Leo Sets A Trap

    Sara walks into the living room and looks around, the furnishings are beautiful but they give off such a cold vibe. She chuckles to herself, like the owner of the villa, beautiful and cold.

 Li Tian sneezes as he throws a report at a obese middle aged man’s red face, “What is the meaning of this?”

  The man wipes the dripping sweat from his forehead with his pudgy hand, “I don’t know who is behind the purchase! I have nothing to gain by granting the demolition permits! How am I to know what their purpose is!”

  Li Tian approaches the frightened man and the atmosphere drops to freezing. He leans into the short man’s red face and in a threatening tone spits out, “Don’t know anything?” Li Tian kicks the leg of the chair the man is sitting on and he falls to the ground. The man rolls when he hits the floor then holds the back of his head grimacing in pain. Li Tian puts his leather shoe onto the man’s pounding chest. “I was in a fucking great mood this morning until I got the call. If you don’t explain yourself well. .” He grinds his foot on the man’s chest, “You won’t leave this room in one piece.”

  The man tries to lift his head, blood is oozing out of the wound he got when he hit his head on the concrete. He feels dizzy from the impact, he has no choice but to bring up his cousin, “CEO Li, I am Zhao Lanfen’s favorite cousin. If you kill me..!”

 “Did I say kill?” He moves his foot and crushes the man’s hand.The crunching sound of bones breaking echoes through the deserted building Zhao Ming lets out a blood curdling scream.as Li Tian calmly says, “Talk.”

 The man has tears rolling down his fat face from the pain. He whimpers through his tears, “Don’t you think if I knew I would tell you!”

  Li Tian is losing patience. He invested too much of his own capital in the Mega Mall Project to let anyone undermine his efforts. “Listen you fat piece of shit..you have five seconds to give me a name.”

  Zhao Ming remembers the warning Ding Lee  gave him when he paid him the money. “The man we are dealing with is insane; he will kill you if you give out his information. If I knew I wouldn’t have got involved with him.”Zhao Ming has dealt with Ding Lee for many years and that was the first time he saw him visibly shaken. Li Tian might maim me but I will still have my little life. He can’t kill me. I am a member of the Zhao family.


 “LI TIAN! I swear I don’t know his name!”

 Li Tian grinds his foot on Zhao Ming’’s other hand, “I know you think since the Zhao family has a relationship with me I won’t kill you but..” He doesn’t hesitate and pulls out a gun from his pocket then shoots the fat man in his right knee.

 Zhao Ming is writhing in pain on the ground blood is flowing out of his  leg. He is squealing like a pig, “AHHHH…I will tell you..I will tell you..”


  Leo is laying on the roof across the street smoking a cigarette patiently waiting. The man who was following Zhao Ming alerted him that he was meeting with Li Tian at this warehouse owned by the Li Group. Leo shot a newly developed nanobot video/audio device developed by Futuretech through the wall before Li Tian began interrogating Zhao Ming. He wanted Li Tian to believe Zhao Ming would reveal the man who purchased the property and then kill him. He crushes out his cigarette, Fatty time is up. There will be one less ugly fat man in this world.

Suddenly when Zhao Ming opens his mouth a stream of blood comes out instead of his confession. Li Tian runs outside and looks up at the building across the street. He points to the roof telling his bodyguard Tang Qiang who has been guarding the door. “ Sniper! Go! I will go to the other side of the building. Catch that motherf***er!” Tang Qiang never heard a gunshot but follows Li Tian’s order.

   When Li Tian rounds the building he sees a nondescript black motorcycle without a license plate speeding away from the scene. He curses, “Dammit!” Tang Qiang meets him, “Boss, what the hell happened?”

   “Fucking Zhao Ming is dead. Get rid of the body, make it look like an accident.”

   Li Tian face blackens as he clenches his fist, “Who the fuck has the resources to buy an entire two block area!” He doesn’t consider Leo because he thinks as a  French citizen it would be nearly impossible to quickly purchase this much commercial property.

  He strides across the street and gets into his Bugatti Veyron then lights a cigarette. He blows a smoke ring, I need to discuss this development with Zhou Jason, our two boats are tied together. We could both lose a great deal of money if the rumor Yang James told me is true. He looks at his watch. I wonder if the little Wildcat is at work.

  Leo arrives at his villa and goes directly to his study on the third floor. He dismantles his sniper rifle and cleans it thoroughly.  After he cleans the weapon he walks to the wall and looks at a painting on the wall. The hidden retinal scanner opens a hidden door. He enters the room and puts the  sniper rifle on a rack. He picks up a beautiful ancient dagger, the handle is inlaid with rare black jade and the finest gold. The dagger can cut through the hardest metal and slice a man to death before a drop of blood can fall onto the blade.

Once he exits his weapons room he throws the knife and it slices through the neck of a bronze dragon statue. The dragon head rolls on the floor as the dagger returns to his hand. Li Tian I have only begun to fuck with you. I will strip you of everytjhing you own.You dare take my sister back to your villa last night! Soon I will force you to give up your pursuit of Song Sara… she is far too precious for a heartless prick like you!

   He walks to his desk as he twirls the dagger, he presses a button on the computer and the recording from the warehouse is transferred into an encrypted file.. Once it is downloaded he smiles as he watches on the computer screen.Li Tian can be seen torturing Zhao Ming. Before he exits the program he types in a code to destroy the nanobot embedded in the wall of the warehouse.

  He crosses his legs and leans back in the chair, Sister, why did you lie to me last night? To protect me? You think I am that weak I should fear that man. He pierces his arm with the dagger and waits for his blood to flow out. He watches the white marble turn red as it continues to drip forming a small puddle,I haven’t been weak since I was five years old. He savors the pain while he contemplates his next move.

A man with dark skin dressed in black has been silently standing in the corner, blending in with the darkness as though he himself is merely a shadow. He takes a porcelain bottle out of his pocket. Leo is almost unconscious when the man gently lifts Leo’s arm. Leo is in a daze as the thin man sprinkles the special powder onto the bleeding wound. The man’s eyes flicker with a strange gleam, his voice is barely audible but filled with admiration,“Master, there is no man stronger than you.”

  The medicine immediately stops the bleeding and closes the wound. Leo’s eyes immediatey become focused and are blazing staring at the man standing emotionlessly by his side. “Get out of my sight.”

  The man obediently disappears and Leo feels refreshed. The medicine not only heals wounds but clears the mind. 

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    1. Li Tian showed up at dinner in chapter ‘Fang Yunxian’ and Sara agreed to go out of the private room to talk to him. Leo didn’t think he would drag Sara away.😰


  1. Oh😅
    I’m talking about what happened in their childhood. why did Sara grow up in a different family?
    Sorry for my english🙈


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