Sara Goes To Work

    When Sara and Leo reach the Zhou Group Headquarters Leo fixes Sara’s scarf, “Sara, don’t forget to take the nutritional supplements that Dr. Ling prescribed. Also, remember the list of foods the nutritionist recommends to eat to fortify yourself and the list of what foods to avoid.”

   Sara eyes bend into crescents listening to his concerned tone. She impulsively holds his hand, “Leo, if I had a brother I would want him to be just like you! Don’t worry about me. I will follow their instructions. How long will you be gone? When you get back I will make you a scrumptious meal.”

   Leo has never felt the warmth of having a family. Remy Cadieux only cares about the contributions he can make to the company, his stepmother and sister Lois are selfish women who only care about themselves. He squeezes her small hand and has a rare genuine smile on his handsome face, “Call me brother then, three days in Shanghai at the most. I look forward to eating the food you prepare.”

  “Brother Leo..that sounds good. I will.”

  Leo has never had the urge to hug someone but he would like to wrap his arms around Sara. He restrains himself and says, “Well Little Sister, don’t work too hard. Rest if you are tired. Do you need me to speak to Zhou Jason?”


  “Call me if you need anything.”

  The driver opens the door for Sara, he has a strange expression on his rugged face. I have never seen the Boss smile at anyone…and call me ‘Brother’?

  Sara gazes tenderly at Leo before she exits the car, “Brother, you also rest early and don’t work too hard.”

  “…” The driver’s lips curl up and he wants to laugh, the Boss is going on a killing spree when he gets to Shanghai..he doesn’t consider that work it is a pleasure to punish his enemies.

  Leo watches Sara leave, I am your brother Song Sara…I can’t wait to be able to tell you. After I take care of those bastards in Shanghai I will go visit the old hag and find out what I need to know about our mother and Remy.

   He makes a call to his assistant,  Alain Guerren, “Is everything ready for when I arrive in Shanghai?”

  “Yes, the RSVP’s have been received from all the people except, Lan Lianke.”

  “It won’t be a party if he doesn’t come. Make sure he and his wife are there.”

 After he hangs up he calls Kuang Bo, “Have you done what I requested?”

 Kuang Bo’s second identity is the world famous fashion designer Henri Armand. He is presently in a meeting with his chief designer’s team for the woman’s division, Chloe Design.

He abruptly ends the meeting. “Leave.” They gather their sketches and Chloe hesitates, “But Henri we need..” Kuang Bo interrupts, “I said leave.” After everyone walks out the door he responds to Leo,“At midnight all their bank accounts will be frozen.”

 “Very good. Once I get what I want I will give you your share.”

 “Leo, I finally have a lead on the jade amulet. It was hidden by the Old Master inside the Golden Dragon Statue that was stolen from the underground auction at the Black Lotus Club.”

  Leo opens his laptop, “Has anyone tried to sell the golden statue on the black market?”

  “It has been almost two months and no. Do you think someone discovered the jade amulet that was hidden inside?”

  “How would I know? I think if it was found by one of the Heads of the Underworld Organizations there would have been some movement.

  What happened to that bastard Leng Shuai? He fell off the face of the earth not long afterwards.”

  “Although he had the winning bid I don’t think he has it. My source said he is doing some undercover work for the government.”

  “What the fuck?”

  “Yeah, something to do with several murders linked to illegal mining. A few high profile government officials have been implicated but you know how that goes.  A corrupt politician is as slippery as an eel.”

  “What is his interest that he would get involved in the investigation?”

  “Apparently two of his good friends from when he was active in Chinese Intelligence were murdered.”

 “Interesting. Once I am in Shanghai I will contact you again.”

  “Be careful of that little prick, Pretty Boy. I don’t know who is behind him but that gay fuck has been getting bolder in the last three months. Complaining about their cut… he even increased the protection fees without approval and skimmed the extra cash.

   Leo laughs, “Then Pretty Boy should be the first to go.. I hate whiny little bitches the most.”

   Sara takes off her coat and scarf and hangs it in the Secretary’s break room then makes a cup of soothing Chamomile tea. While she is stirring some honey into the steaming tea another secretary comes into the break room. Secretary Peng was extremely jealous when she heard that Sara was accompanying Li Tian to Milan. She reaches for the coffee pot,“Song Sara you are back. What was it like working with CEO Li?”

