Hospital Part 1

   Kang Mingshun holds an umbrella for Sara as they leave her apartment building. Sara is surprised the snow is still falling heavily, the road is covered with a fresh layer of snow. Nervous about going to the hospital, she looks up at him. “Wow..can you drive in this snowstorm? If not, I can go in the morning.”

 “Can.” He opens the  back door of the black SUV and Sara gets inside clutching her computer bag. She brought her laptop so she can review Wang Xiaoming’s design ideas for the new restaurant if Li Tian isn’t awake.

 Kang Mingshun starts the car and looks in the rear view mirror at Sara staring out the window.

  After they are on the highway Sara asks, “Kang Mingshun, are you sure I won’t be intruding by  going to the hospital? You are aware of the  way Long An and her mother hate me. I would only disturb them if they saw me visiting CEO Li.”

  “Miss Song, the Boss is in a secured VIP area; no unauthorized people are allowed to enter  that floor.”

  “What about Long An? She isn’t on the same floor with him?”

 “No, she is in a standard VIP room on another floor. Miss Long’s injuries weren’t life threatening.”

 She heard Han Weisheng say that Li Tian risked his life to save Long An. She is curious as to how Long An is doing. “So Miss Long wasn’t injured too badly?”

  “No. She broke her leg and sustained minor burns…facial bruising. The Boss pulled her out in time and she only has a few burns on her arms.”

  “…” Minor? That sounds terrible!

    They arrive at the hospital and he drives to the VIP entrance in the back. Kang Mingshun has a sincere expression. “Miss Song, thank you.” The doctor said it would be good for Li Tian to be stimulated to wake up. A person he cares about talking to him… touching his hand for example. He couldn’t think of anyone other than Sara that met that description so he lied and said Li Tian was asking for her.

 “Kang Mingshun, it is what I should do since he asked for me. Although I don’t know why he would ask for me and not Lee Fan. Shouldn’t his girlfriend accompany him? Did you contact Miss Fan?”

 ???? What is she talking about? The Boss ordered for that slut to be killed after what she did to him.

 “The Boss didn’t mention Miss Lee…only you.”

  Sara shivers,is it because he is so angry with me he wants to vent on me before he dies? 

 They arrive at the floor where Li Tian’s room is located and she sees a distinguished looking middle aged man and woman leaving his room. Sara quickly hides behind Kang Mingshun’s broad back. She clutches onto his black trench coat and anxiously whispers, “Kang Mingshun you said no one would be here.”

  He has a faint smile on his otherwise cold face, “I said no unauthorized people, those are the Boss’ parents.”

  Sara furtively looks around for somewhere to hide, “This isn’t good.”

  “Don’t worry, follow my lead.”

  He walks over to Li Tian’s parents and pulls Sara from behind him. He greets them, “Mr. and Mrs. Li how is CEO Li?”

   His mother stares at the beautiful petite girl beside him and furrows her delicately drawn eyebrows. The young girl is wearing a casual sweater, jeans and tennis shoes. She has a fresh face and looks like a University student. Kang Mingshun’s girlfriend? Why would he bring her to the hospital?  Madam Li has an inquisitive expression, “You are?”

   Before Sara can speak Kang Mingshun answers, “She is a massage therapist. The doctor said the CEO should have his legs massaged to increase the blood circulation. He said the massage therapy should begin immediately, it might stimulate the Boss to awaken faster.”

  Sara notices his mother’s disapproving expression eyeing her casual attire. She bows to them, “Pardon my unprofessional appearance. I was off duty and Mr. Kang said I was needed at the hospital immediately.”

  Madam Li relaxes her expression, “If you can help my Tian I don’t care what you are wearing.”

  “I will do my best.”

  Li Hong thinks the little girl looks familiar but is in a hurry to leave. Han Weisheng left a message to meet him. “Kang Mingshun, make sure not to allow anyone on this floor. The news of Tian’s accident can’t be leaked.”

Li Hong is as tall as Kang Mingshun and has a domineering aura which doesn’t lose to his son. Towering over Sara he has a stern expression on his jandsome face while looking down at her “ Little girl, I expect you to respect the patient’s privacy and not divulge my son’s condition.”

