Hospital Part 2

   “I have never given a massage! I have no idea how.”

 Kang Mingshun scratches his short beard.“I think you could look on Weibo. You want to help the CEO don’t you?”

  Sara puts her hands on her hips and her eyes are wide, “KANG MINGSHUN!”

  “Miss Song, there are many people depending on the Boss. If he doesn’t wake up within the next couple days Li Group will be in turmoil. The people who are angling to take the company over are not good people. I know the Boss appears cold and uncaring but he takes very good care of his employees. I think since you have been working with Li Tian on this project you are aware of the problems. Now someone is conspiring to undermine the project by building a mall where you are living. You got a Demolition Notice didn’t you? All this can be handled… but only by the Boss. The Zhou Group will be greatly affected also if the Mega Mall project fails.”

  Sara listens and glances over at the bed. What Kang Mingshun says makes sense. She knows from working at the Zhou Group how important the decisions made by the CEO of a company are. Everyone is negatively affected if the top management is filled with corrupt and greedy people. Li Tian has always made decisions in a fair manner in his cooperation with Zhou Group.

  “Kang Mingshun. I will look on Weibo. Could you get me massage oil and a few towels?”

  “Thank you Miss Song.”

  “Well…I am doing it for the employees of both Li Group and Zhou Group. You are right although I disagree with the way Li Tian leads his personal life, he is an excellent leader.”

  Sara likes a caffeinated soda when she is up late at night. When she was in University it is a habit she developed staying up into the wee hours of the morning studying. For some reason the sweet and bubbly drink helped her concentrate.  “Could I trouble you to bring me a Coke or any cola will do.” 


  After he leaves she plugs in her phone charge and connects her phone. She  takes out her laptop and sits on a luxurious couch. She tightens her ponytail and wrinkles her forehead while scrolling through Weibo. She bites her lip, this one looks good. It has the description of massage technique and a video.  She mutters, “Why didn’t I bring headphones!” She puts on the video and is watching when Kang Mingshun returns.

  Sara takes the ice cold can of Coke. “Thank you, did you get the massage oil?”

“I did.” He sets a blue bottle down on the table. ” Did you find anything helpful? “

    Sara scrunches up he nose and takes a sip of Coke. “Ahh so tasty!” She points to the computer screen. “I found one with a video. I think I can do it but…” She looks up at Kang Mingshun with a worried expression. “ I wouldn’t hurt the CEO if I did it wrong would I? “

   He looks at Sara, the little girl is so tiny she looks like the slightest wind would blow her away. I think the only problem would be if too much pressure was applied He chuckles, “I think you’ll be fine. “ It really doesn’t look like you have any muscle in those thin arms at all.

  “Well, after I drink this Coke I’ll give it a try.”

  Zhao Lanfan is furious standing by her daughter’s bed. She went to find Li Hong and was unceremoniously turned away. When she was exiting the elevator to find Li Tian’s doctor for an update she happened to see Kang Mingshun and Sara walking in the door.

  Looking at her daughter’s pitiful appearance she digs her fingernails into her hand. Why wasn’t Song Sara the bitch in the car instead of An!

  Long An is heavily sedated and asleep.  Zhao Lanfen cringes at the horrific sight. Long An’s left leg is in a cast  hanging in a sling and her face is bruised the color of an eggplant. The white bandages on her daughter’s arm remind her she could have been burned to death. Zhao Lanfen sneers, you might have been more useful if that had happened.  Now what are we going to do about the wedding? Your sister could replace you as that bastard’s fiancee. Jinxi at least knows how to manipulate a man.

  She takes out her phone and calls Long An’s younger sister, “Jinxi it is mom. Your sister was in an accident. I need you to fly home immediately.”

   She compains,“Mom, I can’t we haven’t finished filming.” She contorts her face in displeasure, Why did I answer the phone? It is never good when that old woman decides to contact me!

  “Listen you ungrateful little chit.You always liked Li Tian right? Well, now is your chance.” 

   Jinxi pushes away the handsome man who is cuddling up next to her on a couch in a luxurious private room. She quickly stands up and straightens her dress then leaves the room, “What are you saying?”

  “I am saying your sister is useless. I am going to change the marriage contract to you.”

  Long Jinxi bites the tip of her long red fingernail, then scoffs, “You are lying so I will come back.”

  “Brat! Why would I have to lie? If I wanted to just drag you back here, the bodyguard I pay a fortune to watch you would bring you to me.”

  “Okay. I will tell the Director I have a personal emergency and catch the next flight back.”

  That is my good girl. You are still a virgin right?”


  “You didn’t answer me. I need the truth. If not we will arrange the surgery.”


   “ That’s my girl. I knew you were too smart to let a man have you without a huge diamond on your finger.”

     She sees her boyfriend Nelson Bradford coming out of the private room. “Mom I gotta go.”

    The man’s clothes are wrinkled and his hair is messy. He has a haze of lust covering his blue eyes as he hugs her from behind, “Babe. Who was that?”

   Long Jinxi  has a worried expression and a tear forms in the corner of her almond eyes. She holds onto his jacket with her jadelike hands then looks up, “Honey, I need to go back to China. My elder sister was in a horrible accident.” She buries her head in his chest and begins to sob. “But…it will delay the filming.”

  He lifts her delicate chin. “It isn’t a problem. I will tell the Director I will pay whatever the delay costs.” He kisses her tear stained cheek, “I will fly you there.”

  Long Jinxi has an innocent expression as she blinks her eyes, “But, my family doesn’t know about us. Now wouldn’t be a good time while my sister is in the hospital.”

  He hugs her tighter and rests his chin on her head, “ Jinxi, that is what I love so much about you. The way you care about other people’s feelings and your gentle personality.”

   She wants to laugh, I didn’t take all those acting lessons for nothing.  Long Jinxi lightly scratches her fingers on his chest.“It’s just what I should do.”

   “I will have my assistant arrange for a first class non stop ticket for you.”

   She stands on her tiptoes and kisses him, “Thank you, Nelson. You are so sweet.”

  He picks her up and carries her into the room, “Let’s continue until you need to leave.”

  Long Jinxi smiles coquettishly and puts her arms around his neck. He is aroused as her warm breath tickles his neck then she teases, “I should pack.”

He kisses her deeply then in a husky voice says, “That is what an assistant is paid for.” He lays her on the couch and presses her down, “I need you Babe.”

Long Jinxi unbuttons his shirt and kisses his chest. I need to hold onto Nelson in case that old witch is playing with me. The contract was for that stupid sister of mine, who knows if she can change it while An is still alive. She has a murderous gleam in her eyes…if she is alive.

 Long An woke up during Zhao Lanfen’s conversation with her sister but kept her eyes tightly shut pretending to be asleep. She is afraid to say anything to her mother while she is in this condition but she is in a rage. Jinxi is coming back! For Tian! I will never let that scheming bitch get her claws in him!

   Zhao Lanfen has a satisfied smile as she leaves Long An’s room. Although Jinxi is harder to control than An she is devious. I should have considered switching the bride when Long An first failed at getting Li Tian in bed. If he wakes up I have confidence she can seduce the arrogant bastard. I just have no idea how serious his condition is, no one is talking.

If he remains in a coma I can bribe the fortune telling monk at Tianshu Temple to divine that if he marries Jinxi he will wake up. She confidently walks towards the elevator, Jinxi will become his wife one way or another.

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