Shadow Guard

   Leo has a complicated expression as he stares at his arm... insolent bastard! I almost reached the 9th level…does he think I would die by my own hand. Stupid. Leo closes his eyes…but how can I drive him away…he is devoted to me…his skills are definitely extraordinary.

Leo saved this mysterious man who silently guards him. When he was in High School his father sent him to Africa during the summer to work at their family diamond mine instead of to a Cadieux owned Bank. Remy Cadieux said he wanted him to learn to be a man but Leo always believed he wanted him to die there. A few times he almost got his wish if it wasn’t for X.

One day he was riding in a Jeep to the mine complaining to himself about the unbearable heat as sweat poured down his chest.  When he slowed down at a treacherous curve by a cliff overlooking the river a man crawled out onto the road. He was bloodied and looked half dead. Leo impulsively slammed on the brakes before he hit him. He then stopped the Jeep not out of compassion, but because he admired the heavily injured man covered in blood for posessing the tenacity not to just give up and die under the scorching sun.  

   Leo hopped down from the Jeep and saw the man was holding a baby wrapped in a dirty shirt. Leo was surprised the baby looked up at him without crying. Even at a sixteen his aura would make a grown man feel suffocated.

He felt the baby and the man had a strong desire to live just like he did. He dragged the man into the Jeep and when the man said in a hoarse voice, “Save my princess. I will give you my life.” Leo thought that sounded preposterous because the man appeared as though his chance of survival was less than zero. It was the baby girl for some reason that made him act out of character. His princess hahaha..well he has fatherly love anyway. I will save the baby girl.

It looked like the man had been shot and dug out the bullets himself. His wounds were festering and he obviously had an infection, he was burning up with a fever. Leo’s lips curled up into a strange smile, “Sure buddy. Where is the nearest hospital?”

    Coughing up blood, the man grabbed onto Leo’s arm with his bony fingers. Leo was surprised at his strength. He could barely spit out, “No hospital.” Coughing heavily “Kaka..ka..” as he wiped the fresh blood on his cracked lips with his tattered shirt, “10km. My Uncle.” The only family he had left was his old Uncle.

    Leo looked at the filthy hand with a disgusted expression. He growled, “Remove your hand or I will toss you and the kid out.”

  The man immediately took his hand away. He told Leo in a resolute voice “Save us. You won’t regret it.” The man clutched the baby tighter to his chest as the Jeep bounced along the dirt road.

   Leo raised his eyebrow thinking the man overestimated his ability to even survive let alone be of use to him. But, Leo decided he was late to work anyway so he agreed. They didn’t talk as the Jeep headed to his Uncle’s house. The man meditated and leaned back on the seat. According to what he learned later the man could have healed himself but all his medicinal supplies were destroyed in the fire when his pursuers destroyed the village.

   Leo was unaware at the time that if the man had a little more consciousness he would have killed Leo and stolen the Jeep without blinking an eye. But the man was worried about the baby if he passed out while driving.

Unfortunately, the man who betrayed him was his ally and was aware of his home. The traitor sent ruthless killers to the small fishing village. The man’s young wife and grandmother were brutally murdered before he arrived at the village.

The mercenaries searching for him didn’t leave a single person alive…or so they believed. The man’s wife hid their baby daughter in a basket behind the well when she heard the armed men approaching.

  He is thinking about the past and the silent guard when the phone rings. He answers and listens to his assistant then replies, “I will personally handle the situation when I arrive in Shanghai.” Hmm..well it should only take a couple days. This is good I won’t be in Catang City when Sara receives the demolition notice. She won’t connect me to it.

   Sara changes her clothes at her apartment then hesitates before she calls Fu Chian. The poor guy needs the work and it is nice not to take a crowded bus. I wonder how his wife is doing?While she is waiting for Fu Chian to arrive Leo calls, she feels guilty about last night but didn’t want to involve him.

   Leo is in the back of a black Rolls Royce Phantom looking at his laptop. “Sara, I have some business to take care of in Shanghai. I won’t be back for a couple days. I will take you to work on my way to the airport.”

  “Well, I just called Fu Chian.”

  “I had my driver alert him, but feel free to use him anytime.”

   Sara bites her bottom lip, “Well, okay, I want to talk to you anyway.” I should apologize and tell him the truth.

  Leo takes a gulp of mineral water, my little sister has a conscience, she probably feels guilty about deceiving me. He has a pleased expression, “I am almost to your apartment building.”

    Sara  looks out the window at the snow falling then puts on her warmest coat and grabs a knitted blue scarf.

She is hurrying down the stairs when her foot slides on a wet step. Sara slips and closes her eyes anticipating rolling down the last few steps. As she is about to fall a strong arm reaches out and steadies her body. She looks up and is startled, “Han Chang?”

   “Hello Song Sara, it has been a while.”

   Sara blushes because of all of Bi’s brothers he makes her the most nervous. She thanks him then complains, “ Maintenance really needs to wipe the stairs in this weather. Ahh…  Han Chang, Bi isn’t here, she left for work.”

  He looks at his watch and sounds annoyed, “I told Bi I would stop by before she went into the Fang Group.”

  “Well, she had to go in a little early today.” Sara doesn’t feel like she should discuss Bi’s problems with her older brother.

  He has a doting tone, “Typical of the little dummy, she didn’t call me to let me know.”

  Sara laughs, he only smiles when something is related to Bi. “She said you were coming to Catang City. I think Bi thought it was next Monday.”

   “Are you heading out for work?” He has the paperwork in his briefcase for the restaurant but Bi said to wait to discuss the investment with Sara.

  “I am.”

 They walk down the remaining stairs together without talking. Sara always feels intimidated by Bi’s elder brother so she doesn’t attempt to make conversation.

   Leo is standing on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette waiting for Sara. Han Chang sees the young man by the Rolls Royce Phantom and gazes at Sara with a puzzled expression as she walks towards Leo. Sara can tell he is curious so she explains, “Mr. Cadieux is a friend of mine, he is giving me a ride to work on the way to the airport.”

  “You are friends with Leo Cadieux?”

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    1. Thanks! Soon! When he gets back from Shanghai he goes to see the grandmother. I love Leo he is so damaged…Sara will be really good for him!


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