Find Wang Rebecca

   The butler opens the door and Rui enters the mansion. He furrows his brows as enters the living room; his father, stepmother and his half brother, none of them look good.  Qiao Xiaotong has a large bruise on his face and is huddled next to his mother whose eyes are red and swollen. Qiqo Rui’s father is standing by the  French window and his face has a panicked expression staring at the door.

When he sees Rui he rushes over and spits out through clenched teeth, “Bastard!’ He raises his hand to slap Rui, “ Dare to ignore my calls.” Rui easily grabs his wrist and sneers, “Don’t even think about it.”

  Rui’s stepmother stands up, “Rui..don’t mind your father, he is under a great deal of pressure.”

  “Who gave you the right to call my name. Old man speak now or I am leaving.”

  ‘It is Ivan Rushnikov! He sent his men to kill Xiaotong.”

  Rui glances over at Qiao Xiaotong who is holding his face.”Explain what this has to do with me.”

  His stepmother holds onto his father’s arm to calm him down. “He is your brother.”

  “I don’t have a brother. I’m leaving.” He starts to walk to the door and his stepmother pounces on him and he throws her off. She is wearing 10cm high heels and stumbles to the ground.

Xiaotong doesn’t move to help as she is sprawled on the ground; he is still whimpering on the couch. “Father, you are worried about this sniveling piece of trash? He is so filial..hahaha..his own mother is on the floor and he is licking his wounds not moving a finger to help.”

  His stepmother crawls acroos the Persian carpte and holds onto Rui’s leg. “Help us and I will tell you what happened that year.” her biggest fear is being poor.

  Rui’s father comes over and kicks his wife in the ribs then pulls her up by her hair, “BITCH!SHUT UP! OR I WILL KILL BOTH YOU AND YOUR USELESS SON!” He pushes the disheveled woman onto the couch. “Sit there and don’t open your mouth again!”

  Rui shakes his head and walks to the door. his father stops him, “If you don’t act, the company your mother worked so hard to build will be destroyed.”

  “What did you do?”

  “It was Xiaotong. He was tricked. Ivan Rusnikov is pushing our company towards bankruptcy.”

  “There is no way he could do that. Qiao Corporation’s profits have exceeded expectations in the last quarter.”

   “He befriended Xiaotong and fueled the dissension between you. He got him addicted to gambling and a whore fed him drugs at an Underground Casino. When he was losing that bastard Ruhnikov said he could use his shares as collateral. He would give them back when he paid off the debt.

Of course that was a lie. He now has Wang’s shares, I don’t know how he got them, and those two’s shares.” He glares over at his wife and son. “Under his manipulation the Board voted to buy land for a resort on Shingu Island.  He had the geologists hide the fact the land is located on a fault.”

  “That doesn’t make sense, Hushang Group’s resort is already under construction there. If indeed there was a fault line they wouldn’t have bought the land. They have their own group of geologists.”

  “ The property now owned by Qiao Corporation is on the opposite side of the island.”

   “Why wasn’t I notified before the land was purchased.”

   “Rushnikov has enough shares to order an emergency Board Meeting. I wasn’t informed and the Director was out of town, you were in Milan he took advantage of the situation. He had enough votes to pass.”

  Rui is getting a headache, “So if this all just transpired, how did you find out about the fault?”

 “This is the strange part. Rushnikov called me, he was laughing, He said it is just the beginning.”

   “I will investigate the situation.” Why would Ivan Rushnikov target the Qiao Corporation? Obviously he also loses money..what is the reason? ‘Just the beginning’ sounds like he has a vendetta. “Don’t mention to anyone you informed me. I suggest if you want me to resolve this problem you take a family trip…” he notices Qiao Xiaotong curled into a ball. “Maybe to a place that has a rehab facility.”  He takes long strides to the door and calls his friend Sun Zhi when he gets into his car.

   Sun Zhi is at a Jade Auction in Bashu City with his cousin. He sets down his drink at the bar and says, “I need to take a call.” He walks out the French doors to the garden, “Qiao Rui, when did you get back?”

