Beautiful Memories

   Sara wakes up and blinks her eyes a few times, Where am I? She sits up on the bed and flinches as she moves her leg. Zhou Jason walks into the resting room carrying a cup of tea, “How do you feel?”

   She touches her cheek, “Better. How long was I asleep?”

  “A couple hours. After you drink the medicinal tea I will drive you home.”

   She sees his worried expression. “Jas..I mean CEO Zhou, I can take a taxi.” 

 He wrinkles his forehead. “Are we so distant now you need to call me CEO Zhou when no one is around?” He holds the teacup to her lips. “Drink” 

  Sara flutters her eyelashes shyly responding, “Thank you.” She reaches to take the cup and he moves it away.

   Looking at Sara with a pampering gaze he lightly holds her injured hand. “Let me.” He planned on going to the hospital but he received a call.He returned to the office to retrieve some documents when he witnessed Zheng Lan slapping Sara.

   Sara blushes, I can’t believe I am lying on his bed. Did he carry me in here? Sara’s heart is racing “Jason, I should go home.”.

  “Finish the medicinal tea, it has healing properties, then I will drive you home.” It is the least I can do after Zheng Lan hurt you.

  She knows he feels guilty. “Jason, Zheng Lan…well.. She doesn’t like the fact we work together. I tried to explain that we only have a working relationship but..” Should I tell him?

  He tries to control his anger thinking about Zheng Lan so he doesn’t scare Sara. Rage is boiling up inside of him thinking he couldn’t protect Sara. “I will make sure nothing like that ever happens again.” I will forbid the bitch from coming to the company in the future!

   Zheng Lan meets Jiang Wenli at the Golden Pear Restaurant. The moment she sits down she takes her friend’s hand, sulking that Zhou Jason obviously still cares about Song Sara. She whines,“Wenli, what should I do? I hate Song Sara! I wish I could kill that bitch!”

  “Calm down and have a glass of wine. Tell me what happened between you two.”

  The server brings a glass of red wine and Zheng Lan takes a gulp.”I am so angry!” She tells Jiang Wenli about the scene in Zhou Jason’s office. “Do you believe he didn’t even spare me a look! He rushed to that bitch and scolded me! I am his fiancee! Why? Tears her eyes. “Wenli why doesn’t he love me!”

  Jiang Wenli orders another bottle of wine then comments, “ Wenli don’t cry…she bewitched him! That is such bullshit! How does the slut do it? She is engaged to Tzu Yibo.. slept with Li Tian and Zhou Jason still treats her like his white moonlight!”

  Zheng Wenli dabs her eyes with a tissue then looks at Jaing Wenli with a surprised expression, “Song Sara slept with Li Tian?!?!”

  “I don’t know if they had an affair but I can tell you she slept with him two months ago.”

  Zheng Lan’s eyes light up and she has a malicious smile. “How do you know that?” If it is true maybe I could use that information against Song Sara. Blackmail her to quit the Zhou Group.

   The server refills Jiang Wenli’s glass, “Miss Jiang, are you ready to order?”

  “Come back.”

   After he leaves she furtively glances around and motions for Zheng Lan to come closer. “I was at the Black Jade Club with Tang Yan. I was angry because Tzu Yibo was there with Song Sara so I paid the bartender to drug Song Sara with a potent aphrodisiac.”


    She grabs Zheng Lan’s hand.“SHHHHH!..Lower your voice.” Jiang Wenli looks around again, “Anyway, I was going to arrange for two ugly horrible men to take care of the bitch but she seduced Li Tian. I saw him carrying her up the floor with private rooms.”

   “How do you know they slept together?”

   “The next day Song Sara was photographed wearing a man’s coat outside of the Club early in the morning. The bitch’s hair was messy and she was walking unsteadily. The photos were posted on Weibo but then quickly taken down.”

      Zheng Lan finishes the glass of wine and pours another. “That doesn’t prove she had sex with Li Tian.”

    “Well, Long An told me Song Sara pesters Li Tian all the time. She won’t leave him alone.He even took the slut to Milan with him and she stayed in his villa. Long An said she caught her coming out of Li Tian’s room wearing his shirt. When she confronted the little bitch she pushed her down the stairs.”

    Zheng Lan taps her fingernails on the table. “Do you think there is a way to get the photos from the man who took the pictures outside of the Black Jade Club?” I would love to show Jason what a despicable whore Song Sara is, she is not worthy of his fucking undying love! Only I deserve him!

