Loft Part 2

18+ chapter

Lily ❤ bad boy Li Tian..haha

     Li Tian looks at the fragile looking sleeping girl in his arms and he kisses her forehead. You should have left earlier because looking at you I can’t control myself.  He takes her to his bedroom and lays her on the luxurious bed. His mind is in chaos from the aphrodisiac as he rips off her dress. She is lying there not responding as he kisses her pink lips and he curses, this is not satisfying at all…I want the little girl to react..moan..make those lewd sounds as she tries to hold back. I want my little wildcat..not a beautiful lifeless doll.

  He holds Sara then gets off the bed walking naked to the bar. I am a fucking pervert.. I don’t give a damn I want Song Sara to beg me to fuck her hard…after her indifferent attitude about me being with other women. Fuck! The little thing wasn’t jealous at all I was holding that bitch Lee Fan!  As a matter of fact she made it clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with me!

    Li Tian has an evil gleam in his obsidian eyes, let’s see if she acts like a goddamn Ice Princess  after she drinks some wine!  He pours a glass of sweet red wine and walks back to the bed then lifts Sara onto his lap. Using his mouth to feed her the wine, the sweet liquid enters  her throat, Sara coughs and the red wine sprays onto the gray silk sheets. He pinches her chin to open her mouth, naughty girl! 

  Suddenly he remembers that Sara doesn’t know this is his apartment and he is the owner of the Black Jade Club. I am the man who took her virginity that night. He runs his fingers through his ink black hair..if the defiant little girl realizes where she is and who I am she will really hate me..Fuck! 

   Li Tian ponders this problem as he holds Sara’s naked body on his lap while feeding her several mouthfuls of wine until the crystal goblet is empty. His dark eyes light up with a blazing flame when he has an idea. He lays her down then walks over to his closet and takes a black silk tie from a drawer. His Adam’s apple rolls and his mouth is dry thinking about having sex with Sara while she is blindfolded, only able to feel his touch.

 Li Tian’s gaze is scorching hot as he wraps the silk tie around Sara’s head covering her eyes. He looks like a lustful demon as he stares at Sara naked and blindfolded. The black silk covering her eyes makes Sara’s tender skin appear even more snow white .He obsessively runs his finger across the silk covering her eyes then down her delicate face to her lips. You are so fucking beautiful, like a captured defenseless little fairy. Your seductive appearance makes me want to do wicked things to you, Song Sara. Lock you up and never let another man see you.

    Intoxicated by Sara’s captivating beauty he kisses her wine covered lips and runs his hand down her slender soft body. A wave of heat runs through his body as he wonders what it will be like to have sex with Sara while she is blindfolded. He releases her acupoint and Sara’s eyes open. She is disoriented, she frantically reaches to pull off the blindfold. Li Tian holds her small hand preventing her from tearing it off. He whispers in a voice tinged with dark desire, “Baby, this will be fun.” 

    “Li Tian?”

   “Hmm..little girl you drank wine tonight and came to my private room.” He takes a strand of her tangled long black hair and twirls it around his finger.”  Bad girl…you drove off my date and said I am only yours.”

   Sara blushes listening to him, she is very drunk and her body is on fire.  Her mind is muddled and she wants Li Tian to make love to her but the darkness is making her afraid, she feels vulnerable and helpless.  Sara sounds frightened,“Li Tian, I don’t like the blindfold, take it off.”

  “Didn’t you promise me you would do what I want? I want you to feel the sensations my touch gives you.” He puts his hand on her breast and rubs her eect bud as she sweetly moans. “Let your inhibitions go and enjoy the pleasure I can give you.” I will make you want only me in this life…no other man!

   Sara whimpers,“I’m scared, take it off.” After her childhood trauma she is very afraid of total darkness. 

   She tries to pull on the blindfold and he takes her jadelike hand and kisses her palm, “Baby, just for a while, I want you to try it.”

   He kisses her deeply and Sara arches her back towards him. Unable to see she fumbles touching his body then wraps her arms around his neck eagerly entangling their tongues. When they are breathless he stops kissing Sara watching her chest rising and falling. She tightens her arms around his neck, “Okay..but..but need to talk to me.”

