Shanghai Part 1

   Leo arrives at a private Shanghai airport and is met as he exits the plane by his Chinese assistant, Wong Duan, a sickly looking thin man in his late twenties. Wong Duan takes Leo’s computer bag from him, “I have made the arrangements according to Alain Guerren’s instructions.”

Wong Duan was trained by Leo and is one of the only people with the ability to detect Leo’s Shadow Guard behind him. He acknowledges X with a slight nod and continues, “My Lord, in accordance with your plan they believe at the banquet they will be rewarded for the successful establishment of the new Underground Casino.”

  “Very Good. Well…the loyal men will be able to keep their lives… that should be reward enough. The treacherous snakes on the other hand…” Leo’s different colored eyes have flames rolling in their depths. “ Will regret slithering out of their comfortable nests that are lined with my money.”

   “Are you hungry? I can have the chef prepare lunch.”

  “I am going to the Art Gallery. I will dine with Pipa Leonard afterwards. Go back to the villa and rest, you look haggard. Is the new medicine working?”

   ‘Yes, extremely well, thank you Lord. I am not as lethargic and have been training again.The antdote has suppressed the poison. The doctor said my bone marrow is beginning to produce red blood cells so soon I can discontinue the artificial stimulation. My strength has come back considerably so tonight..”

   Leo interrupts him, “Absolutely not! Duan you need to fully recover.” He pulls up his assistant’s collar, “Look at you, pale as a ghost and those dark circles under your beautiful Phoenix eyes. Tsk..tsk.. I can barely look at you. I am not going to use you to accomplish a short term goal. I want you to be by my side into the future. I will take care of the theiving scum personally with X.”


  Leo waves his arm. “Do as I say. Go and rest. I will need you to greet the guests and make them feel at ease. Use one of those herbal face masks Fu Li brought back from South Korea after his plastic surgery. You know the one endorsed by that KPop star..his skin glows. Have the chef make some Ox Bone Soup for your lunch and Bird Nest’s Soup. Too ugly!”

  Wong Duan’s lips curl up in a slight smile, “You are in a good mood.” He knows Leo is a cold man but he takes good care of his people.

 “I am. I found my sister and she is perfect, and tonight..I will toast you with the blood of my enemies.”

  “Your sister? You did the test, Song Sara is your sister?”

   “Yes. Enough wasted time, go. I will have Fu Li drive me to the Gallery.

   When Leo is in the black Maybach he calls Sara. The phone rings several times, he is about to hang up when Sara  answers, she fumbles with the phone, “Owww.”

   “Sara is something wrong?”

  “No…no.. I just couldn’t hold the phone well.”


  “Well I had a little accident at work, I spilled coffee on my hand. It’s okay. You are in Shanghai?”

  “Yes, I arrived a short time ago. Do you need to go to the doctor? I will have Fu Chian take you to see Dr. Ling. Or I could have Dr. Ling come to you.”

  “You deserve the title of Brother! You don’t need to worry though. The company nurse treated my injury, it is really not a big deal.”

  “Well, if you have any discomfort call Dr. Ling she can come to your apartment.”

  “Wuuhuu… my apartment!”

  “What happened?” She couldn’t have got the demolition notice yet.

  “I can’t lay all of my problems on you..haha..I sound like such a whiny baby!”

  “No you don’t! Not at all! I want to help you in any way that I can.I told you I think of you as my sister. Tell me.”

  Sara takes a bite of a meat bun, “Well some development company bought the building I live in and they are going to demolish it.”

  “How do you know ? You got a notice?”

  “No. My boss Zhou Jason told me. Well, actually he was telling CEO Li when I came into his office, then I asked.” She takes a sip of the milk tea she bought at Bubbletea across the street from the Zhou Group. “I could be homeless in two weeks.”

  “You can live in my mansion. I have plenty of room. Your roommate can also live there. I am seldom there and the guest rooms are on a separate floor.”

   “I can’t impose on you. CEO Zhou said he has a vacant villa. I am considering renting it from him. I need to talk to Han Bi first. She is going to be shocked when I tell her the news.”

