The Golden Pear

  Focused entirely on Sara happily smiling at the man, Li Tian’s molten dark eyes fill with blazing fire. Does that little woman smile at every man she meets except me! Leo Cadieux gave Song Sara a driver?

  He crushes his cigarette on the sidewalk then walks back into the Photography Studio. Long An is talking to the photographer and Li Tian bellows, “Long An, hurry up,I’ll take you to lunch.”

   Lunch? He wants to take me to lunch? Long An quickly ends her conversation and takes her D&G dark green coat from the photographer’s assistant. She hurriedly puts on her coat and as she buttons it she smiles brightly, “Are you taking me to The Booming Lotus Restaurant?”  Long An has been hinting that she wanted to go to the romantic restaurant all week to his grandfather.

  “No. Let’s go.” He opens the door and walks across the street. Long An slips on the road as she tries to keep up with his long legs. “Li Tian, could you slow down!”

   He walks into The Golden Pear Restaurant. The private rooms aren’t open in the daytime so he knows Song Sara is somewhere in the open restaurant. The Hostess greets them, CEO Li did you want me to open a private room for you?’

  “No need to trouble you.” He looks around the room, Sara is sitting at a table with Han Bi. He is relieved that she is eating with her friend and not a man. But, he has decided to flaunt his relationship with Long An with the intention of stimulating Sara. 

  “The table by the window facing the garden.”

  “Of course. Follow me.”

   Long An wonders why he wouldn’t have the woman open a private room. He never eats in a crowded restaurant. When they arrive at the table she sees why. That bitch Song Sara! Long An tenses her body and is going to say something but Li Tian doesn’t acknowledge Sara at all. Not even a glance in her direction. Did he not see the slut. Impossible we walked right past their table.

    She decides she won’t aggravate him. Li Tian was cooperative during the photo shoot and she was pleasantly surprised by his attitude.

    Sara’s mouth drops open when Li Tian walks by certain he will say something rude. It is true that enemies cross on a narrow road. When he treats her as an invisible person she is surprised and relieved. Wang Xiaoming should be arriving soon and she doesn’t want any unpleasantness.

   Han Bi leans over to Sara, “CEO Li, he had to have seen you. Why wouldn’t he say hello?”

   “Who knows, CEO Li is a very cold and strange man.” Sara sips her water and looks at the menu.

   “You aren’t upset, you worked hard for him all last night.”

    Sara chokes on her water at that comment, “Kaka..” Her eyes water, and she coughs again, “Bi, I am just an ordinary employee. He is with his fiancee. Why would he say anything to me? It is best this way.”

    Li Tian can hear their conversation and he purses his thin lips, tempted to go over and compliment Sara on her ‘ hard work’ last night. He looks at the menu and in a gentle voice says, “Would you like a glass of Vilienne Cabernet”

   Long An feels like she is dreaming. She coquettishly flutters her eyelashes exclaims loud enough for the next two tables to hear. “Tian, you remembered that particular wine is my favorite.”

  “I know all of your favorite things.” But I could give a shit. It is only because you would drill it into my head, I want this..I like that.. It is coming in useful now Song Sara is sneaking a peek in our direction.

   Sara can’t help but feel a little unsettled,only a few hours ago that man was holding her in his arms. She marvels at his ability to change his face. He is incredibly charming when he wants to be and extremely frightening also. Really a shameless demon wrapped in human skin.

  Although their conversation keeps drifting over to Sara’s table she does her best to ignore Li Tian and Long An. “Bi, so what is going on with you and CEO Fang? He arbitrarily allowed Jiang SuSu to take your position?”

  Han Bi gazes out the window, “Well, he had no choice.”

 “Why do you say that?”

  “He has to listen to the Chairman and it was his decision. He wants the two of them to spend more time together to grow their feelings. He enabled Jiang SuSu to graduate early so she could return from abroad sooner.

  Sara pats her on her hand, “Bi, since he has a fiancee maybe you should consider accepting  blind dates. You are and funny. Why waste time with someone who is going to be married. The Fang family and the Jiang’s have mutual interests they need to protect through this arranged marriage. Fang Yunxian is filial and he won’t reject Jiang SuSu because he likes you. I don’t want to hurt you by saying this, you are my dearest friend and I don’t like to see you hurt. There are so many good men out there.”

