Where Is Sara?

   After Li Tian leaves the break room Sara buttons her rumpled white silk blouse and tucks it into her black pencil skirt. Cursing Li Tian she smooths her hair and quickly takes a wet napkin to wipe her lips.

Hurrying over to the door she opens it and offers an explanation to the two secretaries standing there. “When  Secretary Peng left she must have accidentally locked the door.” Sara walks back to the counter to pour the coffee without waiting for a response from the two women.

   The two secretaries are new to Zhou Headquarters. The older woman was transferred when Secretary Liu left on maternity leave and the younger woman was recently hired. They believe Sara because that sounds like a plausible explanation. The two secretaries continue their conversation ignoring Sara.

The younger woman’s eyes light up. “Secretary Fong, did you see the tall man walking into CEO Zhou’s office earlier? He is incredibly handsome. Do you know who he is? Which department?”

  The older woman makes a cup of tea. She picks up a packet of honey and says, “You aren’t from Bashu City are you?”

  The Tang Lou responds, “No. I am from Hirachi City. I moved here recently.”

 The older woman opens the refrigerator and takes out two oranges, “Don’t get any ideas. He is the CEO of the Li Group, Li Tian.”

 ‘CEO? No wonder he is wearing a custom made Armani suit and his watch is worth millions.”

  The older woman hands her an orange. “How do you know that?”

Previously I was the Executive Secretary for the CEO of Leng Enterprises until he took leave for some reason. Armani was one of CEO Leng’s go to designers and he had an extensive watch collection. Unfortunately, when he stepped down the company compensated me and let me go.” She looks at her long red fingernails. I don’t want to peel an orange, I just got my nails done yesterday. “My grandmother lives here so I decided to move to Bashu City.” I wanted to hook up with CEO Leng but never got the chance. I am definitely going to snag either CEO Zhou or that handsome man.  She watches Sara put the two coffees on a tray and has an idea. The CEO is the only person who drinks Blue Mountain coffee.

  Sara walks past the two women carrying the the tray. The younger woman stops playing with the orange in her hand. “ Are you Secretary Song?”

  Sara stops, “Yes.”

  “You are the Executive Secretary to CEO Zhou right?” The coffee must be for CEO Zhou and CEO Li.


  She stands up and her full lips curl up into a smile, “Let me get the door for you.”

  “Thank you.”

  Tang Luo has a malicious glint in her eyes as she opens the door and knocks the tray in Sara’s hand. The tray tips and hot coffee spills onto Sara as it falls onto the floor. Tang Luo quickly apologizes, “I am so sorry! The door was stuck! Let me help you!”

  Sara winces in pain, “Ahh..owww..”

  Tang Luo bends down to pick up the broken cups, “I am so sorry!”

    The older woman rushes over and looks at Sara’s scalded hand, “Secretary Song, you need to go to the nurse’s office right away before this blisters. I will come with you.” The older woman glares at Tang Luo. She has seen this type of scheming woman many times in her career. Shameless! But I can’t get involved. I have survived for this long because I turned a blind eye. Once you get involved you could be the next target. For God’s sakes the women on the CEO’s floor are like concubines vying for the Emperor’s attention!

  “Thank you. I can go by myself.” Sara isn’t dumb she knows the young woman’s purpose. The pretty young woman is seductively dressed in a tight dress that hugs her curvaceous body. She was licking her Botoxed lips at the mention of that arrogant man’s name. Tears form in Sara’s eyes from the stinging pain. Ohh..hurts so bad! If she would have just asked me to take the coffee to that terrible man I would have readily agreed! She didn’t need to resort to injuring me.So hateful!

    Secretary Fong puts ice in a bag and places it on Sara’s hand. She has a concerned expression. “Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you?”

  “I’m sure. Could you take two coffees to the CEO’s office?”

  “Of course.”

   Sara leaves, I will bet a month’s wages the little schemer delivers the coffee not Secretary Fong. Let her serve him! Serve him well! If he takes a liking to Tang Luo all better for me. Maybe the horny devil will leave me alone!

