Trouble At Qiao Corporation

     Rui and Dr. Woo are watching from a short distance away.  Rui clenches his fist at his side. LiMei recognizes Xinghi’s voice? She is Qin Daiyu! Dr. Woo feels the dangerous aura surrounding Rui. He holds onto Rui’s arm, in a low voice he says,”Don’t disturb them. He has barely begun.”

   LiMei stares past Xinghi, she wrinkles her nose while looking suspiciously at Rui and Dr. Woo. She crooks her finger for Xinghi to come closer. Speaking in a hushed voice she says,“Uncle Xinghi isn’t that man, the handsome doctor who saved Kuang Bo in the mountains. Why is he here?”

  Xinghi isn’t sure how to respond before he answers LiMei continues, “ I don’t recognize the man with him.”  Suddenly she feels her heart beating erratically. “Uncle Xinghi, make them leave.” LiMei feels the man’s gaze is too intense, she can see complicated emotions in his deep dark eyes. 

  Both Rui and Dr. Woo have martial arts skills and can hear LiMei. Rui’s face blackens, she is Qin Daiyu and is pushing me away. No!

  Xinghi motions to them then reassures LiMei, “If that is what you want.”

   When Rui appears as though he is going to rush  to LiMei’s bed Dr. Woo pulls him back holding his arm in a tight grip. He warns, “ Let’s go.” Rui doesn’t budge staring at LiMei and Xinghi.  “Dammit Rui, if you interrupt Xinghi who knows what will happen. Don’t interfere.”

   Rui reluctantly leaves with Dr. Woo but is not reconciled to the situation. He pounds his fist on the wall outside her hospital room “Xixin, I don’t like this!”

   “Calm down. Your interfering will not help Feng LiMei.”

   “Feng LiMei..or Qin Daiyu! I want LiMei..I need LiMei.”

   “If Xinghi is successful you will have your wish. Qin Daiyu is Feng LiMei. She needs to integrate all her memories so she can function normally. Qin Daiyu wants a stable normal life, which is why she created the identity of Feng LiMei and escaped from Kuang Fu. You need to stop being selfish and think about what is best for the little girl. If it is your fate to be with her then you will.”

  “Fate my ass! I don’t believe in that shit! I make my own destiny, and I won’t let Feng LiMei go. She will be mine in this life and the next. No one can take her away from me. NO ONE!

  “Rui, you are a goddamn doctor. You need to think about Feng LiMei for fuck’s sake!”

 He glares at Dr. Woo and is surrounded by a dangerous aura. Rui’s eyes are red and filled with a crazy gleam , “Xixin, I am a doctor as a profession, I enjoy the adrenaline rush when I successfully complete a difficult operation. I like the money this hospital puts into my pocket. I have never been a compassionate man, doing it for the greater good. She is all I want. If I can’t have Feng LiMei none of what I have means shit!”

  “ Rui, your problem is you don’t think you deserve a girl like Feng LiMei’s love. You finally let someone into your frozen heart and now you are afraid. Afraid you will lose the little girl who brings light into your dark life. I know you. I have watched you grow up. Instead of thinking she will reject you, why not have confidence in yourself. The same confidence you bring to the operating room…to the board room. I know you have never been in love before but all relationships have ups and downs.”

   Rui smirks, “Save your breath.I am going to repeat myself. I won’t let Feng LiMei leave me. I expect a call when Xinghi finishes.” He knows if he stays he will barge into the room and disrupt the therapy session. He storms down the hallway towards the main building of the hospital. If I have to chain her to my bed she won’t escape me.

  When he arrives at his office Bai Chiyu is working at her desk. She looks up when he walks into the room. “Dr. Qiao.” Rui is in a daze thinking about LiMei and doesn’t answer. Bai Chiyu repeats, “Dr. Qiao.”

   He sits down at his desk, “Yes.”

  “ Your father has been calling for the past few days. He said he has an urgent matter to discuss with you and has been unable to contact you.”

  Rui has been ignoring his calls but there is a Board meeting coming up. He sounds tired as he loosens his tie, “Chiyu, go make me a cup of tea.”

   When she walks out of the office she looks back at the door. Qiao Rui looks terrible, it is all because of that little slut Feng LiMei. Bai Chiyu knows he personally carried LiMei to a VIP room in the unopened Holistic Healing Wing. She should just go die! How did she seduce him? There is nothing special about the little witch! 

   Rui returns his father’s call, “What?”

