Hospital Part 3

   After Sara finishes reading she closes the laptop then picks up the bottle of massage oil. She apprehensively walks over to the bed and stares at Li Tian. She then turns around to Kang Mingshun. “I will do my best. “

   “I need to go check on the new bodyguards if you need anything you have my number.”

  “What? You’re leaving?”

  “I will be down the hallway. I’m not leaving the hospital.”

 “Oh..okay. I will need a ride home later. It is too late to call a taxi and I don’t want to disturb Mr. Cadieux’s driver.”

  “All right.”

  Sara takes a deep breath then nervously pulls down the blanket covering Li Tian.  Sara mutters,”Why did I say I would do this? Well I have touched him many times. I mean this isn’t a big deal. It’s not like he’s awake.”

   Li Tian hears Sara’s soft voice and it awakens his consciousness, but he can’t open his eyes or speak. I will have to give Kang Mingshun a raise for bringing the little girl to me.  What is Song Sara going to do? Touch me? You smell so good..lean down closer…

   Sara can’t contain her curiosity about his injuries. She carefully lifts up the pajama top and gasps out loud, “ Oh my God! That must be so painful. The wound is so close to your heart just a small bit over…”Sara’s voice is trembling as she lightly touches his heart. “ I don’t want to think about it.” Sara’s stomach is in a knot as she gently pulls down the pajama top, “That was very brave of you to save Long An, you must love her very much.”

   Li Tian thinks, very painful. Dummy, I don’t love Long An… I really don’t even like her very much.I would save anyone under those circumstances. Only a coward would save himself. A teardrop falls onto his chest. Do you care about me? 

   Sara takes a deep breath then carefully slides the pajama bottoms down.She closes her eyes and quickly tosses a towel over his private area then continues to pull the loose hospital pants down his muscular legs. Why did I let Kang Mingshun talk me into this.

   Li Tian inwardly smiles as he feels Sara’s warm breath and her soft touch. A double bonus for Kang Mingsun!

   Sara rubs the massage oil on her hands to heat it up and begins to massage his legs. She glance at her phone on the nightstand by the bed mimicking the woman’s technique.

   Li Tian is enjoying Sara’s massage and gets an erection. Sara sees the towel rise and she is shocked, can a person… in a coma????

    She stops and stares at his face. He is expressionless. She decides to test to see if he is really in a coma. She pinches his thigh and studies his face. She mumbles “He doesn’t show any reaction on his face..hmmm.” Sara shakes her head and laughs,“The Devil even gets an erection while in a that scientific?”

     He felt the pinch but it was like a kitten scratch. Li Tian mocks, I may be in a coma little girl but I am a man! Of course I have a reaction to your soft hands rubbing my thigh! And you were dangerously close to my fucking balls! Continue..don’t stop… 

   Sara finishes massaging his legs and carefully slides up the pajama bottoms. Sara frowns while quickly pulling out the towel from under the pants. She tosses it with the other towel she used while massaging him. She wipes her hands with a towel then covers him with the blanket.Exhausted she sits down on the chair next to the bed. After a few moments she goes into the bathroom to wash her hands.

    Li Tian hears the movement and a door shut. Did the little girl leave? He struggles to open his eyes and can’t, then tries to speak but no sound comes out. Dammit! This is fucking bullshit! I can hear and think but I can’t move. How long will I be in a fucking coma! He hears the door open and Sara walking back over to the bed. She touches his forehead, she thought he looked flushed while she was massaging him. No fever.

    He can feel her gently touching his forehead with the back of her small hand. Are you concerned about me? Are you going to stay? Why don’t you lay down in bed…you must be tired.

   His illusion is dashed when Sara calls Kang Mingshun. “Kang Mingshun. I am finished. Can you take me home now?”

  “…Take Song Sara home now and I cut your salary in half.

  Sara puts her laptop in her bag with her phone and charger then sits on the couch to wait for Kang Mingshun.

   He comes into the room. “Miss Song, there is a problem.”

   Sara sips some water.“What?”

   “It is snowing heavily and there is a blizzard warning. It would be too dangerous to drive you home at this time.”

  “How long did the weather report say the snowstorm will last?” She walks to the window because she doesn’t trust Kang Mingshun. She can’t see anything but a blanket of white. She feels guilty and giggles, “I thought you were lying but it appears to be true.”


  “Well it looks like it can’t be helped.” 

  If Li Tian was able to smile he would.  Kang Mingshun it looks like I don’t need to slash your salary. If you could suggest she sleep in the bed with me it is a triple bonus.

   Sara’s stomach is rumbling, “Kang Minshun, I am really hungry. I am going to the cafeteria.”

  “Miss Song, I can bring you food. You should stay in the room in case the CEO wakes up.”

  “Why don’t you stay with him? Or if he wakes up he can push the call button.” Sara is experiencing riding a roller coaster of turbulent emotions right now. She wants to get away from Li Tian. Obviously CEO Li isn’t going to die. All the monitors display normal vital signs.

  “Well, the doctor said he should be stimulated by the voice of someone close to him.”

  Sara scoffs, “Kang Mingshun. The CEO and I definitely aren’t close. I didn’t want to mention this under the circumstances but well…we had an argument before he left the restaurant. I don’t think I am the first person he wants to see when he wakes up. I know it is too stormy for his parents to come back or for you to call Miss Lee but I really can’t stay.” 

   Sara walks towards the door and Kang Mingshun stands in front of her like a huge mountain blocking the door. “Miss Song, please reconsider as we discussed earlier it is imperative for the Boss to wake up. Many people are counting on him.”

  “KANG MINGSHUN! Stop giving me a guilt trip! This is very difficult for me.”You have no idea how this man humiliated me earlier today. I am not the Virgin Mary.. he stomped on my feelings and my self esteem..

   “If the Boss knew I told you this he would probably fire me but Miss Song, the Boss..well..he likes you. When you were at the villa he ordered a set of pink diamond jewelry for you from LTJ. A one of a kind set by Navarre.  He planned on giving it to you during a romantic dinner at the new restaurant on 85th St.”

   Sra has an incredulous expression, “Kang Mingshun, your ability to lie..well..I think you could win an Oscar for your performance. Hahaha.”

   “I’m not lying.” This time I am really not lying..he was pissed and complaining to me after you ran out.

   “I will stay until the snowstorm lets up. I need to eat though. I am starving.” I need to hand it to Kang Mingshun. He will do anything for the Big Devil. I don’t believe he likes me. He wants to have me available when he needs a bed partner… nothing more. Maybe he thought by giving me jewelry and taking me to dinner I would be willing to be his mistress. That will never happen!

   “I will bring food to you.”

   Li Tian initially was angry that Kang Mingshun would tell Song Sara about his plans. But she didn’t believe him and is staying so that is good. Bonus stays in place. I’m not sure if I like the little thing or not…but I am happy when I am with Song Sara. I have never wanted to personally pick out jewelry or go on a ‘date’.

   Sara flops on the couch and takes out her phone to text Bi. [ Sad emoji Can’t leave the hospital because of the snowstorm. Crying emoji]

  [How is CEO Li?]

  [Still in coma. I will stay here tonight.]

 [Okay. Thanks for letting me know.]

 Sara’s phone rings and she sees it is Wang Xiaoming, “Wang Xiaoming, hello. I was just thinking about you.”

 Li Tian hears Sara and his heart tightens and he struggles to open his eyes.  Dammit! Why is that pretty bastard sniffing around Song Sara? I need to fucking wake up! What if one of those pricks swarming around the little thing steals her while I am in this goddamn coma! 

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