Return To The Club


  Sara finishes her bath and wraps a towel around her thin body then applies ointment to the love marks he left. I always heard he was cold and aloof… What a joke!! He is an insatiable demon!

   When she is dressed in a comfortable pink turtleneck sweater and gray leggings she walks out to the living room. Bi is sitting cross legged on the couch talking on the phone. “Yeah, we will be there.”

   She hangs up and Sara grabs an apple from a bowl on the coffee table, “Where are you going tonight?”

  “Not me..we.. you are coming with me to the Black Jade Club.”

  Sara’s face pales recalling the last time she went there. “I am exhausted and I hurt my hand at work. I don’t want to go. Ask Jinxi or Yibo.”

  “You need to go. My brother Chang will be there and I have a surprise for you.”

   Sara chews a piece of the sweet apple, “Bi, I really don’t want to go. Can you just tell me?”

   “NO! We need to celebrate.”

   “Okay, but does it need to be The Black Jade Club? How about going to dinner at The Golden Pear Restaurant? My treat.”

  “Hmm… Chang said The Black Jade Club because he has a meeting first close to the Club. He booked a private room… I don’t think we can change.”

  “A private room? I guess that would be alright.” I don’t want to be on the main floor, I will be reminded of that terrible night. It seems like that was the beginning of my unlucky streak when I lost my virginity to that unknown man.

  “Finish your apple then get ready. If you need to borrow a dress look in my closet.”

  “Can I wear what I have on, I’m serious I am absolutely beat and my feet hurt. I can’t wear heels.”

  “…” There is a dress code! “You need to wear a dress or they won’t let you enter the Club, but I guess you could wear flat shoes.”

  “Okay. I have a dress I can wear.” I will wear the navy blue sweater dress I bought in Bashu City at the Chloe Boutique.

 Li Tian enters his loft apartment at the Black Jade Club, the last time he was there was the night with Sara. He has a slight smile thinking about being in bed together. He chuckles, I thought she was a prostitute…now I wish she was… it would be less troublesome.

He takes off the tie then his suit and steps into the shower. While the hot water sprays on his toned body he pictures Sara naked underneath him in the backseat and has a reaction. Looking down at his erection he frowns, everytime I picture her seductive body I can’t control it. He moans as he rubs his huge erection, he releases then bangs his hand on the tiled wall, “Damn the little woman!” Why won’t Song Sara come to my bed willingly! I know she enjoys having sex with me…I even thought in Milan she was falling in love with me. 

   He dries himself after the shower and tosses the towel into a hamper. He walks naked to the closet to choose a suit for tonight. Lee Fan is his companion for dinner with three men from the Red Viper Syndicate. He arranged several women for the men but heard Masaud likes Lee Fan so he invited her to join him as his date. This way the man will be distracted meeting his goddess. She has accompanied Li Tian many times before so she knows what to do and what not to do. Li Tian in appreciation has helped her career skyrocket in the last two years.

  Li Tian puts on a dark blue suit from Henri Couture and a matching dark blue silk shirt. He decides not to wear a tie and leaves the top two buttons undone. He looks at his Limited Edition Rolex watch and walks out of his apartment to go to his office. 

  Han Bi and Sara are at the entrance of the Black Jade Club. Several women are mocking what Sara is wearing, “Look at her she looks like she is going to class. She didn’t even wear high heels.”

  Bi glares at them, “Shut up! Not everyone is looking to hook up!”

  Sara pulls her away, “Ignore them Bi. I don’t care what they say, don’t let it bother you.”

  Han Chang lazily strides over with another man. He buttons Bi’s coat,he has a doting tone “ Xiao Bi, why are you standing here in the cold? You should have told them you are with me.”

  “Brother, we just got here. I wasn’t sure which entrance.”

  The women who were making rude comments stare at the two outstanding looking men. The one woman pulls her friend’s arm, “Isn’t that the Young Master of the Han Family, Han Chang?”

   “Dammit! I think you are right! His family is worth billions! Why are they with those two plainly dressed women?”

   “I heard Han Chang call the taller bitch Sister.”

   The woman wearing a black fur coat winks at her friend.“When they go in we need to find out which room they are in, I brought the stuff.”

   Han Chang introduces Liam Hensley to Bi and Sara, “He and I went to University together in England.”

  Liam Hensley smiles and speaks perfect Chinese with a slight English accent. He extends his large hand, “Miss Han, your brother has told me much about you. I am happy to finally meet you. Miss Song, it is my pleasure.”

 When they enter the Club Sara gulps as the memories of that night come back. The music is loud and the dance floor is crowded. Han Chang and Liam Hensley walk through the crowd to the stairs leading to the second floor. Bi and Sara follow them.

Sara stands frozen at the bottom of the stairs when she hears Li Tian’s distinct voice. She instinctively looks up to see a beautiful tall woman with long curly red hair holding his arm entering a private room. Sara thinks they are well matched, a devastatingly handsome man and a gorgeous woman.

Sara recognizes the stunning woman, she is a popular first tier actress named Lee Fan. Sara notices her seductive appearance. Lee Fan has large breasts and is wearing a sexy low cut black lace dress. The dress is short revealing her long and slender legs.

Sara blinks a few times, not sure how she feels seeing a sexy woman hanging on Li Tian. She sighs he looks elegant wearing a dark blue suit that fits his body perfectly. The custom made suit accentuates his broad shoulders and the pants hug his long muscular legs. She laughs to herself this stylish Young Master look is a far car from the unruly hooligan earlier. She shakes her head, Well…I should be happy..why do I feel a little… a little..