  “You ungrateful bastard! I have been calling you for three days!”

 “I’m on the phone now, what do you want?”

 “You need to come home. I will discuss it with you then.”

 “I’m busy. Tell me or I will be hanging up.”

  “If you aren’t here within the hour I will have the caretaker remove your mother’s ashes and flush them down the fucking toilet.”

   Rui stands up and the veins bulge on his neck, “DO YOU WANT TO DIE OLD MAN!” 

  “If you had the ability I would already be in the ground. I know you hate me but Qiao Corporation was built by your mother and I. Do you want to see it go bankrupt?”

   Since LiMei was kidnapped in Cambodia all his attention has been on her. He ignored several calls from the Director and his father. “I am coming.”

   When Bai Chiyu returns to the office Rui is gone. She frowns as she sets the tea down, did Dr. Qiao go back to Feng LiMei’s room? I thought when he broke his engagement with Wang Rebecca I would have a chance.

   Wearing designer sunglasses, Wang Rebecca is  sitting on a deck chair under an umbrella on a luxurious yacht in the Mediterranian.  She takes offthe large pair of sunglasses then leans back adjusting her red string bikini as a muscular man kneels rubbing lotion on her slender thighs. He tenderly strokes her soft skin, his hand reaches up to the red bikini bottom untying the string holding up the tiny piece of fabric. He spreads her legs, exposing her smooth sensitive area, and begins licking and sucking on her pink flower petals. Not far away a handsome man is drinking a medicinal tonic watching them.

    When the muscular man begins to thrust his finger in and out of Rebecca the handsome man watching the obscene play puts hand into his swim trunks. Since he was injured by Nikolai Naralov at Diego Bellini’s party Ivan Rushnikov has been unable to touch a woman. He has developed some perverted fetishes, watching sex play is one of his favorites. He sets down the bitter drink and slides off the swim trunks. Laying naked on the recliner he begins to rub himself.

Ivan Rushnikov was in Pushong City he went with a business associate to Sun Woo’s brothel the man suggested he become a voyeur to get some satisfaction. While he was there he saw Wang Rebecca being sexially abused by three men. It was the first time his body had a reaction so he bought her on a whim. Since then he has had different men play with her body in front of him,  when she climaxes she must call out his name. The man today is the Captain of the yacht. He was reluctant but Ivan Rushnikov forced him by saying either he has sex with Wang Rebecca or he becomes a eunuch.

   Wang Rebecca has taken an aphrodisiac and lays back enjoying the feeling of the cool ocean breeze and the man’s hot hands stimulating her body. After Rui sent her to Sun Woo she endured a tortuous month being manhandled and bullied. Most of the men were wealthy married businessmen who wanted to vent on a beautiful woman. But this taught her a valuable lesson, she learned to smile and be flirtatious under the most despicable circumstances so she could survive.

The only goal she has in life is to seek revenge on Qiao Rui for tossing her away and her adopted brother Wang Kai whose betrayal wounded her more deeply. She kept thinking he would come and save her from that hell but he never made an attempt. She discovered after Ivan Rushnikov bought her that Wang Kai married Zhou Dandan.

   The Captain becomes excited as Wang Rebecca’s body reacts, her soft moans arousing him. He forgets he was forced to have sex with her and he tears off her bikini top exposing her large breasts. Unable to resist temptation he buries his head between her soft breasts then begins sucking and licking her erect buds. She runs her fingers through his hair and whispers, “Help me run away.”

   The Captain gazes up at Rebecca’s beautiful flushed face, her almond shaped brown eyes are watery and she is fluttering her eyelashes. She looks like a fragile doll but if I do I am dead. He has no intention of helping but he kisses her lips then presses his mouth on her ear, “I will try.”  Right now all he can think about is putting his throbbing member into her dripping wet pussy.

   The handsome man watching them hears her plea, she asks every man lately to ‘help her’. He laughs, In a weak moment I did what the slut begged me to do and fucked with Qiao Corporation so she would give me the best visuals…now… ungrateful bitch…do you think any of these men will risk their life for a piece of ass that has been had by a so many men. You really are an arrogant bitch.

Wang Rebecca is clinging to The Captain as he penetrates deeper and deeper, she cries out as she spasms in pleasure…”MMMM..Ivan..Ahhh..Ivan..You are so big..Ahh..”

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  1. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ fucking Wang Rebecca. I mean is it wrong for me to compare her to a cockroach. I mean she literally won’t die no matter what 🤣


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