    Zheng Lan curls up her red lips, ” I will pay whatever it takes to destroy Song Sara.” What can’t you get if you have money!

“I can contact my friend who works for Celebrity Media.”

   “Do it.”

  “I will talk to him and tell you how much it will cost. It has been two months…could be difficult.”

  “Why didn’t you tell me then?”

  “You were vacationing with your family at the time, then I forgot.  “Let’s order.I’m starving.”

  Zhou Jason opens the door of a silver Porsche for Sara. Once they are inside the car he leans over and buckles her seat belt. Sara’s ears turn red as she inhales his familiar scent. He still uses the same shower gel. Sara sighs as she watches the snow falling. It seems so long ago we would go for long rides to the countryside or the mountains. How did it turn out like this? I really thought we would be together forever.

   He sees her faraway look, “What are you thinking about?”

 Sara smiles, “I was thinking how pretty the snow covered trees and shops look. When it snows I always remember the first time we met.”

   Zhou Jason laughs then pats Sara on the head, “Well…how could I forget. I saw this little pink puffy ball rolling down the snow covered hill right towards me. He shakes his head,”You landed right at my feet and looked up with wide eyes, then brushed the snow off your red face and smiled. “Senior, thank you!”  My heart stopped as I gazed at your  innocent and pure face. Your long black eyelashes had a bit of snow on them and your crystal blue eyes were sparkling. You looked so adorable. I wanted to kiss your red lips and hug you into my arms. I still want you Sara. I want you so much it hurts, but I am trapped and unable to tell you how much I still love you.

    Sara’s face turns red. “It was Han Bi’s fault…she pushed me and I lost my balance!” I was staring at you and —- and not paying attention as she teased me.

    “I should thank Han Bi when I see her.”

  Sara smiles exposing her dimples and Zhou Jason feels his heart pound in his chest. He clutches the steering wheel. “I was serious earlier, if you and Han Bi need a place to stay, the villa is empty.”

   “I appreciate the offer but it would only cause problems for you and me. Zheng Lan would definitely misunderstand. I am sure we can find a place to live. I think Han Bi’s brother has investment properties in town, maybe he has a rental.”

   They arrive at Sara’s apartment building and Jason turns to Sara, “ Sara, if you ever need anything you can call me.” He holds her hand hos eyes behind the lens of his glasses filled with undisguised affection., “I think of you as a close friend.”

     Sara holds back her tears as her heart tightens. She gathers her inner strength, “Jason, I will be honest with you. I will always treasure the memories I have of our time together. It took me a long time to accept the fact you will be marrying Zheng Lan. I like working at Zhou Group and I hope we can maintain a purely boss-subordinate relationship. Otherwise, I will need to turn in my resignation.” 

“I understand.”

He gets out of the car then helps Sara out of the low sports car. Walking her to her apartment he resists the urge to hug Sara. When they reach the building he extends his arm around her petite body to pull the door knob. Zhou Jason looks down at Sara as she enters.”I want you to know I also hold those memories in my heart. I will never forget the happiness you brought to my life. I respect your decision and will maintain a boss – employee relationship.” He brushes her loose strand of hair behind her ear, his voice is low and magnetic, “But, I meant what I said if you ever need me, I will always be there for you Sara”

Han Bi comes walking up and stares at the two of them. Sara is blushing and Zhou Jason is leaning down very close to Sara’s face. Bi breaks the mood when she intrudes on the moment, “Zhou Jason?”

Sara snaps out of her daze and nervously smiles, “CEO Zhou, thank you for the ride. Drive safe.” She pulls Bi into the apartment building then leans up against the wall her heart beating wildly. I thought Jason was going to kiss me…I wanted him to.kiss me…Song Sara you are crazy!

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    1. Well love is complicated. First love can’t really forget. Zhang Wenli being unloved-painful…Spoiler/ someone saw the scene from across the street- obssesive love-dangerous… haha


      1. Li Tian is leaning on his car across the street. He went back to Zhou Group and saw Sara leaving with Jason . He followed. Sara..someone is angry…very angry. It looked from his angle like they were kissing at the door.😰


    1. He doesn”t want to destroy Long An he just wants her to break engagement. She has been folliwing him since she was a little girl. So there is a little affection and his family likes Long An….he just finds her annoying.


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