LiMei’s Surprise Part 2

18 + readers only chapter

     LiMei softly moans as Rui spreads her slender legs and begins to suck on her flower petals, savoring her sweet honey. Pleasure is spreading all over LiMei’s body as his hot tongue laps up her flowing nectar. He thrusts his tongue in and out of her tight quiverinfinding the place that stimulates her the most. LiMei runs her fingers through his soft black hair,quivering as her body responds, “Mmm..Rui..ahhh..”

   He rubs her swollen nub with his thumb and a wave of heat washes over her writhing body. LiMei knows Rui likes it when she says his name so she calls out in a breathless voice, “Ahhh..Rui…Rui..Feels so good.”

   When he hears LiMei’s lewd voice tinged with lust he continues to lick and bite her flower petals while she climaxes. He licks the nectar dripping down his lips and can’t wait any longer, his erection is throbbing eager to enter.

After being tempted by her snow white cheeks and the bunny tail he turns LiMei over. She is on her knees and he squeezes her tender round cheeks. He puts a finger under the thin piece of the lace thong in her small hole as he thrusts inside her tight tunnel with his thick pillar. LiMei screams in pleasure as he thrusts deeply inside, “Ummm..ahh.. what are you doing??? take your finger out if there..ahh too much..I can’t take it..stop!”

    Intoxicated by the wave of heat engulfing his body Rui has no intention of stopping. He looks at the furry white bunny tail shaking and he grins as he tou hes the furry ball. “Baby..your surprise was too fucking good. I can’t stop..I want to fuck my little bunny…fuck my little bunny until we die together.”

    LiMei can barely breathe from his turbulent movements. There is a strange pleasurable feeling as he toys with her small hole. She is clutching the black silk sheets so tightly her knuckles are white.  LiMei’s snow white cheeks are shaking from Rui’s continuous assault. “Ummm..wooo…this bunny is gonna dieee now…Mmnnn..too big Rui…you are too big!”

   Rui’s blood is raging through his body as her  obscene words and moans fuel his lust. “ Your little hungry pussy is so tight it is strangling my c*ck.” 

    “Mmnnn..too big Rui…you are too too big!”

   He wants to see LiMei’s delicate face dyed red with lust so he puts her on her back and continues. He loves the way her beautiful green eyes become darker, hazy with desire. The bunny ears are too cute on her tangled long black hair.

   Rui tears the pink lace and LiMei is left only wearing the floppy pink bunny ears. “Bunny, you are going to drive me over the edge.” He kisses her lips then her delicate clavicle, when his kisses reach her perfect breasts he spreads her legs with his large hand. He easily enters because his erection is dripping with her honey and her tight tunnel is now slippery.

   But once he penetrates further he bumps her sensitive spot continuously LiMei lets out a shuddering moan as her walls tighten around his pillar. He knows every spot that drives LiMei crazy. Rui looks at his beloved woman pressed underneath him as he pushes in deeper until he is buried to the root. Rui groans in ecstasy and stiffens. “Unngh…NNNmmm..Baby .” I love you my little bunny…  LiMei’s face scrunches up as she lets out a breathless gasp, “Rui..Rui.. Ahhh..”

There is no space between their bodies as Rui completely fills LiMei’s wet and greedy tunnel. She is overwhelmed and scratches his back as her hips arch up. LiMei loudly moans as their two bodies move in perfect rhythm. She has an infatuated gleam in her eyes as she looks up at Rui’s handsome face, she smiles recalling what she read.

LiMei impulsively fondles her breasts, his eyes are as dark as ink as his scorching gaze is riveted on her provocative movements. LiMei moans as she pinches her erect red buds and pushes her breasts together. She flutters her black eyelashes, seducing him. “Rui, don’t you want to..”she bites her cherry red lips, unable to say… which is enough to make him come unglued. He puts his hands over LiMei’s and squeezes, “You naughty girl. Is this what you do when you are alone?”

   LiMei turns bright red as he leans his handsome face down. Rui twirls his tongue around her cherry red bud then places the soft peak in his mouth. If she has a baby I wonder what it would be like to taste her milk.. He begins to suck her erect bud harder as he holds her soft breast to his mouth, licking and leaving red marks on her tender skin.

   He lifts LiMei’s legs onto his shoulders. Rui’s eyes are as dark as a moonless night as he watches his wet and hot pillar pounding in and out of LiMei’s beautiful flower hole. After climaxing several times LiMei is sweaty and exhausted, she can only beg for mercy. “ more..Ruiiiii..ahhhh…too deep..too fierce..Ruiiiii.”

   Rui is unable to control the beast inside of him.  LiMei’s  soft and weak pleas are like an aphrodisiac, they excite him even more. His throat is dry and his voice sounds hoarse, “Baby..tell me you love me..”

  LiMei is muddle headed and dizzy from the overwhelming pleasurable sensations. Her voice is trembling  “Ruiii..I love you much.”

     He watches her perfect breasts bouncing and feels her honey flowing out, “ say it again.”

