Back at Rui’s Villa

 While they’re standing waiting for the elevator Rui hugs LiMei. “How do you feel? “

“Good.” LiMei scrunches up her nose and has a puzzled expression. “I think it’s strange though… I don’t remember being hypnotized but maybe it will come back to me. I am starving, do you want to stop and get something to eat? “

“Delun is making lunch at the villa.But if you would rather stop somewhere we could. “

“No, I wouldn’t want his effort to go to waste and I love his cooking. I can wait.”

 “There are snacks in the car.” He has a faint smile. He instructed the driver to keep the car stocked with the snacks LiMei likes. The driver was shocked because Rui never would eat in the car, then he met LiMei and understood the little girl is always hungry.

 Rui is kissing LiMei when the elevator door opens. Once they enter he pushes her up against the wall continuing to kiss LiMei until they arrive on the main level. He holds her hand as they exit to the dismay of Bai Chiyu who is going back to the office.

  She stops them. “Dr. Qiao. You aren’t going back to your office? I need to discuss the opening of the new Holistic Wing with you.”

  “I will come to the office in the morning it can wait until then.” He walks away and Bai Chiyu’s eyes are filled with hate watching Rui smiling at LiMei while she is talking. She stomps her high heel in frustration.Bitch! I have worked with Qiao Rui for so long and he never smiled at me like that! What is so great about you! He has never had a girlfriend…suddenly you show up and he completely changed! I can’t stand the way he pampers a little slut like you!

  Before they leave the building Rui buttons LiMei’s coat and fixes her scarf. “It’s snowing.”

  LiMei hugs Rui and she gazes up at him with a pure and innocent expression.“I love it when it snows, everything is so white and magical.”

  He holds her tightly and brushes a strand of her hair behind her ear. “If you want we could go to the Crystal Mountain Resort, in the winter it is quite beautiful. The lake freezes and is open for ice skating. There are several ski slopes and a large plum blossom grove .

  “Oh that sounds great! I haven’t been skiing since I went to Swit..well it has been awhile.” She catches herself, now that Qin Daiyu has resurfaced as the main personality her memories are being rapidly restored. I went on that horrifying mission with Kuang Bo and that awful man called Scorpion. She shivers thinking about how dangerous it was escaping capture by the police. Luckily, I learned to ski when I was young or I would be rotting in a Swiss prison. That moron Scorpion deviated from the plan and left me to fend for myself. I think it was intentional.

  LiMei is in a daze when she hears Rui, “LiMei?” He noticed her slip of the tongue and her dazed expression. Dammit! I wish I could tell LiMei that I know about her past and don’t care.

 She clings onto his arm. “Sorry..haha.. I was thinking about the ski resort, sounds awesome. Could we go this weekend? I want to go back to work.”

   Rui furrows his eyebrows, “Baby, I told you I talked to Chen Jianyu. It is too soon to return to work. How about we spend a few days in the mountains then you go back next week, eh?”

  The driver steps inside the hospital to let Rui know he arrived. He hands him an umbrella. Rui opens the umbrella and they step outside. LiMei’s eyes sparkle, reaching her small hand out from under the umbrella to catch snowflakes. Rui is amused gazing at her cute expression. Sometimes she is very cute. He takes her red and cold small hand and rubs it, “Too cold. You aren’t wearing gloves.”

   The driver opens the back door of the black Range Rover. Rui holds his hand so LiMei doesn’t bump her head. Once she is seated he gets in the car and places her on his lap. He frowns, unfortunately there is no privacy divider in this car. Rui regrets telling the driver to use the Range Rover to pick them up. It was the logical choice because of the weather but it prevents him from devouring LiMei.

   LiMei rests her head on his warm chest and can hear his heart beating. I always feel safe when I am in his arms. She has a sad expression as her doubts resurface as to how long this relationship can last.

   Rui notices her gloomy mood. “LiMei, are you sure you are feeling alright?”

   “Just a little hungry.”

    He has a pampering expression as he opens a pack of  LiMei’s  favorite chocolate biscuits. 

    LiMei’s eyes light up, “Rui, you remembered this is my favorite!”

    He feeds her a biscuit, “Well little girl how could I forget. When Delun went to the grocery store you insisted he bring them back for you..haha..then you hid in the Game room and ate four packs.”