   Leo doesn’t want to sound too pushy, “Well, just keep my villa in mind as an option.” I need to find a way to stop her from moving into Zhou Jason’s villa.

  “Thanks Leo.” She chews the last bite of the pork bun, “We can talk when you get back. I will know more then, they need to serve us with a Notice of Demolition.”

  “Okay. Well if your hand bothers you call Dr. Ling. You have her personal number right?”

  “Yes. You gave it to me.”

  “I have arrived where my meeting is being held, I will speak to you later.

  “Okay.Stay warm and eat well.” Sara hangs up, my hand is throbbing. I might need Dr. Ling to look at it after work.

   Leo makes a call, “Find out how Song Sara burned her hand.”  He arrives at a palacial traditional Chinese building. The stone driveway is lined with plum blossom trees. A stunning woman wearing a red cheongsam is standing at the jade green lacquered double doors. She has short ink black hair and delicate features. The young woman smiles brightly when she sees Leo stretch his long legs out of the backseat of the black Maybach. Finally! She is excited to meet Leo. After seeing his photograph she has been longing to meet him. Leo Cadieux is better looking than in the photos… so tall and handsome he looks like a celebrity.

He talks to Fu Li then walks up to the Art Gallery.

The beautiful woman smiles then bows. She has an infatuated gaze staring at his flawless face, “Mr. Cadieux, I am Starfire. I welcome you on behalf of Mr. Han. He is waiting for you in the Gallery. I will escort you.”

They walk silently through a spacious courtyard and past a koi pond. Leo admires the decorations and landscape design. Very authentic restoration.

She opens the double glass doors. An elderly man with a long white hair is standing tall with his hands folded behind his back staring at a painting. He doesn’t turn around and says, “You captured the desolation perfectly.”

“Do you have what I want.”

The old man continues to gaze at the painting. “Have. But…I am not willing.”

“You might not fear death old man but if you die today…so does your entire family. Are you willing now?”

The old man turns around when he is hears Leo’s threat. His eyes are red and his aura is pure black. “Bastard! You wouldn’t dare! I am your Master.” He lifts his withered hand, several men dressed in black rush out and surround Leo.

Leo calmly replies, “I dare. I am offering you this one chance in deference to the fact I once called you Master.” Suddenly there is a flash of light as a gust of wind swirls around the men surrounding Leo. Suddenly all the muscular men dressed in black drop lifelessly to the floor with their necks slit. Blood flows down the tiles like a small river to the old man’s feet.

Furious because of Leo’s disrespectful behavior the old man flies across the corpses. His white sleeves flutter as he strikes Leo using his internal energy with his outstretched palm. Leo backs up and is momentarily breathless from the hit.Leo spins then kicks the old man in the chest. The old man spits out blood as his internal organs are damaged. The woman in red is battling X using the forbidden moves of the Blood Dragon Clan. X is holding back because Leo hasn’t given him the signal to kill Starfire.

Leo and the old man exchange almost identical moves until Leo is able to deflect a fierce kick and lunge forward grabbing the old man by his thin neck. Leo places his Jade Dagger on the old man’s throat and sneers, “Too slow. I thought you might be a challenge.”

“Let Starfire go. She is my adopted granddaughter. I will give you what you came to get.”

“ I want the little beauty too.” He nods to X not to kill the woman. She might be a good bodyguard for Sara.

“No. You can’t have Starfire.”

“Remember Old Man there is no medicine for regrets in this life. Kill.”

The Old Man’s eyes widen, “NO. WAIT!”

Leo motions to X, who knows if Leo wanted the woman dead he would give the signal not say Kill.

“You need to give your word to leave my family alone. Starfire will sign a blood oath swearing her allegiance.”

Leo laughs and presses the blade on his neck, “Haha… Old Han are you in a position to negotiate? Still as arrogant as ever… Fine…but if she betrays me… be aware your entire family dies…tell the woman to bring it to me.”

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  1. Pity the girl if it is Leo! Starfire will be an interesting character I think..she crushes heavily on Leo..blood oath? Sure where do I bubbles floating around Leo lol


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