I Should Go

   Li Tian is unconscious in the VIP ICU and no one is allowed to enter per the doctor’s instruction. Han Weisheng is still at the hospital outside his room talking to Li Tian’s father.

   “I understand. I won’t tell anyone about Tian’s accident. There shouldn’t be any movement from Ping Qinghe unless Li Tian’s condition doesn’t improve in the next few days. I can contain the police report and manage the situation with the drunk driver that hit him. You need to impress upon Kang Lanfen and Long An’s father it is in their best interest to also keep quiet. I am well aware that stocks can fall when there are rumors about the CEO of the company being hospitalized.”

   Li Qingchen pats Han Weisheng’s shoulder, “You are a good friend to Tian. I have more confidence in you investigating the accident than the police.”

  “I will let you know what I uncover.”

  Huo Kara is in her apartment, she told the company she had a personal emergency. She stares at Lee Fan on the couch and then at her brother. “You are both a couple of idiots! Why do I always have to clean up after your mess!” Last night she received an email from Night Sky Entertainment, they want Lee Fan to be the female lead in a new drama series. The money she would make forced her to rescue Lee Fan from Masaud early this morning.

Huo Muye broke into the hotel room using a stolen room card and knocked out Masaud while he was on top of Lee Fan. Masaud was wildy humping Lee Fan like a mad dog and never heard Huo Muye enter the room. Huo Muye is a seasoned gangster and was able to silently attack Masaud before he could react.

    He dragged him into the bathroom then put his unconscious body into the bathtub and filled it with water. He pressed Masaud’s head under the water until he was no longer breathing. Lee Fan was still in a daze on the bed and he had to put the maid’s outfit on her limp body. After checking outside he dragged her to the employee elevator and out the back door of the hotel.

   Huo Muye slams his hand on the kitchen counter. “Fuck! Kara you can’t blame me! He points to Lee Fan.”I even paid my girlfriend and that asshole Wei Harry to pose as Lee Fan and that man so the reporters would follow them to discover it wasn’t this bitch. I covered her sorry ass as best as I could. I also paid Old Nine using an untraceable account to crash into Li Tian.”

He leans on the kitchen counter and lights a cigarette.”It was her stupid idea to drug that motherf****r Li Tian and you always think you are so smart.. Well stupid.. You got her the drug so if she goes down so do you. She will give you up in a heartbeat.”

   He opens the refrigerator and takes out a bottle of beer, “Who knew that prick’s fucking Bentley was custom made and built like a goddamn tank.” He points his cigarette at Kara.”This mess you need to figure out a way to clean it up yourself Little Sister. If Li Tian lives he won’t let that slut go.

Why do you think he sent her to that Arab who was probably going to fuck her to death. I saw the sex toys the old pervert had on the bed. Disgusting! Look at the bitch, she looks like a mental patient. Why not get rid of Lee Fan and concentrate on that new little whore..what is her name..yeah..Roxie. She is not as pretty but you could send her to South Korea and get her jaw shaved.”

  Kara rubs her temples,“Muye, stop talking and let me think.”

   She looks at Lee Fan’s glassy eyes, if she had any brains left she would be screeching and crying listening to Muye. Hmm..I invested so much time and effort. She sits next to Lee Fan and holds her in her arms. She smooths her tangled hair then kisses her on the lips, “What am I going to do with you.” 

   Huo Muye wants to vomit watching his sister kissing Lee Fan. No wonder she was coaxed into giving her the drug and had me go rescue the bitch from the hotel room. I thought she would say toss her off the balcony so it looked like a suicide.

  Kara sits with Lee Fan in her arms rocking her like a baby as she strokes her hair. Lee Fan mumbles, “Mommy, I will be good. I promise.”

   Kara lays her down and covers her with a blanket then walks over to Huo Muye and takes the bottle of beer from him. She gulps the rest down. “I’m going to take Lee Fan to the countryside. I will wait to make my decision on whether to keep her or not. Kill Old Nine and don’t leave any loose ends.”

     He stares at his sister with a disgruntled expression. “What the hell ! You are willing to kill a good soldier like Old Nine yet let the stupid bitch who created this mess live?” He clenches his fists. “Fuck no!”

  She angrily grabs a fruit knife from the counter and in a flash puts it to his neck. Kara’s eyes are full of killing intent, “Are you fucking questioning me?”

   “No. But he is a loyal and good member of the gang. He doesn’t know anything anyway.” Although Huo Muye is a ruthless man when it comes to his sister he pales in comparison. When she was ten she killed a boy down the street because he called her ugly. They found his body in the woods with ‘UGLY’ carved on his chest and his handsome face smashed until it was unrecognizable. No one ever suspected Kara because she always acted timid and obedient but he knew by the sinister smile when the boy’s mother was wailing.He was the only one who knew of her sadistic personality because she would torture him.

