Lee Fan Part 2

This extra chapter and the next 3 are sponsored by my sweetest Lily. She gifted me an amazing Spa day! ❤ ❤ ❤So happy! I hope you enjoy reading! ❤

   Lee Fan walks into Li Tian’s office and sees the bar, looking at the different bottles she picks up a bottle ..hmm..Ceo Li drinks whisky. I will put the powder in a glass and wait for him to return. She stirs the white powder in the whisky with her finger until it dissolves. Afterwards she pours a glass of white wine and gulps it down. She sets the glass on the coffee table and curls up on the couch drinking wine and looking at her phone.

Brushing Weibo to see if there is any development in the scandal involving her ex boyfriend Peng Ling she can’t find any news.When he broke up with her she planted evidence he was having an affair with his married co star while filming ‘Journey of The Immortal’.

Lee Fan knew they were only good friends but everytime she saw them together she would almost explode from jealousy. Peng Ling finally got tired of her tantrums and broke up with her two weeks ago. She frowns, how did he get rid of all the black powder? I paid so much money to that bastard to destroy Peng Ling’s career! 

  Kang Mingshum and Tang Qiang look at Li Tian for instructions. They have been torturing Masaud and the two men without getting any answers. One man is dead  and the other is near death. Li Tian walks over to Masaud, “Speak or I won’t be polite.”

  The man slumped in the chair next to Masaud passed out from the excruciating pain. He has always been pampered and couldn’t endure the torture. The German is Masaud’s bed partner, a feminine looking young man with blond hair and blue eyes. Kalier’s beautiful face is now destroyed, his right eye is swollen shut and his face bloodied. He tried to plead with Masaud to save him but he could barely speak because his jaw is broken. 

   Masaud sneers, “Polite? Ha..so funny.”

  Kang Mingshun was instructed not to hit Masaud just let him watch the two men he favored be tortured. He thinks Masaud will eventually crack and confess the name of the mastermind. Li Tian nods to Kang Mingshun and he slaps Masaud with a great deal of force.

Masaud spits out a mouthful of blood and it splatters on the ground by Li Tian’s Italian leather shoes. “Kill me.” He watched his right hand man die and his male pet Kalier’s beautiful face destroyed. He knows the price of betraying Li Tian but had no idea his involvement was discovered. When Li Tian invited him to the Black Jade Club he thought they would discuss business as usual.

  “Talk and you can have Fan Lee.” Li Tian was going to his office to change his suit and overheard Fan Lee’s call to her agent. He thought she was smarter than that and has no use for a treacherous woman. Li Tian used Lee Fan because she was obedient and convenient and appeared satisfied with the arrangements.  

   “Don’t you want to spread those jadelike thighs and stick your c*ck in her tight pussy? Suck on those big soft tits and kiss those delicious lips? I know you do. You were hard just staring at her in the private room. She had her hymen repaired last month, you could pretend you are her first man. You are going to die anyway, why protect someone you will never see again in this life. Give him up and you can die with a smile on your face.”

  Masaud at the mention of Lee Fan is stimulated. He couldn’t believe his good fortune when he heard the goddess he dreams about would be joining them tonight. Masaud hesitates then has an idea. I could take Fan Lee away with me and have her all to myself at my compound in Morocco. “Li Tian, what if I told you who set you up…and sweetened the deal by giving you..hmm… a billion USD. I want to walk out of here alive after fucking Fan Lee.”

  Li Tian leans down, “Do you think you are in a position to negotiate?”

  “It is up to you. You could find out what you want to know and make a hefty profit or kill me to assuage your pride.”

  “Well, you will die soon enough I guess with your traitorous personality. Deal. Who is the man and transfer the money.”

   “I will transfer the money now and give his name after my third round with Miss Fan.”

  Li Tian laughs, “You do have balls but do you have the stamina?” 

  “I have never had a complaint from a woman or a man.”

  “Give him his phone to transfer the money. Play any tricks and your entire family dies.”

 “No tricks. A billion is nothing to me. It is worth every dollar to fuck my sweetheart. But, is Miss Lee willing?”

  “I guarantee she will be very enthusiastic.” I am going to give the scheming bitch a taste of what she was going to give me.

  “I will arrange a hotel room for you, Tang Qiang will drive you and Miss Lee. I will expect a call with the name in the morning or like I said all 27 members of your family including your daughter’s newborn son Ahmad will die.”

