Li Tian’s Bed

   Sara wakes up in the morning with her leg over Li Tian’s thigh and her arm stretched around his waist. She gasps and puts her hand over her mouth, how did I get in his bed? Tang Qiang said Li Tian was sick…I walked down the hallway where the private rooms are.. I didn’t drink any wine..I only had Wuyi tea. She rubs her head, am I going crazy?

  Li Tian feels a loss when Sara’s moves away, he hugs her to him, “Be good. Sleep.”

  Sara is in Li Tian’s tight embrace and can’t move. She tries to push him but thinks he is sound asleep when he doesn’t loosen his arms. Sara’s body is very sore and she is drained of energy. She resigns herself to the fact she will need to wait until he wakes up and closes her eyes again. Li Tian has a satisfied smile. He isn’t asleep; he woke up at Sara’s first slight movement. He contentedly inhales her sweet fragrance and enjoys the feeling of Sara’s soft body nestled in his arms. 

  When Li Tian’s phone rings with the ringtone assigned to his grandfather he frowns. He has no choice but to move Sara and get out of bed to answer the phone. He glances back at Sara sleeping and walks out to the hallway. “Yes.”


  “What are you talking about?”

  “It is all over the news about you and that cheap actress Lee Fan!”

  “I have no idea what you are talking about.” The conniving bitch should be dead by now or at the very least still being tortured by Masaud.

  “Someone photographed you at a Club. The woman’s clothes were torn and you are holding her in your arms. Then there are pictures of the slut going into a hotel with you. Have you no shame! You are scheduled for your wedding photos today!”

  “If I could interject here a word or two. I am not involved with Lee Fan. I was with friends and she ran up to me in the hallway when I was smoking a cigarette. I have no idea who the man was going into the hotel with the woman. I was at the Club all night.Old Man, do you believe everything you read?”

  “You need to make the photos and story disappear before Little An sees them. She was at the hospital visiting with me last night and was already distraught. Kang Ming died in a car crash, his body burnt beyond recognition. They had to identify him with his dental records. Kang Lanfen has been wailing ever since they found his car by the river. I don’t want any excuses don’t be late today, 1:00 at Gong’s Photography Studio.”

  “I told you I would take the wedding photos today. What did the doctor say? When can you be discharged?”

  “Now you are worried about me? I haven’t even seen your shadow in a week!”

  “I have called, don’t act like a spoiled child. I have been busy with the Mega Mall Project.”

  “The doctor said I can go home on Friday. I am sick of this place. It stinks like disinfectant and the nurse they assigned me weighs at least 100kg. with a flat face and a shrill voice. It is hell!”

  Li Tian laughs, “Why didn’t you ask for a different nurse?”

  “I didn’t want to embarrass the fat woman. She is a pathetic single mother and her son is in University on a scholarship. She is saving up for him to study abroad.”

   “Since when did you turn soft hearted?”

  “Listen, stinky boy! I have always treated my employees well. I am going to give the ugly woman a red envelope to help her out when I get discharged. If I gave it to the Fatty now she wouldn’t accept it knowing her temper.”

  Li Tian laughs, “Grandfather, you are complaining but I think you like this woman.” 

  “Don’t talk nonsense. Remember, don’t make the little girl wait.”

  “I won’t only because I don’t want you to have a temper then relapse. I will meet Long An at the wedding photographers at one o’clock.”

  “Bring her with you to the hospital afterwards.”

 “That I don’t know if I can. He looks towards the bedroom, “I have to go to the Mega Mall site.” I am going to take Song Sara with me and afterwards we can have dinner at that romantic new restaurant on 85th St. Han Weisheng owns. I should reward her for last night…maybe I will give her a few pieces of jewelry from Navarre’s latest Pink Lotus Collection.

  “Well, that project is important. Fine. Take Long An with you. That is a scenic drive and there is a new restaurant she was talking about located on 85th St.”

  Li Tian sneers, I am going to take the photos with her to satisfy you but no way am I spending  time with Long An! “I will think about it. Rest. I will talk to you later.”