    LIMei eyes are intensely focused on Rui’s extraordinarily handsome face. Overcome by lust he looks untamed and unruly, not like the perfectly put-together man from earlier. Rui’s black hair is messy and damp hanging down. There are beads of sweat on his forehead and his eyes are incredibly pitch black and beautiful, deep I could lose myself in them. Rui truly is the most handsome man I have ever seen.

    LiMei’s sweet voice is full of emotion, “Rui..I love you.. AAAAHHHH…you are the most handsome and strong.”

    Satisfied by her words Rui smiles brightly, his expression is gentle and adoring. causing LiMei’s heart to flutter. She is dazzled by how beautiful and sexy he looks. He thrusts again into her very core and groans, “Nnnngh..MMMM…Unnngh.” LiMei feels a rush of hot essence as he releases. Rui stays inside of LiMei and holds her in his embrace inhaling her sweet fragrance and the aftermath of their lovemaking. He hugs her and looks deeply into her eyes with a gentle expression, “Say it again little bunny.”

   LiMei snuggles into his chest, “I love you Rui. I love you so much.” She has a worried expression as she mutters, “Don’t leave me.” 

    He kisses her forehead then her eyelashes. He runs his hand down stroking her bare body as he continues kissing her cheeks and then her mouth. “Baby, you are mine…only mine… I love every part of you…I will never leave you.”

    LiMei has the answer she wants and feels secure. She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. He takes off the bunny ears, and brushes LiMei’s wet hair behind her ear. “Little bunny, you are so beautiful and sweet… I will never let you go.”

   He holds LiMei tightly in his embrace and his lips curl up into a satisfied smile, “That was quite a surprising surprise. Hahaha.”

   Rui has an idea. I am going to save the monitoring footage so I can see her little dance whenever I want.  So cute and sexy..he kisses her red and swollen lips,  You are my little bunny girl..

  He lays with LiMei for a short while watching her sleep then gets out of bed. Rui covers her with the comforter, then goes into the bathroom to shower. When he finishes he dries his hair and puts on casual home clothes, a dark gray cashmere sweater and black athletic pants. He lazily strides down the hallway to the monitoring room.

   Once inside the monitoring room he sits at the desk with the computer screens and takes a flash drive out of the desk drawer. He finds the bedroom footage and watches. Shit…this is amazing.. LiMei is amazing... He takes a couple screenshots of LiMei in the sexy lingerie and bunny ears. He smiles. Fuck! What made the little girl think of wearing the bunny ears and that see through lingerie? He has a jealous thought. LiMei couldn’t have done that for another man before could she? No she was nervous and her dancing was well… very amateurish… kind of amusing.

   Rui watches the tape of them making love and feels himself getting hard as he watches LiMei and listens to her moans. Fuck! I want to go back to the bed and… no she is too tired. He taps his finger on the desk, Maybe I should put a large mirror in my room. He takes out the USB and puts it in his pocket then erases the footage to prevent anyone else from seeing it. 

   He saves the two of the less revealing screenshots to his phone. LiMei is standing by the bed looking adorable and from the angle nothing is seen that shouldn’t be seen. He crops one picture, her face down to her chest. LiMei is sweetly smiling and her dimples are so fucking adorable! So goddamn cute and sexy wearing the bunny ears! Rui makes the picture his wallpaper.

   Rui goes into his study and locks the USB in his desk drawer then goes downstairs.

Delun is playing video games and takes his feet off the coffee table. “Where is Feng LiMei?”

“She is tired and taking a nap.”

 “You got a package. I put it on the kitchen counter.”

  Rui walks into the kitchen and looks at the small brown box on the counter. No return address was sent from Shanghai.

  He takes a bottle of water from the refrigerator and gulps it down. He uses  a small knife and opens the package. “Very good.”

  Rui makes a call, “Got it. I will meet you in Catang City tomorrow.”

  Leo Cadieux is having lunch with his assistant Wang Duan and sets down his chopsticks. “I will be at my villa the address is 606 Golden Crane Rd.”

  “Leo. Thank you.”

   Leo Cadieux sips his glass of white wine.“Well, it was a bit of trouble.”

  “I will remember this favor.”

  “Good you do.” Leo Cadieux hangs up and his assistant has a puzzled look. “Lord, why would you anger your Master to give it to Qiao Rui?”

   Leo takes a bite of rare steak,“I have my reasons. Qiao Rui isn’t a simple man. If he gives me what I want and owes me a favor…well it is worth disturbing the old man’s peace. He has a undetectable smile  pointing his chopstick at a beautiful young woman wearing a delicate Cheongsam standing to the side. “Additionally, I got a bonus in acquiring Starfire.”

   Rui picks up the box and as he passes Delun he says, “Bring a cup of tea to my study.”

  “Do you want Da Hong Pao? A delivery came while you were away.”

 “That will do.”

  Rui walks up the stairs, he peeks in at LiMei and she is curled up under the covers sound asleep. The little girl must be exhausted…I will let her sleep awhile then bathe her and have the maid change the bed. He walks down the hallway. The sooner I can marry LiMei the better. Dr. Sloane removed her IUD so she should be able to get pregnant.

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  1. He will put a photo of LiMei on the screen saver in his phone and he will accidentally be seen by Leng Shuai or Kuang Bo?


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