Lee Fan’s Plan

   Li Tian has mixed feelings as he walks away thinking about what Sara said. He is irritated by the fact Sara wants to stay away from him and her attitude about having his child. She acted as though it would be tragic to be pregnant with my baby. It would connect us together and that is the last thing she wants. Most women would be excited at the possibility of carrying my child!

   He is turning around to go back and confront Sara when Lee Fan rushes towards him. The top of her dress is ripped and her black satin pushup bra is showing as she hangs on him. She starts crying to gain his sympathy, it has always been her plan to capture this outstanding man. Lee Fan believes no man can resist her when she acts as though she is being bullied. It brings out their desire to protect.She looks like a frightened little animal as she buries her head in his chest. Lee Fan’s voice is weak and she sounds aggrieved, she blinks her big round eyes,“CEO Li, he is a beast! Can you take me home?” Lee Fan’s plan is to seduce Li Tian tonight. She has convinced herself he is the only man worthy to be with her because of his status and enviable qualities. He is incredibly wealthy…handsome and extremely sexy.

   Li Tian notices Sara looking in their direction and doesn’t push Lee Fan away immediately although he is disgusted by the smell of her heavy perfume. Angered by Sara’s words he deliberately  smiles and has a gentle expression while patting Lee Fan’s back. Sara can’t hear what they are saying and it appears he is hugging Lee Fan. 

 When she witnesses Lee Fan clinging onto him with her head on his shoulder Sara scoffs, HA!  He can have intimate contact with any woman. She clenches her fists at her side,  yet he expects me to be his sole ‘property’. That shameless tyrant really thinks he is an Emperor! I will not do it! I will not let him toy with me any longer! I can be with anyone I want… I can do whatever I want… he can’t control me! Sara  hurries back into the private room not wanting to watch their affectionate behavior; it is like a slap in her face considering the way he bullied her earlier.

  When Sara walks back into the room Bi and Yibo are laughing looking at Bi’s phone. Yibo knows she is the gamer Fox Fairy because they have always played games together. Bi is showing him a picture of her wearing fox ears, she is going to wear them the next time she live streams. He rubs her fluffy head, “So cute!”

  Bi stands up and hurries over to Sara when notices Sara’s expression doesn’t look good. She holds her arm,“Sara, do you feel alright you are so pale and are shaking. What did CEO Li say to you?”

  Sara touches Bi’s hand, “I’m good. I think I am still a little weak from being sick. I had a long day at work.”

  She sits down and sips her tea and frowns, too cold.  She puts down the cup of tea. “What are you guys laughing about?”

  “Bi was showing me..” He stops talking when Bi kicks him under the table, “OWW…What was that for?” Bi gives him a look, she doesn’t want Sara to know she is a gamer, it is her little secret.

   Sara isn’t paying attention picturing the smug look on Li Tian’s face when their eyes met in the hallway.


“Nevermind. Anyway, if you are tired we can go home.”

 “I’m fine. I would like another cup of tea though, this one is cold.”

 Yibo says, “I will call the server.”

  Li Tian pushed Lee Fan off of him as soon as Sara went back into the private room down the hallway. He told her to wait in his office and he would send her a dress.  

  Lee Fan calls her agent, “Kara, do you still have a connection at The Black Lotus Club?”


  She looks at her torn dress, what a waste of money, I thought when I ripped it he would take me home. “I’m tired of waiting for CEO Li to accept me. I want to…” She hesitates and looks towards the door. “Help things along if you know what I mean.”

 “LEE FAN! I told you before you should be happy with the excellent resources he gives you. If you get caught…well, I don’t want to think of the consequences. Li Tian isn’t someone you should provoke.”

   Walking over to the small refrigerator in the office she takes a bottle of mineral water and unscrews the top. “I am ovulating…now would be the perfect time to seduce him but he doesn’t fall for any of my tricks. I ripped the expensive  D&C dress I just bought so he would take me home and he refused.”

  “I don’t want any part of this scheme. If I give you a guy’s name that is the end of my involvement.”

  “Fine. Someone is knocking on the door, I will call you back.”

  She answers the door and takes the black dress without showing her displeasure.She likes to maintain her image as the National Sweetheart, “Oh..I have troubled you..  Thank you so much, the dress is beautiful.” What am I an Auntie? This dress must come to my knees!

  The woman politely replies, “It is my job. The CEO said when you change to go home.”

  Lee Fan wants to throw something after the woman leaves. The dress is from Chanel but it is not my style at all. She digs her fingernails in her palm. He is too much! She paces back and forth across the room, get dressed and leave! I am Lee Fan! Worshipped by millions of fans!

   She picks up the phone, her face is flushed red and her hand is trembling from anger, “ KARA! GIVE ME THE NUMBER NOW!”

   “If you get caught, Fan… don’t you dare drag me into the mud with you! His number is xxx-xxx-xxxx say Ruby gave you the number. The price is expensive but it is untraceable. 30,000 RMB.

  “Who is Ruby.”

  “Don’t ask.”

  When Lee Fan hangs up she dials the number blocking hers as a private number. A man with a rough voice answers, “How did you get this number?”

   Lee Fan disguises her voice, “Ruby. I want two meet me at the Black Jade Club by the back entrance.”

   “The cost is double for short notice. Send it to the usual account.”

   Usual account? “How long?”

  “Half hour. Be there I don’t wait for nobody.” He hangs up and knocks the feet off a coffee table of a man who is asleep.

  “What the fuck!”

  “Got an order. Take two to the back door of the Black Jade Club.”

  Lee Fan calls her agent back, “I have no idea what he means by usual account. I didn’t want to ask,how do I pay him?”

  “Send it to me and I will send it to him.”


  Lee Fan changes into the black Chanel dress and takes a mask and sunglasses out of her purse. She sneaks down the hallway to the back staircase.

Once outside she nervously takes out a cigarette, as she is about to light it a man flicks a lighter by her face and she instictively jumps back. When she sees him moving closer she panics and breaks out into a cold sweat.The alley is dark and there is only a dim light by the door. She turns to leave and he leans into her body. He has several gold chains around his neck and is wearing a cheap light blue suit. The gangster reeks of cigarettes and alcohol, “Don’t ya want what ya paid for Missy?”

  She nods. 

  He grins widely showing his two gold front teeth then snickers pointing to his cheek. “Give me a kiss.”

  Lee Fan feels she is going to vomit looking at his pock marked face when he asks for a kiss. She cringes, I want to forget the aphrodisiac..the money..the entire plan and run to safety.

  He laughs when he sees her trembling in fear, “I’m joking. The Boss would kill me for messing around. Take it. You have a smokin hot body, what is your face too ugly to get a man? Why you bitches need this shit I don’t get it! I would pay to fuck that luscious body of yours. I would just keep the lights out if your face is fucked up.” He extends his hand and two packets of white powder are on his palm. “Take it.”

  Lee Fan is afraid he will recognize her so she keeps her head down and snatches the two packets from his calloused hand and scurries back inside.

  He scratches his scraggly black beard, The skittish bitch looks familiar. Where have I seen her before?

   Lee Fan is breathing heavily as she runs up the stairs. She pats her chest when she reaches the top, oh my God that was terrifying! The man was so fierce looking. She clutches the two packets of aphrodisiac and has an evil smile, tonight you are going to be mine Li Tian! If I am lucky I will get pregnant and hit the lottery!

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  1. What a bitch! She decided to stupefy Li Tian? Oh, I’m afraid Sarah will have to take the rap for everything again.


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