   LiMei blushes, “How did you know?” I thought Rui was working in the study!

  He doesn’t want to say he was watching her on the monitor. Rui shamelessly throws the blame to his brother. “Delun told me.”

   LiMei’s cheeks puff out and she mumbles, “Traitor!”

  Rui chuckles as he opens a bottle of orange juice and gives her a sip.

  Delun is finishing making Spicy Three Fish Soup and he sneezes.Who is talking about me!

  When they enter Rui’s villa, delicious aromas waft out from the kitchen. LiMei hurries into the kitchen with Rui lazily walking behind. He shakes his head, the girl is so tiny but she loves to eat!

  LiMei excitedly looks into a pot on the stove. She impulsively hugs Delun, “Dpicy Three Fish Soup is my favorite!” She lifts the lid on another pot and she is drooling, ” Yummy! Dim Sum!

   Delun can see Rui’s aura darken and his eyes narrowing dangerously. He pushes LiMei away and laughs,“Sister-in-law I know I am handsome but control yourself.”

   LiMei can feel Rui’s intensely possessive gaze. She holds Rui’s hand, gaxing up at him adoringly,“Delun don’t delude yourself, no one is more handsome than my Rui.” She has a mischievous smile, “ I only want to eat his tofu!” 

LiMei’s face turns red all the way to the tip of her ears when she realizes what she said. She shyly blinks a few times and Rui can’t resist her coquettish appearance. He tightens his embrace and his breath is hot on her ear as he seductively whispers, “ Baby, you can eat it right now if you want.” He passionately kisses her deeply and LiMei melts in his arms.

  Delun coughs, “KAKA… did you forget about me?”

   Rui keeps kissing LiMei moving down her neck licking and sucking as she quivers in his arms. He stops when he hears LiMei’s stomach growling. He grins as he pats her stomach, “We can continue after lunch.”

   LiMei smiles awkwardly, “Delun, can I help you with anything?”

   He purses his lips and nods towards Rui. I don’t need the Big Buddha kicking me back to school.  “No. Go sit.”

   LiMei picks up the plates and the chopsticks and sets the table. The dining area has floor to ceiling windows facing the garden. She watches the snow falling covering the trees and flowers. Only the two plum blossom trees are blooming and she wants to pick a couple branches for the centerpiece. “Rui, come look.”

   He walks over to the window and stands behind LiMei hugging her waist. She exclaims, “Really beautiful. I want to pick some plum blossoms.” He rests his head on her shoulder, “Too cold.You just got over being sick. I will go.”

   She turns around and stands on her tiptoes and  lightly kisses his lips. LiMei says what is in her heart.“ did I get so lucky to meet you.”

   He embraces her tightly around her thin waist, his heart is about to explode because LiMei seldom reveals her feelings. Rui’s voice is full of emotion as he caresses her cheek.“I am the lucky one.”

  Rui grabs his coat and goes out the French doors across the snow covered patio to the first plum blossom tree. He snaps off two branches laden with white flowers. After he gently shakes off the snow he comes inside. LiMei takes the branches from him and  puts them into a vase she took from a shelf. “Thank you Rui, they are incredibly beautiful.”

   Rui pulls her onto his lap, “Not as beautiful as you.”

   Delun places the dishes on the table and sits down rolling his eyes. I forgot how doting Rui is to Feng LiMei. Who would have thought that iceberg could be affectionate?

   Rui feeds LiMei a spoonful of the Spicy Three Fish Soup. She licks her lips, “Delun, you should open your own restaurant. This is the tastiest soup I have ever eaten!”

  There is a knock at the door and Rui raises his eyebrow looking at Delun. “Are you expecting someone?”

 He outs down his chopsticks. “No but it might be Sheng Siyue. I told her Feng LiMei was being discharged today and she said she wanted to see her.”

   Rui’s face darkens and he tightens his grip on the chopsticks. LiMei sees his reaction and puts her hand on his. She has her one hand on his chest and with the other pulls his tie so he lowers his head. LiMei’s dazzlingly green eyes are filled mischief as she quietly teases Rui in a coquettish voice, “Rui, be good. I will give you a surprise after lunch when we go upstairs.”

   He has a devilish grin as he kicks Delun under the table. “Delun, aren’t you going to get the door?”

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