead, “Tell me.”

   LiMei momentarily can’t hear him, Rui’s voice is drowned out by the other voices in her head. She is muttering something he can’t understand and her green eyes are dark… unfocused.  He has a worried tone, “LiMei Baby..Baby I’m here.” Frightened by the strange look in her eyes, he brushes her messy hair behind her ear and tightens his embrace. Rui panics when he feels her soft naked body trembling in his arms, his heart is racing, what is going on? She was fine before I went into the bathroom.

   He lifts her chin, “ Baby..Baby.. look at me.”

  LiMei has a blank expression, her pupils are dilated and she is mumbling, “You don’t love me…you love the her…I’m not her…I am me…I am bad..” Tears are rolling down her cheeks and Rui’s heart feels like it is going to explode. He frantically kisses her cheeks and tastes her salty tears, “Baby, I love you…I love you so much….look…look into my eyes…see how much I love you.”

  He caresses her cheek, “Focus Baby..look in my eyes…I only love you”

  LiMei’s mind is in turmoil. He loves Feng LiMei..Feng LiMei..not Qin Daiyu. I have to leave..get away… She holds her hand over her heart and feels like she is suffocating. She pushes his chest and Rui doesn’t budge. “I need to leave.” Rui’s eyes darken and he presses her down on the bed. “Baby, you can never leave me…never.” He madly kisses LiMei as she struggles underneath him, punishing her by biting her lip when he tastes the blood his eyes redden. He sounds demonic as he whispers in her ear, “Can’t leave…you are mine…only mine.”

  LiMei feels a rush of pleasure as Rui licks and sucks on her neck but the voices in her head don’t stop tormenting her, Rui doesn’t love me…he loves that simple woman Feng LiMei. He wouldn’t spare a glance at me…Qin Daiyu.

  She makes a decision and quickly raises her palm to strike his neck. Rui knew she was Qin Daiyu when she said those words but Xinghi said he can’t reveal what he knows. Rui is faster than LiMei and holds her hand before she can hit his accupoint. She glares at him and his heart feels like it is crushed by her cold gaze. No.. can’t look at me like that. He impulsively presses on her shoulder and she goes limp in his arms.

   He comes unglued, his kisses raining down on her face. Tears form in his eyes hurt by the cold light in LiMei’s eyes a moment ago. It was like he was stabbed a thousand times.. know you love me,..why are you fighting it. Suddenly his eyes are filled with killing intent, fucking Kuang Fu! You bastard I will fucking kill you! If it weren’t for you she wouldn’t be in this state!

  He strokes LiMei’s face and lays her down. After he covers her with the blanket he gets off the bed. Taking his phone out of his pocket he glances back at LiMei to make sure she is asleep. He calls Xinghi, “Why is Feng LiMei confused?”

  Xinghi is standing on the balcony of his luxurious hotel room at the Crescent Moon Hotel smoking a cigarette. “What happened?”

   “She was fine, then after a nap she woke up confused.”

  “You need to be more specific.”

  “LiMei..” He clenches his fist in his pocket. I’m not telling him what happened. “She was distant and had a blank expression then was mumbling incoherently. I know I am not to interfere with your therapy so I hit her acupoint to put her to sleep.”

  “Daiyu is integrating her memories. Possibly when she was sleeping the different personalities were fighting for control.” He exhales and a thin line of smoke fades into the darkness. “It will take several therapy sessions before she is stabilized. Let Daiyu sleep about a half hour if she doesn’t wake up then wake her up. If she is disoriented when she wakes up, call me and I will check her condition. Remember, don’t say what shouldn’t be said.”

  “I’m warning you Xinghi, I won’t lose LiMei! If Qin Daiyu doesn’t accept me…well..”

  “Don’t be hot headed! It will take time!” I can’t have you fucking with my plans!

   “I will adhere to what you said for now. But if the results aren’t favorable to me I think you know me well enough to understand my bottom line.”

  “You need to have patience and some restraint. Bastard, you say you love her but you sound very selfish. Do you want the little girl to get well? Don’t do anything rash. I don’t think putting her to sleep was a bad idea…you can use that method…but don’t you fucking dare think about erasing her memories! Daiyu could end up in a coma or worse!”

  Rui hangs up. He has a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, he considered erasing her memories when she said she wanted to leave. He rubs the crease between his eyebrows. Dammit! I just want my LiMei…my sweet..lovable..cute little baby.

  He needs to vent his anger or he will lose his mind. Rui makes a call, “I want the Black Sky Organization to disappear. I want that fucking bastard Kuang Fu to live a life worse than death. Tell me your price.”

  The handsome man on the other end of the phone laughs, “It has been two years, I don’t get a hello?”

  “Hello. Name your price.”

   The handsome man lazily drinks a beer looking out at the ocean, “I retired.”

  “I have the Tianshu Dragon Sword and know where the Cave of the Immortals can be found.”

  The man watches a beautiful little girl building a sand castle. He stands up from a lounge chair “Are you fucking lying?”

  “No. Come to Pushong City we can discuss.”

   The thin little girl slowly limps over to the handsome man. Her black eyes are curved into a crescent shape and she smiles brightly. “Daddy, I found a pretty shell.”

   He picks up the delicate little girl into his embrace, his eyes full of love as he wipes the sand from her small oval face. The man has a pampering tone “Pretty.”  He grips the phone tighter and puts the little girl on the lounge chair then hands her a cup, “Drink some juice. Daddy needs to talk to his friend.”

  “Okay Daddy.’ She tilts the little cup and drinks,” Mmm.. the pineapple juice Auntie brought is delicious.”

 He steps away, “Will you be able to cure my baby girl?”

 “Xia Yitian, If you can obtain the leaves from the Blue Ice Goddess Flower there is a very good chance. I told you two years ago not to get attached to the little girl, the odds of survival are slim. But..” He hesitates and looks back at LiMei,  a transfusion of her blood and the leaves could save the little girl. “I think there is hope now.”

  The handsome man’s eyes light up. Qiao Rui wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true he knows how much Little Jade means to me. “Deal.”

  “Are you planning on bringing, Xia Ming Yue?”



  “Hmm? Xiao Bik likes her very much.”

  “Do I need to remind you why I haven’t spoken to you in two years?”

  “I will keep her under control. Xiao Bik will be more comfortable. She takes very good care of Little Jade.”

  “Whatever. Just keep her away from me. I can’t guarantee I won’t kill Xia Ming Yue, even if she is your sister.”

  Xia Yitian laughs, “Ming Yue has grown up. She knows her limits.”

 “It is best that she does. I’m not joking.”

 “We can be in Pushong City on Saturday.”

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      1. LiMei is going to really love playing with Xiao Bik…of course Rui will be jealous haha… Spoiler Xia Ming Yue has a crush on Rui.


      2. Hehe I bet if they did have a daughter, Rui would totally be a daughter slave 🥰…haha I’m not surprised another girl likes Rui


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