Wang Xiaoming Will Come

The remote falls out of Sara’s hand as she falls asleep on the couch. She is drooling and dreaming about being a guest at Wu Ming’s dinner party. She wakes up when her phone rings, her voice is hoarse, “Umm..hello.”

  “Is this Song Sara?”

   Sara doesn’t open her eyes,“Hmm.. Who is this?

   Wang Xiaoming answers, “Wang Xiaoming.”

   Sara suddenly sits up and blinks her eyes a few times, “Wang Xiaoming… ah hello! Sorry I dozed off watching television.”

    “I received your email. Are you free for lunch?”

   “I am meeting Han Bi at two. Would you like to join us? We are meeting at The Golden Pear.”

  “That would be fine. I thought we could have lunch to discuss what each of our expectations are and what you envision then drive over to the new restaurant.” Now that Sara has signed the partnership agreement he is anxious to begin decorating the restaurant and getting the kitchen set up.

   “That would be great. I am anxious to get started. So two o’clock at the Golden Pear Restaurant.See you then.”

     Sarah is invigorated after speaking to Wang Xiaoming and hurries to her closet to pick out a dress.

    Li Tian is furious when he leaves the Zhou Group. He looks at his watch and his mouth twitches, the last thing I fucking I want to do is meet Long An. Dammit!  I promised grandfather I would, I’ll just make it quick.

   He makes a phone call to Chen Wu, “Did you locate Leo Cadieux?”

  “ Boss, he is in Shanghai.”

   “Is Song Sara at his Villa? ” 

   “No, the driver took Song Sara to her apartment.”

   “Tell Kang Mingshun to monitor her. I have to go to the wedding photographers then I will deal with Song Sara.”

    Li Tian reluctantly goes to the Long Estate to pick up Long An. She is excitedly waiting for him in the living room. “Mom, you were right. Grandpa Li is the only person that can control him. I spent the last couple days in Grandpa Li’s hospital room complaining about the way he is treating me. I did what you said, peeled fruit and listened to all the old man’s nonsense.”

  Kang Lanfen looks at her daughter with a meaningful gaze, “We are counting on you especially now that Cousin Ming is gone so is our leverage. You need to do whatever it takes to please Li Tian. Do you hear me? Don’t make all of Mommy’s efforts be in vain.”

  Long An hugs Kang Lanfen, “ I know Mommy.” 

  “Li Tian is a selfish bastard but he is filial,as long as Li Hong hovers near death he will do whatever he says. Did you give the old man the medicine I gave you?”

   “I did just what you said I almost was caught by some nosy fat nurse but then she was distracted when Grandpa Li started coughing.”

 Kang Lanfen digs her. long nails in to Long An’s arm and Long An winces, “Why are you pinching me?”

  “Don’t be an idiot! I told you to be careful if you are discovered drugging the old man the consequences are unimaginable. “

  “I won’t. I decided adding it at the hospital is too dangerous. So I told Grandpa Li I would personally make him the yam porridge he likes tomorrow.”


   Li Tian walks into the living room and they both are startled , when he doesn’t react they calm down. Long An rushes over and grabs his arm, she smiles sweetly, “Tian, you are right on time, let’s go.”

   He shakes off her arm, “Long An. This is for grandfather, don’t get too excited. I haven’t changed my mind you need to find a way to break the engagement.”

  Kang Lanfen is angered by his repeated attempts to nullify the marriage contract. She wants to say something but she holds her tongue. If my plan succeeds the insufferable bastard definitely will marry An! How could he refuse the dying wish of his beloved grandfather.

  Sara picks out a black skirt with a little lace by the hem and a bright pink silk blouse. She thinks the color makes her look lively, she doesn’t want to look sickly and her face is still very wan. She usually doesn’t apply makeup but she puts on a light blush and curls her eyelashes.

After she brushes her hair she pulls it up into a bun leaving half her long black hair cascading down her back. She looks for her favorite jade hairpin and can’t find it. Did I leave it at Li Tian’s villa? I must have, I left without even brushing my hair. Mom gave it to me…I need to find a way to get it back but I”m not going to worry about it now. Maybe I can ask his bodyguard Tang Qiang to find it for me. For some reason I feel like he owes me a favor. 

    She looks on her dressing table and takes a small hairpin with pink diamonds that Zhou Jason gave her on her birthday. Oh..looks pretty.

   Sara knows she shouldn’t wear heels with her feet still a little swollen but she chooses a pair of black slingbacks with a small heel. I need to make a good impression on Wang Xiaoming.

   She calls Fu Chian, “Mr. Fu, I am meeting Han Bi at the Golden Pear Restaurant. Could you give me a ride?”  Sara really believes he needs the work so she doesn’t hesitate to call him.

  “Of course. I will be there in ten minutes. I will come to your apartment, it is too drafty in the entranceway for you to wait there.”

  “Well, thank you.” 

  She waters her plants while she is waiting. Sara then picks up the Demolition Notice on the counter to show Han Bi then decides against bringing it and puts the paper into a drawer. That would be embarrassing in front of Wang Xiaoming, what was I thinking!

There is a knock on the door. Sara puts on her coat and opens it. “Hi Mr. Fu. Thank you for coming all the way to my apartment.”

   “It is what I should do.” The Boss really values you so I should also.

   “I don’t want to disturb Mr. Cadieux on his business trip but when will he be back?”

   “Should be back tomorrow.” The Boss cleaned up those rotten traitors last night and is cultivating all day today so… that seems right.

   “I want to make him dinner. Do you know any of his preferences?”

   “No. I don’t come into contact with him very much. I’m sure he would like anything you make.”

   “Okay. I was watching a cooking show today and got a few ideas.”

    When they arrive at the restaurant Fu Chian opens the back door and helps Sara onto the sidewalk. He notices her shoes, “Miss Song your feet earlier..” He realizes he might be overstepping and stops mid sentence. 

   Sara says, “Yeah, they are a little swollen but I wanted to look professional.”

   ??? Aren’t you meeting Han Bi?

   “ Thank you Mr. Fu. I shouldn’t need you again this afternoon.”

  “How will you get home?” I need to keep tabs on you for the Boss.

  “Well, I am going somewhere with a business partner after lunch so he will bring me home.”

  “Very well. If you change your mind, call me.”

   Sara looks at him with a hint of pity, he must really need the work.”

  “Mr. Fu, how is your wife?”

  “My wife?” He is caught off guard, “Oh my wife..she is awaiting the operation and in stable condition right now.”

  “That is good. If you tell me what hospital I would like to send her a fruit basket.”

  He has a pained expression, “Well, that is kind of you Miss Song but she is on a liquid only diet right now. You should get inside, it is too cold out here.” No more questions please…I hate lying about a wife I don’t have!

   Sara holds his arm and comforts him, “Mr. Fu. Your wife will come through this…stay strong.”

   He watches her go into the restaurant and sighs, Boss, couldn’t you think of something else. Miss Song is too soft hearted… She is worried about a woman who doesn’t exist!

  Someone else is watching Sara from across the street. Li Tian stepped outside the wedding photographer’s to smoke a cigarette and witnessed this scene. Does that little woman smile at every man she meets except me!





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