   Secretary Fong brews another pot of coffee. Tang Luo puts down the orange in her hand, “Secretary Fong, you look tired. Enjoy your break. I will take the coffee.”

  “Fine.” Secretary Fong sits back down and stares at her cup of tea. “Secretary Tang..”


“Well, nevermind.” The wicked woman can find out for herself she didn’t hurt an ‘ordinary’ employee. Anyone can see CEO Zhou treats Song Sara preferentially and rumors have been circulating she and Li Tian were involved in Milan.

  Li Tian is in Zhou Jason’s office wondering where Song Sara is with the coffee. He keeps looking towards the door.

Zhou Jason has finished the video call with his father. “Li Tian has the matter been resolved at the site?”

  “Yes. Although we were unable to find out who was behind the incident we have taken measures to prevent any further problems.” I’m almost positive the man was Leo Cadieux but I have no proof. Whoever the arsonist was, he came and left like a ghost.

   The door opens and Tang Luo walks in with the coffees. She smiles sweetly at both men and says, “CEO Zhou do you want the coffee at the table or the desk?”

   “Put it on the table.” He doesn’t look up and continues reviewing a report, “The foundation is set and the next step..” he notices Li Tian’s distracted look,. He sounds irritated, “Are you listening?”

  LI Tian stands up and walks over to the young woman placing the coffee on the table. “Where is Song Sara.”

   Sensing he is annoyed Song Sara isn’t the person delivering the coffees Tang Lou hesitates. Is there something going on between CEO Li and Song Sara. If I say she was injured and he finds out I caused it I could be in big trouble. I should have found out more information before I acted impulsively. 

   “Well? I asked you a question.”

   Tang Lou’s legs feel weak from his suffocating aura. “Secretary Song asked me to bring the coffee.” I won’t tell the truth that she was hurt and I won’t lie. If it comes back to me it was an accident..an accident.

  Li Tian’s face darkens and the atmosphere drops several degrees in temperature. He narrows his dangerously dark eyes. Very good Song Sara… You think you can avoid me!

  Tang Lou watches Li Tian’s terrifying expression as he leaves, is he going to look for Song Sara? Dammit! I acted too rashly! If I hadn’t spent my entire compensation…

  After Li Tian storms out of the office. Zhou Jason tosses down the report. What the hell! He looks at the unfamiliar woman standing there frozen in place, “You can go.”

  Li Tian goes down the hallway to the break room. When he opens the door the room is deserted inside. Where is the little girl hiding? She wouldn’t leave work without informing Zhou Jason. He takes out his phone to call Sara. It rings and rings..no answer.

  He walks back to Zhou Jason’s office. When he enters he asks, “Where is Song Sara?”

   Zhou Jason is very concerned about the Mega Mall Project after speaking with his father. He isn’t paying attention to Li Tian’s strange attitude towards Sara because he is unhappy with the progress of the Mega Mall Project. He is concentrating on the report on his desk. Zhou Group is depending on the profit this huge project will generate. Now he found out another Mall is going to be constructed.

“Maybe in the copying room. There were some reports that needed to be sent to all the Department Heads. I need you to look at this blueprint. We can’t have any delays on the construction. I want the project completed in four months at the longest.”

  Li Tian lazily strides over to look at the blueprints on the desk. “What the fuck! This isn’t what we discussed.”

  “I tried to contact you. The changes needed to be made to accomodate the Amusement Park.”

  “I thought that idea was scrapped.”

  “Well, how else is the Mega Mall going to compete with the proposed Mall near the heart of the city. The demolition is set to begin in the Old Benghu District in a week.”

   Sara is coming into the office when she hears Zhou Jason. “CEO Zhou did you say the Old Benghu District?”

  “Yes. Why?”

   “That is where I live. I haven’t received any notice that the building will be demolished.”

   “A developer bought the entire two block area to build a Mall as far as I know.”

   Li Tian isn’t interested at the moment. He sees a white bandage on Sara’s forearm and one on her slender calf. He stands up and walks over to Sara. He furrows his eyebrows and gently holds her hand that is red and swollen, “What happened to you.” 