  Sara was opening the door to go to the kitchen to get something to eat when she overheard Li Tian. She quickly retreated back into the bedroom. Why is it every time I have the slightest feeling he likes me I am hit with the reality I am a toy for him to play with when he wants!  He is meeting Long An for wedding photographs…he had his arms wrapped around Lee Fan last night…how did I end up in his bed again! I am a complete idiot! 

   Sara sits on the edge of the bed drinking a bottle of water then looks around the room for her dress. Li Tian comes into the bedroom and Sara has a frosty expression. “CEO Li , where is my dress? I need to go home and get ready for work.”

   After waking up with Sara in his arms is in a good mood. He languidly walks over and hugs Sara, she resists and pushs his chest. She has determined expression and there is a crease between her delicate eyebrows “Li Tian, I don’t know how I ended up in your bed but this needs to stop. I told you last night I won’t be one of your women.”

  Li Tian’s face darkens and his anger erupts as he loosens his arms and steps back with his hands on her thin shoulders. He loses control and viciously strikes back when she smiles indifferently and provokes him with her unfeeling attitude.

Staring down at Sara with eyes darker than bottomless abyss he explodes. “Song Sara last night you came to me! Don’t act like I am pursuing you. Yes I like fucking your delicious little body I won’t lie, but little nymph you were the one begging me! Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy every moment my c*ck was deep inside your greedy little hole.”

    Sara continuously touches his inverse scale with her dismissive attitude towards him.When she looks at him with her cold and indifferent eyes it makes him want to bully her until she cries.

He snaps and roughly pulls Sara into his strong embrace. He grabs her hair and kisses Sara like a madman then puts his hand between her thighs rubbing her sensitive spot. He licks his finger then pinches her chin making Sara look into his eyes filled with mockery. He snarls, “Your pussy is so fucking wet you want my big c*ck to fuck you right now don’t you little whore? Well, I am too busy today to play with your needy little ass. I need to meet Long An for our wedding pictures.” Furious he pushes Sara away and she lands sprawled out on the bed. Li Tian angrily strides into the bathroom to shower, he is afraid he might really kill Sara if she says another word.” His rage is fueled by the fact he thought Sara was accepting him and he planned a romantic evening. Song Sara is so cold hearted! She is the first woman I wanted to treat sincerely but she keeps rejecting me!

Sara is tired of being manhandled and humiliated by Li Tian. “Errr.. I really hate him!” She picks up the heavy crystal ashtray on the side table and throws it at the bathroom door. She is weak so the force she used isn’t enough to reach the door, the ashtray bounces on the carpet then rolls. For some reason her pitiful strength makes Sara laugh. She never curses but she grabs her purse and his coat and mutters, “Asshole ! ” then stomps out of the bedroom. She wipes her moist eyes while walking down the stairs., “I swear Li Tian you are the most despicable man I have ever met ! ” Sara fumbles in her purse for her phone then calls Fu Chian. She knows she could never get a taxi to come to this exclusive community.

“Fu Chian are you busy?”

“No. Miss Song. I am always on call for you.”

” Please pick me up at the Security office at the front gate of the Lakefront Estates. Could you hurry? I would really appreciate it.”

“Mr. Cadieux’ s villa is in the same community I can be there in 5-7 minutes.”

“Wow! That’s great. Thanks.”

Sara puts on slippers that she used last time she was here that are on a wooden rack by the door. She buttons up the long black cashmere coat and runs out the door.

Li Tian gets out of the shower and when he doesn’t see Sara he notices his coat that was draped over the chair is gone. Walking over to the window he sees Sara hurrying to the guard gate. He smirks, there is no taxi that will come here. Suddenly a black Rolls Royce Phantom comes from the right and stops by Sara. A muscular man in a black suit gets out of the driver’s seat and opens the back door for Sara. She smiles at him and gets into the car.

Li Tian clenches his fists and growls, “Whose fucking Rolls is that!

Song Sara! I fucking warned you!”


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    1. Down the road it will haha…not yet she has the coat from the first night stuffed in the back of her closet…your extra chappie is coming soon my friend thanks for all your support! ❤


      1. She was probably too discouraged to pay attention to the interior and location of the apartment


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