  She puts down the knife and raises an eyebrow “Are you willing to bear the consequences if Li Tian finds out?”

  “ I will personally kill Li Tian if it comes back to you.”

  “Remember your words, Brother. Wait here.” She walks into the bathroom and fills the bath tub with warm water then sprinkles in pink crystals. When she swirls the water pink bubbles cover the surface. She walks back to the living room and takes off the maid’s uniform on Fan Lee.

  “ Carry Lee Fan into the bath. After I get her clean and dressed I am taking her to Grandma’s house.”She snickers and has a slight smile. He is so easy to manipulate. Killing Old Nine would lead to suspicions about the accident so that wasn’t part of my plan. Now I have his word he will kill Li Tian if needed. If Brother takes the job Li Tian will definitely die.

   Wang Xiaoming drives Sara home very satisfied they will be able to work together well. When they arrive at her apartment he gets out and opens the door. He holds an umbrella over her head and walks her to the entrance. “I will pick you up at eleven to go to the restaurant then as agreed.”

   “I am looking forward to it.” She opens the door and enters her apartment building.Sara is scared witless when a tall man dressed in black slowly approaches. The light is dim in the entranceway and she jumps in fright. When he sees she is frightened he says, “Miss Song, it’s me Kang Mingshen.”

    Sara’s heart is pounding, “Jeez..you scared the living daylights out of me! Why did you sneak up on me!”

   “I’m sorry Miss Song.” He had been waiting in his car for her to return and slipped in as soon as Wang Xiaoming turned away.

   “What do you want?”

   “You know the boss was in an accident.” Yang James told him she called but he didn’t give her any information.

    “Hmm..yes.” She doesn’t want to let on that she knows about Li Tian’s situation. Wang Xiaoming did her a huge favor by asking Han Weisheng.

    “He wants to see you.”

    “CEO Li is awake?” I thought he would be in a coma for a couple days.

   “ Well, no. The boss was calling your name and said he had something to say to you before he fell unconscious.”

   Sara clutches her coat and hesitates then says, “Kang Mingshun, if CEO Li isn’t awake he wouldn’t even know I am there and well..it would be uncomfortable for me to go to the hospital.”

   “Miss Song, the Boss might not make it. I think if you don’t go you will have regrets.”

   It took a long time for Sara to wrestle with her conscience and decide not to go visit Li Tian. She is startled,“WHAT?!?! Didn’t he come through the operation well! I thought he was in stable condition!”

   “He had a setback not long ago.” Dammit! Looking at her face I feel like she is going to burst into tears! He is fine! He just wants you to come!

   “Wait for me. I will change and be right down!”

    Sara hurries up the steps to her apartment. She rushes into her room to change. Bi is on the couch and sees her fly by. She puts down the chip bag in her hand and walks to Sara’s room, “Is there something wrong?”

   Sarra is breathless, “I need to go to the hospital. Li Tian was in an accident and he is asking for me.”

  “Is CEO Li okay? Why would he ask for you?”

    Sara changes into jeans and a pink sweater while they are talking, “I don’t know, but I didn’t tell you CEO Li got into an argument at the restaurant. When he left he got into an accident. I’m trying not to feel guilty but I do.”

   “An argument? About what?”

   Sara puts on a pair of white tennis shoes, “Bi, I will explain to you later. Kang Mingshun,his bodyguard is waiting downstairs to take me.”

   She takes her charger out of the wall. “My phone is out of battery but I will call you after I charge it.”

   Bi grabs Sara’s clammy hands, “Sweetie, slow down. You need to think about yourself. You are too soft hearted…don’t let guilt make you vulnerable, okay. You look exhausted, can’t you go in the morning?”

   “I should go now.”

  Bi can tell Sara isn’t listening, “Sara, It is obvious something is going on between you and Li Tian. You have been acting strangely since you returned from your business trip with him. I was waiting for you to tell me and I will still wait and not pressure you. Just know I am here for you. Take your medicine with you in case you are there late.”

   Sara hugs Bi and her eyes are covered in a thin layer of mist as she rests her head on her shoulder. “ Thank you Bi. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

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  1. I hope the accident made Li Tian not able to get his thing up,or at least infertile because he is an a$$😤,Sara deserves so much better


    1. Woah..haha ..he eventually will change! Sara will have some good male friends to keep her company until he does…Leo..Xiaoming..and Sun Zhi! ❤


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