   Li Tian  strains to hear Sara and Bi’s conversation but their words are drowned out by Long An’s ramblings. He grits his teeth and wants to tell her to shut up but that would ruin the little play he is acting in right now. One sentence he hears loud and clear almost makes him lose his mind. ‘There are so many good men out there.’

  The server walks over to Bi and Sara, “Can I get you ladies something to drink?”

  Bi is upset, she knows what Sara is saying is true but she has been in  love with Fang Yunxian since High School. She looks up at the server and smiles, “We will both have a glass of your house white wine thank you.”

  Sara gives her look, don’t you need to go back to work? I can’t drink. The server leaves before Sara can say she wants tea. “Bi, don’t you have to go back to work?”

  “Yes. But my current job I could do in my sleep. I know you are right Sara but he has been in my heart for so long, how do I forget him. Really, I can’t.”

  Sara tightens her grip on Bi’s hand, “I know. It takes time.” I still am not over Zhou Jason.

  Wang Xiaoming walks up to the table, “Sorry, I am late.”

   She is a little nervous she shyly responds,“No apology necessary. Please sit.”

Sara has a radiant smile looking at the handsome man infuriating Li Tian. Is she infatuated with the pretty bastard? That’s what she likes feminine looking men?

  Li Tian grips his wine glass in his hand, WANG XIAOMING! No wonder Song Sara is wearing such an eye-catching outfit! She even is wearing make up… her silky long black hair is seductively curled and hanging down. The little woman looks like a goddam vixen!

   Long An notices the air surrounding Li Tian has dropped below freezing. He is glaring at the man joining Song Sara, who is he? 

   Suddenly Li Tian stands up and takes two long strides over to Sara’s table. She gulps when she sees his smile that is uglier than crying. What is he going to do! 

   Li Tian greets Wang Xiaoming, “Long time no see.”

  Wang Xiaoming’s handsome face is emotionless he politely says, “It’s been awhile.”

  “Since we are old friends and should catch up, why don’t Long An and I join you for lunch?”


  Wang Xiaoming drinks his water, “Another time.”

  Li Tian doesn’t take his answer to heart. He pulls up a chair next to Sara.“I’m very busy, I have some free time now.”

  Wang Xiaoming lifts an eyebrow, no one has thicker skin than Young Master Li. He has no use for this arrogant bastard and wants to kick him away but doesn’t want to show his true nature in front of Sara and Bi. He glances at the other table and snidely remarks.“ Forget something? Your fiancee?”

   Li Tian orders the server, “One more chair.”

  The server brings a chair, Sara moves her chair away from Li Tian to make room. but Li Tian indicates he wants it on the other side. He casually moves his chair closer to Sara.

   Long An sips her wine watching. What is he doing! Dammit! He isn’t giving me any face at all! Am I supposed to just walk over to the table? Hmmph! We are getting along well if I say anything he will only get angry.  She digs her fingernails into her palm and swallows her pride She sways her hips as she walks over then quietly sits next to Li Tian.

   The atmosphere at the table is very awkward. Wang Xiaoming’s aura darkens and Sara is surprised, he doesn’t like Li Tian? Well… he isn’t an easy man to get along with that is for sure. 

   The server brings two glasses of white wine and stares at the three new people at the table. He is surprised that these two women know such big men. Although the pretty woman with short red hair is wearing all brand name clothes and has a Limited Edition Hermes bag she doesn’t exude a superior attitude. The other young woman is extraordinarily beautiful but her clothes are off the rack.

He recognizes Wang Xiaoming, he is a good friend of the owner and a world renowned chef. The other man is fucking the CEO of Li Group. He thinks of his tip and changes his lackadaisical  attitude from earlier. “Would you like something to drink?”

  Long An waits for Li Tian to order for her when he only orders whisky for himself she frowns. Wang Xiaoming is a gentleman and he says, “Bring a bottle of Chalet de Granville 88. Does that suit your taste Miss Long?”

  She nods. Wow…so handsome like a celebrity.I wonder who he is? His voice is so sexy…and he is such a gentleman.

  Li Tian notices the glass of white wine in front of Sara. He raises an eyebrow, the little girl dares to drink wine? Does she plan on climbing into bed with the pretentious asshole? I will never let that happen!

  He casually picks up the wine glass in front of Sara and downs it in one go. “Thirsty.”


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