Loft Part 1

   Lee Fan’s agent refuses to admit giving Lee Fan the aphrodisiac. Kara is a scheming bitch who has survived in the cut throat entertainment business by relying on her ability to lie and cover her ass. She prides herself on her ability to turn black to white.  “I really know nothing! I know that sort of despicable thing goes on in the Entertainment Industry but I don’t play dirty tricks. I don’t believe Lee Fan would drug Li Tian. She is very happy with the excellent resources CEO Li provides and his generosity. It must be someone else. Don’t slander my artist without proof!”

  Yang James thinks Lee Fan’s agent has rehearsed her defense; he pushes up his glasses and replies in a harsh tone, “If you want to stay in the Entertainment Business I will give you one chance to admit your mistake. Tell me the name of the drug Lee Fan used on the CEO.”

  “Mr. Yang, I swear I have no knowledge of this. If Lee Fan drugged the CEO I will quit as her agent. She acted on her own.” Kara looks out the window of her luxury apartment at the city lights  thinking she could lose everything if she is implicated in Lee Fan’s scheme.

She breaks out into a sweat and inwardly curses Lee Fan’s stupidity.This is bad..the idiot! How did she screw it up! The aphrodisiac is untraceable..there is no way it can come back on me…Unless Lee Fan… I need my brother to get rid of the little nuisance. I have three other top tier actresses under me I don’t need a stupid bitch like her to fuck me. Kara used to be an eighteenth tier actress  and she composes herself. “Director Yang, if you have evidence my artist committed such a foul thing I will immediately drop Lee Fan. I don’t want such a scheming actress under me. I will cooperate in any way I can to help you find the perpetrator.”

  “If you are lying you will lose more than your job.” He hangs up then calls Tang Qiang. “Drive Li Tian to the Li Family Private Clinic. I will alert the doctors. We don’t need the media finding out and the bitch wouldn’t admit to anything. So I don’t know the name of the drug.”

  “Yeah okay. He is taking a cold shower now.”

   Li Tian is in the shower letting the cold water run on him. He looks at his huge erection. “Fuck! The cold water is useless. I am on fucking fire!”

   Tang Qiang is coming out of Li Tian’s office when he sees Sara, Bi and Yibo leaving one of the rooms. Miss Song! She can help the Boss. She is his woman! This is great!

   He stops Sara at the top of the stairs. He hesitates because of Yibo and Bi then says, “Miss Song can I speak to you for a moment privately.”

   She recognizes Tang Qiang as one of Li Tian’s personal bodyguards. He has always been nice to her so she says to Bi and Yibo. “Can you guys wait a minute for me?”


  She steps to the side with Tang Qiang, “Is something the matter?”

  He moves a little further down the hallway, “Miss Song..CEO Li well he is sick and asking for you.”

  Sara forgets she is angry with Li Tian and sounds concerned. “What? What is wrong with him?”

  “CEO Li is burning up with a fever.”

“Take him to the hospital.”

  “He won’t go. CEO Li is asking for you.”

  “Tang Qiang, Hmm…what about Miss Lee? Isn’t she with him?”

  Tang Qiang feels his ability to lie has really improved since he began working for Li Tian. “Miss Lee needs to be on the set early and she left an hour ago.”

   Sara tugs on her dress conflicted as to whether to go with Tiang Qiang or not. She glances at Bi and Yibo.“Tang a doctor to come. My friends are waiting for me.” I don’t want to be involved with that infuriating tyrant!

  Tang Qiang has convinced himself  she is Li Tian’s only hope at this point. “Miss Song, I am asking you because I am worried about the Boss. He has been overworking  and not taking care of his body. He is calling your name, even if you are angry with him… shouldn’t you help him?”

   Sara is too soft hearted, she finally gives in to his request after he gives her a guilt trip. She wrinkles her delicate eyebrows, “Fine. Let me tell my friends.” She walks over to Bi and Yibo. Knowing what a proud man Li Tian is Sara doesn’t want to say he is sick. “You guys go ahead, I will have Fu Chian give me a ride. I need to speak with Li Tian.”

  Bi holds Sara’s hand, her voice is tinged with worry. “It is late Sara, can’t you take care of it in the office tomorrow.”

  “It can’t wait. You guys go. I want to wrap up loose ends before I quit and Li Group is cooperating with Zhou Group on the Mega Mall project.”

  “Well Sara, don’t be too long. You were saying how tired you are.”

    Sara hugs her friend, “Bi, you worry too much, it is only ten o’clock. The tea perked me up.” She gives her a little push. “The faster I go see him the sooner I can go home. Go. Yibo, drive safe.”

   Sara walks over to Tang Qiang, “Let’s go.”

  Tang Qiang doesn’t want to take a chance Sara will refuse to help Li Tian when she sees his condition. Kang Mingshun told him that Song Sara has been avoiding Li Tian since he left Milan while she was kidnapped. He knows that is why Li Tianhas been in a bad mood. Tang Qiang makes a decision, I owe Li Tian my life. I don’t like deceiving Song Sara but the Boss needs to have a woman or he could have serious internal problems.

  Sara notices they are passing several private rooms, “Tang Qiang, which room?”

  He touches her sleeping acupoint and catches Sara as she falls, “I’m sorry Miss Song.. but my duty is to the Boss.”

   Hurrying down the hallway he takes the elevator to the only apartment on the fourth floor, Li Tian’s loft. He opens the door as Li Tian comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Li Tian is drying his hair with another towel. when sees Song Sara in Tang Qiang’s arms. He anxiously drops the towel in his hand and rushes over to them. He grabs Sara from Tang Qiang’s arms and sounds very worried, “Speak! What happened to Song Sara!”

  He doesn’t realize he has a surge of undeniable affection in his eyes gazing at Sara. He gently touches her messy hair. Her jade hairpin got caught on Tang Qiang’s coat and loosened her ponytail,. He narrows his eyes and emits a suffocating killing intent thinking she has been hurt. “Tell me!”

  “Boss, I did it for your own good.”

  Li Tian glares at Tang Qiang, “Tell me what you did to Song Sara or I will kill you right now!” He is already in a rage over being drugged which is causing his blood to boil.

  “She is okay..I mean..she is just sleeping..I hit her acupoint to make her sleep. I was afraid she wouldn’t help you.”

  “Who the fuck let you make decisions for me!  Get out of my sight. Tell Yang James you are to be punished with thirty lashes..not one less!”

  Tang Qiang gulps down his saliva, “Yes Boss.” Shit!  Well..I would do it again.

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