  “You are thorough Li Tian, Anie only gave birth yesterday. I agreed so expect the call after I fuck the Big Beauty all night.”

  Li Tian raises his eyebrow as he points to the former pretty boy who only moments ago breathed his last breath. “You seem to have gotten over you pet Kalier rather quickly.”

  “I am not a man who looks back.”

  “…” Kalier died thirty seconds ago. 

 “I will get Lee Fan. Kang Minshun bring the car to the back. Masaud, go with him.”

 Masaud looks at the ropes around his body, “A little help.”

 Li Tian leaves the storeroom and takes the stairs to his office. Lee Fan hears him coming and slides her dress up her thighs and pretends to be asleep.

   When he enters she blinks her eyes and stretches her arms out, “Hmm..CEO Li you are back.”

   “I thought you went home.”

  “I was waiting for you. I wanted to discuss the female lead of Director Shen’s new drama series with you.” She sits up and flips her hair. “Did you like my performance tonight? I was hoping you could invest. I poured you a glass of whisky, can we discuss?”

  “We can always discuss. Whether I decide to invest..well..you need to convince me. You drink the whisky, I will have water for now.” He takes the bottle of water on the table and doesn’t notice the cap has been opened.

   She smiles, I am so happy I decided to get two packets! I put it in the water too in case he didn’t want the whisky! It was smart to screw the top back on tightly he didn’t notice.

  Lee Fan coyly blinks her eyes, CEO Li I have a low tolerance, “I don’t usually drink whisky.”

  He sits on the couch next to her and seductively leans over, “It would be good for you to relax.”

  Lee Fan’s sparkle, Is he interested? Earlier he was so cold and indifferent.  She takes the glass in both hands and shyly gazes at him, “Well, take care of me then.” After she takes a gulp her eyes are watery and she gasps, “So strong!”

   He is thirsty and drinks some water. “Drink up. I thought we could go to my hotel to celebrate. I got the information I needed.”

  She flutters her eyelashes and points to herself with an infatuated look on her face, “CEO Li, you want to celebrate with me?”

  “Yes. We can discuss the investment in my room.”

  She drinks the whiskey watching him finish the water. Lee Fan’s lips curl up in a satisfied smile, I will make sure he doesn’t wear a condom. I hope I can get pregnant! All my dreams will come true. A handsome husband… I will need to lose the baby after he marries me..I am too you to be a mother and a golden backer for my acting career..yes!

  He stands up “Let’s go.”

  She excitedly grabs her coat. He is so anxious, is it working already?

  When they get to the back entrance Lee Fan sneaks a peek at Li Tian, she can feel the aphrodisiac working, her body is heating up and she wants to rub on him. He has a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. Is he holding back? Well..once we are in the car I will kiss him and touch him. He won’t be able to resist.

  Kang Mingshun opens the back door of the Silver Bentley and Lee Fan coquettishly glances back at Li Tian with a look of expectation on her face. He immediately shoves her into the backseat and walks away.

  Aghast when she falls onto a man’s lap she nervously looks up at Masaud. “You..You..” She tries to open the door but it is locked. She has a panicked expression as she can barely stop herself from touching him.”

  He smoothes her hair and has a pampering tone, “Make me happy. You won’t regret it.”

  Li Tian clenches his jaw and curses, “I will kill the bitch! She put the shit in the water too! He rushes up the stairs as his body is on fire. Tang Qiang is opening the door to Li Tian’s office when he sees Li Tian rushing towards him. “Get the goddamn antidote now!”

  “What antidote? Boss, what is wrong with you?”

   Li Tian’s face is red and sweat is starting to drip down his face as he uses his internal energy to try and stop the effect of the aphrodisiac. He storms into his office and takes a bottle of water from the fridge.

   “The bitch drugged me! Call Masaud and tell him to kill Lee Fan when he finishes fucking her cunning ass!”

   “Lee Fan? Boss, you need to go to the hospital. I wouldn’t know what antidote to get. You need to know what drug she used.”

  “Lee Fan isn’t that smart. Call her agent, she probably got it.”

  “I’m taking a cold shower at my loft. Bring it to me there.” He leaves the office, Fucking slut! I can’t believe I was schemed like that. In the goddam water bottle..  Motherf*****ng shit!

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