Sara Breaks Down

   When the server comes back with the bottle of wine, Sara opens her mouth to say she will have tea when Li Tian orders, “Bring her a cup of Wuyi.”

   Wang Xiaoming has a complicated expression wondering what the relationship is between Li Tian and Sara. It is obvious from Li Tian’s actions he treats Song Sara differently. He has known Li Tian since High School, he has never seen him close to anyone… male or female. He rudely joined the table, ignored his fiancee…then in a protective manner drank Song Sara’s glass of wine. He is engaged to Long An…Song Sara doesn’t seem like a frivolous woman so what is going on with them. I don’t need him disrupting my plans for the restaurant. I hope I didn’t make a mistake in my decision to partner with Song Sara. The less I have to do with that arrogant bastard the better.

   Sara notices the puzzled expression on Wang Xiaoming’s face but has no words. If I say anything it might only raise more questions.  “ I am going to the ladies room. Bi order me whatever you are having.”

  She practically runs away from the table. When she gets into the ladies room she breathes a sigh of relief. My God! Why did the Big Devil turn up! He is ruining everything! You would need to be blind not to see Wang Xiaoming and Li Tian don’t like each other. Long An is shooting daggers at me.. Li Tian is deliberately making it appear we are close! I wasn’t going to drink the glass of wine! Does he think I have no self awareness!

   Looking in the mirror she decides when she goes back to the table she will ignore Li Tian and Long An. I can’t give Wang Xiaoming the wrong impression, he will be my partner. Sara wants to splash her face with cold water but that would ruin her makeup. Sara be strong!

   Li Tian stands in the hallway outside the ladies room planning to confront Sara about Wang Xiaoming. But has a faint smile when he sees a yellow cleaning sign folded next to the wall by the restrooms. He puts it in front of the ladies room and shamelessly enters startling Sara. 

  “ are you doing in here?”

  She apprehensively backs away from him. He pushes her up against the wall caging her petite body with his arms and his Adam’s apple rolls gazing at Sara. “Planning to have a glass of wine then seduce that pretty bastard?”

  Sara tries to push him but it is like a kitten scratching his chest, “Of course not! Bi ordered the wine.”

  He leans down and sprays his warm breath on her sensitive ear, “You aren’t denying the part about seducing him.”

  Sara’s eyes widen, “Li Tian! Can you stop! Not every man is like you!”

  Narrowing his Phoenix eyes, he sarcastically retorts “No?  You are really niave. The only thing a man wants from you little girl is this.” He reaches his hand up her skirt and rubs her sensitive spot. Li Tian’s breathing is becoming ragged and he is having a reaction. His voice is filled with desire and possessiveness “But..Baby.. your hot little pussy belongs to me. Didn’t I warn you?” Restless from the thought of Sara with another man he drags Sara into a stall. She is enveloped in his scent as he presses her against the wall. Sara’s heart is pounding as she struggles in his embrace, “YOU ARE CRAZY!”

Li Tian has seen many women but Sara is the only one that has the ability to bewitch him. Gazing at at her beautiful face he pictures the little wildcat wrapping her slender legs around his waist and her coquettish moans. The thought of sharing Sara with another man makes him want to kill. He can’t control his jealousy as he puts his hand on her throat, his eyes filled with obsession, “I don’t mind locking you up.”


Kissing her lips he ignores Sara’s protests as he pries her mouth open, domineeringly entangling their tongues. When they are breathless he licks her lips. Intoxicated by the sweet taste he looks like a lustful demon staring into her eyes, “Crazy? No.” He runs his finger down her cheek then uses some force lifting her chin, “Song Sara you are the crazy one thinking you can escape from me. As you can see I can have you anytime I want”, Using his other hand in one fluid stroke he undoes his belt then unzips his pants. “If you don’t want my *** dripping down your legs use your sweet little mouth.”

   He presses his body onto hers and she can feel his hardness. Sara kicks him, “Bastard! Pervert! You are sick! I won’t…let me go.”

  He grabs her by the hair, “Yeah I’m sick.” He fiercely kisses her lips and rubs her breast under her blouse. “You barely leave my bed and Leo Cadiuex’s driver picks you up. I saw you smiling at him… did you fuck him too?” He pinches her breast and Sara quivers, “Now, you are wearing a sexy short skirt and thin silk blouse to seduce Wang Xiaoming. I saw the way he looked at you, little whore.”

