Li Tian leans against the black Rolls Royce Phantom smoking a cigarette, the smoke curls up in a thin stream then disappears into the darkness. He watches the scene in front of him with a look of insanity in his deep dark eyes. She dare kiss another man! Does she want to die?

  After his meeting with Masaud he immediately returned to the Zhou Group to take Sara home. He saw Sara smiling at Zhou Jason as she got into his car and as he followed he witnessed their intimate behavior. It is taking all of his self control not to go over and beat the shit out of Zhou Jason and grab Sara by the throat for betraying him. He reins in his rage before it erupts. I need to cooperate on the Mega Mall Project with Zhou Jason and Song Sara is the only woman I want to fuck.

  After Sara and Bi go inside the apartment building he calls Sara. She is entering her apartment when she sees the caller is Li Tian. Sara hesitates and doesn’t answer. Last person I want to talk to right now.. She takes off her coat and puts on a pair of pink furry slippers. The phone rings again and Han Bi glances over, “You aren’t going to answer?”

  Sara tells Bi it is a spam call and walks into her bedroom. Li Tian tightens his grip on the phone, the little girl is quite brave to ignore me.

   He messages Sara. [ Outside now or Zhou Jason meets with an accident.]

   Sara panics and lifts the flowered curtains on her small bedroom window. She subconsciously bites her fingernail while clutching the curtain. A tall man in a black long coat is smoking a cigarette leaning against a car. Li Tian...Sara doesn’t bother to put on a coat and runs out the door in her slippers. He is crazy!

    Sara slips and almost falls as she crosses the icy street. She looks up at him with a worried expression. “Li Tian what do you want! You leave Zhou Jason alone!”

  He frowns, it is snowing and she is so stupid… running outside in the snow without a coat. Hmmph! That worried I would hurt the pretty bastard? Angered further by her concern for Zhou Jason Li Tian opens the car door. He grabs her thin arm and mercilessly throws Sara inside. One fluffy pink slipper falls off as she is sprawled across the backseat. He gets in and slams the door shut. Sara is shivering and her heart is pounding. She glares at him as she sits up, “You are crazy Li Tian! Crazy!”

   Li Tian pulls her into his embrace, he stares at her with his eyes full of lust and possessiveness. “Maybe I am crazy, but it is your fault! You are my woman Song Sara! How dare you kiss another man!” He bullies Sara sucking and biting her lips to erase any trace of Zhou Jason. Sara struggles but she is no match for him as he pries her lips open and kisses her deeply, savoring the sweet taste. He is breathing heavily as his hand reaches between her thighs, “You are only mine.”

  Sara is livid as she tries to grab his hand from under her skirt, “I didn’t kiss Zhou Jason! He was opening the door for me! Mmm…even if I did kiss him…ahhh.. stop! You don’t own me.”

   He buries his head in her neck and growls in her ear, “You are my exclusive property until I tire of you. It is best you understand that.” He sucks on her snow white neck as his finger slips into her wet underwear. He has a devilish grin as he holds his finger covered with her honey in front of her face then licks it. Li Tian’s voice is low and provocative. “Your tight little pussy is so sensitive, lewd juices are flowing out with my slightest touch. Stop fighting it… little slut you want me…your body is begging me to fuck you.” He nibbles on her ear causing Sara to quiver. She can’t hold back kittenish moans as Sara’s body involuntarily arches towards him.

  Sara pushes on his chest upset her body is responding to his touch. Breathless, her voice is soft, “ me go!”

  He is aroused by her seductive voice, “Do I need to remind you of your promise?” He inserts his finger into her flower hole and begins to vigorously thrust it in and out. He adds two more fingers and continues making Sara squirm. He smiles gazing at her flushed face and eyes hazy with desire.

  Sara knows he is getting stimulated as her body responds. She does her best to resist the urge to moan from the pleasurable sensations running through her body. She clutches her skirt until her knuckles are white then angrily blurts out, “LI TIAN! Whatever I promised I was not myself. You lied to lure me out of the private room saying you had the antidote. Then forced me to drink wine! Are you even a man!”

    He pinches her chin and forces her to look at him, “I will show you if I am a man or not!” Li Tian has lost his mind and he pushes Sara down, his eyes are red and he is filled with rage. How dare the little demoness! He is breathing heavily as rips off Sara’s clothes revealing her beautiful body. Like a madman he quickly unbuckles his belt takes it off then unzips his pants. He plunges into her tight tunnel and roars like an untamed beast as he plunders Sara’s delicate body.

Sara regrets her impulsive words as he turns into an insatiable wolf covering her body with his marks. Sara refuses to cooperate and bites her lips until they are bleeding. Her resistance is like fuel on the fire as he licks the blood her red and swollen lips. Li Tian’s mouth is on her ear “Little vixen…don’t hold back…you know you want to scream my name as I give it to you.” He takes her soft breast into his mouth and furiously sucks on her pink bud. Sara tries to push him away but he grabs her hands and uses his belt to tie to her hands. The pain from her injured hand makes tears form in Sara’s eyes but she hold them back. He is insane!

    After he fiercely ravages Sara without a hint of gentleness his anger hasn’t dissipated. He groans and releases deep inside of Sara then sucks on her bloody lips. He looks up and wants to strangle Sara when he catches a glimpse of a defiant glimmer in her blue eyes. He zips up his pants and unties her hands. He throws his coat to Sara, “GET OUT!”

   Sara has no energy to retort, she puts on his coat and opens the door to quickly flee. He stretches his legs out of the back seat to walk to the driver’s seat. He furrows his eyebrows staring at Sara’s pitiful appearance, her petite body wrapped in his oversized coat as she weakly stumbles across the street.

He has the urge to rush over and carry Sara because it appears she will collapse at any moment. The little idiot isn’t even wearing shoes. No… Goddammit! It was her fault… Song Sara pushed me into an abyss with her concern for Zhou Jason and insulting my manhood. If I don’t punish the little woman she will become more bold. I need her body..that’s all..the little demoness is the only woman who can satisfy me.

    He reassures himself he doesn’t have any emotional attachment to Sara as he drives away. He looks at his watch, “I need to meet those bastards at the Club in an hour. I can shower and change at my loft apartment there.”

  Sara peeks in the door to see where Bi is, when she doesn’t see her she hurries into her room. She didn’t bother to put on her slippers as she got out of Li Tian’s car and her feet are red and frozen from walking on the icy street. She rubs her feet then turns on the hot water faucet on the bathtub. How did I ever provoke that terrible demon in the first place! Why can’t he leave me alone!

  She lays in the bath with her bandaged arm hanging out and plays with the bath bubbles. She blows some bubbles from her palm. Li Tian is a psycho! There must be so many women surrounding him why does he always have to torture me! I thought when we were in Milan he might have some feelings for me but it is obvious I am just a venting tool for him. She lets out a self deprecating laugh. I even thought I was developing some feelings for him until he left Milan when I was kidnapped. I really don’t understand…Li Tian is rich…handsome…and a Golden Bachelor…he shouldn’t be lacking in women. She looks at the red marks on her wrists from being tied with his belt, pervert!

   She finishes her bath and wraps a towel around herself then applies ointment to the love marks he left all over her body. The rumors say CEO Li is cold and aloof… abstinent… What a joke!! He is a lustful…insatiable demon!








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