Zhou Jason’s Office

   Sara comes back from lunch and is relieved to find out that Li Tian went back to his company. Her happiness is short-lived when Zhou Jason’s fiancee comes prancing into the office in her 10 cm heels. Zheng Lan takes off her oversized Fendi sunglasses and looks around, “Where is Zhou Jason?”

   “CEO Zhou went to visit his father in the hospital. He won’t be back today.” Great! I thought I could relax and do my work this afternoon in peace! What does she want?

   Zheng Lan laughs, “It is really funny to hear you call Jason so formally.” She has a condescending tone, “Poor thing, it must be hard for you to work with your ex boyfriend.”

   Sara opens her drawer to take out a stapler. “Not hard at all. I rather enjoy working for CEO Zhou. He is a very considerate boss.”

   Zheng Lan sits on the luxurious leather couch and crosses her long legs. She throws off her white fox fur coat. “It is just the two of us, you can be honest. You must feel heartache everyday.”

  “ Miss Zheng, since the CEO won’t be returning today shouldn’t you leave?” Why are you taking off that ostentatious coat! GO! I don’t need your fake concern…after all you are the one that caused us to break up with your deceitful tactics. 

    “Actually, Jason told me at breakfast that he wouldn’t be in the office this afternoon. I came to see you.”

  “Why? We have nothing to talk about. You should go. I have work to do.”

  Zheng Lan twists the large diamond ring on her finger. “I will get to the point. I want you to quit.”

  “ Zheng Lan, did you eat the wrong medicine today? This is a good job. Why would I quit.”

  Zheng Lan scowls, “I will give you two million dollars.”

  “Do you have any idea how insulting that is to Zhou Jason? You are basically admitting you don’t trust him.”

   Zheng Lan’s face turns crimson red. She shakes her manicured finger at Sara as she raises her voice screeching, “Song Sara! I trust him! I don’t trust you! Why would you work for the man who broke up with you!”

    Sara purses her lips then takes a deep breath. “I don’t need to explain to you but if you will leave and let me finish my work I will.”

    Sara takes off her glasses and puts them on her desk. She looks at Zheng Lan directly in the eye without blinking. “I have worked for Zhou Group for over a year because when I graduated this was the only company that would hire me. You know.. the unwanted daughter of the Song Family..haha.

Anyway, I worked hard and Zhou Mo decided to move me into the position of Executive Secretary when there was a vacancy. No one could predict Zhou Mo would have a heart attack and Zhou Jason would need to fill in as CEO. End of story. Rest assured we have a purely boss-subordinate relationship. I don’t carry a torch for Zhou Jason. Now, will you go? I have work to do.” Sara staples a spreadsheet to a document.

   Zheng Lan remains seated and flips her hair, “Get me a cup of tea. I’m parched.”

   “…”. You are crazy if you think I will serve you tea!

  Zheng Lan puffs out her cheeks, “Should I tell Jason you were rude to me when I came to the office? I am his future wife, shouldn’t an insignificant secretary show me some respect.”

    “Miss Zheng, this paperwork is extremely important.” She has a wry smile, ” As the CEO’s future wife you should know how much effort CEO Zhou puts into the Mega Mall Project. This paperwork needs to be filed with the City by the end of the day.” I am showing you respect by not slapping you and pulling those extensions off your head…you two faced…

  “Song Sara.I am telling you to quit or you will regret it! I find it bothersome that I need to see your face when I come to my husband’s office. It brings back bad memories.” She waves a checkbook, “ What will it cost?”

  Sara rolls her eyes, Husband? You aren’t married yet.. What bad memories…you having to go behind my back to steal my boyfriend. Use your family’s connection to the Zhou family to secure a marriage contract.  “I know you think money can buy whatever you want Miss Zheng, but I am not for sale. I think Zhou Jason would be unhappy to know you came to intentionally disturb my work. I will ask you one more time. Leave.” 

    Sara stands up to walk to the cabinet to get more paper and Zheng Lan lunges at Sara slapping her face,“You Bitch! Always acting so high and mighty!” She raises her hand again and Sara pushes Zheng Lan, she falls backwards onto the couch. Sara is fed up with being bullied, “You dare slap me again Zheng Lan, I will tell Zhou Jason about what you did!”

   Zhou Jason comes into the office, “What is going on?”

   He hurries over to Sara and looks at her face with a gentle expression, “Does it hurt?” He angrily turns to Zheng Lan, “Get out! I will deal with you later!”

    Zheng Lan is afraid Sara will tell him about her scheming while in University. She hesitates. Zhou Jason’s eyes are blazing behind his gold rimmed glasses as he growls, “NOT GOING?”

    Zheng Lan anxiously grabs her white fox fur coat. “Hmmph..” She narrows her eyes and glares at Sara with a warning look. Zheng Lan knows Zhou Jason seldom gets angry but when he does he can be scary.

   After she leaves, Jason’s heart tightens. He wipes Sara’s tears with his finger, his voice is filled with tenderness, “Sit on the couch. I will get you some ice.”

    Sara doesn’t stop him; she feels exhausted. She begins sobbing and her thin body is shaking.  Li Tian the beast…the hateful woman spilling the coffee on purpose… now Zheng Lan. I really want to run away…escape..

   Zhou Jason comes back with a cold compress and sits on the edge of the couch. Sara has fallen asleep and crystal tears are trickling down her cheek.  He brushes her hair back and gently dries her tears then places the cold compress on her cheek. Sara..I’m sorry.

He is filled with regret as he tenderly touches her hair. Rubbing the crease between her eyebrows he thinks about how in love they were in University. Sara’s bright smile as she would run up and hug him. It was the happiest time of my life. I wish we could have made our dream come true. Whispering as he affectionately stares at her fragile appearance, “Sweet Sara..I will always love you.” He bends down and lightly kisses her lips then carries Sara to his resting room. He lays Sara on the bed and covers her with a blanket and sits on the bed watching her sleep. You are so beautiful. 

   He caresses her cheek then can’t resist kissing her lips again. When his phone rings he is brought back to reality. He stands up and answers as he walks back towards his office. When closes the door he looks back at Sara and clenches his fists. Goddam that fucking bitch Zheng Lan. She is getting what she wants… How dare the shrew come to my office and bully Sara.

   Stomping across the Underground parking lot of the Zhou building, Zheng Lan calls her close friend, “Wenli, am I wrong to want Song Sara out of Zhou Jason’s life? He is going to be my husband and the slut works in his office!. She sniffles, “Why does he always take her side!”

  “LanLan slow down. What are you talking about.”

  “Zhou Jason kicked me out of his office! All because of that bitch.”

   Jiang Wenli picks up a menu, “Meet me at the Golden Pear Restaurant.You shouldn’t let that little bitch bother you. Don’t cry, you will ruin your makeup. You won..you are the woman marrying Zhou Jason.”

   Zheng Lan wipes her nose as she gets into her Red Lamborghini, ” You are right. I won..not Song Sara.” She starts the car and the tires screech as she pulls out of the garage. “I will be right over. I want to show you a brochure from a resort in the Maldives.”

   “Okay. I will wait to order.”

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  1. I was crying reading this chapter. I’m really sorry that they had to break up. Why does it seem to me that Jason is more suitable for Sarah than Li Tian.


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