  Bi notices Sara isn’t following, “Sara why are you in a daze? Hurry.”

  “Oh..sorry. I thought I saw someone I know.” She smiles as she goes up the stairs to the private room. Happy…I’m happy…maybe now he will stop bothering me.  Once inside she relaxes, Liam Hensley helps her take off her coat and she sits on the couch.

  Next door Li Tian introduces Lee Fan to the Head of the Red Viper Syndicate. Masaud can’t hide the obsessive desire in his eyes gazing at Lee Fan’s curvaceous body. He doesn’t speak Chinese and his English is weak so he brought an interpreter. He speaks in Arabic and the thin man next to him translates into Chinese,“Miss Lee, it is my honor to finally meet you. I admire your work.” 

   She smiles politely and doesn’t remove her jadelike hand from Li Tian’s arm. She surprises them by answering in Arabic. “I also am honored to meet you Mr. Masaud.” She knows to play her role well. Li Tian had her learn Arabic because several of his customers speak the language. It impresses the men and makes them feel more comfortable.

   Masaud’s brown eyes are shining, “Miss Lee your Arabic is flawless!”

  “My family lived in Morocco, Meknes to be exact when I was young my father was transferred there by his company.”

   He excitedly slaps his thigh “Meknes? What a coincidence, I am from Meknes!”

   She pours wine for the men, “Let’s drink to our fated meeting!”

  Li Tian is very satisfied with Lee Fan’s ability when he sees Masaud letting down his guard.

He brought these men here to find out who paid for their betrayal then dispose of them. They were the men who colluded to steal his shipment of arms in Bashu City.

     Three beautiful women dressed in delicate Cheongsams sit next to the dangerous looking men on the leather couches. The room starts to get loud as the men drink and play with the women.

    Next door Sara and Bi are laughing while listening to Liam Hensley tell stories about Han Cheng in University. Han Cheng is a good sport and only stops him when he begins to reveal his romantic history. “Stop! I am giving you face since you just met my sister and Song Sara. One more word and I will ruin your image!”

   Han Bi complains, “I want to hear more! You don’t know how close lipped my brother is! This is the first time I have heard he has a human side.”

  Han Chang flicks her forehead, “If you repeat any of this…no more presents when I go on business trips.”

  Bi pretends she is zipping her mouth and everyone laughs. Sara is having fun. Liam Hensley pours Sara a glass of wine and she waves her hand, “I have been a little sick, I can’t drink, I’m sorry.”

   Han Chang thinks she does look pale, “Do you want juice or tea?” He calls the waiter over to the table.

  “Tea would be nice, thank you.”

  They order dinner and the atmosphere is very harmonious. After they eat Bi says, “Tell Sara..”

  Sara has a puzzled expression as she looks at Bi, “Tell me what?”

  Han Chang takes out the paperwork, “Sara, my company has decided to invest in a restaurant for you. Look and see what you think. If you see anything you would like to change, tell me we can adjust the terms. We have contacted Wang Xiaoming and he has agreed to be your partner. You would handle the desserts and he would be in charge of the food. I know you wanted to have a Bakery Cafe of your own but that would be very stressful. Wang Xiaoming is familiar with the restaurant business and you can be free to bake… which is what you enjoy.

  Sara’s eyes widen, “Are you serious?”

  Han Chang smiles, “I am always serious when it comes to business.”

  Sara looks over the documents, “This is too much..the rooftop of the Waterfront Tower…I can’t, the investment is too daunting. Wang Xiaming is a world renowned chef why would he partner with me?”

  “He was looking for a restaurant in Catang City. He happened to also be considering the rooftop location. It is fate. I told him our Investment firm is representing you and he said he is familiar with you. He proposed sharing the location then after some consideration felt a partnership with you would benefit you both. 

  Bi grabs her hand, “Sara, this is a golden opportunity! If my brother didn’t think you would make money he wouldn’t invest.”

 Sara is choked up, she wipes her eyes, “I am very grateful but I can’t accept.”

  Bi hugs Sara, “Of course you can! Don’t be silly, this is what you have always wanted”

  Han Chang says, “Sara, your cakes have become very popular, you are also a pastry chef. Also, I will be honest the main investor behind this asked to remain anonymous but he is very impressed with your talent. He thinks you deserve to have a chance to fulfill your dream. Don’t let his effort be wasted.”

  Liam is a lawyer, if you have any questions you can ask him before you sign.”

  “Han Chang, I trust you! I just can’t believe this, the terms are very generous.”

  Bi encourages Sara, “Sign. You will be your own boss.” 

  Sara bites her lip, this is incredible! It would be nice to only have to bake and not worry about the business aspect. I can quit Zhou Group and then I don’t need to deal with Li Tian! Sara’s eyes are sparkling,she takes the pen from Han Chang.“Okay. Thank you Han Chang!”

  After she signs Han Chang looks at his watch, “I need to drive Liam to the airport. I ordered a dessert for you two girls and I took care of the check. So enjoy.”

  Bi stands up and hugs Chang, “Brother you are so awesome!”

  He pats her head and grins, “I know. Haha..Sara, now that you have signed, I will arrange a time for you to meet with Wang Xiaoming at the unfinished restaurant. You two can put your heads together as to the interior design.”

   Sara stands and bows deeply, “Thank you Han Chang for your hard work! I won’t disappoint my benefactor, please give him my thanks. I will also prepare a gift for him to show my appreciation.”

  “He will like that.”

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