Come to Pushong City

   Rui leans back in his chair thinking about LiMei and silently curses Xinghi and Kuang Fu. She is such a sweet and innocent girl. What kind of father sells his beautiful little girl to a killer organization? How could that bastard Xinghi use her for his fucking experiments. Despicable! Well, I won’t let anyone use or hurt my little girl again. 

  Delun brings in the cup of Da Hong Pao tea for Rui. He tugs at his collar, the air around Rui is suffocating and his eyes are filled with killing intent. “Rui, what are you thinking about? I can’t breathe!”

  Rui takes the tea cup and doesn’t answer his question. He controls his temper and the atmosphere returns to normal. Although I would prefer to be alone with LiMei, she wanted to invite Delun and Sheng Siyus to go with us to the resort. At the time he said no but after considering how LiMei was lively at lunch talking to Sheng Siyue he has reconsidered. We could spend time on the slopes with Delun and Sheng Siyue then have the rest of the time to be alone together. I need to think of LiMei’s happiness and not be so possessive. He is my brother and not a threat. Rui smiles thinking about her saying she loved him when they were in bed and the look of undisguised affection in her eyes. He was captivated by LiMei’s clear and beautiful eyes filled with only him. 

  Rui drinks the tea then asks, “Do you want to iinvite Sheng Siyue to go to Crystal Mountain for the weekend? LiMei would like you two to join us.”

  Delun’s eyebrow twitches, “ are okay with that?”

  “Why wouldn’t I be?

   “…” Shit well I thought I would freeze to death in the kitchen from your frosty glare when LiMei hugged me.

  Delun sits on the couch and stretches out his long legs. “ Can I bring Liu Yi instead of Sheng Siyue? Sheng Siyue might get the wrong idea. She has been clingy lately.”

 “Well, if you don’t want to go I will tell LiMei. She likes Sheng Siyue.”

  No..No..I will ask Sheng Siyue.” I am not going to pass up going skiing at an awesome resort, all expenses paid by Rui!

 “Very well. I will reserve the floor then.”

  “Thanks Rui.”

  “It was LiMei’s idea.”

  “I will thank Feng LiMei.”

   Rui looks up from an investigative report on his desk.“No need. Later you could fix a five course meal and then leave. I will take that as your thank you.”

 “…”  Delun has a faint smile,as expected of Rui haha..he wants to be alone with Feng LiMei. “There is cake left from lunch. I know Feng LiMei has a sweet tooth. Is she awake? I should take her a piece

   Rui tosses the pen in his hand at Delun and he dodges so it barely misses his forehead. “You can go.”

Rui has a dangerous glint in his dark eyes as picks up a heavy paperweight and tosses it back and forth in his hands.

   “I’m going…I’m going!”Delun jumps up off the couch and dashes out of the study.

   Rui examines the contents of the small brown box and calls Gunnar Hedwig. “I have the antidote. Bring your mother to my hospital in Pushong City. I haven’t opened the Holistic Wing and she can stay there in a VIP room. She will need to rest for ten days afterwards.”

  Gunnar Hedwig frowns, “I thought you would come to Paris.”

  “Your mother is stable enough to come here and the antidote, won’t travel well.” He stares at the strange looking black and red worm lying dormant in the unusual sealed glass container.

   “Very well. Mother hasn’t had any hair loss or stomach issues since you gave her the initial medicine. I fucking fired all those quack doctors.”

  “Gunnar, you best remember our agreement. I got your message that the researcher has been taken care of by you who kidnapped Feng LiMei. But I warn you other than you and the parties involved no one is aware of the existence of Subject 456. If there is another attempt to capture Feng LiMei I will fucking destroy all of you motherf****rs and you know I have the ability.”

  “Calm down. As long as my mother is cured I owe you a huge debt. Just seeing her improvement since you treated her in Paris I am grateful to you.”

  “I don’t need your gratitude, only your assurance Feng LiMei won’t be targeted.”

  “Qiao Rui, I retaliated and killed every man and woman who was involved in the kidnapping like I said. I couldn’t predict that a lowly researcher would have the means to build his own lab and the audacity to kidnap Subject 456.”

  “Which makes me wonder how you screen your employees. If you had dug a little deeper you would have identified the man’s true identity and realized he was using you. I will give you one word of advice Gunnar, you should curb your narcissism. It makes you vulnerable.”

 Gunnar Hedwig tightens his fingers on the Cuban cigar he is smoking. He hides his irritation and laughs, “I will remember your sage advice Qiao Rui. I can be there with my mother tomorrow by 5pm.”

  “I can be at the hospital to meet you at the VIP entrance in the back of the hospital. Use a car that is nondescript and don’t bring a showy entourage with several SUVs. That causes unneeded attention. You can bring two bodyguards no more. I have excellent security for my VIP patients. The wing can only be accessed by one public elevator which you need a security escort and clearance to use and a badge to enter the wing. The badge is equipped with a high tech chip that cannot be duplicated and as a secondary precaution is changed at irregular intervals.”

    “Very thorough. I would expect nothing less from you. The celebrity bitches coming for plastic surgery must appreciate your attention to detail.”

    Gunnar Hedwig looks at Qiao Rui’s Private Hospital on his computer and is impressed. “I think since we have come to an agreement I can trust your facility. Since you felt free to threaten me I will also remind you that if anything happens to my mother I won’t let you or anyone you care about go.”

 . “ I will treat your mother as I would want you to treat my beloved woman.”

   “Then I will see you tomorrow.” Gunnar Hedwig crushes his cigar in the ashtray and calls to have his private jet prepared. There is a knock at the door and a beautiful pregnant woman comes into the room. She walks over and sits on his lap. “Gunnar, can I accompany you to China.”

   He kisses her lips then laughs, “Ning’er, you don’t even hide the fact you were eavesdropping? You have become bold.” 

    She wraps her arms around his neck and flutters her eyelashes  “Brother, I want to go. I haven’t seen my mother in five years.” She pats her slightly protruding stomach and her full red lips curl up into a coquettish smile, “Or should I reveal our little secret to your mother.”

  He narrows his blue eyes as puts his hand on her throat and lightly squeezes, “You can if you want to die.”

  Fu Ning isn’t afraid, she rubs her hand on his crotch, “You would miss me Brother.”

  Gunnar keeps his hand on her neck and kisses Fu Ning. Prying her mouth open he wipes his tongue around her mouth then let’s her go. He has a lustful gleam in his eye and is panting heavily as he rips her dress, “Fucking whore…just like your mother…”

   She leans her head back as he sucks and bites on her large breasts.  Gunnar Hedwig has always adored Fu Ning but wouldn’t touch her because of the taboo of being her ‘brother’.Fu Ning drugged him and let him think it was a maid. Once he tasted the ‘forbidden fruit’ she has been controlling him using sex. When she found out she was pregnant she was going to have an abortion but he insisted she keep the baby. He has no idea the baby isn’t his but her first love’s a man named Noah.

   After he is satisfied he zips up his pants and runs his finger down her pretty face, “You can go.  But you can’t see your mother alone.”

    Rui looks at his screensaver and smiles  ,I wonder if the little bunny woke up. He seals the brown box and puts it into a cabinet then locks it. The cabinet is equipped with a retinal scan so only he can open it.

He is walking down the hallway when his phone rings. He sees the caller is Sun Woo. “Speak.”

“It is done. I sent you an encrypted email”

Rui hangs up and opens the email. A video is displayed. There is an explosion. A multi million dollar yacht is ablaze, orange flames are leaping into the air and smoke is blackening the sky.

He replies. That is not conclusive evidence.


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