   She takes her hand away, “Nothing. CEO Zhou, is it true they are demolishing the area?”

  Li Tian glares at Sara and holds her shoulders, “Tell me what happened.”

  “I burnt my hand with hot coffee. CEO Li, please let me go.”

   He has a sarcastic tone as he takes his hands off her shoulders. “Don’t get the wrong idea Miss Song. I am only concerned because I need you to accompany me to a meeting and take notes. Yang James is still in Pushong City. You are the most familiar with the project..” Now is not the time to let Zhou Jason know of my interest in you. 

   Sara approaches Zhou Jason’s desk. He is equally concerned about Sara’s injury but needs to act professionally in front of Li Tian. But, Sara can see the concern in his eyes when he says, “Secretary Song. Your injury doesn’t look good. If you need to take the day off we can work without you today.”

   Sara has a gentle expression gazing at Zhou Jason, her tone is soft, “Thank you CEO Zhou. I can work. Luckily, when the door hit the tray it only knocked one cup over onto me. The nurse applied burn ointment.”

  Li Tian thinks about the woman who brought the coffee. Why wouldn’t the woman mention Song Sara went to the nurse when I asked. Did she have something to do with her injury? 

  Sara continues, “ CEO Zhou, I haven’t heard anything about the demolition. Don’t they need to inform the residents?”

  “Apparently someone was able to push it through the Zoning Commission. Most likely you will receive the notice in the next couple days.”

  “How long do they give you to relocate in this situation?”

  “I can’t say for sure but maybe two weeks.”

  Sara frowns and mutters to herself, “How can Bi and I find a place so quickly.”

  Zhou Jason hears her mumbling. “Miss Song if it is a problem I have an empty villa. You and Han Bi can live there.”

  Li Tian watches their interaction and sneers, “CEO Zhou aren’t you getting married soon? Would it be appropriate for you to let two single woman live in a villa you own? What would your fiancee think?

  “Miss Song is a valued employee of Zhou Group and the villa is under the company’s name. Due to the special circumstance she will be in need of an immediate place to live. This would prevent disrupting her work schedule with the tedious process of looking for an apartment.”

  Sara ignores the fierce look in Li Tian’s eyes and sweetly smiles, “Thank you CEO Zhou, I will keep your generous offer in mind.”

Li Tian is ready to explode watching Sara smile at Zhou Jason with undisguised affection in her sparkling blue eyes. Little Seductress…you really know how to touch my inverse scale! Li Tian wants to grab Sara and drag her to bed to let her know that she belongs to him…only him ! You are my fucking woman Song Sara! Do you think I would let my woman live in another man’s villa ! Dream on !

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    1. haha.. Spoiler Tang Lou is in for some payback next chapter will it be from the gentle Jason..the possessive Tian..or the ultimate sis-con Leo? Hahah


      1. lol I feel like sis-con Leo will shoot all his daggers at Li Tian. After all, it’s always his fault 😂


      2. haha…pity Tang Lou if the vengeful person is Leo! Leo better hurry and get in line to offer a place for Sara to live when the building comes down.


      3. Yep, since Sara wouldn’t mind Jason’s offer. Though she may feel more comfortable with Leo’s offer.


      4. Well, Li Tian has a room ready for Sara at his villa, complete with chains on the bed…several locks on the doors and bars on the window..jk..haha If he could only chain his girl with his love..lol


      5. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ Sara and Tian won’t be able to have a “How I Met Your Mother” with their kid with most of the stories being downright creepy 🤣👏🏽


      6. I know with the alcohol and rough sex courtesy of Dad I wouldn’t be surprised if others forgot about the baby too 😂😂😂


      7. It will be a while but Li Tian’s reaction to Sara being pregnant will be memorable I think. He really does love Sara in his own perverted way…haha


      8. Well as long as he never exposes that fact that when he thought she was pregnant he was determined to abort the baby, without Sara ever knowing.


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