  ‘Yesterday. Zhi, I need you to find out some information for me.” He explains what he knows of the situation and tells him Ivan Rushnikov’s ominous words. Rui speeds down the highway, anxious to get back to LiMei. He listens attentively to Sun Zhi then responds, “Let me know. I haven’t had any interaction with the Rushnikov family. There must be someone else involved instigating him to act on me.  Whatever Ivan Rushnikov is planning I will figure out a solution. I have many hidden assets if I need to take a loss of money and reputation… So what. Let that bastard of a father of mine sweat it out. No way will I let anyone destroy my mother’s legacy!

  Sun Zhi sees his cousin Zerong and a woman arguing not far away and is distracted. “I will get on it right away.”

  “Thanks Zhi.”

  Rui puts his foot on the accelerator and lights a cigarette. I wonder if LiMei’s therapy session is over.

  LiMei is sleeping, she was exhausted after her session with Xinghi. He is waiting for Rui in his office with Dr. Woo.

   Rui doesn’t want to call and possibly disturb the therapy after Dr. Woo made it clear LiMei could be mentally damaged from any interference. When he enters the hospital a woman recognizes him. Finally…hanging around this hospital waiting for him has been so boring! But the money she is paying it is worth it. She catches up to him as walks to the elevator, he regrets not being able to use his exclusive elevator but two ambulances were blocking the entrance to the back parking lot. He has a disgusted look as she stands close to him. She sweetly says, “Dr. Qiao, hello. I am Huo Leah a friend of Wang Rebecca.”

  “Then you should know I have nothing to do with that woman or her friends.” He enters the elevator and ignores the woman.

  “Really?” The woman has a strange expression.” That’s odd…when I saw her at a party in Greece last week she said if I should see you when I returned to Pushong to be sure and say hello. She said she will be seeing you soon.”

   Rui slams his palm on the emergency button to stop the door. The elevator screeches to a halt. He angrily grabs the plump young woman by the neck and growls, “Who are you? Who sent you? Rushnikov?”

  She coughs, “Dr. Qi..Dr. Qiao, stop..kakakka..” Her eyes are watering and she can barely breath as she struggles, “Let me go…”

   He drops her and growls, “Tell me now or you won’t leave this hospital alive. You will be an unidentified corpse in the morgue. Don’t think I won’t do it.”

  Huo Leah voice is hoarse, “I really did see Wang Rebecca at a yacht party a couple of days ago. She said what I just told you.” She rubs her neck, “I don’t know anyone named Rushnikov.” I am not going to say she paid me to find you and say it. What the hell!

  “Wang Rebecca was at a yacht party on the Mediterranean? Who was she with?”

  “I don’t know.” 

  “Whose party was it?”

  “I really don’t know. We were vacationing in Santorini three days ago with my friend and these two handsome men told us about the party. They looked rich so we went.”

  “Were they Chinese?”

  “No they weren’t. They were blonde and spoke English. I thought Rebecca just wanted to tease Qiao Rui because she found another lover..what the hell! He has a crazy look in his eyes not like jealousy but pure hate!  Huo Leah is shaking in fear,That is all I know, let me out of the elevator.”

  He pushes the button and the elevator starts to move. She frantically pushes the button for the next floor and runs out. Wang Rebecca you  bitch! You almost got me killed!

  Rui calls Sun Woo his voice is full of killing intent, “You dared to let Wang Rebecca go.”

  “Qiao Rui, I had no choice! No choice! The man took a fancy to the slut. Big Boy Song said if I didn’t sell the bitch to his friend he would burn the place down. But, that whore won’t have a good end. No..not at all.. I heard the bodyguards talking, The sick fuck who bought Wang Rebecca can’t get it up and is a perverted bastard!”

  “What was the man’s name?”

  “Do you think I would ask? I fucking told you he was with Big Boy Song”

  “Was he Russian?”

  “He was behind the privacy glass watching while three horney Yakuzi visiting from Kyoto take turns fucking her fat ass. At one point all three were doing her at the same time. All I could hear was him moaning like a sick beast.”

   ‘Sun Woo, I promise you this will come back to bite you in your fat ass if you don’t make sure Wang Rebecca is dead by Friday. I don’t have time to deal with the crazy bitch.”

  “Fuck me! I don’t have any idea where to find Wang Rebecca. She could be anywhere.

  “Wang Rebecca was on a yacht by Greece three days ago.”   

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