Jade Pagoda Real Estate

  Sara sinks into the water and closes her eyes leaning on the tub.   

 Suppressing the emotions she is experiencing, Sara has a stabbing pain in her heart. When she woke up snuggled comfortably in Li Tian’s arms and he affectionately stroked her hair she was very attracted to him. As she leaned her head on his chest she could hear their hearts beating rapidly in unison and she thought maybe they did have some shared feelings for each other. The illusion was shattered when she overheard him on the phone bringing her back to the reality she means nothing to him…

  The medical herbs soothe her body and she relaxes, the special rare herbs have a calming effect which enables her to restore her mental energy also. She has no idea this medicinal powder cost over ten million dollars and was specially formulated by Leo Cadieux.

   After she dries her body she puts on a pair of skinny jeans and a long white sweater. She plans on eating breakfast then posting on her blog.

    Sara looks at the daily menus prepared by the nutritionist. She opens the refrigerator and takes out eggs and vegetables to make an omelet. Frowning, she grabs a bag of brown rice from the cupboard. Not a fan of brown rice but the nutritionist said it is a healthier choice. After pouring a glass of orange juice she begins to slice the mushrooms, and zucchini.

She wants onions mixed in the eggs but the nutritionist told her she could experience indigestion until her stomach issues are solved. Dr. Ling also recommended eating more red meat to fortify her blood. Sara smiles happily as she takes out a steak and places it in a fryin cbc pan. When Leo had food delivered she was pleasantly surprised when she saw the thick steaks.

  Sara finishes preparing the breakfast and sits at the counter. She is savoring a piece of the tender steak when there is a knock at the door. Hmm..she takes a quick bite of the eggs then walks to the door. Squinting looking out the cat’s eye, there is a short middle aged man wearing a heavy jacket and cap at the door holding a paper. Sara knows it is most likely the Notice of Demolition so she opens the door.

The man extends his hand gving Sara the white paper. He coughs and clears his throat, this is the twentieth occupant he has delivered the notice to within the last hour and a half. He sounds like he is losing his voice. “Resident 609 I am here to notify you of the upcoming demolition of this building. Please vacate by the date of the notice.”

  She takes the official notice and looks at the man’s red face, “You have worked hard. If you wait a moment I brewed some soothing tea, it will moisturise your dry throat.”

  “I don’t want to trouble you.” He wipes his runny nose with a tissue, “I usually bring a thermos but I forgot this morning when my Boss said this is a rush job.” Taking off his cap he scratches his head, “ I even left without eating breakfast.” He was cursing his boss all morning but it is a good job so he had to go.

   “No trouble. Please wait, I will be right back.”

   Sara takes a paper cup with a lid out of the cupboard. She has a stack of them for when she is late to work and drinks her morning tea while walking to the bus stop. She fills it with tea and puts an extra slice of lemon and a spoonful honey into it then stirs. She looks at the amount of food she made and fixes him a plate with sliced marinated steak, rice and a piece of the vegetable omelet.

   Sara opens the door and the man is on the phone. She hands the cup to him and sets the plate on top of a milk crate by the door without speaking and points to it before she walks back into the apartment. That must be a difficult job in this weather.

  When the man gets off the phone he sips the hot tea and his eyes light up greedily eyeing the plate of appetizing looking food. He is very hungry and his stomach is growling, with so many notices to deliver he hadn’t planned on stopping to eat until later in the afternoon. He swallows a bite and his eyes light up, this steak is very tender and tasty. The chopsticks in his hand move quickly picking up the fragrant eggs with some rice, the little girl is a good cook! 

    After he finishes he wipes his mouth on his sleeve takes out a coupon for a free meal for two from his sister’s restaurant. He sticks the red and gold card with a short note under the plate. The little girl is probably eating so I don’t want to disturb. Drinking the hot tea he walks to the next apartment, he glances back at Sara’s apartment hoping Sara can find a place to live on short notice.

  Sara finishes her breakfast and takes the dishes and pans to the sink. I feel much better after eating. She walks outside to get the dirty plate. When she picks it up she smiles when she reads the note and picks up the coupon. I haven’t heard of this restaurant, Suzy’s Dim Sum. That was so nice of him.

   Sara does the dishes then sits on the couch to update her food blog. She uploads the picture of the chocolate cake. She chuckles as she puts cat ears and whiskers on the photo of Bi with the chocolate cream on her lips and a huge satisfied smile then adds it .