  Blowing on her tea she says, “Okay.” Unbearable..horrible..terrifying…

  Unsatisfied with Sara’s short answer Peng Chunhua continues, “I would think it was better than okay. He is one of the most handsome and sought after Golden Bachelors in Catang City. You were so lucky to be chosen by him.”

  Sara rolls her eyes, Lucky? Ha! More like extremely unlucky! “Well, if CEO Li  needs an assistant again since you are interested, I hope you can accompany him. I won’t hinder your pursuit. I will even give you my blessing.”

   Peng Chunhua suddenly has a big smile on her face, “CEO Li, can I get you a cup of coffee? Tea?”

   Startled when she sees Li Tian leaning in the doorway, Sara’s heart starts beating rapidly. An angry expression flashes across his face then he smiles. He walks over to Sara, she can smell his unique scent as he gets close. She tries to back up but he leans down, his warm breath on her neck, in a low and seductive voice voice he teases, “Miss Song, you  know my taste best. I want you…to serve me.”

  Sara clenches her small fists at her! First thing you try to stir up trouble! Look at the way Peng Chunhua is giving me the death stare! She will spread this all over the company!

  Peng Chunhua sits at the counter drinking coffee watching Sara and Li Tian. She wants to say something to get his attention but his eyes are riveted on Song Sara.Peng Chunhua glares at Sara, Slut! She did seduce Li Tian!

  Hiding her agitation Sara has a polite smile and in a calm voice replies, “CEO Li please go to CEO Zhou’s office. I will bring your coffee to you.”

  “I will wait. Zhou Jason had to take a call and I was bored.”

   The Director’s secretary comes into the break room and sees the weird scene. The atmosphere is heavy as CEO Li has an intense gaze devouring Song Sara like a hungry wolf with his dark eyes. Peng Chunhua’s eyes are narrowed into slits staring at Song Sara like she wants to kill. Song Sara is trying to avoid both of their piercing gazes and looks like a caged rabbit while brewing coffee.

The Director’s Secretary comes out of her daze, “Secretary Peng, the Director wants you to make copies of the reports I placed on your desk. One for each of the departments, then deliver them to the Department Heads.”

  When Peng Chunhua doesn’t move the woman sounds impatient, “Now.”

  After the two secretaries leave Li Tian comes behind Sara and wraps his arms around her tiny waist. He leans into her ear, “Don’t even think about sending another woman to be my assistant. You are the only one I want by my side.” He kisses her ear and Sara shivers as she tries to wiggle out of his strong embrace. She is very angry, “CEO Li, please respect yourself!”

  He lets go and she thinks he is going to leave as he walks to the door of the break room. Thank god he has some sense!

 He locks the door and pulls down the blinds on a large window that faces a dining area. Sara holds onto the counter, “LI TIAN!”

  Approaching Sara he has a devilish grin, “Baby, did you forget your promise already.” He grabs Sara into his arms and kisses her deeply. Prying her lips open he domineeringly entangles their tongues until they are breathless.

  She pushes his chest and her breathing is heavy, “Wha..what are you talking about..what promise? Please stop.. this is where I work..”

  He nibbles on her ear, “You promised that you would do whatever I want if I helped you last night.”

   Sara looks confused, she doesn’t remember last night, “Help me? What do you mean… help me?”

   Li Tian puts his hand under her blouse and she grabs his hand, “You are crazy! Stop!”

  He didn’t intend to tease Sara when he came to the break room. But when he heard her tell the ugly woman that she should be his assistant he wanted to punish Sara. He plays with a loose strand of her silky black hair then puts it to his nose, ” You smell so delicious…I want to eat you right now.” He licks and sucks on her neck, “So sweet.”

He puts her hand on his crotch and she struggles trying to take it off. “CEO Li!”

  There is a knock at the door and muffled voices can be heard. Sara uses all of her strength and pushes him, “Please go through the dining area and leave or I swear.. I swear I will never speak to you again!” 

   Li Tian gazes at her annoyed expression, Sara’s face is flushed from his kisses and she is puffing out her cheeks. The little girl is so fucking cute! Seeing her pouty pink lips makes me want to bully the little thing even more.He bites her lip and kisses Sara then lets her go. Licking the blood from his lip Li Tian has a wicked smile, “Secretary Song, bring my coffee to Zhou Jason’s office. We can discuss your promise further later.” In my bed..


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  1. A small correction, the auction was at the Black Lotus Club, where LiMei safely pocketed the Golden Dragon.


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