  Li Tian is aroused by her plea, he whispers in her ear, “Baby,you are so beautiful, I want you Sara.” He sucks on her earlobe and then kisses her neck. He plays with her hair as she presses her soft body onto him and he gently caresses her breast, “Does it feel good.”

   Sara is afraid..afraid..very afraid in the darkness. She clings onto him like a koala bear, “Li Tian I… I am afraid.”

   He likes her clinging onto him, he holds her tightly in his embrace, “I am here there is nothing to be afraid of, enjoy the fire.” 

    He has been controlling the aphrodisiac with his internal energy but his eyes are filled with unbridled passion as Sara treats him as her life saving straw. He has seen several different ‘Saras’ but this one is driving him over the edge of reason. The little girl is depending on him to keep her safe while she is enveloped in darkness. The feeling of Sara being like a weak little kitten is sending him to the brink of insanity. He wants to crush her into his bones and have her beg him….confess she can’t live without him. Rubbing his hand on her body his voice is raspy and filled with seduction “Do you want me Sara?”

  Sara can barely hold back the urge to touch him so he will quench her thirst. “I want…soo bad.”

   “ said you don’t want want to stay far away from me.” He puts his finger into her flower hole and moves it around. Sara moans as he mercilessly teases her, rubbing her nub with his thumb. 

   “Ahh..Umm..You are so bully me.”

   He smiles gazing at her pouting lips, then inserts two more fingers and thrusts them in and out with his other hand, fondles her breast and pinches her erect bud. “Baby, am I bullying you now.” He puts her breast in his mouth and greedily sucks. Sara sweetly moans as a wave of pleasure makes her shudder.

   Sara’s body is quivering and honey flows down her creamy white thighs as her sensitive body responds to his touch.“Mmmm..Yes. Put it in …Put it in. So itchy..  I’m going to dieee.”

   He chuckles listening to her sweet voice, “Well..I will if you make me another promise.”

  “Will.” Sara’s body is writhing on the bed and she is clutching the silk sheets. “Pleassee..I am  so uncomfortable.. empty.”

  “Promise me you will quit Zhou Group. I don’t like you working for Zhou Jason. It makes me unhappy.’ He sucks on her delicate earlobe, “ You want me to be happy don’t you.”

  Sara smiles brightly exposing her dimples,quit..I am going to quit..this is an easy promise. “I will quit. Fuck me Li Tian! You make me feel so good when you fuck me..Hurry.”

   Li Tian is mesmerized by Sara’s dazzling smile and her obscene words. Sara’s alluring body always makes him horny but under the influence of the drug he wants to devour Sara. I will fuck you…I will fuck you so good little thing will only have me in your eyes. No more thoughts of escaping. You are mine…I lied I will never tire of you…never give you up. He puts her slender legs on his shoulders then enters her tight wet tunnel with his huge swollen member. He likes this position because he can see her petals glistening with honey as his throbbing c*ck thrusts in and out. He can barely control the vigorous pounding as his demon like gaze is riveted on her tiny hole eagerly sucking him in. He is panting and sweat is dripping down his taut chest as he reaches the heavens.” Unngh..Nnnnnn…”You little nymph your wet pussy is so fucking comfortable I want to fuck you to death. 

   Sara finally is getting the relief she craves and she moves her hips in rhythm with him. Both of them are feeling the effects of the drugs and can’t get enough of each other. Sara has accepted the darkness because every time Li Tian touches her body she is enveloped in extreme pleasure.  “Ahhh Tian…Tiannn..Mmmm..Too deep..there..there..ahhh…” Her coquettish moans are driving him crazy. He can’t stop, he is in a frenzy as he goes out of control. “Sara..Saraaa…he growls her name as he plunges deeper. Li Tian has lost his reason, blurting out his real thoughts, he wants to trap her like this forever.  ”You are you hear me..mine…only mine..I will never let you go.”

    Li Tian tosses Sara several times until she passes out from exhaustion and he has released all his essence. He kisses her madly and holds her limp body like a precious treasure he won’t let anyone take away from him. Possessively hugging Sara’s naked body tightly he thinks about Lee Fan saying Sara was pregnant. He tenderly puts his large palm on her stomach and rubs her soft skin then lightly kisses her belly. He has an infatuated expression on his handsome face as he presses his lips on Sara’s ear and whispers, “Song Sara, you are the only woman I would allow to have my baby… but it is good you aren’t pregnant.” 

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