  She lays back on the couch looking at the comments and smiles. Sara is in a good mood, her mother taught her that no matter what happens she needs to live life happily. After the relaxing bath and a good breakfast she feels refreshed.

Today is the first day of my new life. I have good friends…an opportunity I never imagined to live my dream of having my own bakery. Although it will be different than I imagined I think it will be awesome. I had a very good impression of Wang Xiaoming when I met him. I am going to forget about Li Tian… Zhou Jason and I  concentrate on my new partnership with Wang Xiaoming.

  Wang Xiaoming gave Sara his email when she took pictures of his mother’s restaurant so she decides to email him rather than call. She sends an email which includes her phone number then turns on the television. Sara flips through channels and lands on a reality show she likes. Today’s episode features a celebrity chef, Fong Yifan . He enters the beautiful and spacious kitchen of Wu Ming a well known kpop singer. He needs to cook for a dinner party Wu Ming is hosting with several distinguished guests that were invited. She watches him as he prepares an elaborate seafood dish.

Mesmerized by his ability to manage several difficult dishes while being filmed she thinks that is why he is so popular. He doesn’t get flustered when a beautiful actress named Fan Mi comes into the kitchen and starts asking silly questions. Fong Ming politely answers each one as he continues to cook. Sara sighs, So handsome and talented.  

  While Sara is relaxing watching Fong Ming cooking, Li Tian is stewing while standing in Zhou Jason’s office. A strange woman is sitting at Sara’s desk.“Where is your assistant Song Sara?”

  “She has the day off, Secretary Peng can accompany you to the Mega Mall site. She has been briefed and is fully capable of taking notes.”

  Peng Chunhua looks at Li Tian expectantly. She couldn’t believe her good fortune when she came to work and was called to the CEO’s office.

  Li Tian looks like he swallowed a fly, “I am not familiar with this woman.” He has a commanding tone, “ I want Song Sara, call her to come into the office immediately.”

  Zhou Jason puts down the report in his hand from the Hong Kong branch. “CEO Li, Miss Song was injured yesterday and requested the day off. I had no reason to refuse. ” He has a sarcastic tone, “ If you aren’t comfortable with Miss Peng, take an assistant from your company.”

  “Do I need to repeat myself. I said I want Song Sara.”

  Peng Chunhua walks over with a stack of papers,“CEO Li, I have familiarized myself with all the details of the project. I personally know —– who you are meeting, I worked for —- before I came to Zhou Group.”

  Li Tian looks at Peng Chunhua with undisguised contempt. “Shut up.”

  Peng Chunhua’s face turns bright red. She bites her gums, Bewitched..that slut bewitched CEO Li! 

  Zhou Jason says, “Miss Peng mentioned what I was going to say. You don’t need to be rude. Miss Peng leave us.”

  Peng Chunhua goes out to her desk, Damn that bitch! 

   Zhou Jason’s aura darkens; he opens his drawer and takes out an investigative report he used his connections in the government to acquire. Standing up from his desk he drops his gentle persona as he aggressively approaches Li Tian. Behind his gold rimmed glasses his amber eyes have a dangerous glint, “Listen you fucking asshole, Song Sara works for me, not you! You are not in the position to make demands! Don’t try to threaten me with the project either… Li Group is in as deep shit as our Zhou Group.

   He flings the report in his hand at Li Tian, “I want to know what you did to anger that lunatic Leo Cadieux! I know it wasn’t me… My father has never met him and I have met him twice under amiable circumstances.  Why the fuck would he would demolish two city blocks to build a competing Mall!”

  “Leo Cadieux?”

  “Look, it is right there in black and white. Leo Cadieux is the only investor in the Chinese firm that purchased the land. In other words the little Motherf****r owns Jade Pagoda Real Estate .”

   Li Tian skims the report..Fucking Leo Cadieux! The Rolls Royce Phantom at my villa was Leo Cadieux’s…the new Mall project is Leo Cadieux’s…  Li Tian rips the report into pieces. That fucking son of a bitch really wants to die!

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  1. Well, finally, Jason showed his character! I like this guy! Although they did not work out with Sarah, he is not afraid to protect her and does not wag his tail like everyone else in front of this domineering tyrant.


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