Fu Chian Drives Sara Home

This extra chapter is sponsored by my awesome Russian friend Elena! ❤ I appreciate your support and comments! Enjoy!

   Li Tian’s mood worsens as he watches the Rolls Royce Phantom disappear down the winding road to the gate.  It seems little girl that you didn’t take my words seriously. Miss Song Sara,  you will find out that I, Li Tian, never suffer a loss! He has flames of anger rolling in the bottom of his pitch black eyes, I will return it to you tenfold for disobeying me!

  Fu Chian is distressed observing Sara’s disheveled appearance in the rear view mirror. She is curled up into a ball huddled in the corner of the backseat.The Boss is really going to lose it if I tell him. But if I don’t… The poor little woman looks like she was bullied then kicked out of that fucking bastard’s villa. What the fuck! It is snowing heavily and she is wearing flimsy slippers and a man’s coat. Song Sara’s long hair is tangled and messy as though she just rolled out of bed..

He noticed the red marks on her snow white neck and red and swollen when he opened the back door for Sara.What kind of man tosses a good girl then throws her out into the bone chilling cold? No wonder the Boss hates Li Tian.It is fucking snowing!

Fu Chian has a good opinion of Sara after interacting with her several times. He thinks Sara is a very sweet and innocent girl. Fu Chian tightens his hand on the steering wheel, “Miss Song there is mineral water and juice in the refrigerator and some snacks if you are hungry. It will take a while to get to your apartment.”

   Sara opens her eyes and smiles at Fu Chian “Thank you Mr. Fu. I am going to try and sleep until we get there.”

  “Are you warm enough? I can turn up the heat. There is also a blanket.”

  “That would be nice.” Sara is shivering, her feet were not protected by the slippers and feel frozen from standing in the snow. She covers her red and stinging feet with the thick  blanket then closes her eyes. Mentally and physically exhausted it doesn’t take Sara long to drift off into sleep.

    When they arrive at Sara’s apartment Fu Chian sees that Sara is sound asleep. She is wrapped in the blanket like a cocoon with only her fluffy head sticking out. 

    He opens the back door and leans in “Miss Song we are at your apartment.” When she doesn’t respond he opens the back door and picks her up. Shit! The little chick is light as a fucking feather. He looks at her delicate face and shakes his head. I hope the Boss teaches that motherf****r a heavy lesson for treating Miss Song Sara in such a despicable manner. Women should be cherished, not used and discarded!  

  Fu Chain knocks on the door thinking Han Bi is home. When no one answers after he knocks louder he takes Sara’s key out of her purse. When he opens the door he frowns, such a tiny place…it is good that the Boss wants her to live in the villa.

  He isn’t sure which bedroom is Sara’s so he enters the one on the right. He wrinkles his forehead, what a mess! Clothes are strewn everywhere and his ears turn red when a red lace thong on the floor catches his eye. There are empty snack bags on a desk with two computers. The posters on the wall of ‘Legends of the Jianghu’ and the desk is set up for gaming tell him that this is Han Bi’s room. Fu Chian is a neat freak and cringes at the disturbing sight, he has the urge to clean it up after putting Sara in her room.

   He takes Sara to her room and has a smile on his face. As expected, it is tidy and very cute. Fu Chian lays her on the bed wrapped in the blanket from the car and covers her with another comforter when he notices her face feels cold. He locks the door as he leaves then stands in the hallway and calls Leo. 

  Leo doesn’t answer. He is cultivating after the bloodbath at the Shanghai banquet  last night during which he and X  mercilessly slaughtered his unsuspecting enemies. Afterwards, because he intends to return to Catang City as soon as possible, he went to the new Underground Casino for an inspection. Due to the fact he had fought with his Master earlier in the day his energy is almost completely depleted. 

   Fu Chian calls Leo’s assistant in Shanghai, Wong Duan. “Can you tell the Boss to call me when he is available. It is about Miss Song.”

   Wong Duan is aware of the importance of this woman to Leo and responds, “The Lord is cultivating he won’t be finished until at least midnight. Is it urgent? Something I can take care of or Alain Guerren?”

   Fu Chian isn’t sure how much he should say and decides to be vague when he answers. “No. The Boss wanted me to keep him updated. I am checking in, that’s all.”

  “When the Lord comes out of seclusion I will inform him. Continue to monitor the woman.”

  “Will do.”

  When Wong Duan hangs up he walks to the floor to ceiling window overlooking a beautiful garden. He is curious about Sara. The Lord has always been surrounded by bees and butterflies and always treated them as air. What is so magical about this woman Song Sara that makes such a cold and indifferent  man care?

  Sara wakes up in a sweat from being covered in the thick blanket and her comforter. She kicks off the comforter then unwraps herself from the blanket. She fans herself, so hot! She sits up and unbuttons the black cashmere coat. After she takes it off she is left wearing the sweaty pajama top of Li Tian’s she frowns, how did I end up in that Devil’s bed again? Do I have a split personality? I don’t remember anything after walking down the hallway at the Club!

   Is Bi home? No, if she was she would be jumping up and down asking a million questions. She mutters, “Urghhh.. this silk pajama top sticking to me is gross and I have the scent of that man all over me!” I should call Bi first. She must have wondered what happened to me. 

Sara walks over to a small wooden table and takes her phone out of her purse. “That is weird, no missed calls or messages.” She calls Bi at work. Bi is looking at her new duties on the computer and has a confused expression, It looks like Jiang SuSu was thorough I won’t have any contact with CEO Fang. She looks at her phone and answers, “Hi, what’s up? Are you home?

  Sara sits on the bed and rubs her foot. She wonders why Bi doesn’t sound concerned. “Yeah. I am going to work then”

 “Don’t you have the day off? I thought we could meet for lunch. Li Tian’s assistant said you would need to cooperate with CEO all night you so.could have the day off.”

 “…”  Cooperate… haha..what a joke! Well..that explains Bi’s reaction. “Well, I can meet for lunch. Where?”

 “Let’s go to The Golden Pear Restaurant. I have to accompany the Director to a meeting that isn’t far from there.”

  ‘Sounds good. What time?”


  “I will meet you there then.” Anxious to start on the restaurant so she can avoid Li Tian she bites her lower lip, “Bi, do you think it would be presumptuous of me to contact Wang Xiaoming?”

  “Not at all! The sooner you meet with him the sooner you can get started.Hey I gotta go, the Director’s assistant is walking this way. See you at two.”

  Sara clutches her phone, after I take a bath I will call him. First I should call Zhou Jason.

  She calls his office private line when he answers she says, “CEO Zhou I am going to take today off.”

  “That’s good. I have already informed Secretary Peng to replace you for the day.”

  “Then I will see you tomorrow.”

  “Song Sara please rest, if you need the week off it is not a problem. I am going on a business trip to Hong Kong tomorrow and won’t be in the office. Secretary Peng can answer the phone, etc. there is no need for you to come to Zhou Group until I return.”

  “Thank you Ceo Zhou. If you need anything please let me know.”

  “I want you to take care of your injuries and rest. That will set my mind at ease.”

  “Well have a safe and productive trip. Bye.”

  Zhou Jason stares at the phone with a flash of dissapointment in his amber eyes. Sara’s alienated tone bothers him although he knows that is best.

    Sara puts her phone on the table and takes a sip of water from a bottle on her nightstand, then walks unsteadily into the bathroom. After pouring the medicinal bath powder into the water she walks back to her bedroom and swallows several nutritional supplements. She washes them down with the remaining water.

Looking at her thin body covered in red marks and bruises she sighs, Heartless Beast.Long An is his fiancee and he has Lee Fan as a mistress why torture me!

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