  “Of course” I can definitely see the similarities between him and his son. His oppressive aura and cold expression are as imitimidating as Li Tian

  “We will be leaving then.” He motions for Kang Mingshun to follow him to the elevator. “Kang Mingshun have Chen Wu sent a few more men, I am worried there will be movement from the second branch and Peng Qinghe. If any reports or photographs surface it could be detrimental to the company. The Board is unhappy with the progress of the Mega Mall Project. Tian’s hospitalization could delay the project further.”

  “Will do. Director Yang is keeping an eye on them and will go to the Mega Mall site tomorrow in place of the Boss. The construction team is familiar with him and won’t be suspicious.”

  “Very good. To be honest I am worried about Tian more than the fucking company. But, I don’t want his efforts in the last few years to be for nothing. Those bastards are greedy and if they find out about Tian being in a coma they will circle like vultures.”

  “Understood. Are you going to tell the Chairman?”

  “No. Not at the present time. He had a relapse today, an allergic reaction to a medication. I don’t want to add any stress. I am confident Tian will come through this.”

  “The Boss is strong. He definitely will wake up soon.”

  Li Hong pats his arm, “How long have you worked for Tian now?”

  “Five years next month.”

  “I have always been impressed with your abilities. Don’t let me down.”

 “I won’t Sir.”

  Madam Li walks over to the two men. “Hong, don’t delay Kang Mingshun and the little girl.”

 Li Hong presses the elevator button, “You have my private number call me if there are any developments in Tian’s condition.” He looks back at Sara who is staring off into space. “She is a competent massage therapist?”

  “Yes, the Boss has used her before.” He recalls hearing Li Tian and Sara when he was guarding outside the hotel room in Milan. He has a strange smile, The Boss is obviously comfortable with having skin contact with Song Sara. “You know the Boss is  particular and he was very satisfied with her technique.”

   “Hmm.. “ The elevator opens and Li Hong follows his wife. When he presses the button for the first floor he looks at his wife. “Did that young girl look familiar to you?”

  “No. Why?”

  “Nevermind.” He hugs his wife from behind, “If she can help our son recover faster I don’t care who she is.” He recalls the report on Sara when Long An told the Chairman that Tian had a mistress. Song Sara..

  When Kang Mingshun walks up to Sara she glares at him accusingly, “Kang Mingshun!”

  He has a sheepish grin, “If I told you would you have come?”

 “Whatever. There are no more surprises awaiting me in the room are there?”


  “Were you serious? Does the CEO need his legs massaged?”

  Kang Mingshum made that up spur of the moment but now he has an idea. He raises his lips in a slight arc. Maybe the Boss really would wake up faster if his woman gave him a massage. “Yes. The doctor said it would possibly help him regain consciousness faster.Tactile stimulation causes the blood flow to increase to the brain” I don’t know if that is true or not but it sounds good haha.

   He says hello to the men guarding the door then opens it. Sara gasps and puts her hand to her mouth. Li Tian has a bandage wrapped around his forehead and he has an IV connected to a bag of clear liquid. The monitoring machine next to the bed is blinking and registering his vitals. The only light in the room is from the full moon in the dark sky outside the large window.

The moonlight shining on Li Tian’s face makes him look like a sleeping Immortal. She slowly walks over to the bed and impulsively brushes his messy hair back. Sara’s is unnerved and her heart is pounding gazing at his defenseless appearance.

   She gently pulls the cover up and touches his pale cheek. You indeed are a beautiful man. Sara has a tear in her eye staring at the white gauze wrapped around the wound on his forehead. She whispers, “You must have endured a lot to save Long An after being severely injured. That was very brave of you.”

   Sara, deep in thought, is brought back to reality when Kang Mingshun coughs. She forgot for a moment he was also in the room until she heard him cough. She wipes her tears and turns around. “Kang Mingshun tell me you were lying about how CEO Li might die.” After witnessing him lying straight face to Li Tian’s parents she hopes her conjecture is right.

    She thought about it when she saw his mother wasn’t sobbing. Any mother wouldn’t leave their son if he might die and at the very least would be upset. Even if they tried to hide their apprehension because she is a stranger their auras would have been dark and fluctuating.

Li Tian’s aura is weak but not fading. Kang Mingshun’s aura has remained purple which shows he is loyal. “I won’t blame you. I know you were afraid I wouldn’t come. Is it because you needed someone to give the CEO a massage?” She has heard the rumors Li Tian won’t let anyone touch him. Maybe because we have had frequent skin contact he is comfortable with me.

  Afraid Sara will leave if he confesses he continues to lie. “It is true.”


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