LiMei’s Surprise Part 1

   The four of them have a harmonious meal but Rui is anxious to find out what ‘surprise’ LiMei has for him. He whispers in a low and magnetic voice, “Baby, I can’t wait any longer for my surprise.”

  LiMei had several glasses of wine and was having such an enjoyable lunch she almost forgot.  “Hmm..well Huang Fan and Delun went to the kitchen to get the cake she brought.”

  “I don’t want cake. I want you.”

   He picks her up and carries her up to his bedroom. After he lays her on the bed he props himself up with his elbow and teases, “Well?”

   LiMei bought pink lingerie and bunny ears before they went to Cambodia. She was reading a couple articles in a magazine called Cosmopolitan  ‘Spice Up Your Sex Life’ and ‘How To Keep Your Man”. Role playing sounded good at the time but now she is hesitant.

   He kisses her lips and has his hand under her blouse. “I’m waiting.”

   LiMei’s face turns red, “Umm..about that..”

  Rui touches the tip of her cute nose, “Did you lie to me? I will have to punish you then.”

  LIMei is drunk and mutters,, “I wasn’t lying.. It’s just..okay.. I will be right back.” She gets up off the bed then turns around. “I need your tie.”


   She takes off his tie and covers his eyes, “I will tell you when you can take it off.”

   “…” What is the little girl up to haha

    In the walk-in closet LiMei looks in the bottom drawer of her dresser and takes out the small black and pink Vivienne’s Secret bag. When she pulls out the tiny pink lace crotchless bustier with a fluffy pink tail she shakes her head, be don’t want him to get bored with you. Didn’t you see the way his secretary was looking at him? She is sophisticated and has a big breasts.

    Once LiMei slips into the sexy lingerie she lets her long black hair down and puts on the floppy pink bunny ears. The article said to wear white sheer stockings and high heels. Got em. Dance and bend over then wiggle your butt. Once she has changed she looks in the mirror and touches the bunny ears then smiles, actually it looks kind of cute.

   Rui is sitting on the edge of the bed and wonders what is taking LiMei so long. He is beginning to think she left. He is about to take off the tie covering his eyes when LiMei calls out, “Almost ready. Don’t look yet.”

  He smiles, I am really curious what the ‘surprise’ is haha

  LiMei walks unsteadily in the 10 cm white high heels over to the bed. Rui feels her soft hands removing the blindfold and when he can see his eyes darken with desire. Fuck! LiMei looks so fucking hot! He gazes at her big watery green eyes and flushed cheeks. He is bewitched by LiMei’s innocent expression combined with the bunny ears. When his eyes take in her seductive body in the seethrough pink lace corset he has an instant reaction. Fuck! LiMei looks so damn hot!  He can’t believe this is her ‘surprise’.

The sexy lingerie is open revealing LiMei’s sweet little pussy and I can see her honey glistening. He startles LiMei when he forcefully grabs her into his arms and domineeringly kisses her deeply.“Baby, I want to fuck you so look amazing.” He rubs her sensitive spot that is exposed with his hot hand.

   LiMei puts her hand on his chest “But..but..Rui… I’m not done.”


   LiMei’s eyes bend into a crescent shape and she smiles showing her cute dimples. She bites her lower lip,“I need to dance for you.”

  “…” Rui’s eyes are blazing with desire. He gulps down his saliva and his erection is forming a huge tent in his pants.

  LiMei pushes Rui away and starts dancing. She then turns around and bends over, wiggling her pert round bottom. Rui is about to lose his mind watching her dance… very badly. She is obviously inexperienced which is turning him on even more.  When she stands up the bunny ears have slipped and she tries to fix them.

  Rui can’t wait. He pulls her into his embrace and kisses her earlobe, “I like your surprise very much.” He smiles as he straightens her bunny ears and smooths her messy long black hair.

   LiMei’s eyes light up? “Really?”

  “Really. I like it!” A very unexpected surprise indeed. “Now little bunny, I want to give you something.” He rips off his shirt and quickly undresses.

   Rui lays LiMei on the bed and takes off the high heels tossing them onto the floor. He kisses her tiny foot then slides the stockings off her slender legs. He is breathing heavily and his heart is racing, staring like a hungry wolf at the opening in the pink lace lingerie. Rui’s eyes are filled with lust as he touches her exposed wet pussy then licks his finger. This scenery is beyond obscene.LiMei you are a little demoness..I have never been as aroused as I am right now.

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