   Sara can no longer hold back her tears, she is trembling with anger as she pounds on his chest. She puffs out her flushed cheeks fed up with his overbearing humiliation. She defiantly looks him directly in the eyes. “Li Tian I do like Leo Cadieux! I like him so much! He is kind and gentle!”

   Li Tian tightens his hold on her thin waist drawing her closer. He has murderous glint in his eye as he scoffs, “Like I said, you are a little fool! Kind and gentle! What a fucking joke! He doesn’t deserve your praise or affection. You are mine Song Sara…only mine.”

    Tears are rolling down her cheeks, “You are the devil! I will never be with you! I was kidnapped because of you and scared to death….I am a fool!” She sniffles, ” I actually believed… would come save me but…” Sara’s delicate body is trembling recalling the feeling of being abandoned, “You left…you just left…”

   Looking at Sara’s hurt and disappointed expression he is unable to respond. I can’t regret leaving Milan; my grandfather was hovering between life and death. I would make the same choice again. He has a complicated expression gazing at Sara’s fragile appearance, unexpectedly zips up his pants and fixes his belt. Without saying a word of apology or ridicule he leaves Sara and storms out of the bathroom. He kicks the cleaning sign then goes down the hallway leading to the restaurant’s garden. Once on the deserted patio he stands under an umbrella watching the pure white snow falling. He is in a pensive mood as he lights a cigarette. Song Sara…

    Surprised by Li Tian’s sudden departure Sara stands motionless leaning against the stall. After a short while she composes herself. Maybe the perverted devil has some conscience after all. 

She hears Bi calling her name, “Sara..are you alright?”

  Sara  takes a tissue from her purse and wipes her face, “Yeah Bi. I have a stomach ache. Go back to the table, I will be there in a few minutes.”

   “I will wait.”

   Sara takes a few deep breaths and fixes her clothes and combs her hair. She steps out of the stall, “Sorry to leave you to entertain Wang Xiaoming. The medicinal tea really flushes me out… hahaha.”

   “It’s fine. He is a really interesting guy.” Bi rolls her eyes, “It was Long An that was being annoying. Li Tian left to smoke a cigarette after you went to the restroom and she was acting strange. Almost as though she thought he was following you.” I actually had the same thought.

   Sara washes her hands and face then puts on pink lipstick.  Wanting to dispel any doubts she nonchalantly says,“Why would CEO Li look for me?”

   They leave the restroom, Bi chuckles thinking about the dog blood ideas in her mind and lies,“I thought the same thing but you know Long An, she is a drama queen.”

    When they arrive at the table only Wang Xiaming is sitting there. Bi asks, “Where is Long An?”

   “Li Tian came back and said he had something at the company. They left.”

  Sara sits down. “Sorry to make you wait.”

  “Are you feeling unwell? We can do this another day.”

  “I am better now.” Sara blushes, this is so embarrassing!  

    “Should we order?”

   “Yes. I am starving.”

     Li Tian has a face as dark as the bottom of a pot as he opens the door of his black Bentley. Long An complains, “Li Tian, couldn’t the business wait until after lunch I am so hungry!”

“Shut up! Don’t you have cooks!”

While he is driving the image of Sara looking like a fragile porcelain doll while crying and blaming him replays in his mind. He isn’t paying attention as a car slides on the icy road headed towards the black Bentley.

There is the shrill sound of tires screeching then the thunderous noise of metal colliding.

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    1. Tomorrow he is still cultivating after the bloody banquet. Starfire will be funny protecting Sara.
      Sound of sirens..You aren’t worried about Li Tian?😰 Haha


      1. Nope! Li Tian can kiss my fist for hurting Sara! And I know when Leo gets the report about Sara he’s gonna be furious. Ah I had a feeling Starfire will be sent to protect Sara. I’m wondering how long before Leo feels safe enough to tell Sara who he really is.


      2. Ooh I am and my hatred for him currently matches the tone of the story, so I have great expectations for him 🤔


      3. He will evolve but it will take time. Eventually he is forced to face his feelings and the fact he could really lose Sara.


      4. I could see a glimpse of that in this chapter. Though it was tiny on Li Tian’s part, I can feel that’ll when it gets serious it’s gonna be a good turning point for him.


  1. I hope the partnership between Sara and Wang Xiaming won’t be canceled because of Li Tian?😬
    And who crashed into Li Tian? 🤔


    1. Wang Xiaoming and Sara will proceed with the design of the restaurant next chapter. Details of accident will be revealed soon! will also be revealed!😰


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