Xinghi’s Plan

  Rui hangs up and goes to LiMei’s room, she is sleeping soundly. He bends down and kisses her forehead and has a gentle smile watching her long black eyelashes flutter, Baby, you look like an angel when you are asleep. He lightly caresses her cheek then tenderly kisses her pink lips. Rui leaves to find Xinghi. When he is in the hallway he calls him, “Where are you?”

  “Xixin and I are in your office.”

  “I am on my way now.” He hurries to the elevator. Impatient to find out LiMei’s condition he takes a breath then nervously asks, “Is she Feng LiMei or Qin Daiyu?”

  “Both, but the dominant personality at this time is Feng LiMei.” He can tell by the tone of Rui’s voice he is agitated so he wants to reassure him so he doesn’t do anything rash. “After she came out of the hypnotic trance the first thing she said was, “Where is Rui.”

  Rui clenches his phone in his hand and has a faint smile, “Is there anything else I should know before I go to see Feng LiMei?”

  “Come to your office.”

   When Rui arrives he takes two long strides over and sits at his desk, “Tell me.” 

  “Well, right now she is stable, similar to when you first met Feng LiMei. She embraces the identity of Feng LiMei but she knows she is Qin Daiyu. She told me she wants to be honest with you but is afraid you will leave her if you know her past. I suggest you don’t force that issue. She needs an indefinite number of therapy sessions to completely integrate her personalities. There seems to be a very faint third personality also.

  “A third personality?”

  “Very weak. This personality seems to be suppressed by Qin Daiyu. Apparently this aggressive personality surfaced when LiMei was on the roof of the warehouse.”

  Rui clenches his fist, “LiMei was on the roof!”

  “According to Feng LiMei she went up there when the bodyguard was not in the warehouse. He went to survey the area. Once she was up there she became frightened and ‘LingLing’ jumped to the branch and climbed down to the ground.” I am not going to mention to this lunatic that this ‘LingLing seems to be attached to the bodyguard. I think I can erase this personality next session. I don’t want to complicate matters further.

  “What the fuck!”

  “I want to continue tomorrow. I think we made a small breakthrough but there is more hypnotic therapy needed.”

  “Fine but I don’t want her to stay in the hospital tonight. I will take her to my villa then bring her back tomorrow. Are you free at two o’clock?”

 “That will be fine. But, I don’t stimulate Feng LiMei.”

  “I won’t. It would be best for LiMei to comfortably find herself and willingly tell me about her life.”

  “As long as you don’t make any selfish decisions and are patient I think she will integrate her personalities and become mentally stabilized.”

  “Very well. I am going to LiMei’s room. I will see you tomorrow.”

   Rui is excited by the prospect, once her personalities are fully melded together she will confess to me. That will mean she fully trusts me. He has a beaming smile on his face as he heads to LiMei’s room.

  After he leaves his office Dr. Woo crosses his legs and leans back on the couch. “Xinghi, you are a real bastard.”

  “If you disagreed why didn’t you tell him?”

  “You know why.”

  “What? He is fragile and you don’t want him to lose it.”

  “ Because I thought I could change your mind. I don’t understand you Xinghi. Don’t you want Qin Daiyu to be happy? You can see how much Qiao Rui adores the little girl.”

  “Do you think ‘love’ will make a difference? Qin Daiyu is Subject 456, she is meant for bigger things than being a plaything for the good doctor. Didn’t you support the program after Qin Chyna was killed? The little girl was used by her father and the Black Sky Organization; she has a chance to rise above the crowd, avenge her mother and grandmother.”

  “Did you have this in mind the entire time?”


  “So you aren’t afraid I will reveal your purpose?”

  “No, because I know you want the same thing I do. The people who killed those two innocent women will be sent to hell by Qin Daiyu.”

   “It isn’t ethical.”

  “When have I ever cared about ethics..morality.. This fucked up society’s vision of right and wrong.”

  “She is your goddaughter.”

  “If I thought the little girl would be hurt in any way I wouldn’t continue. Qin Daiyu’s capabilities are beyond what you could even imagine. ‘LingLIng’…  leapt off a roof a distance of six meters onto a thin branch that could probably only withstand the weight of a cat. She then lightly balanced herself to climb to the trunk of the tree then down the Oak tree by the warehouse. I think she probably could have jumped from the roof and survived if she was trained properly.”

  ‘You are talking about taking out the Minister of Land and Resources! Do you think she can get away with assassinating a prominent and powerful man like him?

  “Not by herself but with my planning and Qiao Rui’s help she can.”

   Dr. Woo stands up and raises his voice.“You are insane!”

  Xinghi stands and faces him surrounded by a tyrannical aura. “Maybe. But I think it is destiny.  Kuang Fu brought me a fragile looking girl as a test subject. I laughed and told him to fuck off, I wanted a strong man to see if I could create a Super Soldier. He paid double saying if she died she was no loss for his operation. He didn’t want one of his elite assassins wasted on an experiment. I had no idea she was Lu Chyna’s daughter. I didn’t know her bastard of a husband’s surname.

Qin Daiyu turned out to be the only one in the group who didn’t reject the Regeneral and Phoenix Breath Serum. Qiao Rui is a highly trained martial artist…” He picks up a bottle of mineral water and unscrews the top. “I can thank you for that… and an even better doctor. He is thoroughly obsessed with the little girl. Qiao Rui won’t let Daiyu die.” Xinghi has a sarcastic grin as he continues.”Xixin you have to admit fate bringing them together was a stroke of luck for me.”

  “I forgot what a selfish bastard you are. Chyna wouldn’t want you to use her daughter to gain revenge. It is you that wants to avenge your first love being killed.”

  “What about you? You grew up with Lu Chyna..she was your childhood friend…don’t you want her murderer to pay?”

  “Not at the expense of her only daughter and a man who is like a son to me.”

  “I thought as my friend you would ultimately agree once I explained. I probably wouldn’t have told you except for the fact you were in the room when Qin Daiyu remembered.”

  “I will give you a chance to reconsider. If you don’t I will tell Rui.”

  In the blink of an eye Xinghi swiftly inserts a needle in Dr. Woo’s neck immobilizing him. He then inserts another and twists it. I really thought you would want to seek revenge for the woman you also loved. Xinghi imprints a new memory in his mind “Xixin won’t remember my plans for Qin Daiyu and Qiao Rui. Only what I told Qiao Rui about the hypnotic therapy.” I can’t let you ruin my plan.

Rui enters LiMei’s hospital room and sits on the bed. He is confident after the therapy he will be able to marry LiMei and they will be together always. He brushes her hair back off her cheek, “I love you LiMei.” She hears him and slowly flutters her eyelashes as she wakes up. She stretches her arms up and wraps them around his neck, “Rui, how long was I asleep. Is the doctor going to hynotize me?”

“…” He kisses her tempting lips, “All finished.” He hugs LiMei into his embrace and his warm breath sprays on her neck. “Do you want to go home with me?”

LiMei leans her head on his shoulder, “Yeah.” Why don’t I remember?


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