Are You Pregnant?

    Bi looks at the delicious dessert and starts drooling. She picks up a fork and takes a big bite, “Brother knows my tastes, this creamy twelve layer chocolate cake is heavenly.”

   Sara reaches across and wipes the chocolate from Bi’s mouth, “You look like a little kid..haha.”

   “Taste it Sara, the cake has a fluffy texture and the cream is sweet but not too heavy.”

   “I will, but first I need to go to the ladies room.”

   Sara walks out of the private room and hesitates looking down at the chaotic scene below. She takes a deep breath and walks down the marble steps. She weaves her way through the crowd before she reaches the hallway, a strong hand grabs her arm. Frightened she looks up then breathes a sigh of relief, “Yibo, when did you get back?”

   “Yesterday. It is Feng Yu’s birthday so we came out to play.” He glances around, “Who did you come with tonight?” He laughs looking at her simple clothes, “Did you come from school?” Sara is wearing a loose dark blue sweater dress paired with flat gray short boots. Sara’s long black hair is pulled up casually in a high ponytail with a white jade hairpin. She isn’t wearing makeup and only has lipgloss on her lips. 

“Yibo! I was tired and didn’t feel like getting dressed up. Bi and I met her brother and his friend for dinner.”

   “Han Chao?”

   “No her elder brother Han Chang.”

   “Where are they?”

   “Well, Han Chang and his friend left. Bi is in the room eating dessert. I need to go to the ladies room.”

  “I will wait outside the restroom then go upstairs with you.” Great!I want to see Bi. I missed her while I was abroad.


  He walks over and patiently lingers outside the restroom. When she comes out he grabs her hand as they walk through the noisy crowd. “Sara, you look thinner than the last time I saw you.”

  “Well,I was sick but I am feeling better now.”

  “I can get you nutritional supplements from my hospital.”

  “No need. I went to the doctor and a nutritionist, they gave me a lot of supplements, medicinal tea.”

  They are walking up the stairs when Li Tian and Lee Fan come out of the private room.  Masaud and the other two men left inside are now drunk and indulging in the women. His men are waiting for his signal to take them for interrogation down the back staircase to the storeroom.

   Sara is telling Yibo the names of the nutritional supplements as they walk. Li Tian is smoking a cigarette leaning on the railing. He was watching them downstairs and his fist is clenched in his pocket as they reach the top of the stairs. I warned the little girl earlier. Does she not understand Chinese! When they get to the top of the stairs Sara feels the suffocating atmosphere and meets Li Tian’s intense gaze that could burn a hole in a person. What is he angry about? He is with Lee Fan.

   Yibo greets them; his family does business with the Li Group and he is familiar with Lee Fan because they run in the same circle. “Li Tian, Miss Lee. This my fiancee Song Sara.”

   Sara let’s go of Yibo’s hand, and blushes. She nervously says, “CEO Li, Miss Fan.” She pulls Yibo to leave. Li Tian’s aura is pitch black looking at Yibo’s hand hoding Sara’s. He is frustrated because has to take care of the situation in the room so he can’t tear Sara away from Yibo.

Sara yanks Tzu Yibo into the private room where Bi is finishing the piece of chocolate cake.

  When they leave Lee Fan smiles, “Tzu Yibo’s fiancee is so cute! She looks like a delicate porcelain doll!” She takes out a cigarette, “Light it for me please”  He hands her the lighter and she frowns. After lighting the cigarette she leans her head back and exhales. “I wonder how far along she is, no wonder that playboy is marrying the girl.”

   He turns and his expression is as black as the bottom of a pot. “What did you say!”

  She takes a puff of the cigarette then casually replies, “I said I wonder how far along the little girl is in her pregnancy.”

  He reflexively grabs her by her neck and she coughs, “CEO Li!”

  Li Tian comes to his senses and let’s her go. Song Sara was checked in Paris. “Don’t slander the girl.”

  “ Well, they were discussing nutritional supplements. My cousin is pregnant and was prescribed the same ones. I just assumed since… What is her name..Song Su.. is wearing a loose casual dress, it made sense. Whatever… who cares. ”

  Li Tian’s heart is in a knot staring at the private room Sara entered. I care! No…there must be another explanation. Her stomach is flat and the doctor did the tests. “Go back to the room. I have something to do.”

  “But CEO Li I am afraid, that man was getting out of control.”

   “Don’t worry Kang Mingshun and Tang Qiang are there. I won’t be long, then you can leave.”

   He knocks on the private room where Sara, Bi and Yibo are eating dessert. Yibo puts down his glass of wine then answers the door, “Something?”

   “I need to speak to Song Sara.”

    Sara is eating the chocolate cake and she looks up. What does he want?

   “Come in.”

   “It is about work. Miss Song could you step outside.”

   She knows he will persist and is happy about the restaurant, soon I won’t have to deal with him. He is with Lee Fan so he won’t drag me away. She puts down her fork and stands up, “Okay.”

   He has a surprised expression she would acquiesce so easily. She walks over to him and he smiles, she has chocolate cake on the corner of her mouth. He takes out his handkerchief and wipes her mouth, “Messy.” He wanted to kiss her lips but he doesn’t want her to run back into the room.

   He backs her into the wall and cages her with his arms.

She gazes at him with an anxious expression, “What is it?”

 He leans down then lifts her chin with his slender finger. Looking deeply into her eyes, he asks the question on his mind. “Song Sara, are you pregnant?”

  She has a startled expression, “That is what you wanted?” She giggles, “Don’t be ridiculous! The doctor in Paris checked me before they took x rays.” Sara pushes him, “CEO Li, shouldn’t you get back to your date? I want to finish eating my cake.”

   “Lee Fan said the nutritional supplements you and Tzu Yibo were discussing are for pregnancy.”

  “Miss Lee has a rich imagination. I have stomach issues and anemia, I’m sure pregnant women have the same problems. If you don’t believe me you can check with my doctor , Dr. Ling.”

   He isn’t sure if he is relieved or disappointed but looking at Sara’s sincere and innocent expression she should be telling the truth. “That is good. It wouldn’t be smart to try and trap me by having my child.”

  Sara rolls her eyes, but she has a strange stabbing pain in her heart, “Li Tian you certainly are delusional. The last thing I want is to be tied to you! I think you and Lee Fan make a beautiful couple. Oh..and you also have the beautiful Long An as a fiancee. Additionally, there are countless women who chase you.” For some reason she feels very upset about his callous words, her beautiful blue eyes have a layer of mist. She flutters her curled black eyelashes,“ I have no desire to be your Concubine so please leave me out of your harem.”

   Putting his hand behind her neck he pulls Sara to him and passionately kisses her face, “No. I won’t.” He tenderly puts a loose strand of hair behind her ear and inhales her intoxicating sweet fragrance, “I warned you. Don’t think about escaping or other men. No matter how many women I have, it is none of your business.” He kisses her neck leaving a few love bites for Tzu Yibo to see. “You, Song Sara, are mine until I am tired of you.” He let’s her go and leaves. 

Sara leans up against the wall and lightly touches her stomach.Trap you…If I was pregnant with your baby I would run far away from you. I would never let you know.


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